Blackstone Code Chapter 611


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Before the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Federation and Nagalil, there was a saying in the society that the federal government wanted to sell the country’s interests for the so-called “international image.”

They want to provide abundant jobs and numbers for those who have nothing to do with the Federation in Nagalil, and invest a lot of money there to help Nagalil develop, but they ignore domestic problems.

Even today, there are still people who think that a lot of money is wasted on Nagalil, and there are only capitalists and a few people in the country. At the same time, because of those capitalists, factory owners have reduced the scale of domestic enterprises and factories. As a result, more people lost their jobs.

Some people still feel dissatisfied and disgusted with these issues. If a large amount of foreign exchange reserves burst out at this time and become waste paper, I am afraid these people will make trouble again.

For the Union Kingdom of Nagalil, strikes, marches, demonstrations and the like may be very new, but for the Federation, this set is like a daily life that happens frequently, filling every time segment.

People are watching Mr. Truman. Some reporters are still taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune. Most of these reporters are foreign reporters. They like to watch the confederation.

Faced with this really thorny problem, Mr. Truman didn’t show any movement, and there was even a scornful smile on his face.

He straightened the microphone in front of him with his hand, a small movement that often appeared, and his voice rang when people’s attention just stayed in his hand.

“We have signed a “Memorandum of Understanding for the Joint Development of Nagalil Industry and Economy” with the Nagalil authorities. Maybe everyone is not quite clear about this thing, because we are not at all fully publishing it to the society. It is not A government contract is not a policy or regulation, but a’memorandum’.”

“But some of these things are clear to everyone, such as…”, he said and laughed twice, “We exchanged the agreement to hold each other’s currency. The purpose of this move is to promote Gali The appreciation of Nagalil will facilitate Nagalil to reduce its trade deficit in import trade and allow more funds to flow into Nagalil’s society instead of focusing on some interest groups.”

“The more detailed content of this clause refers to us, Baylor Federation and the Nagalil Union Kingdom jointly exchange and hold the legal currency of the other country as a fixed foreign exchange reserve. In the memorandum, this money is not allowed to be casual Change the nature, do not allow casual use.”

“At the same time, we have also restricted and explained each other’s obligations. If the federal government system changes, for example, some ambitious changes the current system in various ways.”

“Or Nagalil’s rule has changed, such as the overthrow of their royal family, or something else happened.”

“When the sovereignty of any one of our governments is incomplete or the domestic institutional structure undergoes major changes, the other party has the right to terminate all the provisions of the “Memorandum” until the troubled party stabilizes again.”

Mr. Truman smiled and picked up the file on the desktop, looked at it twice, and then threw it back. “So we will soon get back the vault we kept in the newly established bank in Nagalil. Money, until the situation in Nagalil has completely stabilized!”

The reporters suddenly understood the meaning of Mr. Truman’s words after a brief period of aphasia—the money was not lost, they can get it back!

People once again raised their hands crazily and wanted to ask some further information about this question, such as… Are these premeditated?

People have such thoughts, and this kind of reaction is reasonable, because everything is too stable, just like everything that has happened, is happening, and may happen has been anticipated by the federal government, and Appropriate ways to avoid risks are also given.

This also led to a rhetorical question in the minds of reporters at the same time, when has our government become so efficient and accurate?

With some distrustful thoughts, the conspiracy theory was born!

In fact, in this operation, all the high-profile institutions that “eat” Galil have all vomited out. The federal eats the most, but their insurance is also the strongest, and the federal government also took advantage of this increase. Lier has made many profitable profits.

In the import of some materials, Galil is used in a large amount, and this is precisely the main reason why the federal government promotes the appreciation of Galil-reducing the deficit in the international trade of investment merchants in the Nagalil region.

Of course, someone may ask why the appreciation of the currency has an impact on international trade. In fact, this is a very simple truth.

In the past, we used 100 money to buy 100 parts. Now because of the appreciation of the national currency, it only takes 50 money to buy 100 parts. Did it save 50 money?

The space released by this 50 money is the advantage gained in trade. Without changing the trade plan, using less money to do more things, this is the benefit of currency appreciation (only reference currency The total amount remains unchanged).

However, there are pros and cons in everything. The appreciation of the currency is a great help to imports, but it is not so friendly to exports, because it means that the exporter can only get Less money.

