Blackstone Code Chapter 612


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“When shall we do it?” Someone asked such a question, “I think the time is almost ripe, we can do a little bit more effort and push!”

The speaker made a simple push gesture. Some others showed an expression of approval, but some others were shaking their heads.

The oldest gentleman in the room smiled happily, “Wait, don’t worry, haven’t you read the newspaper?”

“The federal government said, we will never interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, so we must let everything happen naturally.”

Mr. who spoke before shook the head, “In fact, we don’t need to do that, it will waste a lot of our time.”

“However, people in other regions will not hate us emotionally. Gentlemen, our interests are not only in Nagalil, but all over the world, so the attitude of others towards us appears Especially important!”

“Any person, organization, country, will not want their partner to be a’conductor’, so we need to show our position, wait a minute, and soon what we want will come!”

The king is in trouble, and the local government is declaring independence. If the king does not come up with an effective means to change all of this, many things will gradually become out of control and irreversible.

For those who are still standing on a neutral stance, the more the royal family does nothing, the more disappointed they will be, finally forcing them to completely fall to the other side.

But the royal family wanted to take a stand, and easier said than done?

The people at the Union Development Company have arranged many local people to mix in the parade. Once the royal family wants to do something, they will lead others to attack the palace together, so that the palace’s people can’t make any noise.

If the royal family sends Kingdom Guards or directly uses the army, it will inevitably lead to a more tragic conflict. Whether the royal family can win the conflict or lose all the chips in the conflict, there can only be one loser.

At the same time, as more and more regional rulers are persuaded, the demise of this country will completely enter the countdown. It will be dismembered, and all regions will not recognize the legal dominance of the royal family. The Nagalil Union Kingdom The title will withdraw from the stage of history.

All of this will be the people’s choice, and this country will be dismembered due to public opinion and will be completely destroyed.

Many years later, this place has received federal cultural education from an early age and accepted federal cultural baptism. People who grow up speaking the lingua franca of the federal accent will forget everything that once existed here, and it will become a federal state, a huge Autonomous prefecture.

Of course, the federal government will not admit these, but this is true.

While these gentlemen dreamed and talked about their vision for the future, a conversation that determined the fate of the country was also taking place in the palace not far away.

The old king is older than ever before. His waist is bent down. Every time he straightens his waist, he feels painful. He can’t straighten his waist anymore, just like outside the palace. Most elderly people do.

But he is lucky, at least he still owns everything here, but the people outside have never even owned it.

He stood in the room, leaning on the guardrail and looking at the cyan sky outside the house. After about two or three minutes, he sighed heavily and turned and looked towards his eldest son.

His eldest son rarely appeared in front of people, especially in the past two years, almost people have forgotten that the old king also has an eldest son.

Whenever someone mentioned his son, he would tell others that he sent the eldest son to study abroad, but the bastard did not want to come back.

People who ask this question will smile a little awkwardly to hide their anxiety about asking a stupid question.

The environment abroad is indeed much better than at home. If you don’t consider the attractiveness of power itself, people are still willing to live abroad.

As the ruling class, they are very wealthy. They can squander the wealth obtained by the people to provide them with personal enjoyment. Many family members of the ruling class live abroad for a long time and are unwilling to return to the country.

This issue involves the royal family, even members of the royal family. After this issue is enlarged to a certain level, it will inevitably lead to some society heated discussions. It is indeed not a good question.

However, no one knows. In fact, the old king’s eldest son not at all refused to return to China abroad. He had already returned. He changed his appearance and was active in the society as the “Leader of the Nagalil Youth Party” on.

Before, this Al-Shabaab was a weapon used by the old king to fight foreigners. When they wanted someone to disappear, they just had to push the problem to Al-Shabaab.

It is precisely because these things are politically too clear and sharp, so the old king needs a trustworthy person to control the youth party, and his eldest son is the best candidate.

Later the federal people came, and some things changed unexpectedly again.

