Blackstone Code Chapter 520


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“Mr. Lynch!”

Lynch stood on the steps, looked at the two youngsters he knew very well, looked at what they looked like at this time, couldn’t help but laugh.

“It looks like you have a good time, Noel, Fern.” He walked down the steps and hugged the two teenagers with their surprised eyes.

This is the etiquette that Lynch rarely shows. He always shakes hands with people and rarely hugs. First, hugging is a way of expressing closeness. Secondly, this etiquette is not suitable for everyone. .

But Brother Lin is different. They are Lynch’s “sons” in the strict sense, because when the adoption procedures were first handled, they had to follow the federal’s existing adoption process, that is, to adopt a child or an elderly person instead of admitting A younger brother and so on.

The federal judicial process is sometimes very rigid. In fact, at first it is entirely possible for Lynch to become a self-helper for the children of these orphanages, or to recognize some younger brothers. It is his business that he is willing to assume these society responsibilities. Social Services Bureau He should not be blocked.

But the Social Services Bureau told him that if he wants to take these people out of the orphanage, he must adopt them. According to the laws and related interpretations currently in use by the federal government, there are only two cases of adoption.

First, adopt a child.

Some couples are unable to breed children due to physiological reasons, but they want to have a child, and adoption is their best choice.

Of course, there are still some people who have discovered opportunities from this. They will adopt a child almost every few years to defraud the government for special subsidies. Some people even make this kind of business. Industry chain.

But anyway, the first adoption situation is that the older person adopts the adopted person and becomes his adopted child, Junior.

The second situation is to accept the elderly.

This situation is also true. Part of it is to really want to take on some society responsibilities, or to make up for a certain lack of emotions. The Federation does not lack all kinds of weird people.

Social Services Bureau has such a regulation, which means that someone has ever gone to court for such a thing before pushing for legislation.

Recruiting elderly people is not entirely well-intentioned. There are also some professional adopters who adopt children who are dying and have serious illnesses, and then wait for these elderly people to be violent in the next few months. They were killed, and then they were able to receive a sum of funeral expenses and some additional subsidies and even insurance from the government.

For a small amount of money, they can burn the bodies of these old people through certain channels, and then find a place to abandon them without even preparing the tomb.

Retire care is like a kind of gambling, and it’s a kind of big win.

Orphanage is not all welfare, nor is it all the sunny side. Profitable places can attract people’s attention, even if doing these things will make people’s hands full of blood.

Let’s not discuss these society issues. Some adopt children and some adopt them as their elders, but I have never heard of adopting peers, so the Social Services Bureau gave Lynch only two options. go.

Either he is the father of these children, or these children are his father. As for age, that is another question.

In line with the principle that I am not a father and who can be a father, Lynch has become the “adoptive father” of these children in the legal sense, so this naturally brings him closer to these teenagers.

Nor is the big brother, he is a bit older. He is wearing a very delicate suit with a red demi and white checkered vest inside, and a blue tie with starlight dots, and a long sleeve on the outside. This style of windbreaker wears a black jazz hat with a red ribbon under the hat post, which gives people the feeling of being very energetic and capable, old town.

Fern is a younger brother. He is a little shorter. He looks almost the same as Knoll, but the color is different. Knoll’s clothes are all based on dark and red, while Fern’s is dark and blue, it’s worth mentioning that his tie is a red starlight style, which is the opposite of Knoll.

Two people stand together and look similar in seven points, and with the help of these clothes, they are at least nine points similar.

In addition to these, the most important thing is that their Essence, Qi, and Spirit are no longer as if Lynch hadn’t fully adapted to their current life before leaving. They seemed to have adapted.

Lynch patted their arms, “How is the situation in town lately?”

Noel nodded and said, “Fortunately, there is no major problem, we will arrange someone to watch it everyday all.”

Lynch is very satisfied with the two people’s responsible attitude towards work. Lynch can’t take care of the situation here when he is outside, and can only rely on the people here to help him.

The guy Richard Lynch intends to send him to Gevlar. Since he likes money so much and wants to do it alone, Lynch gave him a chance to create his own brilliant life in Gevlar.

Vila mainly transfers all the funds, and she is a woman, but she has to take care of the child, and her personality is not tough enough to help Lynch take care of these difficult people. Only Ge Brother Lin is the most suitable.

