Blackstone Code Chapter 390


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Mr. President, Mr. Truman. The Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the National Security Council, the Director-General of the Army Intelligence Directorate…

Many great characters and Lynch entered a small room together. What Lynch will say next is not suitable for disclosure for the time being, so Mr. President chose to listen to what he said before deciding how to do it.

I have to say that the Federation is a very good country. It’s free here. Everyone can express their opinions. It’s also very…. As long as you can persuade others to agree with your ideas, you can get people’s stand by.

From trade unions to local governments, to the House of Representatives in the Senate, whether in court or in the office of Mr. President, as long as there is enough eloquence and supportable arguments, and the content is valuable, you will be able to Get people’s approval.

More than half an hour later, the entire group came out of the office. First of all, Mr. President thanked everyone for rushing to the presidential palace in the middle of the night to discuss countermeasures, and invited everyone to have breakfast at the presidential palace.

This morning is definitely a Good Friday for the chefs of the Presidential Palace. They have never been so busy before. They make it a few minutes earlier in the morning, and try to make it at the same time as possible.

In addition to these, the fleet that was returning to China also began to change directions and headed to the open waters of the Anmelia region. Lynch convinced Mr. President.

Immediately afterwards, some important departments began to hold press conferences, which are destined to be recorded in history today.

At eight o’clock in the morning, Gefla’s diplomatic ambassador to the Baylor Federation, who had just gotten up from the bed, slapped the ass of the two women around him to wake them up.

After throwing a few bills casually on the bed, he walked into the bathroom to wash his body.

Diplomatic ambassadors, this may seem to many people to be a very hard job, because diplomatic work is very special and requires sufficient cleverness, response, and a firm stand.

Many times, people will not give diplomatic ambassadors enough time to contact and discuss with the country. People force them to make decisions immediately, and any of their decisions do not represent themselves, but represent the country behind them.

Before the outbreak of the World War, diplomats were indeed not easy to do, dealing with several or more countries to find a balance of interests for their country.

A lot of outstanding diplomats emerged during that period. These diplomats used various wonderful methods to convince others to agree with their views, support their ideas, and let people see the beauty and dangers of diplomacy.

But it’s much simpler now.

Not satisfied?

Can’t agree?

When the table is lifted, with a loud roar, the Empire’s naval fleet can turn your coastline into hell in just one week!

At this time, Gevlar’s ​​diplomats are the most comfortable. As long as they threaten others in this way, there is nothing to talk about.

Strategic diplomacy is vividly and thoroughly embodied by the advantages of power diplomacy. As long as the country is strong, it is difficult for people to refuse the requirements of diplomats.

After coming out of the bathroom, the diplomat glanced strangely at the wall clock in the room. Logically speaking, the naval battle should be over, and the country should contact him to tell him the result and what he needs to do in the next stage. thing.

But until now, there has been no phone call to inform him, which makes him feel some bad feelings in his heart.

He picked up the phone and wanted to take the initiative to contact the country, but after picking up, there was no sound in the receiver.

He walked quickly to the window, moved towards and took a look outside. The Union soldiers had already blocked the embassy.

After a brief period of panic, Gevlar’s ​​ambassador stabilized. There is no doubt that the invincible Imperial Family Navy has once again won. Therefore, the federal talents are so scared and afraid to surround the embassy and restrict the inside and outside Liaison between.

A scornful smile appeared on Ambassador Gevlar’s ​​face, and he had begun to fantasize about dropping documents on the faces of federal diplomats to humiliate them.

When he walked to the first floor, he saw two candidates standing awkwardly in the lobby on the first floor. They were completely sealed off. No one could come in or go out, including two from the local area. Call girl.

Gevlar’s ​​diplomatic ambassador doesn’t mind showing his gentlemanly demeanor at this time, just like Gevlar’s ​​invincible fleet destroyed the pride of the Federation, he also conquered these two women, so he doesn’t mind I am now a gentleman.

He took two young ladies to the outside of the diplomatic embassy and made his own request, “I am here and will not go anywhere, but you should not be embarrassed because you lost the naval battle. Ladies, they are innocent.”

Slightly holding up his chin makes him look different, but not so arrogant. He has a gentle smile on his face, but his mouth is unquestionable. He vividly expresses the word high and thoroughly.

But the soldiers outside the embassy didn’t at all understand his request and didn’t even say anything to him, which made him a little angry.