Actually, the old king’s original plan was to be overthrown by his son, but it seems that the federal people did not intend to take advantage of the Nagalil Al-Shabaab. Now they are facing huge troubles and it is time to make a decision.

“This is our last chance…”, the old king walked to his son, stroked his hair, his cheeks, and finally took his hand, “Only in this way, our bloodline will spread. Go down!”

“The Federation is the most despicable, sinister, and vicious guy I have ever seen. If we don’t do this, we are likely to be overthrown by those untouchables, and this country will become their toy.”

“They may find a pariah to come forward. At that time, all of us will die, I will die, you will die, they will hunt you all over the world, and your brothers and sisters will die, only The dead royal family is a good royal family, for the Federation people.”

“You must do this before they launch a puppet, so that although I will die, your brothers and sisters can live…”

Since the Federalists don’t plan to find the Al-Shabaab to get ahead, they simply let the Al-Shabaab take the initiative to overthrow them.

If others stabbed oneself, they must be rushing to the point, but if they stabbed oneself, although they would be injured, they also avoided the most dangerous point.

The old king’s eyes were a little muddy. He looked at his son, “You just need to activate your voice and bring someone in.”

“Your mother and I will commit suicide, so you don’t need to do anything with your own hands. Your brothers and sisters will survive. You can judge them. Don’t the federal people like to talk about laws?”

“Then you use the law to try their crimes, they may lose their freedom in a short time, but at least they are still alive.”

“You have such a feat, even if the federal people don’t want to see you, they can’t continue to ignore your existence, no matter who will take the place of the royal family…”, the old king slowly sighed again, “They can’t get around Open you, your opinion will become very important.”

“Even if you cannot continue to rule this country for me, you will still be the most important person in this country, and you will still be the ruler.”

“As long as you show your closeness to the Federation and show your value, one day, you can regain everything!”

The old king’s thoughts and ideas are very correct. One of the most troublesome issues in the transition of the old and new regimes is the trial of the previous generation of rulers and related personnel.

The federal people are not willing to be the bad guys themselves. They need agents to replace them to completely wipe out the influence of the royal family from this country, so it is better to let the First Prince stand up before they find a replacement.

He overthrew the decadent rule of the royal family and tried every member of the royal family in accordance with the law. He is a hero. No one can ignore his merits and influence, and neither can the Federation!

This is also the reason why the royal family did not make any statement during this period. The royal family actually has no chance of winning. From the moment the governors declared independence, the old king realized that he had lost.

The people oppose him, and the rulers oppose him. What’s more terrifying is that the Federation has not sent anyone to negotiate or communicate with him. This also means that the Federation needs him to be the villain!

He didn’t even have a chance to surrender. The Federation would never let him go. His fate was also decided, so it’s better to survive from the dead.

He held eldest son’s hand tightly, “You have no choice, do you know what I mean?”

“Even if you can’t sit in this position, at least you have protected our family from harm!”

First Prince nodded heavily and slowly, “I know what to do.”

The old king sighed in relief, and the whole person became a little more relaxed. He let go and walked a few steps back and forth, “How long will it take you to gather enough staff?”

“No more than three days!”

“Okay, I am waiting for your good news!”


Not tall, with strong features. If he appears in the movie, he does not need any foil to make people understand that he is a positive character, and Akumali, whose name has been forgotten, is now reading the newspaper.

His brows were tightly twisted together. As Nagalil’s political situation continued to deteriorate and the federal government ignored it, Galil’s exchange rate began to dive high after nearly half a year’s rise.

The exchange rate of Galil to Federal Sol was still 97 to one yesterday, and today it has fallen to 120 to one.

Don’t look at the exchange rate change, it seems that things are far away from the ordinary person, but for the Nagalil people who are actually implementing the coexistence of two currencies, it is very close to life.

Look at the workers who are waving Galil in fear to exchange for the Federation Sol, look at the expressions on their faces lose one’s head out of fear, look at the look of their brow beaded with sweat about to cry, They knew what kind of pain they were experiencing at this time.

“Akumali, there is your phone…”

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