Blackstone Code Chapter 886


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“This road is so empty today?”

A playboy is driving a car on the famous Linhai Avenue on the west coast. The beautiful woman sitting in the passenger seat is his new girlfriend.

In the eyes of the rich, the Federation is a heaven that has fallen into the mortal world. As long as you have money, you can buy everything here.

A healthy body, a longer life than others, a hotter love, a warmer and softer body……

There is nothing that cannot be bought. If there is, it only means that you are not really rich.

Every time he had new girlfriends, he would take them to run a circle on this road. This Linhai Avenue is the most famous attraction in the city.

The prosperous degree of the West Coast is not as common as the Eastern Sea Coast. Not every city is very prosperous. The business here is highly concentrated in so few cities, which has also led to the wealthy people in these cities. , More than the wealthy people on the entire West Coast.

When there are more rich people, they have to do something, such as building a road that can demonstrate the status of the city.

Along the wide and flat seaside road, under the blowing of the sea breeze, enjoying the breath of nature in the greenery, the blue sea in the distance is like a blue gem inlaid on the ground, making people from the inside out Of producing a comfortable feeling.

And on one side of this road is still a very prosperous commercial center. There are many shops and restaurants suitable for shopping in any place.

Buy some small gifts that are not so painful, have a meal together, open a bottle of wine, and then open a room next to them to talk about life.

This has also led to Linhai Avenue becoming a tourist attraction in this city, normally there are many cars and pedestrians.

The strange thing is that there are no vehicles today.

The girl is not very familiar with this place, clutching the only bag in her hand that can be reached, smiling with restraint and looking shy.

She learned this trick in high school.

The vehicle drove for a while, and a policeman waved a warning sign and stopped them.

“Hey, there is a task ahead, you have to detour through other roads.”

youngster moved towards I looked at the front, there are indeed many people, but there is nothing on the road, there are some oil tankers on both sides of the road.

From here, it is a little bit far away. Maybe the local city hall did not consider that one day this extremely wide road would be requisitioned.

He retorted a little, “There is nothing up front, Mr. Policeman, I think you can let me pass.”

As he said, he took out a bill of 20 renminbi, put it in his driver’s license holder, and handed it over.

“If there is a detour, it will take at least 20 minutes. We have already booked the restaurant.”

The police shook the head, “While we can still stand here and talk, I suggest you better turn around…”

He said and looked not far away, two secret agents moved towards the safety committee moved towards here.

This incident involved the lives of hundreds of tycoons or their relatives in the Federation, and the president attached great importance to it, so the Security Committee was also dispatched.

Youngster saw the identity of these two people at a glance. He didn’t seem to be afraid of the people from these privileged institutions because of his family background.

This is also the privilege of the wealthy people in the Federation.

Those who can violently break in anytime and anywhere, break into the homes of the poor, press the innocent family on the ground, mess up their homes, and leave after saying “I’m sorry for the wrong house number”. .

They learn to be polite when facing the rich. They even pick up the cigarette butts they accidentally throw away and put them in their pockets. They also remember not to stain those expensive floors or carpets.

Maybe those two secret agents can let themselves pass, the youngster thinks so——

This is the innate talent of the federal people. They can recognize at a glance who is the police, who is the investigator, and who is the federal secret agent.

The police looked at the secret agent who came by, he finally tried his best, “I advise you to leave immediately, they can not be trifled with.”

“It’s okay!”

Youngster is smiling, his father is a councillor, his mother is the chairman of a well-known local company, and he enjoys privileges here.

As the two approached, he wanted to greet him proactively, but he didn’t get a friendly response.

One of the secret agents glanced at him, “Get out of the car and be checked.”

The youngster froze for a moment, and looked at the two secret agents with an unbelievable look, “You know I am…”

Facing the gun that had been raised, he had to raise his hands and shut his mouth, got out of the car with embarrassment, and declared that he was not in danger.

Just when he was lying on the front of the car for a body search and couldn’t understand why, suddenly there was a clear rumbling sound in the sky.

A plane flew over from the direction he was facing, began to lower its altitude tens of meters away, and landed.

The people he saw before, those on both sides of the road immediately rushed over, and the tanker drove over.

The pilot climbed off the plane, his face looked excited, “I think I found them!”

This news is very exciting. After one minute, Mr. President got the latest situation, which also made him sighed in relief.

