Blackstone Code Chapter 715

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The weather is getting hotter.

is sometimes very cold in winter, but as long as we wear a few clothes, there will always be warmth.

Summer is really sin, even if it doesn’t wear clothes, it will be hot, the kind of Everywhere’s hot, the wind is hot, but it will not feel cool, but it will be hot.

Even the BUPEN’s most prosperous street, people have a significant decline, people fear hot.

Lynch thought of Nagalur’s Summer, Summer temperatures were clear than federal temperatures, but they would not feel hot.

The heat of the hot waves in the shade of the sham became a cool, blowing in a person’s body and cool into the heart.

Sitting on the rattan chair, blowing the wind, looking at the Nagalians on the summer, there is no more enjoyment than this.

When Lynch enters the Institute, a group of staff is commissioning what machine.

“What are they doing?”, Lynch asked.

Responsible to meet his research director immediately explained, “they are installing the warproofer, this thing can keep the space temperature in the study in a stable threshold range.”

“Some materials that are relatively sensitive to temperature changes need to be tested in different environments, so we have purchased a set, they said that they are central … What is it.”, the director can’t tell the word, he is here Aspect is not very care.

is actually central air conditioning, Lynch Nodded.

In fact, his cognition is slightly mistaken. This place is not just that the central air conditioner is as simple as the central air conditioner, which allows some rooms to reduce the temperature close to zero, this is difficult to do it.

Sometimes a cutting-edge technology Breakthrough is often able to drive a lot of related technologies to connect Breakthrough, for the current federation, it is about to enter the well-blown period of technology, as long as those people can convince people’s whimsy, they It is not difficult to get an investment from a rich man’s hand.

This research institute is Lynch spent a little money to acquire, the research institute itself is worthless, the land is not worth money, less than 300,000 it has become a Lynch industry, of course, there will be what information and researchers inside Only some precision instruments for the most advanced research in But Also Not.

This research institute is currently allocated to the “Black Stone Industry”. The Blackshine Industry is not a business company in a common sense. It actually does not produce anything, now it is not.

This is a mechanism specializing in research. Lynch has voted a lot of money, hired some real scientists and a small number of private scientists, and its value is to provide a variety of ways to achieve interesting ideas.

These methods are registered as a patent, then authorized to produce companies with “Blackstone Manufacturing” and some other Lynch shares.

For example, the aircraft company, a relatives and military delegates, and the military delegates, they will receive authorization and then produce something.

Enterprise Lynch iMpossible that is clearly delivered is too important, and Impossible assigns some important work to it.

is a loopholes of the company, can’t stay at all.

After the two have been in addition to static electricity, it is within the official steps.

“Mr. Lynch, some of your previous ideas for the aircraft engine, we have begun to design …”, the director took a Daoist SECT for Lynch, and the two entered the interior of the research institute.

The security forces used throughout the study comes from black stone safety, all self-owned people, useful.

Many researchers know Lynch, but they obviously don’t come over and Lynch’s ideas, but seriously do various calculations or experiments.

Lynch promises if they can take out the first dedicated aircraft engine before January 1 next year, then in the profits of the first generation aviation engine, at least three%, up to more than one percent Ten income will take it out to reward to all researchers.

It seems that it is not a lot, and it may be a tens of thousands of yuan, but the number of stuff will never be less.

Whether it is military purchase or folk hobby, the researchers in the Institute believe that in its LifeSpan period, sales of thousands of thousands of sets are not enough, then only 3% of the percentage of authorized fees will be as high as Millions or even more.

As long as this engine is not completely discontinued, these researchers will benefit from Continuously.

In this period of Economy, it is very difficult to have this benefit, everyone is very hard to design.

The presidency of the Institute is not what is high-studied. He is an engineer of Heavy Industry Group Laboratory, mainly responsible for designing Machi’s engine, serving some construction machinery.

This work is not more meaningless, lacking a little passion until Lynch finds someone to change his work, he rejuvenated new passion.