“I heard that you often work with people?” Lynch asked suddenly.

brother The two looked at each other, and Knoll finally decided to tell the truth, there was nothing to hide from Lynch in this city, he knew this very well.

“Yes, Mr. Lynch, some people take our raw materials and machinery and resell them. If we don’t do something, soon people will follow them, and your business will run into problems.”

Lynch clicked nodded, “It’s done, I won’t blame you, but there is something wrong with your technique. Come on, let’s talk as we go, it’s a bit cold here.”

Fern helped Lynch carry the suitcase he was carrying, glanced at the sergeant who was not far away, and caught up with Lynch and Knoll in a few steps.

“In the Federation, intentional injury is a felony. Regardless of whether you have caused terrifying consequences or not, the jury will not be on your side, so you can’t go to them so directly.”

“But the physical collision is different. For example, you accidentally hit those people during the run…” Lynch stretched out his hand and pressed it on Knoll’s waist. The pressed Knoll bends down, not for a long time. Slowly breathe.

This move was learned by Lynch in a small room. A real ruthless character will not use his fists to touch the hardest bones of others, but he will also control his own lethality.

“Look, I didn’t use much force. Remember this place. When you hit someone in this area with your shoulder while running fast, they are likely to have a ruptured spleen, and you…”

Lynch shrugged, “It’s just chasing on the street and accidentally hitting a passerby. As for other charges, I will arrange for a lawyer to help you or your subordinates solve them, but you must remember that we are businessmen and we do not violate the law. Thing!”

After breathing for several breaths, Noel finally got up, clutching his waist and straightening up, so he couldn’t stand up straight. The tingling just now turned into waves of cramping pain, causing him Even breathing hurts.

I am better now, but if I stretch my body straight, I still feel pain.

He nodded, in a cold sweat, “Yes, I see, Mr. Lynch.”

Lynch patted his shoulder, “Scientists tell us that pain can be extremely effective in helping us turn what happened into memory. I hope you can remember these.”

They had walked to the side of the road while speaking, some distance from Ferrar, Lynch stopped, took the suitcase from Fern’s hand, he looked at the two brothers, “I’ll say it again, we We are businessmen, we do not do illegal things, but this World everyday all will cause many accidents.”

“Bumps chased on the street, car out of control, falling objects from high altitude, accidents are happening everyday all, I have enough financial resources to prove to society that accidents are accidents after all, but I can’t reverse black and white and right and wrong, and make people right The crime is indifferent, do you understand what I mean?”, he slightly tilted his head and looked at the two and a half children.

The two nodded, “Yes, Mr. Lynch, we understand.”

“Very well, I will let Vila allocate part of the company’s shares to you. You should almost have your own business!”, he said paused, giving the two brothers some time to digest these words, “I I have some personal matters to discuss with Mr. Ferrar. Thank you very much for coming to pick me up. It makes me feel like I am going home. I will meet tomorrow or the day after tomorrow to discuss other things.”

As he spoke, he spread his arms, hugged the two teenagers again, then bid farewell to each other and got into the car on the side of the road.

As soon as he sat firmly and closed the door to isolate the temperature inside and outside, Lynch suddenly felt warmer.

The car has started, Ferrar drove the car himself, his expression is very focused, like a real driver.

But he is not a real driver after all, and he will soon become the mayor of this city.

“How is the election now?” He asked casually, taking off his hat and gloves, these things made him a little bloated.

“The problem is not very big. Thanks to your help, the situation we face is much better than before. The governors are very happy. They think the opportunity is great.”

A considerable part of the merchants that Lynch entertained in Mong U Province came from Sabine City. These merchants began to re-enter production there, and the bank would slightly ease their attitude towards them, and with the help of Lynch , Jinhui is also willing to issue an additional batch of entrepreneurial credit loans for them, which also indirectly improved the situation in Sabine City and the entire state.

Even if the desperate situation becomes worse, people will not notice much change. Anyway, it is terrible, but even the slightest improvement will be immediately noticed by people.

Because there is only a slight improvement, and it is like light shining into the abyss!

Polling is the most direct feedback. It cannot be said that the election is absolute, but it is not difficult to win.

Lynch curl one’s lip, he turned his attention to Ferrar, “So what about you?”

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