Blackstone Code Chapter 788


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As one of the big benefactors behind the presidential campaign, Mr. President has a very good impression of Lynch.

Unlike the big consortium people that Mr. President knows, he will ask Mr. President how to repay their political contributions after winning the election before signing a check.

There were no embarrassing requests, no intentional manipulation of his attitude, Lynch did not even ask anything, nor made any excessive requests, so he gave the money, or put it in place all at once. This made Mr. President very much towards Lynch. Great favor.

The other big benefactors don’t talk about their various excessive requirements first, and the funds are not in place at one time. Many of them are provided in stages, such as every certain period of time, or every time certain goals are reached. At that time, another part of the funds will be provided.

From a positive perspective, this can effectively manage funds without misuse.

But this practice itself is an offense to Mr. President, they are like saying “I don’t trust you”, which is very hurtful.

The more so, the more impressive Lynch’s “generousness” is, and he is still a good friend of Truman, and can also be regarded as “my own”

Sometimes it’s not that he is so magical, Mr. President raised his hand, and everyone else stopped, he walked to Lynch with a smile, and extended the hand and shook his hand.

“When did you come back?”

“I didn’t have two days when I just came back.”

If there is no nutrition, those words that are nutritious are not suitable to be said in this place.

Mr. President glanced at Catherine who was standing next to Lynch. He remembered what someone had said to him. Catherine is Lynch’s ex-girlfriend, but they must still be in contact.

This is for sure. You don’t even need to doubt. If they don’t contact, will Lynch let Mr. Truman talk to him specifically?

You must know that the number of interns in the Presidential Palace is drawn by the President himself. Without his consent, no one can open the back door to get in!

“You did a good job over there, Truman told me that we will meet separately, as for now…”, he smiled very gentlemanly, and glanced at Catherine again, “maybe I should let this lady leave work early!”

The interns standing next to them were a little bit emotional, lamented, they never thought of comparing with Lynch, they didn’t even take over the family affairs, Lynch had already created a business empire by himself.

Blackstone Capital has begun to flourish, and some large consortiums have given it very high evaluations, especially Blackstone Security, which was born from the cooperation of Lynch, the Ministry of Defense and the military, and has become the largest military contractor in the Federation at present!

This fall, Blackstone Security recruited two thousand youngsters from society. What’s more terrifying is that these people began to receive comprehensive military training immediately after entering the job, which is almost invisible in the Federation.

Lynch can do this because almost 80% of the two thousand people are from the military, which is a very special way of cooperation.

Lynch used his own money to train elites for the Army. The military gave him the greatest freedom. Of course, it is said that in some confidentiality agreements they signed, when the military needs it, they can recruit Blackstone security military personnel. .

In short, Lynch avoided the fiercest domestic capital competition in a way that people could not imagine. It rose rapidly from outside the Federation and fed back the country. Now it is too difficult to snipe Blackstone Capital. It will be successful, and no one will be so stupid to do such unthankful things.

Facing such a Lynch, how could those “normal” youngsters have more thoughts?

Catherine herself had some surprises. She knew Lynch was very capable, but didn’t expect him to be so capable, even Mr. President agreed to her to leave work early in order to let them “date”.

This face… is really too big.

Catherine did not move. During this time, she understood a truth. What you hear is not necessarily what others really want you to hear, so she did not move.

Mr. President glanced at her with some fun, said with a smile, “Go and change clothes. This is my special approval. If someone says this, let her come to me.”

Lynch nodded, Catherine thanked him and went to the locker room, while the president and Lynch went aside.

“There will be a charity party in two days, you must come.” Mr. President said in a soft voice, and there is no who around to inquire here, even the kind of performance that is easy to be misunderstood by people.

Lynch nodded, “What’s the content, what should I do to prepare?”

“It has something to do with some orphans. In the past two years, the birth rate has increased a lot than before, but the situation of abandoned babies is also common.”

“My wife organized this charity party for this. When the time comes, we will auction some things to build some orphanages and protect the legal rights and benefits of these abandoned babies.”

