Blackstone Code Chapter 381


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“Just sit down…”

As soon as he entered Mr. Wardrick’s study, this very charismatic gentleman greeted Lynch very warmly.

He walked to the bar, pulled out a bottle of good wine that had been kept for a long time, and asked, “Would you like some? Juice or coffee?”

“Yes!” Lynch, who sat comfortably on the sofa, responded casually, and he could clearly feel that he already had some weight in front of Mr. Wardrick.

But it’s just a few, not a lot of weight.

If you change it, this gentleman may not ask him if he wants something to drink, and he will not even bring up the matter, just talk to him about the topics he wants to talk about, and let him go after he finishes talking.

But now, not only will he ask Lynch if he wants something to drink, but he will also pour it for him and bring it over. This is change, something everyone is pursuing, a change in status.

Mr. Wardrick walked to Lynch’s right with two glasses of wine and sat down. He passed the glass in his hand to Lynch. “The news about you and those words in the papers in the past few days are about to go crazy Up.”

Federation, Baylor Federation, the society and public opinion of this country is essentially a huge political and capitalist amphitheater. Behind any inexplicable things is actually the power of politics and capital at work.

It stands to reason that in the well-known “honeymoon period” of the Federation and Gevlar, there should not be news such as “Gevlar will lose” frequently appearing in news newspapers and the media. It is definitely an impact on the diplomatic relations between the two sides.

But it’s strange that the Federal Information Management Office not at all makes any mandatory requirements for the content published by these news media, and even frequent reports give people a strange and special feeling, like Does anyone push these things behind?

Some people who have no access to high-level information but are very keen have already noticed this. As for the high-level politicians or capitalists with more vision, they probably already know why the public opinion is so crazy that Gevula will lose.

Because naval battles may break out anytime and anywhere, once naval battles break out and are won, there is no doubt that as a victor, the federation will never hide their “ugliness” from Gafra, but will take this matter through various means. The truth is publicized.

Gevra’s invincible Imperial Family Navy lost to the Federal Navy in the naval battle. This news will have a great impact on the order of the entire world, and it will have a positive impact.

People essentially don’t want someone to be above themselves, so if someone can change the current situation of international military power, that’s definitely a good thing.

What’s better is that there is no aggressiveness to defeat Gevlar, offensive, Baylor Federation who always wants to maintain a neutral…

Mr. Wardrick brought Lynch to talk about these things.

“Will we win?”, he touched Lynch with the cup and took a sip.

Lynch was particularly relaxed when faced with a subject that should have been heavy to qualify. “Of course, we have no reason to lose.”

“But Gafra’s Imperial Family Navy has not appeared until now…” Mr. Wardrick considered his own words, “…There has not been a big defeat, they have the strongest recognized by the world. Navy.”

Lynch is very indifferent to shrugged, he put the wine glass on the coffee table, “Mr. Wardrick, maybe the Imperial Family navy of Gevlar is indeed very powerful, and it is indeed possible that we are really not their opponents, but we There is no reason to lose.”

“I can come to this conclusion not just blindly, but for a reason.”

Mr. Wardrick made the listening expressions and movements very well. He straightened his sitting posture and his expression was serious.

“For the Gevlar people, they just want to test our navy battle strength, and by the way teach the’disobedient follower’, they didn’t really want to start a war with us. Everything is just to be satisfied with these purposes.”

“To demonstrate their military force and delineate their own territory, that’s it. They may not have paid too much attention to this naval battle at the national strategic level. Of course, this does not mean that the other party does not pay attention.”

“But, Mr. Wardrick, this naval battle, which is 100% triumphant in the eyes of the Gevlar people and is not very important to us, is what we value most.”

“The collision with the world’s first navy allows us to discover the strengths and weaknesses of our navy in terms of tactics and execution capabilities, allows us to discover whether there are certain problems in the design of our warships, and also allows our soldiers Feel the breath of war.”

“Moreover, it is no exaggeration to say that this naval battle, which is not so important to Gevlar, is related to the national transport of the Federation. We have made a lot of careful arrangements…”, when Lynch said There was a pause.

He remembered some of the things he talked about when chatting with Mr. Truman. He also asked whether the Navy was fully prepared, mainly psychologically.

