Blackstone Code Chapter 516


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400,000 a year, which may be an incredible number for many people, but for Lynch, this may be the money he can make in three or five days or a week—a slightly humble statement.

In fact, a small fluctuation in the financial market may bring more profits than this number, but you still have to be humble.

It’s just that he doesn’t know. The pride on Kane’s face is not because he can only see such a small amount of money. Maybe he is in a position where he can’t see too high, but even so, professional clubs want to stay healthy The financial situation is also very rare, let alone profitability.

Many large professional clubs burn money crazily in it every year. The managers, chairmen, and investors of those big clubs actually don’t look at the sport itself, but the added value of the sport.

They may indeed be making money, but the money is earned from other places. For example, board members of many big clubs are more or less running businesses related to sporting goods, which is more common Kind of.

Consumers’ blind favor makes them more inclined to “what the celebrities wear” rather than “what they need” when choosing products, not only in sports, but also in fashion circles.

This has also led to a lot of goods being sold only as a certain kind of collectibles, because these goods are not the most suitable for people.

There is also a situation where the chairman of the club, or the share holder may have just discovered a gold mine in his poor valley and suddenly become rich.

It’s not easy for these upstarts to squeeze into the upper class. They need to decorate themselves with something, at least to make themselves look no different from others around them, not like an outbreak The household is out of place like that.

If we don’t discuss the purpose of these people’s clubs and their means of making money, the bigger the club, the harder it is to make a profit.

“That’s great. It shows that you, the club manager, have done a great job. Handing the club over to you can also reassure me!”, Lynch not at all showed his disdain for 400,000 yuan , That’s money, as long as it is money, he likes it.

Immediately afterwards, he remembered another thing, “I remember you did not renew your contract with the club?”

This sentence made Kane stunned for a moment, and then began to tense, because there was indeed no renewal between him and the club.

He had been working for the club with his passion before. Of course, the Union Games would give him the lowest subsidy. After Lynch acquired the club, he did not think of this. Until he left the Union, Vila talked to him. A phone call.

The phone talked about the financial situation of the club. The club paid Kane a monthly salary. Because the employment relationship between the two parties did not continue, there are some possible disputes about this expenditure.

Is it a salary expense, or a necessary expense expense for the club, or is there any other use.

This is related to the issue of tax filing. Lynch originally planned to talk to Kane, but he was so busy at the time that he ignored the matter, so that he only remembered it when he saw Kane.

Kane was nervous, and coach Manson, who was sitting aside, also sat a little straighter, and he was also a little nervous.

He and Kane work well together. Kane is a very pure club manager. He is the kind of middle-aged man who is a little silly, a little stupid, and a little idealistic in the eyes of others, and he is very expert.

This almost satisfies the “desire” of all club coaches for managers. They don’t like the more professional business operations officers. Those people are ruthless and treat the club, players, and teams as a business, and they are impersonal. , Everything is linked to money in their eyes.

If Lynch wants to replace Kane, this may be a serious blow to Manson, who has just begun to enter the professional coaching circle, and may affect the changes in his future coaching career.

“Relax, I won’t fire you!” Lynch noticed the anomaly between the two of them, and he soothed them. “The chief financial officer of the company told me that Kane and the club did not renew their contract, so we paid You have to pay an extra tax on your salary…”

There are some subtle changes in policies in each place, but in general, people still encourage capitalists to use more workers, which will provide society with more jobs, thereby increasing the overall income and Happiness.

So the branch that pays salaries is subtracted from the profit figure that needs to be reported. To put it simply, a company earns 100 a year, 20 of which is used for salary, then the tax they pay is 100 less To pay 20 of the salary, that is, eight 10 to continue the relevant increase and decrease calculation, instead of 100.

But because of the problem between the club and Kane, they could not prove that the money was paid for the salary, so they still have to pay taxes on this expenditure. Although it is not much, it may be that Lynch will forget about it. The reason for this is that the taxes that need to be paid are so small that it is difficult for him to remember this.

