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Institute director and folk scientist gave the Lynch a very good “Theoretical Test Paper”, as for how much data in these theories can be realized, in fact they are not grasp.

Put the data is almost almost every research person, and knowing that data is not good, investors will stop investing.

Once the investor stops investment, not only the project should be stopped, but these researchers will also lose their livelihoods.

So, whether it is a valid product, first, MUST makes the number look good.

From the director of the Institute, the new engine horsepower is more than 80 is the limit, and it is a good gift.

but they wrote on the draft, but it is not less than 100.

Finally, it was determined that when these results were about to leave, Lynch asked the last question. “Do you know the wind tunnel?”

On the face of the two people’s dogs, Lynch has already known the answer, he refused to give a farewell, left straight.

Take a look at this is also because of the first two days and Mr. Truman, there are those who have caused the future war morphology. He is almost five million this side, and the follow-up will continue to invest More funds.

There are almost half of these funds to purchase a variety of authorization, and those traditional military companies have a very deep industrial foundation in this regard, they have a lot of patents.

Some things can bypass these patents, but some Patent does not consider it in a short time, such as the injector.

This is in the name of Unremarkable, but it directly wants to authorize the license fee of 150,000 per year.

He can’t buy it, then he must study a Patent with independence and no repetition, and this is not a few days, it takes a long time.

All kinds of small patents such as such a variety of small patents, if one must go to research, it is estimated that everyone can give up study the aircraft.

There are some seemingly simple things, in fact, often have a parent barrier.

patent barrier This Thing has always been the Ultimate Weapon of those big crocodiles. It is simple to say that a scissors are a Patent technology, but these crocodions will not only register this scissors. Patent technology.

They will also register the forging techniques of the scissors themselves, the processing technology of materials, the screws used above, the materials, shapes, and even the packaging used in the handle will be registered.

This is only part of a professional barrier, and various trademarks similar to the similar names, which are similar, will be registered, forming a “castle” formed around a Patent core.

Sometimes a single patent, there will be dozens of hundreds or even thousands of patent registration behind it.

I want to bypass these Patent barriers to re-develop one of the same things?

There is this possibility, but the cost of development will exceed the cost of purchasing PATENT use rights. This is also the capital that all the crocodies not only eat meat, even the soup is also drinking.

either bow, or change.

These are just the means of seeing light. There are also many means for these allocover, from simple stress kidnapping researchers, to the Fire Burning Research Institute, and the manufacturing explosion, surrounding various cutting edges There are too beautiful or ugly things.

Behind every cutting edge is often a few years, invested several millions of or even calculated research funds, want to destroy the patent in these people?

They really dare to kill!

A similar thing happened in the federal history, some small research institutes or some individuals have published some research results, and these research results have caused fatal damage to some PATENT, people can see the newspaper. These people are.

They are not died in various experimental accidents, which is a problem in the research institutions they work, and some are silent and invincible.

It is possible to sell its own research results, then there are fewer people, and less people, the interests of capitalists, not so easy to touch.

Lynch is not willing to establish some enemies early, buy these Patent’s use rights not only give you a impression of your own compliance with the rules of the game, which also helps him in the future “persuades” others abide by the game rules.

Sometimes, step by step is to lead a world!

After two days, Lynch came to Kurilan City, and I saw the god Secret SECT in the State University did not reveal his name.

The academic atmosphere in the university is quite good. In the laboratory, there is not only the Professor Chief-in-Charge, and some young students, they are free workers.

Some people have slammed this phenomenon and believe that some professors from universities exploit their workforce.

Professor of these universities receive some research projects inside and outside the school, and they will make their students work for their own work and conduct topics.

and they don’t do anything, only work in the occasional key technical node Breakthrough, more time to be a “learning”.

This “Learning” is not a good vocabulary, in a way that is more straightforward, that is the academic dictator.

Although this argument has always existed, it can always be unpredictable, saying, or these professors have mastered the core resources.

They can get various projects, which is why they can’t change their current situation.

The lack of these professors, and those students have no opportunities to participate in a research project and work as an important researcher. They can’t get a dazzling history.

Sometimes, think that the school’s professors are willing to use these students to work for their free work. They have not allowed students to have an exempted registration fee of the project. It is simply benevolent!

is like this Time technology Breakthrough, each participating student is very exciting, not only this, the professor’s academic report will have their names, and their history has a real value experience. There is a great help to their future work.

These students in the laboratory have no one thinks that professors are dictators, and those who truly attacking these phenomena are actually those who can’t enter.

“I don’t understand!”, Lynch briefly looked back, pushed back to the middle of the table, “Is it registered?”

Professor is a little exciting, “” The results are registered when they come out, using your personal name … “

In the entrusted research contract in Lynch and State University, there is related authorization and regulations. Once this project research has made progress, then the school must be related to the results of the results as a Patent holder for relevant patent registration. Species patent information.

is also attached to Lynch’s authorization.

Professor The Past Few Days has been very high. When you see anyone who laughs hehe, you will take the initiative to make some students feel a little stunned.

The entire laboratory is full of positive and positive atmospheres, and the results are the credits of everyone, and everyone’s gains, everyone is very happy.

He said, it is a bit unhealthy, “Mr. Lynch, is it necessary to carry out the next step according to our previous contract?”

The meaning of this is actually reminding Lynch, you can make money.

This kind of entrustment study has never been repaid enough to continue to make money, there is no money to retreat.

Some of them is a moment of research results, and the extra funds on the book will be consumed.

is the easiest to buy a non-carbon-free “pencil” specialized with some research room, just a few dozen Yuan or even three digits.

or some of the draft paper with special ingredients, a few yuan, one buy is a thousand starts.

, such as some valuable metals that can be processed anytime, which belong to experimental residue.

This professor did not mention the money left, and Lynch would nature won’t mention.

He took out the check book at the scene, whether it is a professor, or the students behind him, and the eyes start selling light.

Although the professor will give these students in cash benefits, they also have some project funds.

Professor is very clear, but he is also Turn A Blind Eye for these things, as long as everyone does not have much, maintaining a “orthodox” project group atmosphere, he will give those students to send a welfare.

“How much?”

Professor licked lips, “1 million.”

“We will follow the 2nd Stage research on the contract without more than half a year, we have a good idea in 1st Stage, I believe that we can see the results!”

The 2nd Stage and Wireless Electronics of the Lynch entrusted research project have a relationship, and he is required to be selected according to different contents within the wavelength coverage of the total Wireless Electronics station.

This is a bit complicated, actually a pager.

this Thing Lynch doesn’t understand, but he used, for this era, the most Terrifying is not a phone, but it is not a call to find people!

Once the pager is available, you don’t need a brain, you will know that this thing will sell.

Don’t say anything else, just BUPEN’s various brokers, everyone doesn’t have three five page players, it is embarrassed to say that they are BUPEN’s brokers!

At the same time, this is actually paved in the future.

Why does the President have not necessary, he will not leave the presidential office, and even rest in the Presidential House in the evening.

, it is not because there may be Sudden Occurance at any time. This is the future!

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