Blackstone Code Chapter 517


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When the mayor of Bentley and Lynch walked out of the tunnel together, the whole stadium was full of cheerful laughter. He actually heard outside sounds, and he heard the comments that seemed a bit mean to him. Yes, and the last fart.

However, he did not show any unhappiness. Instead, he smiled happily. Conservation and height determine whether a person has a broad mind. As a mayor, he does not need to battle Qi with several commentators.

If he is really angry because of these, not really vicious ridicule, that he wants to do something, his height may be the same, and soon he will retire because of high blood pressure .

Long-term anger will make a person’s blood pressure continue to rise, eventually becoming a life-long problem.

Comment 1: “Who is the youngster next to him, his child or his nephew?”

Comment 3: “It seems to be Lynch, you know, young leaders, this year’s media likes to report news related to him.”

Comment 2 suddenly inserted, “Because he is also very rich, rich people always have a way to make you think that what he said is right…”, he said paused, “This topic is very heavy, I’m fast Forgetting that I was actually in the same group with them, did we collect the money, guys.”

The timely rescue and self-defeating brought back the slightly misaligned trend. The other two people in the commentary room sighed in relief, and one of them almost messed up the matter.

As a federal person, everyone knows that in this world you can offend anyone, including the president. You can point to his nose and say that he is an incompetent fool. The judge will not say because of you. I’ll catch you if I tell the truth.

But if you dare to slander and even frame the capitalists and rich people, and they inadvertently ask questions, you can let a group of lawyers play with you a game called “Let’s find the difference”

Even if the wheel is slightly crooked when parking, these people can still be brought to court. Although it is not difficult to win most cases, an expensive attorney’s fee is enough to drag anyone down.

It’s a very wrong approach to target Lynch, even more how he is now very popular. It’s impossible for the media to give the title “Young Leader” to some people casually, even if Lynch gives them no With less money, he has to do similar things.

Fortunately, the second commentator wakes up in time. Lynch is not the kind of object he can say casually. Politicians will not clean them up even for the sake of image, but the capitalists don’t care.

After he saved the field, he looked towards and said three, “I remember you learned spoken English, I remember correctly!”

The laughter of some old fans in the stadium suddenly became louder, so that many people looked at the laughed heartily people blankly and couldn’t catch their funny laugh.

Actually, only real fans know about this. Any confrontational sports will clearly highlight the opposing sides. Rugby is also a strong collision sport, so you can often see players talking on the court, but no People know what they are talking about.

In order to achieve better commentary and entertainment effects, commentator three learned lip language, and then applied it to practice.

At first, the players didn’t know this. They spoke swear words unscrupulously on the court, and then commented on the ruthless translation, with a seemingly serious commentator and a tart and mean Very interesting commentary, the entertainment effect of the commentary is directly full.

It is said that the Professional Rugby League and the United Games have awarded them a medal to thank them for their outstanding contribution to purifying the uncivilized phenomenon on the court. Since the commentator 3 has mastered the skills of lip language, everyone The chance of swearing is much less, this can be considered another gain.

The third commentator knew that this was an opportunity to interrupt. By reading Lynch’s lips, it seemed to be “decrypted” for everyone, but in fact, they naturally placed themselves in Lynch’s position.

It’s like two people talking face-to-face, one of them said “xxx you are a silly beep!”, and the onlookers also repeated the sentence, then this third party has actually taken the stand of the speaker .

This is a way to confuse the position that fits the current situation. Commentator Three is also very clever. He understood what the other party meant almost instantly. “Of course, Mr. Lynch is saying,’I heard you gave it away for free Fewer tickets’”

The field control at the scene was also very powerful. A close-up was given to the mayor of Benlett. The mayor was at a loss for a moment, then smiled and waved his hand, inviting Lynch to sit down.

The stadium burst into violent laughter again. It was only then that people realized that the spectators with some “incomprehensible amorous feelings” around them all came in with free tickets. No wonder they sat there like a fool.

