Blackstone Code Chapter 388


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Mr. President is sitting in the Conference Hall in pajamas. This is the first time he has shown his untidy side in front of people.

Not only him, but most of the other people are more or less embarrassed. Some people’s trousers are not zippered, some people still have lipstick on their faces, and some people’s hair is up and down. Out of its unyielding and tenacity against fate.

Mr. President’s face is full of sadness. He sits behind his desk and hugs his arms. It is obviously in the middle of summer, but he feels a bit of coolness.

To wipe out the Imperial Family naval fleet of Gefola This is a dream that almost every country has ever had, but at this moment, it has become a reality, but it has also become a source of fear.

This is not a fun thing. No one knows how emperor Gafra will be angry. Perhaps a new round of war will erupt from this, perhaps the most likely thing to happen.

“Trueman, give us some suggestions.” Mr. President looked towards Mr. Truman.

As the chief executive of the Zhou State Office of International Policy Affairs, he has the most say in this regard. Prior to this, he also accurately predicted changes in some international affairs, which improved his professionalism. Authority in terms of issues.

Mr. Truman didn’t wear a tie. He did, but the damn silk tie is too weak (silk refers to the surface material). It is also possible that the calluses on his palm that rubbed against the weapon all the time are too tough. His tie was torn, so he didn’t tie it at all.

He is very calm, which may be one of the few good news in the room.

“Mr. President, cabinet members…”, he replaced all cabinet members with cabinet members. He didn’t have time to call them by their official positions and names. The great characters in the room did not show anything. Unhappy.

“This war will not break out!”, Mr. Truman’s tone was very affirmative, which made everyone else feel ashamed for a short time, but then, the Minister of Finance proposed himself Doubts.

“Mr. Truman, do you have any basis for saying that this war will not break out?” He is very concerned about some of the consequences of this change. “Our comprehensive negotiations with Gevlar are still going on In…”

There are still many detailed negotiations between Baylor Federation and Gefra, and these negotiations are relatively difficult to negotiate.

Either the other party’s requirements are too demanding, or the federal government will lose profits if it agrees.

The Gefla people don’t like the Federation people very much. They always feel that after the war, the Federation also ended isolationism almost at the same time, just to avoid possible losses in the war and to share the benefits.

So many things are not agreed, this kind of disagreement is not really unable to reach an agreement on opinions, it is purely a deliberate embarrassment under the instruction of Emperor Gevula.

Before this naval battle, everyone here knew that such a naval battle would break out. Some people were worried and some were happy. Generally speaking, everyone’s interests were the same.

It is the idea of ​​each of them to show their muscles to a limited extent to win the respect of the Gevlar people.

Can didn’t expect, this is not showing muscles, it is annihilation!

It is said that the white flag was raised by the Imperial Family Navy of Gevlar to indicate that the surrender will not be hit!

This is too to offend the person. The problem now is no longer to find support outside the negotiating table to put pressure on the Gevlar people, but to consider whether they will tear up various treaties and unilaterally declare war. .

Mr. Truman shook his head affirmatively again, “I can’t fight. I was really taken aback when I first learned about this, but I quickly realized that this naval battle does not raise. “

“The myth of the invincibility of the Imperial Family of Gafra’s Imperial Family was broken by us. I heard that the submarine and our new torpedo performed well?” Someone provided enough information on his way.

Secretary of Defense nodded, this may be one of the few things that can make people happy tonight, “Their guardian Knight was sunk by our submarine and new torpedoes.”

“Look!” Mr. Truman’s voice slightly increased, “The impossible Gefra Imperial Family Navy lost to our advanced military technology. They did not find a submarine and new torpedo to deal with us. Before the method, we don’t have to worry about the outbreak of war!”

After finishing this sentence, most of the people in the room breathed a sigh of relief, thinking about it carefully.

Although the Minister of Foreign Affairs is a bit upset that Mr. Truman has not only shown himself in front of Mr. President, but also in front of all his colleagues, he has to be sure that the results of Mr. Truman’s analysis are accurate.

However, in order to show his determination to defend his power, he also picked some thorns, “But Gefra is not alone!”

