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In the yard, Lynch saw Ms. Tracy in a thick fur. She looked like a snow-white snowball.

That piece of clothing is not cheap. Lynch has seen similar ones, which cost about 17,000 yuan, which is not something ordinary people can afford.

The top executives of the Women’s Rights and Benefits Protection Association are very rich, and everyone has a strong political background behind them. People who organize and campaign in the Federation have never been simple.

However, there will always be fools who are willing to believe them, and under their “persuasion”, regard these things as the direction and goal of their lifelong struggle.

No matter what these people think, Lynch is absolutely unbelieving.


When Lynch appeared immediately, Ms. Tracy also saw him. She shouted out Lynch’s name in some surprise, and strode towards him.

Ms. Tracey does not call him “Mr. Lynch” like others do. This is Ms. Tracey’s privilege, and her eyes are full of appreciation.

In just two years, Lynch’s career has developed tremendously. Up to now, Ms. Tracy is a little…unbelievable. He did it all by himself.

If it wasn’t for Lynch’s identity and background, she would doubt whether this was the next generation leader who was pushed to the stage by a certain capital.

It is precisely because of understanding Lynch’s identity and background that his development is truly full of surprises.

Standing at the door, Lynch took the initiative to greet him, “Ms. Tracy, I’m glad you can visit. When I went to York State last time, they said that you had something to do. It’s a pity that we were not able to meet.”

Ms. Tracy shook Lynch’s hand and shook it and released it, “Last time…”, she laughed, “Let’s go in and talk about it.”

“Please…”, Lynch led Ms. Tracy into the house.

The maid took Ms. Tracy’s handbag, helped her put her hat on the head of the model dummy who put hats on the guests, and put her beautiful fur coat on the model.

For some expensive coats, people will not hang it on a pair of hooks, which will deform the clothes, and so does the hat.

After taking off the heavy arms in winter, Ms. Tracy was also sighed in relief. The two sat on the edge of the sofa and waited for the maid to deliver hot coffee before they chatted.

“Last time my Uncle was running for the patriarch, in order to help him succeed in the election, so I have not been in York State during that time. I’m sorry I happened to be away when you went.” She explained a little bit, but Lynch even thinks this is a habit of showing off by women in the bones.

He showed that expression pretending to be surprised, “Patriarch?”

“It’s amazing, did he succeed?”

Ms. Tracy was very reserved and nodded, with a somewhat proud smile on her face, “Of course, he succeeded.”

She slightly raised her chin when she said these words, which is not an ordinary “achievement”.

In Baylor Federation, the influence of the church is very terrifying. Don’t look at them as if they don’t usually have a voice on society, it’s just that they don’t want to be too high-profile.

Religion is a slightly sensitive organization after all. If it is not necessary, they will not appear too frequently in newspapers and the media.

But this does not mean that they have no influence!

According to the current statistics of some organizations, there are close to 80 million believers in the entire Federation, accounting for 60% to 70% of the total population.

In every district of every city in the Federation, there will be at least two to three churches. For example, there are more churches in a populous city, and there may be three to five or more in a district.

There are more than 100 and 70 cities in the Federation, but there are more than 1,200 churches. This does not include places like interest groups—

In some rural areas of the Federation, the population density is relatively low, perhaps only a dozen households of farmers live together.

The church is obviously impossible to build a church for these ten families and 35 people.

They will gather in a certain place in the form of interest groups, for example, in a warehouse on a farm, there will be a cross hanging in it, and someone will take on the role of “pastor”, or take turns to take it.

If such small interest groups were treated as churches, the churches in the entire Federation would be countless.

Such terrifying forces are indeed not suitable for showing up in the media. Only occasionally major events will be reported slightly. This is also the request of the federal government and capitalists, and it is the basis for the stability of the society.

There are a total of nine patriarchs in the Federation, which can be said to be the figures of the cream of the crop in the church. It is indeed a great thing for Ms. Tracy’s Uncle to become the patriarch. She also has proud capital.

Lynch had such an expression on his face, “That’s great, if there is an opportunity, I must visit him!”

Ms. Tracy enjoys Lynch’s attitude very much, she is nodded, “This is not a troublesome thing, you can go anytime, anywhere.”

Lynch nodded, this topic has come to an end here.

