Blackstone Code Chapter 714

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“Mr. President!”

Another colors of the Navy will be the general commander of this Union military exercise. He heard a little unexpected when he was looking for him, but he quickly made a smile face serious.

Tight, whether it is a federal or other person, including a little abnormal thing happened in the military observer.

The federal fleet of the original “unrestrained” suddenly changed, it became a changing, the overall change was very eye-catching.

In addition to this change, their exercises have also shown some deletions. In this small scale, the federal fleet is the worst, and the target ship they have lost, and one sudden is like … What Crafty Plots and Machinations is made.

The general commander of the Gaverra ship is more sensitive than others. He has discovered the subtlety of the federal fleet.

“They are doing Defensive Array types, there must be something we don’t know, where is their submarine?”

“their submarine is still parked in the designated location.”

“Staring at their submarine, once these submarines are sneaked, please inform me, understand?”

Head, the general commander of the Gaverra ship is still a bit unfinished. The Gaverra ship has also begun to transform the formation. Their vessel angle has undergone minimum changes, and some warships have changed more than. 30 degrees, this change is easy to be discovered.

From the perspective of a third party, it seems to be both sides … all beware of each other!

This is … Is it necessary to use this military exercise?

Two countries currently have the strongest country in WORLD Shanghai suddenly starting voters and angles to do defense gestures, people in other countries have not found these subtle changes, they estimate that they have died in the previous war. .

is also at this Time, all other countries’ heads are considering a problem, if the Gullan and the federal people play, what should they do?

Is it a selection of a station team or bystand?

is there, will this war will not go to their body first?

In order to avoid the two strong people’s Bad Luck, the styles of the army of other countries have also begun to have changed, and there are some warships with some military powerful countries directly played the signal of faulty maintenance, requiring the tug to drag them away from the exercises. SEA Territory.

The military exercise that should be very exciting, suddenly becoming a bit a bit of being unpredictable.

Because of the change of the angle, the target ship has no conversion position, which leads to a lot of warships to fire, and there is no shock to people when there is no more guns.

is odorless.

The time of these changes in the event of less than an hour, the Gaverle Ambassador requires the president, and the heads of countries are closely linked.

Of course, these and Lynch have no too much relationship. He and Trumman also have those military people to eat barbecue, drink beer, while watching the Union military exercise of style mutation.

“Navy’s new warships need to go to water for four or five years, this span is too too long …” Mr. Trum, talked to the service plan of the new armament.

There are many soldiers in the room. These Army is also good, the Navy is also, and their ranks are the highest, but they are all the generals.

Everyone is a backbone in their own factions.

The military is independent of the Political System and the Ministry of National Defense, and the interior is the most annoying ruling system, and the superior officer has almost unquestulus of dominance.

Some people have not managed in the sick military, but this is the feature of the military.

is like a mechanism that involves the national patriarch right and safety. If it also becomes a parliament, it is true!

Mr. Trumman as the politician of the military, he can now say that he is high, the military is very optimistic about his future, always send some new generation military representatives and his contact exchange. ,Build relationships.

Some people talk to themselves in the government, and there is no one to speak for themselves, and this person who speaks is absolutely two feelings.

As for Lynch, it is also a friend full of goodwill, and the naval will also like him.

I said that I have a relatively professional issue, and Lynch naturally no longer speaks, and the navy’s people will start talking to Mr. Temman.

“We are not too backward training ships being transformed, unlikely to implement the Yuanhai mission, but the offshore task can still be competent, which will have a temporary formation next year.”

The Navy’s colonel SIGHED, “The construction of the warship consumes time, if the warship can be as simple as the equipment of the Army.”

“If you want to come to the army, we can change it, the new equipment has begun to change, and you will be satisfied!” A Army officer’s mouth ridiculous.

The Navy has proven that herself, so the Navy not only does not need to disarmament and can expand the army, but the army is still in small-scale abolition.

