Blackstone Code Chapter 519


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Interstellar club won the preseason championship not at all. What kind of waves have been caused in the men’s professional football circle? They are not the first team to stand up on coolies, and they are definitely not the last.

In the past, those giants had a way to deal with this kind of small team, but now they can only be more perfect. Using star coolies to fight against such not-so-outstanding coolies is the easiest way!

Each giant team has a very deep team. They have their own multi-tier teams and can draw some coolies from the lower teams to do dirty work anytime, anywhere.

For these senior coolies, most of them are old players who are about to retire. Rugby is the world of youngsters. If they can play more games, they can get more money.

The victory of the interstellar club is not a big problem. People still pay more attention to state elections in each state.

The state election will be held in more than a month. It is now the most intense time of the election campaign. Every day people open their eyes and receive the bombardment of election campaign information.

From the first newspaper in the morning with the words “Who can be the final winner” written in bold, bold, and bold words, to the news host saying “The gap in support between the two sides” at 8:30 in the morning Not big”, people are always surrounded by these news, unable to break free, and eventually join in.

The same is true for Benley. On the 2nd day of the team’s victory, Lynch participated in a small celebration held by the Mayor of Benley.

There was no such ceremony, but Lynch personally came, so there was this ceremony.

The mayor invited many local society celebrities and well-known politicians to attend, saying that it was a celebration ceremony, more like a social party.

The atmosphere of this celebration ceremony was very lively. It took less than two months for Union Development Company to interfere in Nagalil, but during this time, Union Development Company’s market value has doubled.

This is a Hegemon group with a unit of “100 million”. Such a huge volume can grow exponentially. One can imagine how terrifying the wealth contained in Nagalil is.

Some people who realized that they had lost their opportunity in hindsight now regret it and hope to catch the tail of getting rich.

At first, the mayor’s idea is not at all. He really takes this celebration ceremony seriously. It’s not that he looks down on Lynch. He values ​​Lynch very much. It’s just that he thinks Nagalil is unlikely to exist for Ben Lit. The profits these rich people in the city need.

Do you make some weird costumes to sell to the natives?

Maybe they are wearing more fashionable clothes than those designed by the most fashionable designers in the Federation!

But he still held it. The purpose of doing this is actually to tell everyone that I am working hard to find opportunities for everyone in this city. Then should you give me something in return? To the current governor or something.

It’s just surprising that Lynch can also provide some level of advice to these people.

“…So far, many people think that if they want to rely on Nagalil to quickly restore the economy, they must go to Nagalil. This is actually a wrong view.”

“This is true for businesses or individuals such as operating entity economy, resource economy, etc. If they don’t pass, they won’t get anything, but for people in the cultural industry, it’s not a must to go!”

“In many senses, everyone knows that I also have certain shares in Fox Film Studios…” People have nodded, and the relationship between Lynch and Fox Film Studios is not a secret.

He licensed his “The Adventures of Lynch” to Fox Film Studios at a low price to adapt and shoot, which illustrates the situation.

Lynch looked at the people around him, and after getting their affirmative reply, he continued, “I heard that the first part was shot well, and the second part will almost end all shooting this month. It’s possible Will create a new box office peak.”

“There are more films related to Nagalil in preparation and shooting. If any of you notice, it’s not just these. The unique animals I brought back from Nagalil are also very Popular, now has authorized toy companies to produce plush toys.”

“All of this shows a phenomenon…” Lynch stood in the crowd. The people who came were all local celebrities, not too many, but they were all distinguished, some of whom were even the founders of trendy brands. Or heir.

They surrounded Lynch’s side, quietly listening to a youngster who might be younger than their grandson speak some thoughts, and showed a focused expression.

At this time, many women looked at Lynch’s handsome face and couldn’t close their legs. His imposing manner, temperament, appearance, value, status, influence… all made people yearn for.

He doesn’t know what the women who are still reserved on the surface and have put him in 100 and eight poses in his heart are thinking, he is simply telling others his views, “… Culture also has economy value.”

“The importance of Nagalil to the Federation will make the people of the Federation be full of curiosity about everything in this place for a long time to come, at least three to five years.”

“In the process, they will certainly hear some little luck, or Little Qi traces, which will deepen their curiosity about this place.”

