Blackstone Code Chapter 515


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The New Year is coming in a blink of an eye, and busy people don’t even feel the ebbing of time, so time slips away.

The biggest change in this city during this period of time is that it has become cleaner, and you can no longer see the kind of garbage that can be seen everywhere, even the messy dung piles that can be seen everywhere. It’s rare.

It’s important to know that in this country, it’s almost become a norm to urinate and defecate anywhere, including women who choose a relatively remote place to settle on the spot. Of course, there are also some elderly women who don’t care about other people’s eyes. Find a place to solve it.

How can it not smell like a garbage dump filled with urine and decay, and countless bacteria?

But now these problems are gone. There is no poop anywhere, no garbage dump that can be seen everywhere. This is also a very novel experience for the locals themselves.

After the space occupied by garbage has been fully released, the city suddenly has a lot of open space, and the city is also much cleaner.

Since those foreigners began to recycle garbage, garbage, which was the “garbage” that people didn’t even look at in the past, has become so difficult to find, so that some people will chop down some wood from outside the city and return it as garbage.

There is also a very funny little joke in the process. I don’t know who first discovered that after the feces were dried, they were recognized as burnable garbage. Then the feces became scarce.

When ordinary persons need to poop, they will find a fixed place, and then send the poop to be recycled after drying.

They even improved the shape of the feces, spreading it into a circle by hand, which makes it easier to carry.

Some people deliberately eat the weeds on the side of the road to strengthen the fiber structure of the feces in order to be able to pull out the “shaped” stool that is not easily broken.

In short, there is less and less garbage, to the point that people will fight for garbage.

The next biggest change is that the newly built thermal power plant on the outskirts of the city has been put into use. It emits a lot of white smoke every day, although people have not yet enjoyed the changes in life brought about by this thermal power plant. , But this day is not too far away.

City changes can actually improve the Essence, Qi, and Spirit of everyone living here. People also start to pay attention to their appearance, and everything becomes prosperous.

Let these, let the price of the person who many people think that what happened impossible really happened, Lynch, is boarding the cruise ship returning to the Federation.

He has been here for three months, now is the time to go back. There are still many things waiting for him on the federal side, such as… the preseason final of the Sabine City Professional Football Club.

The club invested by Lynch has returned to the lowest-grade men’s rugby professional league system. The pre-season game the club participated in was the warm-up game before the main game.

The entire pre-season game is also accompanied by the opening of the transfer window. This is actually to give each team an opportunity to adjust the team’s situation before the start of the new season and give them an opportunity to constantly try to change.

Because next is the two-month offseason, after the offseason is the official season, in the process, it seems too much to find the team’s problems and adjust or change some tactics. Hastily.

The preseason game won’t be too good, because everyone is making changes, adapting new players, new coaches, and new tactics. Only the Sabine City teams are the same as doping.

People are discovering the problem. They just want to win. As a result, no one thought that the Sabine City club, which had just been promoted from the amateur league to the lowest league, actually reached the preseason finals.

As the president of the club, Kane (the club manager) sent a message to Lynch, hoping that he could return a few days earlier, and his presence can give the young men more motivation.

Lynch, who has invested a lot of money in the club, will naturally not refuse this request. Even though he seems to be rich now, it is still very challenging to win a top championship team—— This sentence means that he has not enough money.

Furthermore, federal state sports are getting more and more attention. It is said that there will be fans in Sabine City going to the finals with the team this time. Sports is becoming a spiritual pillar of the city and even the surrounding people.

Apart from this, there are many, many other things, such as the New Year, and the meeting with Mr. Herbers. He has raised almost the same amount of money, and the rest is to sign the contract and deliver it.

This amount of money is too large, and no one can rest assured that it can only be traded in the Federation.

The dangling cruise ship slowly left the shore amid the heavy whistle. Lynch let out a sigh of relief. During this time, his work was perfect, even over-completed.

The direct route from Nagalil to the Federation was not at all, and there was no route to Nagalil as the destination. Nagalil was only a supply point on the Eastern Ocean.

But with a series of actions by the Federation, the shipping company has opened multiple cruises and freighters that can ship anytime and anywhere, which greatly shortens the time of travel and reduces the time of more than one week to about three days. .

