Blackstone Code Chapter 717

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A transfer check, the “zero” of the above written “zero” to make everyone in the room Sucked in a Cold Breath.

Sometimes it is not only cash to give people a deep shock, and the numbers are also, especially when these numbers appear on the check or this ticket.

1 million!

Professor picking up the hand of the check in Slightly, this is 1 million, often facing a large amount of project funds, which makes him have a strong adaptability. When you face these money, he still thoughts. ups and downs.

Many people work hard for a lifetime, even if they are reduced.

Calculated according to BUPEN’s minimum salary for 2101, one year, no drinking for eight hundred and nine 12, 100 years in 100 years can we take 280,000 nine thousand 200.

Note that this is not to eat, not drinking, just a situation of deposit.

Of course, some people will say that my day, the times are progressing, and salary will grow.

Even how often, if you grow, you will not eat less than 1 million in a lifetime!

This number is a federal person who can only overlook that cannot be close to the number, this is also a “zero” “zero” that people who see Lynch’s pen nip in the check. Causes of excitement.

But these money, for capitalists, it may be only a day or a few days or for a period of time.

The more rich people, the faster make money.

It has been shipped to the people of Amelia to contribute to Lynch to the pure profit of Liuqi Yuan Yuan, only need Half A Month, and he will make a lot of money to earn money in a lifetime.

WORLD fair?

does not have any relationship with the individual efforts, because this world is not fair.

I hope we can enter the study of 3rd stage as soon as possible. “Lynch collapsed his pen with six-digit pen, this pen is Mr. Hebus, but a pity that Mr. Already chosen the way you have ended your life.

The thing he sent is very good with Lynch.

Lynch has a friend, a friend who likes to show, but the style of this friend is obviously high, he will not wear hundreds of thousands of millions of famous tables to have their own hair. No hand in time will stop the sunshine from time to time.

His show is some slight details, such as his pen, his tie clip, his key chain …

These mid unremarkable little things, just one hundreds of thousands of thousands of thousands, they are there, everyone can see, but there are not many people know their prices.

This kind of syndrome is not showing those who don’t understand, so Lynch said that his character is high, he also likes this way.

takes out a pen to make a worker who don’t eat without drinking, and is there anything more vanity than this?

No, no.

“Is there any other problem?”, he was sitting correctly and asked.

“Yes, Mr. Lynch, this is a miracle, I can touch you here, but also to shake hands.”, Youngster Obediently and honestly said.

Obviously, Lynch didn’t mind when the elevator was sent, so he shook the head, “No, this is a miracle.”

Looking at Youngster a bit of a bit, Lynch said softly, “This is not a miracle, because you express your desire, you told me that you want to shake hands with me, you work hard, Mr. Administrator.” /P>

“Your efforts have been responded, so there is a handshake between us, this is not a miracle, this is the result of your efforts.”

“Although not all efforts will have a good result, can this not look for our desire and motivation?”

“We hope to get a good future through our efforts, we are not sure if we will implement, we work hard, or because it is missing, it is also very happy because of embrace the future.”

“This is your success, so you are happy, administrator, life is made up of how much such ‘efforts’ and ‘results’.”

“I felt a kind of thing we should not have this age, the arrogance, the dead, I think this is not a work that is right, you should go out, at least when you are still young , Do something you want to do, for your own future, for yourself a few times. “

“Whether we will fail, at least we will not regret, what do you say?”

Lynch said out of the pen and took a note on the counter on the first floor, wrote a line of words –

Mr. Administrator:

Youth should not regret it, try to change the future!

Along with “”, the elevator door is slowly opened, and the Lynch finger is in the first corner, and it has been a very young gesture in Youngster. “I wish you a happy day.”, say, Turned into the elevator.

The administrator is standing in place for a long time. His eyes finally fell on the note, suddenly grabbed.

His expression is extra excitement, his face is red, he will return to a few steps, pick up the phone, “I want to resign … What, my mother is going to embrace the future!”

Lynch does not know if the administrator will go out of life because of their own words, he has a special person to protect Catherine.

As the only “ex-girlfriend” in Lynch, Catherine is still very valuable. If there will be someone kidnapped her, so Lynch arranged a special person to protect Catherine.

The elevator quickly arrived at the corresponding floor. He walked to the front door and knocked on the door.

“Who is there?”

catherine is full of vital sounds from the door, the Lynch’s mouth is unpotting to interfere with the intervention of non-active consciousness, Slightly Raise Upwards.

Some people’s mood are so blamed, will unfathomable mystery, and maybe unfathomable mystery.

But at this time, Lynch’s mood is extremely excellent, at least he can also follow the manager CRACKING A JOKE.

“big gray wolf!”

When the door is released, there is something that falls on the ground, which is the excitement, and then open.

Catherine is wearing a black-side shorts, wearing a White t-shirt, looking at Lynch, then she reached out on the face of Lynch, and then screamed. .

Lynch laughing HEHE hugged her a few steps back.

“You have not told me to come!” Her tone is a bit fierce, “So you want to give me a surprise?”

“You succeed!”

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