Blackstone Code Chapter 787


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Ms. Tracy definitely came to Bupen not specifically for Lynch. She still has some other work to do.

For example, the Women’s Rights and Benefits Protection Association of York State was renamed and moved to Bupen. In any case, Bupen is the governing place of the entire country. If you want to be formal, you must set up its headquarters in Bupen. Here.

In addition to collecting donations everywhere, she also wants to see if there is a suitable place here, and at the same time contact some rich and powerful politicians she can get here.

Seeing that part of this plan was completed, Ms. Tracy seemed very happy, and casually chatted about Lynch’s story on Gevlar.

From the point of view of the Federation, it is a bizarre story that a native Federation can obtain the knighthood of Gevlar. Lynch once again became the protagonist of this bizarre story, just like many times before, it’s fascinating. incredible.

When talking about the topic between the two gradually becoming “boring”, it also means that Ms. Tracy is about to leave.

Just before she was ready to say goodbye, Lynch first talked about another thing, “I have a friend, Catherine, a girl the same age as me.”

“I know her!”, Ms. Tracey nodded, “I have seen reports about her, and I have to say that she is very lucky!”

Compared with other people’s understanding of “lucky”, Ms. Tracy’s understanding of luck is “she can know Lynch, and she used to be a boyfriend and she was very lucky”. Without Lynch’s intervention, she would be impossible to enter the presidential palace. Becoming an intern is not a place where an ordinary person can go, although the media and public opinion have always reported this.

“I think you should meet and have a chat. I also have some ideas about her future path. Maybe we can find a common language from it?” Lynch said very euphemistically.

He spent money, he must have a demand. If he keeps writing checks to Ms. Tracy but does not ask for anything, then he is a real fool.

Ms. Tracy is also very clear about Lynch’s thoughts. Now that she decides to go to the front of the stage and set foot on the political stage, she must need a large group of people to help her.

Her goal is the first female governor in the history of the Union. She runs for president, but her failure will not affect her influence in this regard. On the contrary, people will create enough topics and enthusiasm because of her being a female president.

It can even spur a wave of “discrimination against women in the political arena”, making her defeat misunderstood as the reason for her being a woman.

With so many hot topics and topics, coupled with the influence of her father and Uncle, coupled with the support of women’s rights organizations, financial resources, and human resources, as long as they are well run, running for governor is not a big problem.

Thinking of the title “first true female politician in federal history”, Ms. Tracy is full of strength!

In the process of achieving this great goal, she needs the help of many people, such as Lynch, who has money, is willing to give money, and has influence.

So she would not refuse Lynch’s request, “Of course, why not?”

There is no reluctance on her face, “This is a good thing, I am very interested in chatting with Catherine girl, maybe I can teach her some experience, when is tomorrow?”

Lynch thought for a while, “At night, we always have to wait for her to get off work, and then we will find a place to have dinner together.”

Ms. Tracy knew that it was time to say goodbye, she stood up, Lynch follow closely from behind, and the two shook hands again, “Thank you very much, Lynch, people will remember your help to them!”

Lynch’s face was filled with a bright sunny smile when the two met for the first time. “We are born equal. We should not let the problems left over by history, culture, and society’s prejudices make some people become Vulnerable groups.”

“This is what I should do!”

“You are very sincere, I like you very much!” Ms. Tracy sighed again.

Whether what Lynch said is true or not, at least what he said will make people believe that what he said is true. Without insight, it is difficult to say such insightful words.

After the two bid farewell, Lynch sent Ms. Tracy in the car before returning to the house. Women sometimes struggle with some unfathomable mystery issues, such as “Why didn’t he send me in the car? It’s not that you have any opinion on me.

For men, there are no such problems. Instead, they feel that being less enthusiastic and polite is the best way to communicate.

In the evening of 2nd day, Lynch booked the restaurant and drove to the Presidential Palace.

He has a pass and frequent visits to the presidential palace. In addition to the normal routine inspections, the guards did not initiate detailed interrogation of strangers. They only checked that he did not carry any dangerous items with him. Let him in.

