Blackstone Code Chapter 379


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Many times when selecting candidates in a company or elsewhere, the first consideration is not how many ideas the candidates have, but how obedient and sensible these people are.

There are many people who have ideas. People all over the street have their own ideas. If you just talk about ideas in any industry, some young people who are just entering the industry can say that they don’t have repeated ideas the night before.

But those who can be selected and those who can be appreciated by the leader are still obedient and sensible. Sometimes they mean the same thing, sometimes they are not.

Several screenwriters promised to write the script as soon as possible and send it to Lynch for review, but Lynch returned to Bupen on the 2nd day. He basically lived in Bupen during this period of time. Some things cannot do without it.

Take a day’s rest. The fourth bilateral negotiation on Monday began. From the very beginning, both parties have completed their final intentions. There is only one issue left unresolved, and that is the issue of legal currency in circulation.

The governor headed by Drago went through this period of supplementary lessons-they spent money to hire some scholars from various scholars to advise them.

In the general environment of the Federation, as long as they can spend enough money, there will naturally be various experts to provide them with professional consulting services, which also allows them to understand the stability of legal tender to a region’s sovereignty. How important!

In order to make money, the merchants can sell the rope that hangs themselves to the executioner, so now it is not too much to sell some knowledge that is not a traitor for the profit?

So they gritted their teeth and opposed the Federal Sol becoming the legal currency of Nagalil more firmly than in the last negotiation. They did not even agree to the legal currency of circulation, and they conducted intense negotiations around this issue.

This is a statement in the news. Except for no fights, no swearing by pointing the nose, all kinds of threats and lures were used.

The representative of Nagalil believes that they can provide a floating market currency exchange service, not according to the official exchange rate, but according to the free floating exchange rate of the market.

They also think that this is already a big concession. You must know that the official floating exchange rate of Galil to Federal Sol is 40 four to one, and 40 Four Galil can be exchanged for one Federal Sol, but in fact it is now In a truly free exchange rate market, a federal Sol can already be exchanged for 100 and one galil on the black market.

This is a further exchange rate change than three months ago. These reasons are also related to the Playton Pirate Group. The Federation revealed that the Pirate Group’s control over Nagalil’s economy has demonstrated Nagalil’s military powerlessness and control over the economy.

Before the Playton Pirate Group was eliminated, people were not optimistic about the future development of Nagalil, so their currency continued to depreciate, but they themselves did not admit it.

They always believed that their currency was converted to the Federal Sol at 40 to 4, which is also the official exchange rate, but now they have changed their minds.

As long as the federal side does not continue to struggle with the issue of currency in circulation, they can relax the exchange rate.

This is not Lynch’s plan, nor can it satisfy the federal interests. The whole morning was both intimidation, threat, and inducement, and it didn’t improve much.

“They are not afraid of procrastination!” In the lounge, Mr. Truman was eating lunch while discussing with Lynch, “They are even happy to procrastinate, they can procrastinate, but Gefra and we can’t Continue to drag.”

“Thanks to those things you have done, now Gefra is very restless in the country!”

Mr. Truman’s tone is a bit dissatisfied. On the issue of the Ameria region, Lynch’s ideas, including his current practice, are contrary to the mainstream domestic consciousness.

Don’t talk about the low-level people who don’t know anything. Among the high-level government, people just think that the Federation should have a limited break with Gefla and shine, but it must not show obvious. Confrontation.

After all, Gevra still represents the side that has benefited from the world war that ended not long ago, and has also proved their warfare in the war. The lack of confidence of the Federation has made most politicians think that it is not yet to turn against Gevra. Good time.

Actually, there are no good times and bad times when you turn your face, but it’s just scared.

Once Gevlar discovers that the Federation is doing things in the Anmerian region, it is likely that the relationship between the two countries will deteriorate rapidly, leading to uncontrollable international confrontations.

Trueman’s list of supporting Lynch was also obtained through personal relationships. The only people who knew about it were him and a person who handled it. Apart from this is the person on Lynch’s side.

There are some problems in the Anmerian region, and Gafra’s attention is immediately attracted. They are unwilling to focus their energy and attention on confronting the federal naval forces for a long time.

According to the information sent by the intelligence organization, some capital ships in the first battle fleet of Gafra have left port, and they may completely detonate the naval battle between Gafra and the Federation in the next 10-15 days.

