Blackstone Code Chapter 609


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A long time ago, Mr. Truman asked Lynch a question-how to make the Galil currency lose its value instantly.

During the process of establishing diplomatic relations between the federation and Nagalil, Nagalil once proposed a plan, which is to make Galil’s exchange rate peg to the federation Sol and float with the federation Sol’s exchange rate.

I don’t know who gave this stupid suggestion to the Nagalil people. If you think about it, it’s impossible to achieve it. If they really do what they want, a constant exchange rate will be anchored between the two parties. As long as the Nagalil people print money madly, the people of the whole country can become rich together.

On the contrary, the Federation will be dragged into the abyss by them, and there is no possibility of crawling out again. This is absolutely impossible.

But at that time, Lynch put forward another opinion. He did not directly deny it. Instead, he approved the request of the Nagalil people, but at the same time there was an exchange condition, that is, the Federation was responsible for the printing and distribution of Galil.

This time, the Nagalil people did not agree. If the currency is printed and distributed to the Federation, even if Galil is nailed to Sol, it will have no value. The printing and distribution rights of the currency are in the hands of others. Will in turn control Nagalil’s economy lifeline.

Although this exchange condition has not been fulfilled, it has provided Mr. Truman, Mr. President, and all the representatives and the people of the Big Six with a potential goal.

Cooperating with the “financial plundering” war mode of the named “economy construction” that Lynch talked about on various occasions, finally in the discussion that Lynch also participated in, such a plan was formulated-to bring Galil into This kind of junk currency is completely eliminated from the international financial environment.

So this is the question Mr. Truman asked Lynch at the time, how to make Galil, an autonomous currency issued by another country, lose its value in a very short time.

At that time, Lynch gave two ideas. The first is a currency competition system, allowing Nagalil to agree that the federal Sol is one of the legal and legally circulated currencies in their country.

With the strength of the Federal Sol in the international market and the increasing number of federal employers in Nagalil, people will soon naturally eliminate Galil and switch to the Federal Sol.

There is no medicinal smell in this process, everything happens naturally, and all these happen according to a rule-this is the people’s own choice.

There is no confrontation, no opposition, and natural elimination. Even the central government of the Union Kingdom of Nagalil cannot find any fault with the Federation.

But this plan also has a problem, that is, the time span is too long. It may take several years or more for Galil to withdraw from the stage of history, and there may even be some residues in the end.

This method is not at all loved by the people in the meeting at that time. Time is money. A few years or more is countless money. They don’t want to waste so much time and money.

So there was a second plan.

“Then let this country perish in name…”

This is Lynch’s answer at the beginning. Even now, some people will be shocked by the thought of it!

“If all regions and provinces of the Union Kingdom of Nagalil declare independence and declare Galil as an illegal currency and only use the Federal Sol as legal tender, then the entire territory of Nagalil will only be A few places, or even one place, will continue to use Galil.”

“At this time, we will help their people to overthrow their decadent regime and let the whole country usher in new life and change. Galil will become history in an instant!”

People at the time looked at Lynch who was smiling and talking, and there was only one word in their hearts that kept drifting, and that was “demon”.

He is shuddering like a demon, but I have to say that his plan is very good, so good that it was passed in a secret meeting with almost no obstacles.

But before that, there is still a need for a whole set of solutions to solve some minor problems, such as first using the federal Sol to erode the entire Nagalil currency market, so that people have a stable transition period, rather than sudden I told them a bad news that the money in their hands was worthless.

Give people an opportunity, an adaptation period, so that they can feel and participate in this matter personally, so that when Galil is eliminated, the bottom of the society will not cause huge problems.

Secondly, we must give the ruling class willing to stand with the Federation an opportunity to allow them to replace the Galil in their hands with the Federation Sol, so that at least half of the Nagalil ruling class will not be involved in subsequent actions. Damaged interests will not make them have to stand with the royal family.

Finally, the Federation has to transfer the losses, in order to appease the ordinary people who hold Galil in the society, and the sentiments of the local ruling class who hold a large amount of Galil-the privileged class has been almost destroyed in another plan Thorough cleaning has also saved a lot of money for the Federation.

