Blackstone Code Chapter 610


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At the federal government’s press conference, when Mr. Truman finished reading the speech, he announced that he was free to ask questions, and all reporters raised their hands in an instant.

“The lady second to my right hand in the first row…” Mr. Truman pointed to a female reporter who was not far away from him.

This female reporter has golden hair, looks sweet, and has a very attractive body. Even she herself is a famous socialite in Bupen’s social circle.

Socialist is a very magical profession. Once a writer used “the key that no one can refuse” to describe the ability of socializens. They can open most of the doors in this world with no difficulty.

Whether it is the heart door, the room door, or the zipper door, these women have a special method that only women can master.

With some identity background, people always like things that are not easy to get, so there will always be some people who are obsessed with them and pay for their behavior.

Obviously, as long as they show off, they can get a very good life, but these women have to find something to do to prove their success only because they are good at squatting.

This is also the mainstream thinking of the current federal society. A person’s private life and his or her career development should be viewed independently. In other words, there is no chance for a woman to sleep with her boss and get a promotion. Relationship.

There are more and more powerful women appearing on society, so any woman with a little society status begins to be active in various occasions, proving this in a more profound way.

Mr. Truman knows her, a famous female journalist with her own column in the Federal Times, an independent news interviewer, and a winner of the Golden Journalism Award. In short, her network in Bupen is very large and complicated.

I chose her as the first reporter to ask questions. On the one hand, her identity and contacts are at play. Under the influence of no obvious strong relationship with each other, Mr. Truman doesn’t mind selling personal relationships.

Secondly, her identity as a woman is also suitable as the first questioner. While men in this era look down on women a bit, they also give women a lot of tolerance.

“Thank you…”, the female reporter stood up, and someone in the back immediately blew a whistle. As if she hadn’t heard her, she asked her questions, “Mr. Truman, if Nagali The regime of the Union Kingdom has undergone some changes for some reasons, or it was overthrown by the people. Will this affect the future interests of the Union?”

“We don’t know if there will be new regions that declare independence. If too many regions are declared independent, will war break out and affect our investment?”

She said and sorted out her own language a bit, “I mean we have invested that many resources and energy over there. If we are abandoned, our early investment will be lost because we can’t Determine what will happen over there next!”

This question is said to be a “problem” rather than a discussion. Mr. Truman looked at her twice, and it is hard to imagine a woman who could ask such a deep question.

Actually, what she said is not detailed enough, but Mr. Truman has been able to read what she wants to express. There are three questions:

One, will the current royal family be replaced?

Second, whether local independent regions and the Federation can maintain friendly and cooperative relations.

Three, how to ensure the protection of federal assets in the worst environment.

“A good question!” Mr. Truman gave his praise, and the female reporter smiled, then sat down and picked up the pen, waiting for the record.

After a brief period of indulgence, Mr. Truman gave his answer, “No matter how the situation in Nagalil changes, what we have to do is not to’change’, just like we said before In that way, the Federation respects the power of any country, and we will never interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. This is the Federation’s commitment to the entire world.”

“If the current regime does not change, then we will maintain the previous friendly diplomatic relations and continue. If the regime in this area changes, we will actively contact the new regime, re-establish diplomatic relations and continue the previous Cooperation projects.”

“Secondly, we express our understanding and respect for the choices of regional leaders who have declared their independence from the authorities. When necessary, we will also urge them to negotiate with the authorities and maximize the progress of the cause of peace.”

“At the same time, we will show our sincerity and determination in all previous projects to ensure that our interests will not be violated by anyone. We also promise that we will not take the lead in solving our demands through military force!”

Very official answer, but he has already expressed what he wants to express. The reporters are very satisfied. This is much more powerful than other press conferences, especially the last sentence of Mr. Truman.

“We will not be the first to use military force to solve our demands.” In other words, use military force to solve our demands not at all. When other methods are not accepted and have no effect, military force can do the trick.