“The culture related to Nagalil will become a trend, a mainstream. We should not think about what we can do in Nagalil, but about how we can relate to Nagalil. How to turn things into economy value.”

“Accessories and clothing with Nagalil style, jewellery, accessories, and clothing made from Nagalil raw materials, including handicrafts, will become the mainstream consumption in the next period of time…”

If these people know what a sudden enlightenment is, then they feel that way now.

In fact, Lynch doesn’t say it, they will find out after a while that they are just confused by a very simple logical relationship now——

1, go to Nagalil.

2, make a lot of money!

Everyone who makes money earns it there, so this makes people in the fashion circle a little confused, should they also go there to keep up with the pace of the times and eat from This piece of fat in Nagalil.

Now Lynch solves the puzzles for them, which is completely different from how they feel when they find the answer through experience and thinking.

The feeling of disorientation is probably like the pulmonary waste caused by lung heat silting up in the upper respiratory tract. By contracting the lung lobes to increase internal pressure, the high-speed outward airflow is used to expel these waste fluids from the entrance of the respiratory tract. Bang hit the ground, the kind of refreshment that you breathe smoothly all at once.

But I want to understand that it is probably similar to an upper respiratory tract infection. People will find it difficult to breathe and mistakenly think that something is blocking the airway. In fact, it is not at all, it is just redness and inflammation.

I want to understand, it’s like the upper respiratory tract infection is gradually healed on its own, with a more complete experience, process, and accumulated rich experience, but a little less joyful, but a lot more experience.

Now, as these people breathe freely, everyone has faintly seen the direction of the next tide.

After the beginning of spring, a large wave of exotic customs will live in the trend circle for at least two years!

Finally, Lynch also specifically added that it’s not only that Nagalil’s culture is valuable, all the cultures that the Federation has not been exposed to are valuable, but these valuable cultures are also harmful. Part of it needs to be digested after being identified.

In short, this was a very successful social interaction. Lynch once again proved to people that his thinking far exceeds this era, and the name of a young leader is well-deserved.

It took a whole day, and on the fourth day after winning the championship, Lynch returned to Sabine City.

I left Sabine City for a while, and when I returned here, I suddenly felt an indescribable feeling, some kind, some calm, and a sense of insecurity surrounding him.

Not many people knew that Lynch came back. Lynch did not tell the mayor and Ferrar, but Ferrar also appeared outside the station.

Although less than two years have passed, Lynch has grown into a person who needs attention and respect.

In addition to Ferrar, someone else came to pick up Lynch, Brother Lin.

Ge Brother Lin is the two oldest children in the hands of the original masthead. Lynch adopted these children. Of course, they only need to call Lynch “big brother” instead of “daddy”.

In this group of children, the leaders are Brother Lin, Noel Green and Fern Green. They are now in charge of Lynch’s main work in Sabine.

In fact, there is not much work, just to take care of those warehouses in Lynch, to prevent thieves from patronizing, and at the same time to be responsible for the docking with the family workshop, the main thing is to send the raw materials at the same time to give the other party the cost, and make Take back the good things.

These tasks may not seem difficult, but they are not so easy.

Lynch has heard more than once that these children have conflicts with some difficult families. Not every family applies for a family workshop to make money through work. Some people just want to cheat some raw materials and machinery and then sell them. In exchange for a sum of money to spend.

When encountering this kind of problem, it is not easy for the police to report to the police, and the litigation is not easy to solve. In the era of economic downturn and the unprecedented high unemployment rate, even the president has asked the judicial departments everywhere to slow down as much as possible Alleviate the trial and sentencing of crimes that have to use criminal acts to obtain the necessary funds for subsistence.

Mr. President made good use of this request to win the support of many people. As a result, public opinion has risen by 3%, but the local governments are nodded.

The number of petty thefts has increased, and prisons have basically stopped accepting short-term prisoners, so the police basically ignore these cases that have been classified as “disputes.”

Regardless of the police, some people will see this as a new source of economy, and someone needs to be able to deter these people!

At least let them understand that they can rob and kill people and do all the bad things, but they should not harm Mr. Lynch’s interests!

Because they have to pay a heavy price for this!

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