Kane really collected it after hearing this, “Then we need to sign a contract?”

Lynch slightly nodded, “Of course…”

Actually, he still has an idea, but now is not a good time to say it.

Not long after, the bus stopped outside the hotel. Only a few female players were waiting here. The male players were all preparing and relaxing for the last time.

Because there is no need to buy stars, the club replaced this part of the expenditure with physical therapists to ensure that these athletes who squeezed into the field of professional football with a desperate collision can go a little further.

They will help the athletes adjust their physical conditions and then prepare for tomorrow’s game.

“Are all the female players here?” Lynch was a little curious, as if it seemed so.

Manson and Kane looked at each other, Kane explained, “We went to a strange place to fight, although some fans came, but the number is still not dominant, so…”

Lynch didn’t wait for him to finish talking and nodded, “I know, you decide this kind of thing by yourself…”

In the end, the female Captain was still very disappointed watching Lynch leave with the manager’s escort. She thought it was a good opportunity.

“Not everyone eats this set!” This is what Coach Manson said to Captain when he left.

In fact, Lynch’s club is not as “clean” as he saw it, and there is no lack of dirty intrigue. It’s just that whether Kane or Manson can handle these, Lynch doesn’t know.

I don’t know if it doesn’t mean there is no such thing. For example, her predecessor, under her design, messed with Vice Captain of the men’s team and was fired both.

Although there is no clear evidence that all of this was designed by her, everyone knows who did it. In this case, she can still be a female Captain, except that she will win over the nutrition that keeps her mind. In addition to the players used on her chest, she is also very keen on the feminist movement, so…

2nd day, the preseason finals began, and the local mayor also knew about Lynch’s arrival, and specially invited him to the best stand in the audience.

Benlet is a highly commercialized city. The stadiums here also reflect completely different places from other local stadiums, such as those large and well-known stadiums. Their design plan is for everyone More and better enjoyment, whether it is spectators or athletes.

Benlet’s stadium also has this, but it has a little more than others, such as setting up a huge VIP stand in the best viewing position, and there are multiple cameras aimed at this stand, and placed on the stand What was happening was broadcast on the big screen of the stadium.

The purpose of this is because there are often stars here to watch some fancy exhibition games, and the audience is not to watch the exhibition games, they are all to see the stars…

The game was held at three o’clock in the afternoon. The stadium was full of spectators, which surprised everyone.

When the fans entered the stadium, some familiar voices rang out from the speaker. “Didn’t expect so many people will come this year. I think only 300-500 people will come here to watch the game at most… …”

In order to create some kind of influence, the mayor of Benlitt also spent a lot of money to invite all the famous super cups to explain by the fans as the narrator of the “three bitch”.

Their style is very special, very cheap, sometimes very mean, sometimes very humorous, fans like their style very much in this period.

Comment 2: “Maybe the locals never watch football, so they don’t know that we don’t recognize the preseason game as a regular game!”

One of the members in the commentary made a little sarcasm about certain things. People could hear some sarcasm to the locals, but the mayor who satirized Benlett more often appeared in the audience. Laughter, some locals are also laughing.

Before the team enters the field, the staff of the team walks into the field first, and they begin to explain seriously, and then the team.

Comment 1: “The results of Interstellar Club this year are very good. They might win the preseason…”

Comment 2: “Sorry, I just said, I don’t admit that the preseason is a regular game…”

Comment Three: “Shit, then why are we sitting here to explain this game that is not a game?”

Comment 2: “Because they gave a lot, we can’t refuse it!”

Before the game has started, the fans are already full of laughter. This is very funny. Although they are really mean, as long as they are not talking about themselves, it will be funny.

Comment Three: “Look, the person giving the money is here, do we need to stand up and explain the following paragraph to express our gratitude for a job?”

Comment 2: “Of course, otherwise, be careful that you can’t get the balance…”


Some sharp farts came from the speakers, which made their mean and humorous effect to a higher level. Some people laughed crazy. At the same time, everyone’s eyes were on the VIP stand .

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