During the Great Depression, the only happiness that people could get was the kind of cheap happiness. At the same time, the distressed financial situation made it difficult for people to accept the cost of abortion.

In the Commonwealth, whether it is medicine abortion or surgical abortion, in addition to a large amount of expenses that an ordinary person cannot afford, there are many restrictions.

Abortion is illegal in some states, and legal in some states, but some agreements must be signed. In short, many babies are born unexpectedly in the process.

Their parents are not ready to welcome the arrival of the newborns. These babies are discarded immediately after they are born. This phenomenon is very common.

At the end of the previous year, another photographer took a photo named “Baby on the Trash Mountain” and won various awards.

On a garbage dump composed of domestic garbage, there is a dead baby. She is lying quietly on the garbage dump and looking at the sky with her eyes open.

This photo is called “a picture that hits the soul”. Although the photographer won various awards, he suffered from severe depression and is still receiving treatment.

Abandoning babies has become an important issue for society. At this time, launching such a charity evening can provide necessary assistance for the next campaign.

Everyone hopes that other people are kind people, but they are not themselves. If Mr. and Mrs. President can show this attitude of paying for society responsibility, people will be more emotionally inclined to them.

Since it is a charity party, there must be a charity donation event. If Lynch wants to participate, it is best to prepare some auction items.

The process of this kind of auction is not long, but it is very interesting.

Generally speaking, it means that participants donate their own things and then spend money to buy back the things they donated. Isn’t it… stupid?

But this is precisely the essence of charity!

The whole process legally and reasonably avoids any place that may be blamed. It also reflects the kindness of the participants, and can get more tax exemptions, and there is no need to bear some attacks from the rich.

Lynch nodded, after saying that he would participate, Mr. President shook hands with him again, “I will let someone send you the invitation letter, when the time comes, remember to bring a female companion!”

After he patted Lynch’s arm, he left surrounded by others.

Not long after, Catherine had changed clothes. After the two left the presidential palace, she sighed and said, “I think the whole world is your friend. I was also watching the news the past few days, and it said you I have a good relationship with the Imperial Family, especially the Princess.”

If it is to “compete” with other people, Catherine is not afraid. When Lynch was at school, it was not a power-saving light bulb. There were also rich girls who pursued him. In the end, Catherine won?

But when she felt that if a Princess from a powerful country joined the ranks, she would not have the confidence before.

Lynch opened the door for Catherine and said with a smile, “I need work!”

God damn work needs!

Catherine grinned, “You are so busy at work!”

Lynch didn’t feel embarrassed at all, “It’s very busy!”

After the two got into the car, the laughter gradually subsided, and Catherine also asked about the dinner together in the evening.

“Ms. Tracy’s Uncle campaign was successful, which also means that she holds at least five million religious votes. These votes have always been one of the most important sources of votes each year.”

“She plans to start actively participating in various rectification activities. With the help of her Uncle and her father, if she wants to enter politics, she will start very high, and she should almost be a governor or a state legislator.”

“In addition, her contacts are very extensive, which is good for your future development.”

“Me?” Catherine was a little surprised, “How will my future develop?”

Lynch turned to look at her, “Female politician, do you like this name?”

Catherine was at a loss, “I’m not sure, is it really good to be a female politician?”

She shook the head, “I never thought I would go this way, I don’t know.”

The future is still a bit too lost for this girl. She doesn’t know what the future looks like, but at least it won’t be what she imagined.

As Lynch becomes richer and more influential, many things are undergoing some changes.

Lynch took her hand and looked at her, “Everyone is running forward, and so am I. If you don’t want to fall behind, you’d better keep up.”

“I am not trying to force you to do something you don’t like. I will respect your wishes. If you don’t want to run, I will not force you to do that.”

“Whether you want a peaceful ordinary life, or a wonderful but somewhat exhausted life, I will give it to you.”

In the end, the girl didn’t say to give up. The opportunity is not always there, and it is not always in her own hands.

She could perceive that Lynch was not trying to use her to do anything, but just trying to give her extra points.

As for why the extra points are added and what the added points can do, she doesn’t know. She believes she will understand one day in the future. She wants to wait until that day to see the results with her own eyes.

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