Blackstone Code Chapter 518


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The opponent’s bishop practiced the appearance of constipation and the champion without a trophy. This may be the best affirmation of the interstellar club in more than a year.

Kane felt that on this day, his life, which had been dark for several years, was lightened up again.

Manson also laughed from ear to ear. Although the trio said that the preseason is not a game, after all, this is an official game of a nature. This is the first time he has coached a professional men’s rugby club. The champion, although unfortunately, has no trophy.

Lynch is also very satisfied. Investment is to see returns. Some returns are material and monetary, and some are intangible assets. He invested money in the team and promised to keep doing it. It must show its value.

The players are also very satisfied. After a year of hard work, they finally won a championship. Although the real value is equivalent to no, they are still very excited, which means that their heels in this industry are more stable than before.

I don’t know if it’s the interstellar people who heard that Lynch is also here, so they deliberately created a certificate to be awarded to the interstellar club, which may be the first physical prize in preseason history.

The reason why they did this is easy to understand. After all, Lynch is an important partner of the International Games and an important vice chairman of the Sports Promotion Association. They need to respect Lynch.

Looking at the excited young man and Kane’s gesture, Lynch decided to say something to these youngsters.

“An ideal without support is always just an ideal. Only an ideal with an achievable foundation has the possibility of becoming a reality.”

“I am glad that you have chosen the most correct new choice among the many choices. It is a bit convoluted, but I want to congratulate you, a life completely different from the past is about to unfold for you.”

In the dressing room, the players are standing or sitting gasping for breath. Their eyes are fiery and they are watching Lynch. The coach and Kane are standing aside. As the club chairman, Lynch is in the dressing room. With a certain Ceremony nature, it is an affirmation of the team’s performance.

What he said is also very meaningful. He is peers with these players. What he said is more useful than Kane and Manson.

“There is no success without effort. Behind every success is 10,000 sweats. This is especially true for athletes.”

“I believe in a little bit, and I also think that is the truth!” He stretched out a finger and pointed to the top, “As long as I work hard, there will be rewards, yes!”

“I heard coach Kane and Manson talk about some club issues before, and I also felt that we need to make some changes. I just took advantage of this opportunity to win, and I would say some changes.”

“First, Kane will get 1% of the club’s shares, but you can’t resell it to others. If you don’t want to hold it one day, you can sell the shares to me at the market price.”

Manson suddenly looked towards Kane with limited envy and jealousy. Holding shares at least means “partnership”. Don’t look at the “partners” of many companies. In fact, companies find a reason to not raise their wages. An excuse to exploit their surplus labor, but this identity is really easy to use (not all partners can get the money).

If one day Kane leaves the interstellar club, just a “professional club partner and manager” status will enable him to quickly find a job that satisfies him, but ordinary managers can’t.

Looking at Kane’s unconscious face with excitement, everyone knows what impact it had on him.

Envy is envy, it can only be envy, not jealousy.

For coaches and players, long-term loyalty to a team may give them the label of “loyalty”, but this is not in line with their pursuit of far higher goals.

There is a saying that is very good, new pursuits, new challenges, they will inevitably leave, if they become partners, it will restrict their development.

It is possible that after they are slightly older, they will take the initiative to retreat from an important position for a stable life. This is not what a warrior should do!

When Kane’s excited lips began to tremble, Lynch smiled and raised his hand and gestured to him, presumably to make him shut his mouth first.

“Second thing, starting from next season, the club will set up a Foundation, specializing in taking care of athletes who have to leave the professional arena due to injuries. Foundation will arrange jobs for you, and the salary may not be as good as your current athletes Time is high, but…”

Lynch’s smile is as bright as the sun and warms people’s hearts, “…enough to feed the family, so that the family does not need to worry about food and clothing.”

Manson and the excited Kane stunned the dogs again. There may be more dog stuns in one day today than in the past year.

