Blackstone Code Chapter 380


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Bargaining, this is normal, Lynch can mention it, and the representative of Nagalil can also refuse.

They rejected this condition. Lynch put forward new conditions. Both parties constantly changed their methods and methods to meet the requirements of the other party as far as possible without harming their own interests. This is negotiation.

Lynch was very confident and didn’t look at anyone. He looked straight at Nagalil’s representative and pursed his lips. “We emphasize the legality of the Union Sol’s circulation in the Union Kingdom of Nagalil, and even hope it Being able to become legal currency is not for some selfish purpose.”

“Once the Nagalil Union Kingdom and Baylor Federation have established friendly and equal bilateral diplomatic relations, the first thing we have to face is the issue of cross-border and cross-currency settlement.”

“In view of the large fluctuations in the current exchange rate of Galil to Sol, and at the same time, the international society does not have much confidence in Galil, and you do not agree to set the federal Sol as legal currency or legal currency, This will cause great distress to all federal developers, workers and other related industries and individuals in the Union Kingdom of Nagalil.”

“But considering our expectations for friendly relations between the two sides, we relax the requirements for the second time. As long as your Union Bank and other banks have official backgrounds and banks with guarantees from the central government, they can earn at least 50 billion Federal Sol’s foreign exchange reserves, and the Federal Sol’s foreign exchange reserves must not be less than 40 billion at any time, and respect the above three principles of free exchange rate fluctuations. I think the negotiation can enter the next first stage.”

Lynch’s expression was very calm. He looked at these people sitting across the table. “There is an old saying here, “You rejected someone for the first time, that’s a reasonable request; you rejected someone second. The second time, that’s the respect others have for you; but when you want to refuse the third time, it’s the humiliation of your respect for others’…”

This sentence was a threat, which made the representative of Nagalil and Governor Drago instinctively closed their mouths and swallowed the sentence “impossible” into their stomachs.

They communicated quietly in native language. About a few minutes later, the representative of Nagalil thoughtfully said, “We need further discussion and negotiation before we can give an answer. After all, this involves…”, he shook his head. It seemed to shiver, “The foreign exchange rate of 5 billion billion federal Sol.”

“Compared to this, we can talk about some commercial cooperation first…”

At this time, Lynch stood up directly. He ignored the expressions of the Nagalil delegation and turned to look at Mr. Truman. “I suggest that today’s negotiations end here. There is no final condition. Before we reach it, we don’t need to talk more deeply, it will only waste time!”

This special request is not too much, because the things to be discussed next are actually based on their ability to establish diplomatic relations. Now that the most critical issue of diplomatic relations cannot be reached, just talk about the latter things, like If you don’t have a foundation, you have to build ten thousand zhang high. The building is as ridiculous.

No matter how good the talk is now, and how perfect the description of the future is, the last principle issue cannot be agreed, and everything can only be stopped, so there is no need to talk about it.

I didn’t even go in, so I just said how to move. Who is playing this?

Mr. Truman groaned a little, then nodded and stood up, “I agree to your request, so today’s negotiation is over. It just so happens that you can also go back and talk to your think tank, maybe they I can give you excellent advice.”

With Mr. Truman’s words, even if the negotiations this afternoon were over, Nagalil’s delegation was a little reluctant and looked bad, but they also stood up.

The two sides shook hands and then separated, but when they shook hands, Lynch held the Nagalil representative’s hand and did not immediately let go. He looked at each other, “What I said last time was not a joke with you, if If you insist on killing our patience, I suggest that you buy a ticket back to Nagalil in the afternoon, and then pray to God that the Imperial Family Navy of Gevlar will win.”

“Otherwise, our anger will eventually ignite the forests and grasslands of Nagalil!”

Lynch released his hand, and he looked at these people with a slight contempt, “You can regard this as a warning or as a reminder…”

He said paused, a haughty smile gradually appeared on his face, “So good afternoon, gentlemen!”

After that, he turned and left without looking back.

Mr. Truman didn’t explain or say anything. He caught up with Lynch in a few steps, whispered, “Why don’t I know that sentence, what is the first time, the second time, and the third time? Where did you hear it? Said?”

Lynch’s words are very philosophical. It might be nothing if you hear them sharply, but think deeply and think, isn’t this just the truth?