“Get your Shangguan!”

Not long, for about ten minutes, a car stopped outside the embassy. At this time, there were also reporters and onlookers outside the embassy. When the new undersecretary of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs appeared, Geffer Ra’s diplomat showed an arrogant smile.

He blinked, tidyed up his clothes, prepared to ridicule the undersecretary who was joking in public, and hurt the proud heart of the Federation.

But without waiting for him to say anything, the undersecretary asked him loudly, “In addition to supporting the Playton Pirate Group in indirectly controlling the economy of Nagalil, have you done anything shameful?”

The deputy chief did not say these words like they were discussing. He said loudly. The reporters were taking pictures wildly. The faces of the good people onlookers showed satisfied smiles. This news is very interesting.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Gevlar’s ​​diplomat was taken aback and reacted, “The great emperor has always respected the sovereignty of any independent country in the world, and we have never interfered. China’s internal affairs!”

It doesn’t matter if they haven’t interfered, but at least he has to show his position and attitude, and the diplomat Gevlar immediately realized some problems, “If there is any problem, we can find a place to say , There is no need to stand here!”

He said he was going to go inside, and made an inviting move, but the deputy chief did not give him a chance to realize it.

“No, I will leave soon. I’m just here to inform you. During our eradication of the Prayton Pirate Group, we found suspected warships of the Imperial Family Navy of Gevlar to help them fight our siege. You must explain this to us clearly!”

Gevlar’s ​​diplomat barely maintained his composure. He asked softly, not as confident as he was just now, “What evidence do you have to prove what you said?”

The deputy chief kept his chest tall so that he would not make a wrong move, just like his predecessor was sent to the west for industrial development.

The current situation has changed. Foreign policy requires toughness. The previous set is no longer applicable. So he is also extraordinarily tough. “We sank all pirate ships, including those suspected of the Gevlar Imperial Family Navy. Warships in service.”

“Are you asking me what evidence?”

“Our salvage team is heading to the War Zone of the sea. When we salvage the sunken ships, you, or your emperor Your Majesty, would be interested in explaining why Gevlar’s ​​navy is entangled with pirates Together!”

“In other words, from the very beginning, it is the people of Gevlar supporting or passing through the Preton Pirate Group to achieve the goal of controlling the economy of the Union Kingdom of Nagalil!”

He glanced sideways at the diplomat in Gevlar, turned and moved towards the car and walked away. Now the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is preparing to hold a press conference to explain this. As the newly appointed undersecretary, he hopes to In front of audiences across the country and the whole world, it left a deep impression on people.

Guevra’s diplomat couldn’t help chasing for two steps, but was stopped by the soldiers. He grabbed the guardrail and stepped across the threshold with a clear step and looked at the diplomatic secretary who had opened the car door, loudly Shouted, “I don’t know what you are saying, I need the right to contact the outside world!”

The Deputy Chief glanced at him again, finally affirming the request.

When he lifted the receiver in the return to house room, and the hand dialing the sliding dial was extremely trembling, there was an unprecedented sense of suffocation that made him particularly uncomfortable.

Every busy tone at this time seemed extraordinarily long. After two transfers, the call was finally connected.

Guevra’s foreign minister, not very long after he left the Union, his voice at this time was not like he was full of anger when he came here, but a sense of decadence was revealed.

“Your Excellency, I just heard something unbelievable…”

Maybe the Secretary of Foreign Affairs was able to get through on the phone, which gave him a trace of peace, and his ups and downs gradually calmed down, narrating in detail what he knew.

He thought the Secretary of Foreign Affairs would smile and tell him that this was a joke made by the Federation to protect his own face, but he was wrong.

“We are not sure if it is completely wiped out, we are seeking confirmation, and now your work has become very important…”

“First, resolutely deny the relationship between the Gefra Navy and the Prayton Pirate Group.”

“Second, figure out what fleet of the Federation is executing this battle plan, their size, parameters…”

The buzzing tinnitus made the diplomat’s consciousness blank. In addition to the symbolic Mansion Princess and Rider Head battleships and eight destroyer frigates, the First Fleet still existed, and other warships were wiped out !

Still seeking confirmation?

That is just an excuse!

The invincible Gevlar Imperial Family Navy was actually defeated. The news is too shocking. It does not require too many brain cells to calculate. Diplomats all know that the world’s structure is about to change dramatically!