Navigating on the sea is boring and boring, but in the process Lynch found something interesting, as did the others. They discovered that the engineering ship was laying seabed cables along the continental shelf.

This is a very special technical activity. Ordinary countries do not have this ability. At present, only three countries in the world can do it. One is Gevlar, the other is Baylor Federation, and the other is IS. , Another neutral country.

After the cable sinks into the seabed from the tugboat, it is not enough to leave it alone. The work boat needs to go down for calibration and fixation. In some places, brackets are needed. This is why the seabed cable needs a continental shelf.

If there is no continental shelf, the cables suspended in the sea are easily damaged by marine life, but rely on the continental shelf. By arranging some protective measures and placing them properly, they will not fail frequently.

Looking at the cable tug that seemed to be lazy, the passengers on the cruise ship waved their hands and burst into cheers, cheering for this little unfathomable mystery.

It’s really old-fashioned, Lynch thought to himself, but he’s in a good mood. People’s cheering is actually proud and proud of having a strong country as a support.

This time, Lynch did not disclose to other people when he returned. He did not want to be too special.

After the cruise ship arrived in the Federation, he took the train directly to Benleit. This time the preseason final was held in Benleit.

In the past two years, the popularity of sports events and the level of public attention have surpassed people’s attention to the fashion industry. This is also a matter of as it should be by rights. Economy is sluggish, and people are more concerned about how to save money, not how. Spending money on unnecessary places, the influence of this fashionable city, known as the “Pearl of the South”, is declining in the country.

This time, after a series of negotiations between the mayor of Benlitt and the joint games, it should have spent a lot of money, and finally set the venue for the pre-season finals in Bennett, which has nothing to do with sports. Litter.

It is said that next year’s Federal Super Cup opening game will also be here. The Mayor of Benlitt really saved it, but this is understandable. After all, the state election is about to be done. Anything that can slightly increase the winning rate. , Are all worth doing.

As soon as he got out of the station of Benlite, Kane took the initiative to welcome him, “Mr. Chairman…”

He is accompanied by Coach Manson. Manson has done a good job for more than a year. The most important thing is that he is very obedient.

Before, he and Lynch talked about whether to sign up. He bought two or three stars to form the core of the team. Only stars can improve the cohesion of a team, but his idea was rejected by Lynch.

If a team struggling in the lower league wants to buy stars, real stars, they will spend several times the money before they can buy it.

Although Lynch doesn’t understand sports, he understands business. If you want a first-rate male star to make a Level 3 film, besides paying him more than his actual value, I’m afraid you will have to take other things. condition.

Movies and sports seem to be different, but there are some truths.

So up to now, the club’s tactics are still “fighting hard”, rushing to the bottom of life, using cheap lives to break a path to the future for the professional principles of these young men.

Look, didn’t you reach the finals?

Lynch reached out and shook hands with the two of them, and then got into the bus. There was a young girl in the bus.

“Chairman Lynch, hello, I’m the new women’s team Captain…”, a blond chick with a very broad mind, perfect body, and pretty, just a bit…cheap.

Like the previous female team Captain, she hooked Lynch’s palm with her little finger when shaking hands with Lynch. She wanted to take a shortcut, but Lynch did not give her any feedback, which disappointed her.

After a few people sat down, the bus started slowly. Lynch asked at this time, “How is the club’s recent revenue and expenditure?”

Economy determines the development of a company, and also determines the future of a club. The balance of payments may seem to many people as it should be by rights, but in the sports field, it can really achieve revenue and expenditure. There are not many balanced ones.

The bigger the club, the better the results, and the more money it needs to inject. So Lynch first asked about the club’s business situation, which is very important for the next development.

Kane answered quickly, “The financial situation of the club is very good, I can’t find other words to describe the current situation, anyway, we have no trouble, it made a lot of money for you, Mr. Chairman!”

“How much?” Lynch was a little curious and asked casually.

Kane said in a proud tone that is hard to imagine, “370,000, a year, if we can win the preseason championship, this number may exceed 400,000 before the start of next season!”

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