After more than two months, this group of interns at the Presidential Palace have gone from being initially uncomfortable to working.

Working here really exercises people, and it exercises people more than people outside think.

Every day they have to receive some visiting society people from all walks of life, or help some politicians to deal with some official duties within their capabilities, such as assisting or presiding over some government meetings.

There are so many such meetings, almost every day or the next day there will be one or two meetings.

Some civil organizations, some influential people in the society, or government workers in other regions came to the presidential palace to ask for some things because of various things.

For those on the agenda, it will be held on the same day.

The real great character does not come over and wait early in the morning. It is handled by these interns first. They summon people to a Conference Hall, and then prepare all the materials before the designated time, and finally notify The real host.

Those great characters, or cabinet members, stay for about ten minutes at most after they come, and after listening to some representative opinions, give their own feedback, they will leave.

Next, the interns must collect everyone’s opinions and feedback on the opinions, extract the valuable ones, and then send them for approval…

Everyone is uncomfortable with a job like this at first, and so is Catherine. She has never been exposed to such a high-end job.

She thought that joining the project team at the university to carry out some research on some topics was already very high-end, but after coming here, she gradually realized that interns and interns are different.

Obviously, the internship here is more difficult than those outside interns who look like a formal job in the company.

No one will comfort you because you can’t do it or you have done it wrong. Everyone’s time is so tight that they don’t even have time to reprimand.

After going through the most difficult stage, when everything starts to adapt, these tasks become a little easier.

For example, she has mastered the ability to write a report that politicians can understand-she at first thinks that politicians will pay attention to things that are actually things that politicians don’t care about. None of them are what people think.

For example, she has mastered the ability to communicate friendly with people from all walks of life in society-people from different society classes must be treated in different ways. Blindly lowering your body can sometimes make people feel that you are weak.

For example…

There are so many things here, for example, in just over two months, she feels like a year has passed!

There has also been tremendous growth in all aspects, especially the mind and the vision of this society.

In the evening, the interns who had been tired for a day finally had the time to steal a bit of laziness. This time was approaching the end of get off work, and the busy day of work was almost over. The tension in the presidential palace gradually relaxed.

Catherine was standing on the edge of the lobby of the Presidential Palace with coffee. This was considered a “waiting for summon” place. There were several phones on the wall, and the phones would ring when needed.

In addition to Catherine, there are several interns who are also resting, and everyone seems very tired.

“Bring me a cup of coffee…” A familiar voice sounded for Catherine, and she immediately put down the coffee cup in her hand, subconsciously agreeing.

There will always be people who have this or that kind of demand every day, such as “a few cups of coffee” is the most common. You can’t let those ministers and others go to the coffee shop to make coffee by themselves?

Of course, everyone knows how bad the coffee in the presidential palace is. Most of the time they just pick up the phone and go to the door to pick up the coffee from the delivery person and send it somewhere.

If you directly request brewing like this, you must not understand how awful the coffee in the Presidential Palace is.

But very quickly, Catherine’s footsteps paused, she looked towards the direction where the voice came with some surprise expressions, it was Lynch!

“Why are you here?” she asked.

Lynch’s sudden arrival was completely unexpected!

Other interns only noticed that the person who came was Lynch at this time. Lynch is about the same age as them, but in terms of status, there is still a huge gap.

At least Lynch has become a national banner, and they have not even inherited much of the family business.

Lynch smiled and said hello to the others, then took Catherine to the side, “You go change clothes, we will go to dinner later, I also invited Ms. Tracy, female rights and benefits protection The president of the association.”

Catherine was a little embarrassed, “It’s not time to get off work yet.”

Lynch looked at the clocks hanging on the wall. There are still more than 20 minutes before leaving get off work. It is indeed not so suitable to leave early at this time, “Then you will chat with me for a while…”

Some Catherine didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, and chatted with him about the work during this period.

It happened that at this time, Mr. President walked out of the innermost room surrounded by some bodyguards. He saw Lynch standing in the hall chatting with Catherine at a glance, and some unexpectedly shouted— [19459002 ]


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