The second commentator sighed in relief, he gave the commentator three a thumbs up very promptly, and continued to use his expertise, “You should manually speak the shielding tone for this passage, like beep, beep, you don’t Let’s be honest!”

The third commentator apologized very seriously, “I’m sorry, I finished it too soon!”

Before the game started, the whole stadium was like a talk show stage for three people. Lynch was also very interesting. “These three people are very interesting. If they specialize in a language program, it should be very interesting. I like them. Bitter and mean.”

The mayor of Benlitt laughed twice and didn’t care. The federal government has language programs and various talk shows, whether it’s inferior, high-class, current affairs, political, entertainment… In short, many similar And these programs have basically stabilized.

At the same time, there will be a large number of excellent programs appearing every year, and these three people are not better than others.

Of course, this may be a prejudice, who made them speak of him?

“Benlet people are not very fond of sports. Speaking of which is a bit embarrassing. Although I am the mayor here, I still feel that I am far from the fashion circle.” He did not answer Lynch’s question. Instead, I answered the previous question, about the increase in votes.

“I hope that by increasing investment in sports, I can get people back on track on certain issues. I am ashamed of this issue. I have never thought of how to solve it. Until now, I have some ideas… …”

He was ashamed that Ben Lit was known as the gay city of the Federation. Some people exaggeratedly stated that half of the gays in the entire Federation were gathered in Ben Lit.

The cause of this is actually the fashion circle.

There are many women in the fashion circle. Women are the mainstream of this circle. Whether men want to admit it or not, people prefer to see those beautiful girls walking around on the show stage instead of looking at the rough ones Men.

This has also led to the fact that there are more female big names in the fashion circle than men, and the feminist movement is the most prevalent here, so that in this circle, in addition to the top men who can still dominate everything, the bottom ones have to serve the women middle class The men are in a very embarrassing position.

After all, men and women belong to almost two species. If they want to survive here well, some men find a reason for themselves and put a label on them—you’re gay.

A more feminine dress, a more feminine personality, everything is imitating women, some people are indeed more like women than women, which also makes this a place that blurs the boundaries of gender, so it starts to attract Some people have thus turned this place into the “geek capital”.

The idea of ​​seeking change has always existed, but how to do it is a problem. If the fashion culture developed over the past several decades and hundreds of years is completely negated, the city may become a barren city in a short time.

The mayor thought of the sports that started going uphill in the past two years. Sports full of masculinity and masculine masculinity may be able to inspire local people’s yearning for masculinity, thereby making the blurry gender boundaries clear.

As for whether his idea will succeed, no one can tell, but you might as well try.

In order to attract people who are not interested in sports to the stadium, the mayor has issued additional tickets to places where gay men gather, such as bars, and told these operators through certain channels.

If you don’t send out all the tickets, waiting for them is just about the end of the door.

If anyone knows about this, they may apply for a world record for this game, such as “the public event with the most gays” or “a professional football preseason game with the most gays watching at the same time.” Yes, no one can compete this time.

With the referee’s whistle, the game officially began. From the very beginning, people can find that the interstellar club, that is, the Lynch’s club, is completely suppressing the opponent, so that the opponent’s player less than ten minutes into the opening Just shouted the first substitution.

With the help of substitutions, the opponent’s players consulted their bishop training a little bit, whether the bishop training owes the opponent’s coach money, so that these people are so desperate!

The effect of force is mutual. One person knocks another person into flight, and he has to bear a certain impact, so they all feel that the other person is crazy, don’t they care about their body at all?

You know, this is a professional arena. Staying here for one more game means taking more money!

After the game started again, the situation remained unchanged, and the interstellar club still firmly grasped the initiative of the game.

The insider may think this game is boring, but the outsider thinks it’s too damn good. Some gays even took off their shirts and waved to attract the attention of the athletes on the field this winter.

Perhaps, this has a certain effect on “treating” local gay problems.

Once people are involved, the game will go on very quickly. After the referee once again blew the whistle at the end of the game, whether it was understood or not, the audience was full of joy! !

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