After a short pause for ten seconds, Ms. Tracy explained her intentions. This is a very common way of speaking. She first raised her goal for the success of the Uncle campaign for the Patriarch, that is, she said her true purpose. After that, Lynch will not refuse.

Be careful, but this is also a normal way of communication.

She thought for a moment before she said softly, “I need your help, Lynch.”

Lynch changed his clothes, his spine straightened, “What can I do for you?”

“Speaking of which is a bit difficult to speak, but when I think of these questions, the first person who thinks of it is you!” Ms. Tracy showed some shame expressions appropriately. She did not directly answer Lynch’s questions. It was talking about the cause of the matter.

“There are now five organizations in the Federation related to the protection of women’s rights and benefits, and we are not the only one.”

“There are some…” on the market, she shrugged, “You know, there will always be people who think that we do this with ulterior motives, but it is undeniable that some people have indeed played disgraceful roles, making our actions be People misunderstood.”

“So I discussed with some of my friends, intending to make people more aware of why we emphasize the importance of the feminist movement and understand that we are different from others.”

There is a flash of light in her eyes, and she has been staring at Lynch. After all, she is here to pull investment.

After Ms. Tracy’s Uncle became the patriarch, she has huge potential political influence, and her father has run out of these influences, and there will be a lot of surplus.

As the most favored “girl” in the family, Ms. Tracy gave her some advice from his Uncle.

On the one hand, the feminist organization in her hands should be made as large as possible and formalized. It is best to eliminate other feminist organizations.

Secondly, if she can do this, coupled with the influence of her Patriarch Uncle, then she has the opportunity to enter the official career and become the second politician in the family.

There has never been a female high-level politician in the Federation, and it is the future trend to allow women to occupy a higher position.

At least there must be women’s silhouettes at the top, such as female governors, female congressmen, etc. This is a trend in the development of society.

Ms. Tracy herself is one of the initiators of the feminist movement, coupled with her profound identity background, it is not difficult to get there.

For federal politicians, it doesn’t matter how stupid they are and will not affect their political career. As long as they can fool the voters, even if they run naked on the streets during the day Continue to vote for him!

The idea of ​​the family is very simple and direct. There is no chance at this time because the time is too late.

They intend to let Ms. Tracy participate in the mid-term presidential election four years later, as the first step to step onto the political stage.

Anyone in the Federation can run for president. There is no threshold for presidential election, but not many people are willing to do that because this is not a simple thing, it costs money.

As little as tens of millions, as many as hundreds of millions, the money may not have any results after the money is spent, so except for those with party backgrounds who can do this, ordinary persons can’t get investment and can’t play Play such a game.

Ms. Tracy does not really want to be president the next time she runs for the election. She just uses this opportunity to promote herself so that she can step into the political arena next.

Although this is something that will not happen until four years later, there are some things that have already been prepared and embarked on now, such as building momentum.

Lynch nodded in agreement after listening to what Ms. Tracy said, “There are indeed these problems. If you want to change people’s views, you must expel those informal organizations. What do you think?” [ 19459002]

“Expand the influence, launch more activities, and unite more people who are interested in the feminist movement, and strive to achieve equality between men and women at an early date!” These words came from Ms. Tracy openly.

Lynch cooperatively took out the checkbook, took out the pen, and turned off the cap. “My work is also very busy, and there may be no way to help you every time. The only thing I can do and do well , Just fill in these small cards, I hope you don’t refuse…”

Of course she will not refuse, this is one of her purposes here.

But what should be said is still to be said. She raised her hand and put it on Lynch’s wrist first, “I didn’t mean that…”, she said paused, and then said, “It’s enough for you to have this intention. Up.”

Ms. Tracy’s Women’s Rights and Benefits Protection Association is a non-profit society public organization. Its nature is equivalent to a certain degree of public fund. In other words, when someone needs it, the organization’s revenue is to society public.

Whoever donated how much money and where the money was used must be announced.

If someone donates too much in one go, it is inevitable that some people will think whether there is any behind-the-scenes transaction.

Ms. Tracy’s words hinted at Lynch, and Lynch also understood. He wrote shua~ shua~ shua~ on the cheque book, tore it off, and handed it to Ms. Tracy.

She looked at the check with joy. She thought she would have to spend more time to get the donation. She didn’t expect Lynch to give it so quickly, without asking for it!

“Thank you so much, Lynch, if women can truly stand up in the future, there will definitely be your credit!”

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