Blackstone Code Chapter 386


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“Don’t panic, follow the rhythm of our training!”

On the deck of the warship above the sea, some officers roared loudly and roared. This is the time to test the psychological endurance of the soldiers.

A destroyer sank into the seabed in front of them. There were familiar comrades on it, the superiors they feared, and the Federal Navy’s pursuit of power. When the two sides confronted immediately, the morale of the Federal Navy entered. Trough.

For the current Federal Navy, there is good news and bad news.

The bad news is that the enemy is stronger than they expected. This kind of strength is not reflected in war games. It is not the strength of weapons, the strength of tactical command, but the strength of execution.

From the first test shot to the first salvo to kill the target, the speed is too fast. The combat capability that Gevlar’s ​​sea army soldiers have honed from hundreds of real wars, is The Federal Sea army soldier can hardly catch up in a short time.

The good news is that after a severe setback in morale, it seems that there will be no more drastic changes. The Federal Navy has discarded those “I thought” innocence.

The Federal Navy is facing the worst situation as soon as it comes up. The Navy is under a lot of pressure. If it cannot withstand this pressure, it will probably be dealt with on the spot, even if the Baylor Federation is a country with a very free spirit, facing deserters. When such a terrible behavior, he will not let it go.

But as long as they can bear it and gradually increase their morale, the marine army soldiers who can survive this time naval battle will form the core part of the navy’s soul!

Besides, no matter how bad it is, where can it go bad under the current situation?

“There are still seventeen seconds…”, the officer commanded the gunner to adjust the coordinates. They studied the speed of Gevlar’s shelling. About twenty-eight seconds, one shelling can be carried out. It has passed since the last shelling. Eleven seconds.

They must counterattack before the opponent fires a second round salvo, otherwise it will lower the morale of the Federal Navy.

People will become “mentally retarded” in wars. High-intensity wars will make people lose their sophisticated thinking skills. They will only be frustrated because the Gevlars can shell twice, but they can only shell once.

Accuracy can be less emphasis on hit rate, but the speed must catch up with the opponent.

In the last four seconds, the flag bearer waved the flag in his hand, and at the same time the steam siren on the ship sounded. The hull of the advancing ship seemed to be touched lightly by something, and the whole hull felt a little shaken.

The sound of shelling from around made the soldiers temporarily deaf. The moment the roaring barrel spit out the shells, the morale of the navy immediately improved.

Maybe it is beginning to accept reality. After the initial panic, the soldiers devoted attention completely to the war.

In addition to trying one’s luck, this round of salvo was also to calibrate the bombardment coordinates and also boost morale.

At present, long-range salvo is the most important naval combat method, and it is also the most powerful combat method.

The moment rainy cannonballs fall through the clouds can not only destroy the enemy’s warships, but also destroy the enemy’s confidence!

The observer kept reporting the shelling situation, the gunner began to adjust the coordinates, the gunner opened the gun bay to unload the huge shell, and at the same time began to load new shells…

Everyone has their own position, and everyone is fighting against tremendous pressure.

Shooting screams came from overhead, and the second round salvo from Gevlar arrived. Two boats were not so lucky and were shelled, but the good news is that this hit not at all made them lose their combat capability and mobility.

At this time, the naval battle tactics are still on the bombardment of naval guns. Whoever has thicker barrels and thicker armor will have the initiative in naval battles.

This kind of war thought has been the supreme thought of naval warfare since its inception, and the Imperial Family Navy of Gevlar has taken this thought to the extreme.

Previously, the Combat Command had considered the tactical vision of the Imperial Family Navy against Gafra. It seems that those staff still believed that only by using this just and honorable method to defeat the Gafra can be considered a true defeat. they.

But the current situation does not allow it. The federal navy’s salvo was very embarrassing. Apart from creating some water jets and setting off some water mist, it did not hit any enemy ship at all, and there was no close connection.

This kind of failure can be called a test fire, but the accuracy is a little too poor. If you are rigid and do not know the changes, continue to bombard, the Federal Navy is likely to suffer large-scale battle damage.

The plan for Boom doesn’t work, so we can only fight the variable speed battle according to the original plan.

The commander-in-chief of the fleet immediately issued the request, and all battleships have increased their power to the maximum. Except for the four battleships that are still evading and shelling in accordance with the bombing tactics, the destroyers took the lead in launching the charge.