The first concession for the second time can be regarded as a gentleman’s performance, but the third concession is weak.

Anyone who has a bottom line and perseverance is impossible to back down for a third time, and now, they happen to step on the line for the third time.

A person who can speak such great, wise and philosophical words must be a great man, at least a great man. Mr. Truman wants to know who he is and read his other works. Discover some wisdom from it.

The corner of Lynch’s mouth slightly raised, “I made up temporarily…”

Mr. Truman just lifted his footsteps and stayed in the air. His whole body was instantly “blank”. When he came back to his senses, Lynch had led him for several steps.

He chased up and went in parallel again, “Should I say something?”

Lynch smiled and said, “You can flatter and praise me, I will not be polite.”

Mr. Truman smiled bitterly and shook the head, “I won’t satisfy you…”, then he changed the subject, “Following our topic in the Conference Hall just now, if they are willing to eat 50 billion What about Sol?”

“Impossible!” Lynch said resolute and decisive, “You don’t know much about Nagalil, because you haven’t been there. All your knowledge of this country comes from other people’s explanations, but I’m going Over.”

“In this country, 95% of the wealth is in the hands of 1% of the people, in the true sense.”

“If they agree to this condition, it means that their rulers have to spend 50 billion, which is about 50 billion galil, to eat these foreign exchange.”

“Let’s not say if all their banknotes add up to 50 billion galil. Even if they have it, they will not pay it, because only their ruling class can afford it.”

“In other words, this is cutting the flesh of the ruling clique and giving themselves to the country. These people are not so noble. If there is, Nagalil will not be like it is now.”

Mr. Truman listened very carefully, and through what Lynch said, he felt that the problem was really not that big. It was like a country that the Federation could not contend with asking the Federation to spend 500 billion Federation Sol in exchange for the so-called peace.

Federal government certainly can’t get it out, so those capitalists are willing to exchange this money for another currency, and 80% of it is not allowed to circulate at will?

There is no doubt that the capitalists will change camps immediately, and the rulers of Nagalil will roughly do the same, if they are as Lynch said.

But everything cannot be too simple, too beautiful, too absolute, he said softly, “If there is such a 1/10000th chance…”

“In case they agree…”, Lynch stopped on the steps outside the gate, in the sky, the strong sunlight shining on the earth, it wanted to leave what it had passed by on Lynch’s handsome face Traces, but it is a pity that there is such a shadow, which just covers Lynch’s face.

He looked at Mr. Truman, “If they really do that, their own finances will go bankrupt, and almost 80% of a country’s wealth will be artificially frozen. This is a great opportunity for any country that implements a free economy. It is absolutely a devastating disaster. We only need a slight run to destroy their economy, their market, and even their regime with no difficulty!”

Mr. Truman’s thinking has kept up with Lynch. He sucked in a cold breath. Indeed, if 80% of federal banknotes are indented in the safe, only 20% of the money can be circulated. This country’s market and The economy collapsed in an instant.

But his frowns asked again, “What if they print new currency crazy?”

Lynch sneered, “Then send troops to beat them and deceive us 50 billion. On average, each Federalist lost hundreds of dollars. When the time comes, even if we don’t propose, the people will ask for troops to be sent for us. Ask for justice yourself!”

“Mr. Truman, do you think the Lords of Congress would be happy if the Federation had a piece of land on the mainland of Baymont?”

After that, Lynch slightly nodded and said no, leaving here, he still has a private meeting to attend, when he comes back, Mr. Wardrick can’t wait to talk to him.

Standing on the steps watching Lynch enter the car and leave, Mr. Truman suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

He always felt that Lynch was inciting him to send troops to Nagalil, but if that day really happened, doing so seemed to be in the interests of the entire Federation.

Of course, it is conceivable that Lynch will naturally eat the fattest meat, but this kind of thing that has always made Mr. Truman very dissatisfied (capitalists’ pursuit of bare naked interests) has also become It’s acceptable.

The sun burned his cheeks, making him unable to open his eyes. At this time, Lynch’s luxury car had long since disappeared in the traffic. Only the metal federal symbol in the fountain on the square in front of the steps gleamed in the sun.

A word suddenly appeared in his mind, the interests of the country are above all else!

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