However, there is no disarmament plan next year. At least a few years, the Inland Army will no longer have any disarmament, after all, the Army is the most important thing for the local defense, and the final means.

Some new equipment from the Army is nothing more than a new system weapon, two semi-automatic rifles, a few new pistols, some new machine guns, new artillery, in general, things, is the performance.

Brought, this Army’s dressing completely integrated all the calibers, whether it is the weapon of the military group, ensures consistent in the weapon caliber in the same specifications.

This is also proposed by the Ministry of Defense, and the logistics pressure is placed in first.

The reason is that the International Strategic Research Group of the Ministry of Defense believes that the future probability of defense war in the federal country is not big, and it is more likely to be an initiative, then the logistics is very important.

A group of people talked in A Frenzy, Lynch looked at TV, eating barbecue, drinking beer, he didn’t insert mouth, no one exchanged, but did not seem to have more lonely.

Suddenly, Mr. Trumman asked, “Lynch, what do you think of the future war?”

This problem is slightly asked, from Several Decades, now, the development speed of war is coming soon.

The emergence of the mobile unit and more advanced weapons have changed the way of war, and the picture that is shot once after that, the picture of each other will appear again.

Artillery, especially the major diameter artillery dominated the war, whether it is a branch or trench, in the face of the intensive artillery covering shelling, the meaning is not large.

It is like the development of a certain form in each war stage, it will fall into a stagnation. In the past figure, the form of war has not changed, this group of soldiers who drink some alcohols began to think What will future wars will be.

Lynch drunk a beer, the malt is very strong, he put down the beer in his hand, I thought about it, “There is our military person on the land, and my soldiers in the ocean, you think there is still place, there should be Our soldiers? “

This question is very interesting. When this group of brains, the soldiers who slowly slowly began to think, Mr. Truman didn’t seem to have a question, and he said with a noticeable tone. “Heaven?”

Lynch nodded, “Yes, Heaven.”

“Sea, land, three sides, start attacking is the future war form, the giant ship age will be terminated by the sky era …”

Lynch just said here, there is a naval officer interrupted his words, “Impossible!”

“Mr. Lynch, I admit it … Your thoughts are very interesting, but this kind of saying is not realistic.”

“I know those aircraft, they can only carry two people, more things are difficult to fly, how can this Thing end the Navy?”

He said that the voice is still a lot, “Is it flying to the warship?”

People are loud, the officer is also, “What can they do in addition to the deck of two booths on the deck,” Then the wood shelf that is able to apply two booths on the deck. “

“Ah, yes, they can exhaust our cleaners!”

Looking at the privators smile loudly, drinking beer, Mr. Trumman did not join it, but seriously thinking about this issue.

Lynch is also a calm. He didn’t think there was anything unhappy. A civilized person would not be angry because of a group of backward barbaric.

It’s like this at this moment, he concluded that the future belongs to the sky, and these people will eventually witness an era of sky.

Now they laugh more joy, there will be many shy in the future.

“The aircraft has the opportunity to do this degree, Lynch?”, Mr. Trum is still relatively rational, “I know that it can carry some lightweight weapons, but the arms seem to be too heavy , The weight of a torpedire is now on the current few aircraft, how can it become the dominance of the new war? “

Lynch took out a box of smoke, some, he spit his smoke, “said technology is always progressing.”

“When people use the enemy who can’t die outside the 50 yards, they must not think that there is a magnifying gun to launch a group of ten pounds of the gun.”

“Now, many people think that the aircraft is a dangerous game of rich people. Why can’t I hang one or two fish thunders?”

“Special bomb, specialized torpedo, the era is always progress, this day will not be too far.”

Mr. Trumman looks like Lynch, “This is the reason you set up a aircraft company, for future sky?”

“maybe, maybe, there is always someone to try to explore the way to the future, I am not the first, nor the last one.”

“But in this matter, I have confidence, I will be the one of the success!”

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