“Mr. Chairman, I have no intention of offending, the Foundation you said…” There was a young man who looked 21-22 years old and scratched his head a little nervously. He was a little timid. Not everyone is in front of a rich man like Lynch. Can keep calm.

Lynch nodded, “Sports Career Promotion Guarantee Fund, which belongs to a branch of Blackstone Fund, private equity fund, to put it simply, belongs to me.”

“All athletes who have served in my professional sports club for more than six years will be included in the guaranteed group. I always believe that those who give will be rewarded, and I insist that we are slightly richer than ordinary persons. Some people should take on more responsibilities.”

“Capital is not necessarily cold-blooded, at least I will not do that. Some of you have contributed youth and health to me, then I should make sure that your future lives are worry-free.”

“You may be assigned to be sports teachers in some schools. If you are assigned to high schools and colleges…”, he raised his eyebrows and blew a frivolous whistle. The young men suddenly laughed hehehe , Like an animal in heat.

“It is also possible that you will stay in the club as an assistant coach, or take up some professional jobs in Level 2, Level 3, and more clubs.”

“You have paid for me, and I will give you back!”

Although I was very touched, Kane and Manson still felt that there was something they were not sure about. It was not until the start of the new season that they found out that the young men were running more desperately than before, and they had to sigh, Lynch Mr. is really a kind capitalist.

After missing these important things for many people, Lynch declined the invitation of some people. He came to the hotel where he was staying, and saw the three people he wanted to meet in the reception room-the commentator. .

Before Lynch arrived, the three of them were very restless. After all, they were facing rich people like Lynch. They might have offended each other in the game commentary not long ago.

This is the most significant difference between politicians and capitalists. Politicians have to take care of their faces. Even if they want to retaliate against anyone, they will only retaliate sneakily. Capitalists will put everything on the surface. The purpose of this is to warn those Those who intend to provoke themselves tell them that the consequences of doing so may be beyond their tolerance.

So when Lynch entered the living room, the three men who were over 100 years old in total stood up suddenly, standing on the sofa looking at Mr. Lynch at a loss.

Lynch took off his coat and gave the hotel’s matching steward, and allowed the maid to polish his non-dirty shoes again.

“Don’t be nervous, sit…”, he raised his hand and pressed virtually, smiled and walked to a separate sofa opposite the sofa and sat down, “I like your commentary style very much. Don’t care, who can’t afford to make a joke, right?”

The second commentator habitually asks, “Should we agree with your point of view?”

The other two glared at him, then smiled flatteringly at Lynch.

Lynch smiled, unable to see whether he really didn’t care or pretended not to care, “No cracking a joke, your style is very pleasing. I have a job for you. I don’t know if you have time. “

The three people seemed to agree this time, and they all ordered nodded.

Before February, they had almost nothing to do. During this time, they could only stay at home or explain some replayed games. If they could have an extra job, it seemed like a good choice.

“Very well, I want you to keep your style, mean, humorous, bitch (talking like a proud female cousin), but I want you to explain not the game, but some people, There are some more things.”

As soon as the commentator was faintly aware, he slightly stretched his neck and lowered his head and asked, “Mr. Lynch, you mean…”

Lynch raised his wrist and glanced at his watch. “It will be the state election soon. I have a good relationship with the governor. Recently, this news is also on TV. I need some different people to contribute a little different content. Do you understand me?”

The second commentary may be that Lynch doesn’t feel too threatened. He repeatedly nodded, “We understand. We should collect the money and say what we should say.”

“That’s good!” Lynch pointed at him, “The state election will be over before February. In two months, I will give you 30,000 yuan and arrange all the programs. You only need ……”, his face showed a sincere smile this time, “Just sarcasm our opponent like before!”

“People will like you!”

These people’s vulgar, vulgar and kitsch style is more grounded than opera. People like to watch their shows and stand on the political side of the current governor. As long as the harsh words are not about themselves, everyone Find it interesting.

Since it is an interesting thing, then at the expense of one person to benefit a state person, the candidate for governor shouldn’t be angry?

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