After all, to fight against a world’s No. 1 naval power, it is more psychological pressure. This is not Yu Gong moving the mountain. No matter how you toss the mountain, it will not respond to you or hurt you.

This is the first charge against the world. Once you fire, the opponent will fire. And the people on the opposite side have more experience and stronger psychological quality. The psychological endurance of soldiers on the battlefield is sometimes also Will affect the course of a war.

Especially naval battles!

During land warfare, you can run if you can’t beat them. In the vast ocean, if you can’t beat them, you can’t even run. Therefore, once a disadvantage occurs, the psychological pressure on the soldiers will increase sharply.

Either re-energize and fight to the death, anyway, there is a death on the left and right, then drag the back to hell together.

But it is also possible that a complete emotional breakdown will follow.

They will run into the cabin, hide in the dark corner, holding dog tags, necklaces or bibles in their hands, and then pray that they will survive.

Mr. Truman told Lynch that he didn’t need to worry about this. During this time, the Navy was not only actively preparing for war, but also doing psychological counseling, and the Navy had given a deadly order.

Even if it is a collision, all Gevlar’s ​​boats must be rammed into the sink, and life will be exchanged for life. You can only win, not lose.

As for those who may not be up to the standard, they have all been adjusted in time and transferred to ships that are not participating in this naval battle.

So in this naval battle, the Federation will win!

Lynch’s words are very emboldened, which made Mr. Wardrick continue to nodded to express his approval of Lynch’s views. In the end, he seemed to have full confidence in this naval battle.

“speaking of which…”, he said and smiled twice, “It’s really time for Anmelia to mess up!”

He looked towards Lynch very deeply, “Guevra has invested a lot of interest and energy in Ameria, and now there is chaos over there, which involves Gafra’s attention. The emphasis will be less than before.”

What do you mean?

Lynch looked at Mr. Wardrick calmly, “Mr. Wardrick seems to be very familiar with the situation in Ameria. I have read some reports in the newspapers. Their rule is very cruel and cruel. “

Mr. Wardrick seemed to empathize and sighed, “This is the most terrifying part of the monarchy. Power is higher than the people. The ruler can treat the people under his rule according to his own preferences. If the ruler is a Tyrant, For the ordinary person living there, it will be a nightmare.”

Lynch was observing Mr. Wardrick’s expression and his eyes, and asked, “Do you have business in Ameria?”

Mr. Wardrick shook the head, “The Gefla people are very xenophobic, and their military strength makes them feel like they are expert, including the Federation people in their eyes are all countrymen and lower-class people.”

“They will not leave good business to foreign businessmen. What they can do for foreign businessmen is business with a very low rate of return, and there may even be some problems.”

Lynch seems to agree with nodded, “I thought Mr. Wardrick, you also run some business in Ameria!”

“No!” Mr. Wardrick answered decisively.

This was a small test between them. It happened that Ameria was in chaos. When the naval battle was about to break out, there was a sudden turmoil, which immediately drew Gafra’s attention.

This made Mr. Wardrick instinctively believe that the Federation must have moved in this regard, and this turmoil was caused by their support.

Of course, in fact, Mr. Wardrick himself also has a resistance organization that he supports. He likes to do this kind of things that look at other people’s burnouts, and it still makes the arrogant Gevlars burned.

The temptation of the two may have no results, but they generally have a relative understanding of each other, that is, “The guy on the other side must have been involved in the turmoil in Ameria”.

It looks like Mr. Wardrick’s temptation is abrupt, a bit…unwise, but in fact he is sending a signal.

Lynch is deeply involved in a series of events that are about to break out. This gives Mr. Wardrick a feeling that Lynch is also an important planner.

Whether it is the national development of Nagalil or the potential interests of the Ameria region, these are enough to alarm a big capitalist of Mr. Wardrick’s level.

The former, the benefits of developing a country are absolutely amazing, but the dangers and risks are also amazing. Even Mr. Wardrick and the consortium behind him are impossible to encounter any dangerous risks. He must unite some people to do it. , In order to spread the risks equally and reduce their own risks.

The latter requires more than capital and semi-official power. It also requires the official background to escort the business that may be started there.

Lynch is so deeply involved, it sends a signal, but also prepares for something in the future, when the time comes, he is “my own” instead of trying to become “my own”.

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