Blackstone Code Chapter 378


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An excellent premiere. When people are pursuing various shooting arts and film depths, a truck driver who has nothing to do with art told people that there is a kind of film that has nothing to do with art, but it is more Art movies attract people’s attention more.

Lynch not at all left immediately after the premiere. Fox father and son recruited well-known documentary directors and screenwriters in the industry for him. They had to sit down and talk, but what Lynch didn’t expect was that, James actually came too.

James was a little embarrassed when he saw Lynch. He opened his mouth and looked at Fox father and son who was not far away. Finally he called out “Mr. Lynch” instead of “Boss.”

A simple name can actually make Lynch distinguish the current situation of James. He did not call Lynch Boss, which means that he and Lynch no longer have a direct work relationship.

“I don’t know you left, Cook didn’t tell me.”, Lynch not at all too many thoughts, “Are you working at Fox Film Studios now?”

James’ embarrassment gradually subsided, and Lynch’s indifferent performance made some things that he thought the betrayal brought to lighter, he nodded, “Yes, I’m sorry…”

Resigned from Cook’s resignation to join Fox Film Studios. On the one hand, he has a very special talent in scripting. He is not the kind of rigid Academy. He always wants to show the depth of the film through some details.

The truck driver has no depth. If there is, it must be the depth of the road girl, not theirs.

The scripts written by James have a very strong personal style, but the word-of-mouth is not particularly good after the film was shot. This may have a certain relationship with the director and editor.

As everyone knows, there are thousands of good stories, but the whole federation of good directors is that many. The position of directors is higher than that of screenwriters, and so are editors.

In order to find a new breakthrough, James began to learn how to be a good director, which also left him no time to join the transport team. In addition, Fox father and son hoped that he could jump to Fox Film Studios to help They, James ended up working with the team after talking to Cook twice.

Of course, he also has some ideas of his own. After all, no matter how good he is to be a truck driver, in the end, he will be Cook. The management of the team may not be as good as a truck driver. lifetime.

This is not what he wants. He wants to turn his whimsical ideas into reality. He wants to make more money so that his mother can live in a big house, so he has to make more The money, the faster you make more money.

Joining Fox Film Studios is a good choice. Fox father and son have just started on the road and are still building their team. At this time, joining in can also be a veteran, and resources will also be tilted towards him, and success May be great.

The only thing that made him feel a little embarrassed was that he was a little sorry for Lynch, he thought it might be a betrayal.

But Lynch seems indifferent. He patted James’ arm, “I am also a major shareholder of Fox Film Studios. In fact, I am still your Boss. Don’t think you can get rid of me by changing a job!”

He spoke in a totally joking tone, which relieved James’ nervousness and embarrassment, “Sorry, Boss, you know…”

Lynch didn’t let him go on, “People must have ideals, James, I’m very happy that people around me can find their ideals, and then find the right direction for their efforts. When you have the ability to direct alone, you also need When someone supports you, you can call me.”

James is very moved. Although Fox Film Studios is not too big, some power struggles have been gradually revealed, and most of this display is in the establishment of projects.

What kind of investment can be invested in a project, and how much attention can be obtained. The screenwriters and directors in the company are fighting. If Lynch can stand for him, his future development in the company will be smooth sailing.

While speaking Fox father and son walked in with two middle age persons wearing baseball caps, a little sloppy and beard face.

In Lardimo’s film and television circles in recent years, a brown beard almost becomes the director’s standard. Without a beard, he would lose points when discussing cooperation, which also caused everyone to start. Raise a beard.

“This is the general director of “Minority”…”, Mr. Fox first introduced Lynch to First Beard, a well-known but somewhat controversial director.

“Minority” is the most influential documentary of the Federation in the past few years. It is not one of them. It directly exposes the false mask of the Federation. This documentary uses the most detailed content to expose the lives of immigrants and indigenous people to the public. In the field of vision.

It is precisely because of this documentary that federal talents realize how “ugly” and “evil” they are. Except for a few wealthy investment immigrants and scientific researchers, labor immigrants and natives are facing a certain desperation in the Federation. surroundings.