Since they won a naval battle with the Gevlars, the citizens of the Federation have had a mysterious confidence in the military force of the Federation. Sometimes they wish to instigate the Federation to fight this today and tomorrow .

This is also a manifestation of the pressure left in the period of escapism that is now beginning to release. In the past, everyone has been suppressed too hard.

After answering this question, the reporters raised their hands frantically. Truman first randomly clicked on one, “That one is wearing a blue T-shirt, and the T-shirt says…”, he was silent. “…Mr. who says’cao me’.”

The international lingua franca is actually not exactly a language expressed literally. In different contexts, the same content can also have different expressions. The “cursive me” actually reflects a kind of right The attitude of dissatisfaction with life, the contemptuous and provocative attitude towards all bad luck, is like hooking your fingers to the bad things and letting them make gestures.

But when someone reads it out, these contexts disappear.

Amidst the laughter, a reporter stood up. He was a little embarrassed. He was so rushed when he left home in the morning that he wore the wrong clothes.

He took a deep breath and calmed down. “Mr. Truman, I have been reading articles from international news distribution agencies the past few days. Some reports suggest that the federal government played a role in the whole thing. Glorious character, what do you think about this?”

This kind of argument is actually very mainstream in the international arena. Nothing big happened for hundreds of years before Nagalil established diplomatic relations with the Federation.

It took less than two years to establish diplomatic relations with the Federation. It was a riot, a demonstration, and an independence. There were constant events for three days. If the Federation did not intervene in these matters, the Federation might not believe it.

“Unfounded nonsense. When Gefla was the strongest a few years ago, anything that happened anywhere on the world was a conspiracy of Gefla, now it’s our turn!”

“From the side, this also reflects that the current federation’s international market is going up. People are beginning to fear that we will occupy a more important position in international affairs, and even fear that we will dominate the future trend of the international society, so they They started to frame us, just like they did before framing Gevlar.”

“I hope everyone can take a calm and rational view of this. We have stated more than once that we will never interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, and we do indeed do so.”

“All malicious speculations are the greatest slander against us in good faith. You can give those articles to my assistant after the meeting, and we will reserve the right to seek fair opinions and rights!”

Strong, stronger than ever!

Mr. Truman only used two questions to show a kind of strength that the Federals had never seen before. During the previous presidential administration, the spokesperson at the time most often said “We reject “And “has nothing to do with us”, instead of constantly reiterating one’s power like now, warning the whole world with an overbearing tone!

This makes many domestic reporters very excited, and some foreign reporters’ expressions are a bit ugly. A strong federation is not in the interests of the international society. What makes it even more difficult is that the federation has not only risen, but is also undergoing continuous changes. Strong.

Many people speculate that the Federation may become the second Gevlar, which is definitely a disaster for everyone.

Even they are even worse than Gevlar. They don’t accept some “guessing” from international society news organizations. They are just guesses. They have to reserve their opinions and power. These people really can’t fucking joke. !

After a brief calm, Mr. Truman pointed to the third reporter again, this time he casually pointed to one, “The gentleman with the baseball cap…”

“Thank you for your choice, Mr. Truman!” The same reporter who stood up was a federal reporter. The questions he asked were more practical than the previous two “big” questions. “Trumman Sir, I remember that the federal government reserves a large amount of Galil before the agreement, and Galil is currently experiencing a sharp decline in the foreign exchange market.”

“If the government of the Union Kingdom of Nagalil is unable to solve the current problems, so that there is a change of regime and system, does it mean that the federal listing of Galil as an effective foreign exchange reserve is a mistake? At the same time, we will also face huge losses. How do we explain to taxpayers?”

The country’s money comes from the pockets of taxpayers. Now the Federal Reserve has a large amount of Galil. Once Galil withdraws from the international currency market, the federal foreign exchange reserves will become piles of waste paper.

This is exactly what people are most concerned about. This is not a few tens of yuan, but a foreign exchange reserve calculated in billions. How many people need to pay and how many taxes can be exchanged for this money, can the Federation just sit back and watch Has the money evaporated?

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