He cleverly used anthropomorphic sentences here to compare a country to a person to deepen his context, “It still has many allies. If Emperor Gevula can give up some of the benefits, they may not be tempted .”

Mr. Terman stared at the Minister of Foreign Affairs for a while, which was a bit impolite. Before the Minister of Foreign Affairs broke out, he turned and looked towards the others, “Gentlemen, we just wiped out Gevlar’s ​​first fleet. Although the two battleships are not there, I believe that even if they are there, they will not escape the fate of being wiped out.”

“No one dares to act on us at this time, as long as we can show a tough side diplomacy, such as active confrontation when facing threats, no one will risk a huge threat and stand against Gevlar Together.”

“Gentlemen, human beings are cunning intelligent animals. Smart people will only stand with the winner. Now we are the winner!”

This sentence was very aura, and the Conference Hall fell silent for an instant. Mr. Truman’s resolute and decisive voice touched people’s flustered hearts.

Gevlar’s ​​strength has made many “people” its allies. This covenant relationship is actually not very strong, and some covenant relations are even more like Gevlar’s ​​excuses for collecting protection fees during the war.

For example, they will ask some allies to provide ports for their fleets to supply. For example, they will ask allies to provide more supplies to support their global combat plans.

If it were not for their strong military power, they would not have that many allies.

Now the Federation has proved that they are not invincible through a naval battle. In fact, this is a good thing for the entire world, at least the Federation is more accessible than Gefla.

In addition, the countries suffered heavy losses in the last world war, and they failed to achieve all the goals of the war. It is unlikely that a war will break out in the future.

Mr. Truman has a very clear understanding of the international situation, especially since he has been in contact with Lynch for more than half a year, the doctrine of the supremacy of interests has given him a new and thorough clear comprehension of the international situation.

The fundamental purpose of driving diplomatic behavior between nations is more benefits.

If the interests do not meet the development needs of the country, then such diplomatic behavior will not happen. He is very sure of this.

At this time, some people came to the presidential palace one after another.

According to the federal charter, the first ministers of all departments will be allocated a single-family house around the presidential palace after taking office.

From the time they leave home to when they enter the presidential palace, the walking time will not exceed ten minutes. This is to prevent any emergencies. In case something happens and the responsible person cannot be found, it is very likely There will be big problems, just like now.

After they step down, the federal government will take back those houses and assign them to the next first minister. This system has existed for a long time.

Of course, not everyone can live around the presidential palace. There are some people who don’t have such permission. They live a little farther, such as Lynch.

As a special consultant of the Security Committee, he was also very actively involved in the construction of some international political activities. When Mr. Truman knew about this, he immediately arranged someone to pick up Lynch.

Lynch can always find a new perspective, and now they need this.

On the way to the Presidential Palace, Lynch learned about what happened from the apologetic secret agent of the Security Committee-the secret agent of the Security Committee broke into the door directly, if it were not for their timely identification , It is likely to trigger a small battle.

Lynch didn’t blame them, let them choose to break in, instead of waiting for a while, it must be some major event.

After a brief change of clothes, he got in the car to the presidential palace.

At this time, after three security checks, the car stopped outside the gate of the Presidential Palace. Lynch got out of the car. He happened to see Mr. Wardrick standing on the steps as soon as he looked up.

The two looked at each other, both surprised, and felt as it should be by rights.

Lynch, as a young man active in various radical Sand Dragons, is actually quite well-known in certain circles. The consortium behind Mr. Wardrick also involves some defense businesses and also national security. consultant.

The two of them looked at each other for a while, nodded, and then they entered the presidential palace one after the other. This is not a good place for them to chat.

Bupen at three o’clock, the air was filled with a revelry after a carnival. Lynch stood on the steps of the presidential palace and glanced back at the dark night, then turned and walked into the presidential palace.

Soon, Mr. President changed a set of clothes, and now some special security consultants and some people from the society are here, Mr. President must ensure that his dress is not rude, and they also changed to a bigger one. Conference Hall.

About ten minutes earlier, Mr. President walked into the Conference Hall. The thoughtful people in the room stood up to show their respect to Mr. President.

Mr. President raised his arm and asked everyone to sit down, “Please sit down, ladies and gentlemen, let me make a long story short, we are facing a historical choice, and I need your advice!”