When the interests of the bottom and upper-middle classes of the society are protected, the federation has actually lost money, but it does not matter. The federation has a way to transfer the losses, and it is the best way to increase the currency exchange rate of Galil.

Promoting speculators from all over the world to join this game of drumming and spreading flowers from the very beginning is a trap. The Federation easily transferred the losses.

At the same time, some international spontaneous exchange behaviors will not affect the federal currency market. They are only the spontaneous behaviors of others. The currency in circulation is still in circulation, and the loss received has nothing to do with the federal government. .

When everything is ready, the general attack begins!

On the 2nd day when the Governor of Drago declared his province to be independent, two more provinces declared independence from the Union Kingdom of Nagalil, and the rulers of the three provinces that had declared independence at the same time declared Abolish all the remnants of the Nagalil Union Kingdom, and begin to promote the “De-Nagalil Union Kingdom”.

They denied the legitimacy of the central government. They took out some historical notes, notes, and documents to announce to the international society the legitimacy and rationality of their declaration of independence.

For example, in these documents, these provinces were originally regions ruled by the rulers of the big clans, but they had to join the Union Kingdom for various reasons.

Now they are just correcting the mistakes of the past and breaking away from the Union kingdom.

Since they are no longer a member of the Union Kingdom, Galil, a currency issued by the central government, is naturally no longer recognized. This currency is abandoned throughout the province and the Union Sol is temporarily used. As the only legal currency in circulation.

As soon as these contents were announced, Galil plunged more than 30% in an instant. It can be said that at this time the money has basically been welded to the hands of all holders.

Although some people think that the federal government and the Union development company still hold a large amount of Galil in their hands, they will not really ignore everything and watch these currencies become waste paper, but then the federal government will let people Really realize that Galil has no future.

On the morning of the fourth day of the incident, the Federal Government International Press Office held a press conference to express its views on some of the current problems in the Union of Nagalil, which was even more unexpected. The host of this is actually Mr. Truman himself.

Actually, this is normal. After all, Mr. Truman is currently the Chief Officer of the Office of International Affairs Policy Research. What happened in Nagalil overlaps to a large extent with his work. He is here to make this news. The host and spokesperson of the press conference is not surprising.

“Thank you all for being able to participate in this press conference. This time we are going to announce that the matter is more serious, so I will start the topic directly…”

Mr. Truman glanced down at the manuscript in his hand, and said in a slightly heavy voice, “Five days ago, our friendly friendship, the Union Kingdom of Nagalil, took place in a terrifying incident, some from Civilian demonstrators expressed their dissatisfaction in front of the palace, and were subsequently dispersed and attacked by the royal army of the Union Kingdom of Nagalil.”

“At present, more than 83 people have died, of which 12 people died from their injuries, and more than 1,000 people were injured apart from this.”

“After the tragedy, the Nagalil royal family not at all immediately announced to the society the specific reasons for the tragedy and the subsequent disposal methods. We learned a shocking news from some survivors. Still arresting the participants who appeared in the parade in front of the palace that day.”

“Later, leaders in some areas were dissatisfied with the tyranny of the royal family and declared independence from the Union Kingdom.”

“The Nagalil Union Kingdom is a friendly friend of the Baylor Federation. We should have given them some help when they encounter problems, but there are some problems that we cannot do.”

“Baylor Federation has always been a country that advocates freedom and pursues equality and justice. We attach great importance to the personality, society rights and benefits of every citizen. We will not and dare not trample on the legal rights of the people.”

“So we will not help the central government of the Union Kingdom of Nagalil to suppress the people through military or political actions.”

“Anyone’s life is precious. Here we call on the kings of the Union Kingdom of Nagalil and the rulers of the central government to lay down their weapons and violence, and resolve disputes through friendly and equal consultations and negotiations. Is the best way.”

“At the same time, we must also inform all the people and rulers of Nagalil that our government is extremely concerned about the safety of our citizens’ lives and property abroad, and any infringements that would harm the lives and property of our citizens overseas Safe behavior, we do not guarantee that we will not take military force and other methods to seek solutions!”

Mr. Truman paused for a while when he said that, he put down the manuscript in his hand, “Everyone, feel free to ask questions!”

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