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“Lynch is gone?”


“Okay, I see…”

Your Excellency the Prime Minister hung up, and at about seven o’clock this morning, Lynch suddenly came to visit.

For the nobles of Gevlar, the concept of “morning” often means around nine o’clock.

What the nobles have to do is to enjoy life and participate in some political struggles in their spare time. This is their entire life.

Issues such as business are dealt with by specialized businessmen. They do not need to be like those federal presidents who always get up before dawn and start a busy day at work.

Lynch’s visit was a bit too early, and the Prime Minister met him in the study in his pajamas.

If he wants to dress neatly, it may take more than half an hour. It is very rude to let the guests wait for so long. He is not that alone.

After the two met, there was not much to talk about.

First, I talked about Lynch’s plans after going to the province of Ameria, including his dual-core plan. These prime ministers know a little bit, and there is nothing to object.

Surprisingly, after talking about these things, Lynch said something that made him fall into contemplation.

Until this moment, those words kept echoing in his mind-“Have you ever heard of a constitutional monarchy?”

I don’t know why, this sentence has the magic power of terrifying, which makes the Prime Minister’s heartbeat speed up and breathe shortly.

He knew that this might be a trap, Lynch’s conspiracy, but he couldn’t help but be attracted by the scene Lynch described.

On the principle of maintaining the rule of the nobility, weaken the power of the Imperial Family, let the Imperial Family become the nation’s divine elephant sign and mascot, and return all power to the nobility.

Let the Privy Council really operate and become a place to select governing talents for the empire…

I have to say that the content that Lynch talked about is full of fatal appeal to the Prime Minister.

The shortcoming of the emperor’s rule is that no one can guarantee that every emperor Imperial Capital is a smart and wise emperor. In case there is a fool, a lunatic is better.

If there is a brutal and dictatorial Emperor Tyrant, that is the real horrible thing.

Every change of throne is a difficult choice. No one knows whether the person he chooses will become an emperor who can lead this country to prosperity in the future.

But if the power of the emperor is downplayed and the nobles are replaced to govern, refer to the federal election system, which seems to be a good way.

Whoever has the ability will come to power, and whoever is not will step down. This can ensure that the ruling class of the country will always be the best group of people. This is also the advantage of the federal system.

It’s just that Gevra is not such a country, and the political system of the monarchy makes this kind of thinking not even a breeding ground for it.

But now, Lynch suddenly talked about these things, vaguely let the Prime Minister realize something-he got the financial power.

The prime minister who has financial power can be called a generation of power. He already has the ability to resist the emperor. If this time…

The prime minister who watched the phone retracted his divergent thinking and shook the head with a smile. This bastard, even if he left, left him a terrifying trouble.

He is still thinking about this matter now, which means that he is deep in one’s heart and does not dislike this statement, this kind of system is still a little excited.

He knows that this is the wrong emotion. If he always has this emotion, he will be unconsciously affected and interfered by those words of Lynch, and eventually make the wrong choice.

When he thought of this, he couldn’t help but think of the upcoming federal election. Today’s federal president can really catch up with a good time.

His predecessor stepped down halfway, giving him two years to master the cabinet and various departments of the country, which saved him the most critical time.

When the new election is over, if he can win the election, he will have more control over that country than any first president in the past.

The next step is re-election. If he wins the election again, the power of various federal departments will be highly concentrated in his hands. It happens that Minister Guevra and the emperor believe that the next war may break out in ten years.

At that time, the federation may move in a more terrifying direction, and the president may continue to be re-elected because of this. He will become an emperor who is not an emperor!

So what about Gefla, where will Gefla go?

By the time the Prime Minister took back the scattered thoughts, it was almost ten o’clock and he needed to go to work.

Simply freshen up. After eating early, he came to the office with a briefcase. The phone rang less than one minute after he sat down.

It belonged to the emperor Your Majesty, and the secretary lip-synched outside the door to tell him who was calling.

First nodded, and answered the phone, “This is the Prime Minister’s Office.”

“Good morning…, is that bastard Lynch gone?”

The emperor Your Majesty’s voice came out immediately, kind of polite, and could not detect the giving tit for tat between him and the Prime Minister the other day.

Politics is so fucking magical!

“He has gone, my driver told me that he watched Lynch get on the boat and then left the port. He couldn’t come back for a short time.”