The Federation is well acquainted with the parameters of the Gevlar’s ​​warships, but the Gevlars do not understand the parameters of the Federation’s warships. Their consistent invincibility makes them conceited and arrogant to ignore any challengers, those suddenly The speeding warship shocked Gevlar, but it was only a shock.

They calmed down quickly. Even if these ships rushed in front of them, they couldn’t do much. They also had destroyer frigates. As long as they didn’t get hit by the ammunition store and cause a martyrdom, Gevlar’s ​​main battleship simply didn’t. Considered the possibility of being sunk.

The second round cross-fire and bombardment broke out again. After correcting the target, this time the federation’s battleship hit an opponent’s warship. This is good news. When a smoke plume rises on the opposite side, everyone can feel To the obvious excitement.

Improving morale is that simple, just hit it!

The soldiers’ movements have become smoother and more natural, and the psychological pressure has also been reduced.

People say that the Gafra Imperial Family Navy is an invincible existence. They have even created a proud record of defeating naval battles of the same scale without injury, but now they have just received the battle, and the opponent has smoked. This at least shows that even the Federation There is a gap between the strength of the navy and the Gevlar Navy, and this gap is also within the scope of people’s acceptance.

The battle on the sea has attracted much attention from the very beginning, and there are many observation ships besides this sea territory.

Some people know the behind-the-scenes story of this naval battle. They know that the federal navy is facing the Gevlars, so they want to see if the Gevlars are still the same as they were during the war.

Some are purely watching the Confederation’s excitement. This is the first large-scale military operation of the Confederation in an international public area.

at first these people also laughed at the Federal Navy because they were too timid, they just went to wipe out a group of pirates, they actually took out a whole formation, and some unintelligible submarines.

They attach too much importance to the pirates, which gives military observers a reason to laugh at them. They even think about how to report their observations to their home country’s defense agencies after returning.

For example, “Federal Navy is impossible to withstand a single blow” or “naturally cowardly”, but when they saw those “pirates”, they realized that it was not the Federation that took this fight against bandits too seriously. , But they must do their best.

Because they are not facing any weak pirates, they are facing the Gafra’s main fleet. In addition to missing two battleships and some frigate destroyers, this is one of Gafra’s strongest fleet. One.

When the Federation’s first destroyer to ride the wind and waves was sunk, everyone was silent, because they discovered that Gevlar’s ​​Imperial Family Navy was as strong as ever, and people couldn’t afford the slightest challenge. .

But with the opening of the formation of the Federal Navy and the shifting of the destroyer, an imposing manner assaults the senses that is no less than a naval power.

They didn’t panic, they fought back and forth with the Gevlars in a very rhythmic manner, and even concentrated on Gevlar’s warship many times during the bombardment.

The rhythm of the war is very anxious. For more than 20 minutes, it has been changing directions, evasive, and salvos. For the first time, people discovered that the Federal Navy is not as weak as people thought.

This change in perception is actually very complicated. It’s probably like a girl with a straight figure suddenly taking off her loose coat and showing her amazing figure.

Some changes occurred in the course of the war in the 47th minute of the war, when warships on both sides were hit.

The sudden sinking of a destroyer facing the Federal Charge Fleet head-on shocked the military observers. They all inquired about what had happened.

If it is shelling and sabotage, there should be huge fire and smoke. In the current naval battle, the battleship may lose its power and the combat capability, but there are roughly two possibilities for the battleship to sink. .

The detonation of the ammunition depot was like the first destroyer of the Federation that was set on fire. It directly folded the warship into two parts.

There is another situation that comes from an offensive below the waterline, and the inability to quickly close the hatch results in too much water, which makes the warship lose buoyancy and sink.

Apart from this, if it’s just bombarding the deck and the position above the waterline of the hull, it’s hard to sink it.

Without the fire, what made this destroyer sink?

A torpedo?

However, many problems with torpedoes have not been solved in actual combat. Although all countries are developing torpedoes, the main energy is to improve the caliber and armor of cannons.

Not only are these military observers confused, but the fleet commander of the Imperial Family Navy of Gevlar is also confused.

Does it mean that the Federalist’s torpedo technology has the ability to accurately sink warships of this level in a real naval battle?

“Don’t let their warships approach our fire position and drive them away. Also, pay attention to the underwater torpedoes. They may have a new breakthrough in torpedo technology.”

“The spies lurking in the Federation should be hanged, they have ignored such important information!”

The commander is no longer as relaxed as before, with a frosty expression on his face.