Of course, this is just a simple example. In fact, the relationship between currency and society and international trade is closer and more complicated. It cannot be fully explained in a few sentences.

Federal government and federal businessmen have made a lot of money because of this “transaction”. They can pay Nagalil laborers at a “half price”, which is already very low salary, and they can exchange federal Sol for Galil to import A lot of raw materials save money.

Maybe even though the reserves of tens of billions of Galil brought to the Federation, the actual benefits brought to the Union Development Company and all the merchants in Namibia, it has already exceeded this number!

Now they can still get their money back. The whole plan is too rigorous. This is definitely not a coincidence.

Looking at the reporters who wished to climb up the table and shouted “Fuck me,” Mr. Truman once again chose a domestic reporter.

Journalists who choose China do not need to worry that they will ask excessive questions. After all, they still have to live and work in China, so they should know what “provision” is.

“Thank you, Mr. Truman, my question is if the Nagalil authorities want the Federation to intervene in the current problems Nagalil is experiencing, including but not limited to helping the Nagalil royal family through political and military means After substantive reunification is completed, will the federal government consider agreeing to it?” After thanking Mr. Truman, the reporter who spoke asked another very sensitive question.

Assuming that the Nagalil government takes the initiative to request, whether the federal government will decide to intervene or interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

This question is also very sensitive, but it is much better than the divergent thinking extended from the previous question.

“Of course not. I once again declare to the whole society and the international society that the Federation loves peace and we who advocate freedom will never interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, even if the authorities request us to interfere…”

“We respect the sovereignty of all countries, and also care about the rights of human beings in the world. We will not use our politics and military to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. This is our principle!”


The weather in Nagalil is getting hotter and hotter, and the atmosphere in the royal capital is getting more and more popular. With the bloodshed between the royal family and the civilians, fueled by the promotion of major social media, this was originally just a kind of The problem of the “society phenomenon” has evolved into a question of the survival of a country.

More and more provincial governors are standing on the opposite side of the royal family, weakening the status of the royal family in people’s hearts, and at the same time a large amount of black material about the royal family has been overlooked.

For example, members of the royal family raped and killed civilian women, such as members of the royal family greedy the people’s money for themselves and transfer them abroad, such as members of the royal family blasphemy…

Almost all rulers in Nagalil are guilty. They only need to spend a small amount of money to get forgiveness from the gods and exempt from punishment. This also makes the rich and powerful to break the law unscrupulously .

Rape, murder, abuse, and raising slaves who are used to seek happiness are very common among the privileged class and the ruling class.

If something like this is taken out alone, it’s really nothing. People may be angry, but in the end something will not happen.

It’s different now. These black materials are like fuel that keeps pouring on the heads of angry people, making people feel more embarrassed and angry.

More people spontaneously demonstrated around the palace under the organization of some people, and some of them would throw bricks into the palace to express their dissatisfaction.

In a tall building not far from the palace, some gentlemen from the Federation are watching the excitement.

“Have you heard that Lynch sent another group of hands down. I heard that his Blackstone Security has more than two thousand employees here. How did he convince the Ministry of Defense?”

The speaker thought of a question because of the turbulent crowd, and couldn’t help asking it.

Considering that Nagalil might fall into chaos and even a short-term war in the future, Lynch sent another group of rigorously trained armed employees to Nagalil to take charge of his industry, and The safety of other federal investors and their industries.

The armed forces of two thousand people are definitely not a small number. If these people are equipped with appropriate equipment, they can start a small-scale local war anytime, anywhere.

Nagalil is so important that you must first apply for approval from the Ministry of National Defense to send armed personnel here. The reason is that the Ministry of National Defense and the federal government refuse to send armed forces to any autonomous place in any form. Even these armed forces are private.

They need to submit the list and then accept the review, but Lynch doesn’t seem to have encountered these troubles. His people came directly, there are more people than the others, and the equipment is better, which makes people a little bit confused. .

A gentleman sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper said with a smile, “If your people are just under the army and are still under militarized management, they will allow you to do that.”

The gentleman who asked this question first asked another question, “Lynch has a good relationship with the Army?”

“He has a good relationship with Truman, and Truman has a lot of relationships in the military…”

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