Your Excellency, the Prime Minister, heard the voice sighed in relief in the receiver, and he could see that the emperor was very concerned about whether Lynch had left or not.

“He had better not come in this life, next time you have to stand up and refuse his entry request, we can’t let him run around!”

The prime minister laughed, the emperor Your Majesty always got a little emotional when facing Lynch.

On the one hand, it was because of Genia. Some people said that the emperor planned to recognize a brother-in-law, which made the emperor feel humiliated by this statement.

Secondly, because Lynch has nothing good every time he comes, this cunning base and shameless federal businessman is not a good person.

The Prime Minister could understand the emperor’s thoughts, but at this moment, he was in such a trance.

An emperor who is easily emotional, who has the advantage over an aristocratic ruler as a whole?

Just when the Prime Minister was stuck in the bright future of Lynch’s constitutional monarchy, Lynch had returned to the Federation after a few days of sailing.

When I got off the boat, the sea breeze hit people’s faces like a knife cut. I licked my chapped lips, which were salty.

“I didn’t feel any free and sweet air, only an atmosphere of solemnity, who can tell me if I stepped on the wrong leg when I got off the gangway?”

Lynch, standing on the ground of the port, made a little joke. People around him softly catered to him. Whether it was funny or not, they would laugh. This is the magic of money.

The convoy was ready, and Lynch got into the car under the protection of the sergeant and the others.

The car is much warmer, and the heat generated by the engine heats the air, which is captured and sent into the compartment.

In addition to being easy to cause casualties, everything else is actually pretty good.

Lynch opened a gap in the window. He didn’t want to make the headlines of all the newspapers because of his death.

This is only a coastal city, about 500 kilometers away from Bupen, but as soon as the convoy enters the city, you can feel the strong atmosphere of the campaign.

On the walls on both sides of the road can be seen everywhere Mr. President’s big white teeth, various campaign slogans and banners are everywhere, and from time to time there are some voters who spontaneously march on the street holding small flags and placards.

Election has become a cultural symbol in the Confederation, a society phenomenon in which everyone is important to participate. This is even more lively than the election for mayor or governor.

At the middle of the traffic light in the city, passing voters ran over and put a few small flags with the smiling face of Mr. President on the front hood of the car.

This is a national carnival. No wonder some people say that the federal election is not only a political show, but also a business show.

Think about it, there are almost 120 million legal voters in the Federation. Each of these people needs a coat that can represent their own camp, a hat, a pair of gloves, some flags, some badges… [19459002 ]

No wonder they put the general election in winter, if it is summer, people may buy a short-sleeved T-shirt is enough.

These things cost at least two 30 yuan, which is a market of two 3 billion yuan.

In addition, various propaganda posters, various activities and various media funds…

Pull out all the expenses before breaking the leg, and there are several hundred million to one billion profit!

The money is enough to make people crazy.

After Lynch returned to Bupen, the frenetic political atmosphere became stronger. Bupen’s financial center rarely removed all kinds of commercial advertisements and replaced them with Mr. President and his big white teeth. And his thumb.

can be seen everywhere Mr. President, and his fanatical voters, everyone is crazy!

After returning home, Lynch did not immediately devote himself to the intense work, but chose to give himself a few days off.

He was so busy with Gevlar that it was time for him to rest.

As soon as I turned on the TV, there were various general drafts and many presidential campaign speeches.

These things have higher ratings than TV dramas at this time, and this is the biggest difference between the Federation and other countries.

The federal campaign can make every citizen have a very deep sense of participation, and this sense of participation will accompany them and the president and candidates to spend these months together.

They will have a sense of honor to participate in the major event of entering the country, especially the presidential election they chose in the end, will give them the illusion that “it is because I joined him to win the election”.

In terms of fooling, paralyzing and manipulating the people, the Federation is definitely at the forefront of the world, and Gefra is not even worthy of giving shoes to the Federation!

Lynch was forced to interrupt after two days of fulfilling his holiday. Ms. Tracy accidentally called him, hoping to come over and chat with him.

When he returned to York State last time, he also donated a sum of money to the Women’s Rights and Benefits Protection Association when Ms. Tracy was absent.

Lynch is very curious about her visit, what does this woman want to do?

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