Maybe in their opinion, fighting a Baylor Federation that has not experienced warfare is as simple as beating a son. They don’t even hide their dynamics.

But correspondingly, the number of ships they dispatched was much higher than the number guessed in the Federal Warfare Command Office. Most of the first battle fleets were dispatched, except for the symbolic Wan Sheng Princess and six ships. Except the Princess Guard did not move, everything else moved.

The pressure on the Federal Navy has become much greater, and at the same time, the pressure of negotiations with Nagalil has also become greater. Once the naval battle comes out before the result, this negotiation does not have a perfection result, the Federation may lose initiative.

However, it is also possible to have more absolute control rights. There are risks in this, but no matter what, Truman or Mr. President hope to be able to negotiate this matter before the results come out. Let it not regenerate waves.

Lynch also has a nodded pain. He didn’t expect that people like Degra were so “sordid”. He actually spent money to buy a lot of federal experts, Scholar, to analyze the content of this negotiation for them, and solve a lot of them all at once. problem.

Includes some of the issues negotiated before, and some additional clauses. Of course, these all are details. The real problem is the currency in circulation.

“Do you have a list of people who provide them with consulting services?” Lynch changed the subject, “Let Tax Bureau stare at them, these guys are really…”

Trumman nodded, but didn’t answer. Actually, there was no need for Lynch to say anything. He already made people stare at these people.

It’s okay if they don’t make a mistake, as long as they make a mistake, it must be a big mistake.

“But, what should I do now?” Mr. Truman wiped his hands and ended his quick lunch. “If today and tomorrow cannot be resolved, it will be delayed. The next negotiation may be after the naval battle. Now, we may become very passive.”

Only what you eat in your mouth is the most stable. It is more important to avoid losing control than it is possible to take more initiative and advantage.

Lynch walked a few steps back and forth, looking at Mr. Truman, “Or…I’ll come in this afternoon, and I will try to convince them.”

“That’s the only thing!”

After a two-hour break at noon, the negotiation started again after the lunch break, and Lynch appeared on the negotiation table again.

The look in Governor Drago’s eyes changed a bit, and the representative also noticed Lynch. He joked with a faint smile, “I think only the negotiating team can sit on this table!”

He said that during the last negotiation, Mr. Truman temporarily left, and Lynch was both intimidating and intimidating. These people who frightened didn’t know what to do, but in the end, there was nothing to do with Lynch.

At that time, Mr. Truman’s excuse was that Lynch was not a member of the negotiating team, so when Lynch appeared again, the representative would make fun of it.

Of course he knew that Lynch must have been given what identity and mission to be able to appear here. This kind of ridicule was just an embarrassment for Lynch. They wanted to test and anger Lynch.

“We corrected the mistakes in our work and checked the list. Mr. Lynch is indeed a member of the negotiating team. The person who caused the misunderstanding has been relieved of his position, so he is qualified to sit here.”, Mr. Truman Lies without the slightest hesitation, so-called diplomatic work, is roughly lying and telling more lies.

The representative of Nagalil nodded indifferent expression, “Baylor Federation until now gives me a very serious and rigorous feeling. Didn’t expect you to make mistakes too.”

“Gods make mistakes, let alone us?” Lynch added this sentence. Mr. Truman was going to say it, but when Lynch opened his mouth, he closed his mouth.

Seeing that Nagalil’s representative wanted to fight back, Lynch raised his hand to stop him from speaking. This interruption was rude, but Lynch didn’t think it was anything.

The relationship between the state and the state is easy to understand. It is to be able to bully the weak and to die to the death, and protect your own interests when you can’t bully. Now what the Federation is saying is that it’s also a strong side. What’s wrong with your statement?

In spite of Nagalil’s not-so-good-looking face, Lynch said: “We still don’t want to discuss the worthless content. Each of us has limited time. I have learned from the meeting minutes for the morning negotiations Now, I don’t think you can’t agree to your request!”

Lynch’s words made Mr. Truman and all the federal members at the negotiating table unable to help but look at him. If it weren’t for this guy who threatened to burn Nagalil some time ago, they all doubted Lynch. Do you want to betray the country?

The representative of Nagalil was taken aback for a moment, and then some smiles appeared on his face, but his smile did not last at all.

“But correspondingly, we will also add a condition. Only if you agree to this condition, we will consider bank exchange to resolve our differences!”

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