Blackstone Code Chapter 713

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A cannon sound, let the full federal attention on the TV.

With all the fleets participating in the Union military, UNION military exercises officially started.

I don’t know if it is a coincidence. In order to make this Union military exercise look more valuable, all participated countries are divided into two camps, and the federal and Gaverola are not in a camp!

Some people say this is coincident, some people say that this is not coincident, but no matter whether it is coincident, everyone is more or less, knowing the deep meaning behind it, including those tramp.

The TV in the street window is dark, and the radio station is also related to the Union military exercise.

Even the trading volume of the three exchanges of the Federal Exchange has produced a short stagnation due to the first bullying of UNION military performance – really has such a short moment without any trading volume.

Lynch is also watching this Union military exercise, with others, Mr. Temman, some of the Navy, some people of the Army, they gathered in Mr. Truman.

Mr. President In order to reflect his attention to the national defense, he will watch this military exercise together in the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of National Defense, while taking the colonists with lives.

Mr. Trumman did not follow, today without his place, he invited some military people to see the exercise together, and found a reason for this.

is a TV with a large size, Lynch will naturally be here.

Everyone is agreed to watch the lens of the TV, Lynch suddenly asked a question, “If someone shoots what happens?”

He is afraid that he is not clear enough, and then in-depth, it is said that “For example, in confrontation, some opposite camp suddenly hit our boat, what happened?”

“will a war?”

“So who is the group is sorted according to the current camp?”

He moved back to his body from the TV in a moment.

The soldiers have some hair, and Mr. Trum will lose their ability to think in a short time. They have never considered this issue.

This is a multi-country Union military exercise, although it is a real bulging, but it is less likely to have this situation that Lynch said.

The two sides have indeed an intersection. At first, the target ship is separated from the absence of the label, which is not in the same place, and it is less likely to have misunderstandings. .

Mr. Trumman Came Back to His Senses, he and several other soldiers express the opinions, gave Lynch a reply, “This is unlikely, the process of the entire exercise is actually good. We just walk according to the script. “

“The real exercise is actually starting from three days ago, but everyone is not enough, the content is the voyage and quickly cut the battlefield, and the current project is a small scale.”

“The two sides of the exercise is actually the opportunity to do not meet on the battlefield, which is separated in two Sea Territory, then attack the target ship.”

“This picture we see now is actually a visual illusion, so it is unlikely to have the case you say.”

“Next is the battlefield support and landing war, as well as the final battle.”

Lynch suddenly unfortunate some of the doubts in the heart after listening to Mr. Truman, he slightly slightly sighed in relief, “If so, Very Good, after all, we have only one fleet …”

In addition to his faces in the room, there are some changes in everyone, Mr. Trum is thinking of a moment, got up and went to the study, dialed the phone.

Mr. President is also watching the exercise screen at this time. His side has some invitation, with great influential Society celebrities, of course, all the officers of the Ministry of Defense.

The Ministry of Defense has arranged a special person for Mr. President, as well as some people from the Society, and many reporters in the scene, and the pictures that occur here will also insert them into the TV show.

The sound explained in the colonel is not small, people in the whole room can hear, it is not difficult to find out from people full of smiles. Everyone’s emotions are very high.

From the exercise At First, the federal performance is very good, this is not blowing or how, the federal warship is very good, the performance is good, the motorization ability when inserting in the battlefield is in the middle of the exercise The top three.

It is not because of the problem of the warship itself, and it is said that it is still the problem of sailors and warship commanders. They have not participated in what large-scale wars, which lacks a little experience in this respect.

Some people think that weigh can improve the commanders of the commander, this is actually just a consideration.

The simplest problem, “hit” in the deduction means that in the actual battle, it is not necessarily hit in the actual battle.

The battlefield is also, how to quickly and effectively enter the battlefield and form a high-efficiency firepower, the war is not a few words, holding a few warships in his hand, like a child playing war game, you can explain the problem. .

is slightly deducted at the time of the timing and the specific cut angle.

but does not matter, the federal has not considered that in this military exercise can get a full range, as long as there is a average division.

After all, it is important to participate, isn’t it?

Suddenly someone suddenly approached the side of the President, he said something in his ear.

Mr. President has some accidents. After he is sinned to others, he gave a naval in the room to a small room with a small room.

On the table, the president said, “I and … I will go together, I will transfer the phone to the outside …”

He said, put down the phone, then press a button, now the sound inside the handset is transferred from the handset to the speaker of the phone, and the whole room can be heard.

“Mr. President, … I will, I am Trumman, we have just launched the exercise. In the process of studying the exercise, Mr. Lynch mentioned a hypothesis. Is there a mistake in the exercise? What happened … “

This unknown cluster is immediately negotiated. Will not hurt others. “

“is not too likely, it is possible, right?”, Mr. Truman is very serious, and it is a bit weird through the speaker, and the atmosphere in the room is serious.

The colors will hesitate, and ultimately endorsed the views of Mr. Truman, “It is true that this probability is like a piece of pies falling by the sky. “

Mr. President seems to feel that Mr. Trumman, a small question, and heightly said with a smile, “This should not be a problem that can troubled our, Trumman, I believe they can do very well.”

Mr. Trumman said, “We have only one fleet, the new warship is still built, if some accidents, our warships have suffered the ‘misunderstanding’, the federal national defense will be devastating Helping! “

The President of the President I was still aware of the seriousness. In fact, they still have a little “timid”.

and Gaverla’s battle is forced to have to fight in the desperation, from the Very Beginning they did not consider the front of the battle, including the use of submarines.

The requirements of the Ministry of Defense at the time, even if it is a hit, it is also necessary to give a fatal attack to the Fravian fleet.

If it is not a submarine to establish merits, it is very likely that the federal fleet is.

The title of Gaverla World is invincible, and destroyed them a whole fleet. This kind of hatred is definitely not three words, some political compromises can be resolved.

is like “coincidence” in this exercise, Gaverra and Federation are divided into two camps.

If they suddenly use the “wrong mark” to attack the federal fleet, there is an instant federal fleet to suffer from devastating hits.

Gaverla people have no fleet, they still have other main fleets, but also continue to shock the whole west ocean.

If the federal person has lost this fleet, they only have some training ship.

If “Shameless” can reach the rise of a country, it can make a new promotion of strong country, and Mr. President suddenly felt that if he changed himself to Gaverla emperor, he did not necessarily do this.

Mr. President’s smile converges, “What ideas do you have, Trumman, you should not just tell us that the fleet may be dangerous, right?”

“Yes, Mr. President, I hope that you can authorize the front line of the commander, start to enter the Level 2 war state from this moment, once we encounter the ‘shelling’ immediately fight against, not the authorization!”

Mr. President looked up at the Navy, the latter slightly nodded, said to this idea.

“I know, your opinion is very important, I will immediately communicate with the frontline commander.”

After the phone is hung, Mr. President once again inquired, “If there are those things that Trumman, can we now have the warships and personnel that can support the federal defense safety?”

“, how long does our new fleet can serve?”

SHOOK THE HEAD, “Now we are some training ships, which is the batch of twenty years ago, there is no great value.”

“If someone aggression us, we will completely lose our initiative, and the coastal line will completely fall in the fire.”

“and even our new warships will be destroyed, Mr. President.”

I heard this result, Mr. WITHOUT The Slightest Hesitation mentioned the phone, “helped me to the Union military exercise headquarters …”

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