Flying is always one of the most romantic fantasies in human bones. Everyone has been free from the sky, and the director is no exception, so when someone finds him, tell him that Lynch intends to invite him to study the engine of the aircraft. He immediately agreed.

Not only him alone, he also dug over some industries that he knows, and of course, this is also related to the price of Lynch.

Lynch is very enthusiastic, people are enthusiastic, the money is enthusiastic, and enthusiasm is often the most difficult thing to reject.

“According to some ideas you provide, we have already completed the initial design …”, Lynch is not sent along the way, and the strength is a bit, the research institute is now three months.

If there is no progress in three months, he will feel a bit embarrassed. He went to the most inside of the Institute, with a lot of splints, and the draft drawn on various patterns and formulas.

The company found a piece, push it out, showing in front of Lynch.

“We have passed some research and discussions, theoretically push our first-generation engine’s horsepower or more, our aircraft designers have designed a very beautiful look for it …”

is a little proud of the aircraft behind Patted, which is designed by those folk scientists.

The scientists and civil scientists in this period have not formed a mutual despise between civilian scientists, and both parties work well.

That is a two-wing aircraft that is different from the Lynch impression, the propeller is in front, the structure is simple, effective, in fact, the plane designed in many civil scientists is also this.

“Why is a double wing …”, Lynch asked a “small problem”, but it is clear that this small problem is not so easy to answer.

Director Dangli for a while, I apologized, I found the designer, a folk aircraft scientist who was invited by Lynch.

Lynch has seen his performance, the plane took off and then crashed, and it was impressive.

After this guy came, Lynch asked his questions again, and the reply of this folk scientist was “stable”.

“Mr. Lynch, our biggest problem in the air is to stabilize and rugged, the two-wing design is to take care of it, we don’t need to worry about it will suddenly disintegrate, and we don’t need to worry that we are doing pulling. Will break the machine wings. “

“The new engine will give it more power. When doing some action, we must first consider whether our wing is allowed to do this …”

This scientist coming from civilians is clearly a practitioner. From him that there is no smooth landing of flight, his experience is actually more written in the study of those researches in the Institute. valuable.

This is that Lynch has gathered a group of private scientists with rich flying experience after gathering a group of ACADEMY scientists.

Practice is always more meaningful than on paper, and their experience comes from failure, not simulation, which is more valuable.

can live in this period and have a long-term active folk aircraft scientist, which is definitely escaped from all kinds of desperation.

The civilian scientists who are not enough, and enough mental scientists have long died in the last flight accident.

He constantly narrow his own point of view, in fact, in fact, it is the current material that is difficult to support the macro the aircraft to do some complex movements in the air.

In order to other words, the research institute’s engine has in theory that the previous engine is theoretically, and the aircraft must move the engine, rather than let the engine move forward.

“How long can it fly, fly far?”

“We have three design …”

“first single driving, cut all unnecessary equipment, theoretically flying around 500 kilometers.”

“Second can be equipped with two people, about more than 300 kilometers,”

“Third can be equipped with a pilot and six one-five grenades, the flight distance is about 150 kilometers.”

When you talk about these data, whether you are, or civilian scientists are very proud. This data should be taken out to definitely detonate the entire industry.

They even designed a set of attacks in advance, putting the shells directly from high altitude!

Some of the aircraft before this have also considered attacks, but their approach is clear, like a pistol on the plane, with a rifle and machine gun, and there is no great value.

The pistol and the rifle are not able to do not evenly on the ground, but the machine gun is ok, but it takes a low-altitude flight.

as everyone knows, the biggest problem in the current aircraft is to pull up quickly, it is often hit on the ground, so it is obviously not possible to use the machine gun as an attack.

As for the thunder …

If the flying too Expert thunder explodes in the air, if the flight is too low, it is easy to be in the machine gun, plus the landing difficulties, so it is until now, the aircraft is not completely entered into the sight of the military.

As long as it does not form a valid Battle Stregth, everyone is not willing to study it, but it is better to let the civil scientists continue to make, the military and some enterprises will give them a little money from time to time.

It is best to make an outcome, and there is no significant loss.

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