Discrimination, humiliation, indifference, violence, crime, almost all society’s negative problems have occurred in this group, slap fiercely on the federation, which claims that everyone is equal in a free country.

It is said that some people smashed the director’s car and sent him bullets.

But no matter what, he is famous. After those disturbing days, he has quite a reputation, but it is ridiculous that he has not received any new jobs until now.

When Mr. Fox was in a small circle talking about the need for a documentary film director, this person who didn’t know where he heard the news called him that night, asking Mr. Fox to think about him.

The other bearded man is also more famous. His famous name is different from the previous bearded man. He is good at showing the good side of the Federation, and he shoots society documentaries that everyone likes, such as “Federal Family”.

By following the filming of six families of different classes to reflect their different solutions to the same problem, there are joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys. Sometimes people even think that he is filming a TV series, but it is indeed a documentary.

Apart from this there are several screenwriters, these screenwriters Mr. Fox just casually said some of their names, not even the masterpiece and so on.

The status of screenwriters is indeed not high in this circle, unless those big-name screenwriters are still original screenwriters, but even so, the status of screenwriters is still not high enough.

Every year, every production company receives a count of thousands of scripts, and there are not a few excellent scripts. Once they are taken by a large company, they will buy out the right to film the script at a very low price.

So even if the screenwriters have great masterpieces, it has nothing to do with them. At most, give a few more when writing a sequel. Want to divide money or copyright?

That’s a joke!

After introducing a few people, everyone sat together and Lynch talked about his thoughts, “I plan to raise funds to shoot a documentary about the Federalists in Nagalil, which will show how the Federalists are in The difficulty and process of overseas struggle, and the final gain.”

This is a keynote. Everyone is nodded. They wrote down this element in their notebooks, overseas, and struggle.

But some people also put forward some ideas, “Mr. Lynch, why is it in Nagalil, not in a place like Gefola?”

The one who asked the question was the documentary director who made the face of the whole federation. His question is very real and very tricky. “If it weren’t for some of your experiences and some recent events, people might not pay attention to Nagali for a lifetime That place.”

“Please forgive me for taking the liberty. I don’t even know where this country is on the map, but I believe the federal people, at least most of the federal people are very interested in Gevlar.”

“All aspects of culture, economy, military, politics, and society are all attracting the federal people. If you are shooting the federal people in Gafra, you may be able to have a great response!”

What the director said is actually quite right, but Lynch does not intend to encourage the Federalists to make a living in Gevlar, and they cannot facilitate Lynch there.

Of course, he can’t directly express his thoughts, he can only express it in another way, “We can put this in the future. At this stage, we have frequent contact with Nagalil. Secondly, once we establish bilateral diplomatic relations, considerable capital will flow into Nagalil and their local regime Union to develop the entire country.”

“People don’t know anything about it, so we need to let them know something about it. This can also find some way for everyone in the next Grand Era torrent.”

Mr. Fox couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Great sentiment, friend of Lynch!”

Lynch nodded with a smile replied, “Thank you for your compliment, Mr. Fox.”

A few people did not continue to ask questions, but Lynch continued to talk about some of his ideas. I have to say that there is a reason why these people have a high reputation in the industry, and they soon summarized some actual content.

For example, from which angles should this documentary be filmed, one thing Lynch is interested in is the progressive visual angle of “illegal” → “legal” → “above the law”.

This idea was naturally also the first director to face the entire federation. In his original words, if people want to understand Nagalil, they want to know a real Nagalil. You.

Going to this place I’ve never heard of before to develop, work hard, and struggle is definitely not for any great ideals and sentiments-he slightly satirized the mutual praise between Lynch and Fox just now, but both People are treated as not discovering.

He thinks that if people really want to let people finish watching the documentary, they can put on their backpacks and buy a ticket to Nagalil. The best way is to restore a real “profiteering society” and tell them what How can the local governments make money? What they can’t make money in the Federation.

Even this is not a documentary related to the living and working of the federal people in Nagalil. This is a documentary about how to make money quickly in Nagalil.

This guy is really a ghost!

So Lynch chose another director.

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