He gave the highest instruction from the Federal President-“Be sure to ensure that no one is harmed, and I will allow you to fire freely when necessary!”

Once the ship was found, the responsibility was lost in half, which is good news for him.

Researchers at the institute began to record some conditions during the flight, and re-examine the aircraft’s performance and metal fatigue.

Metal fatigue during this period is also one of the killers of aircraft. They have to make sure that every detail will not go wrong.

Fortunately, the new materials are still qualified. Although there are some problems in some places, they are all minor problems. Generally speaking, they are satisfactory.

Of course, this satisfaction also has a price, the price of aluminum alloy at this time is not cheap!

In order to make the aircraft fly farther, the institute re-equipped four auxiliary fuel tanks for the aircraft, and these auxiliary fuel tanks are all throwable. Only in this way can the flight range of the aircraft be increased as much as possible.

Everyone was recording the location of the ship found by the pilot in detail, and some warships on the sea also began to respond and change directions.

At the same time, Mr. Beret was standing on the bow moved towards the front in the sky Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

That thing has been flying away for a long time, but I don’t know why, his heart is beating wildly, there is always a very special feeling, as if something terrifying is about to happen.

He thinks this should have something to do with the thing flying in the sky, but the question is what the fuck is that?

There is no aircraft exposition in Mariro, and there is no aircraft research institute.

The conquest among the warlords made their technology seem to have fallen into a permanent standstill.

Warlords will not invest money in the field of scientific research, because the payback period in this field is very long. Rather than letting scientists waste their small budget, they hope to buy more weapons and expand their own Site.

He didn’t know anything about flying machines or airplanes, but he was vaguely aware that the thing must have something to do with the Federation, and he might have exposed it.

A failed plunder, he said to himself.

But it is not too failed, at least he has completed some of his original ideas, attacking the prestige of the warlord behind every moment.

There is no competition between the big warlords, and the small and medium warlords will never have a future. This situation also forces them to constantly challenge other small and medium warlords to obtain nourishment to nourish themselves.

Only if the big warlord is shaken can Marillo break the current domestic pattern.

Beret may not be clear about this. He does these things just an instinct. He wants to give those big warlords an ugly look, and at the same time spend some money to develop himself.

Others dare not move the boat and the rich man on board every moment, but he dares, this is prestige!

When he returns to Marillo, he will dispose of the looted things. With the money, he can quickly form a professional army.

The future is beckoning to him!

After he made a decision, he immediately made a choice, “To make people speed up, you must get all the valuable things on the boat before the night.”

He will not leave now, he wants to take advantage of the night and leave, just like he came to take advantage of the night.

In this way, even if the federal people find him, they don’t know where he went and how long he has been.

Even at this brief moment, he was still considering whether to kill all the people on board.

But when he thought of the thing flying around in the sky, he hesitated.

When a person makes a choice, the most fearful thing is hesitation.

When a single thought rises and does not realize it, it will be replaced by a second thought. This is why there is a saying called “Courage is easy to dissipate, and blood cools quickly”

Everyone is doing their own things in an orderly manner.

Search for any wealth that can be seen-these are the robbers and soldiers of Marillo.

Watching others take all their belongings in a state of anxiety, waiting for the trial to come-this is an ordinary passenger.

Repeat those sample essays and ask people to sign a check for themselves-this is Lynch.

Lynch’s pace has not been disrupted.

At dinner, the beret found Lynch.

He was sitting at the table enjoying the food. There are a lot of precious ingredients on this cruise ship. The past few days the beret and his people are celebrating the holidays.

Every day is either delicious or delicious. When there is a need, many Mallory girls are held in the lower level.

Regardless of whether it is venting or venting the fire, they can be satisfied.

Eating High Level beef, suddenly the beret is still a little bit reluctant to live now.

“Sit, did you have dinner?” He pointed to the chair beside him, and asked Lynch to sit down, “If you don’t eat it, you can have a little bit. This kind of beef is delicious, whether it’s roasted or eaten. Eat raw.”

Lynch glanced at the plate in front of him, it was not fully cooked, there was still some blood on the white plate.

“I have eaten.”

The beret leaned back indifferently, grinning as if using his tongue to clean up the food residue that may remain between the teeth, and put his arms on the armrest of the chair, “Those things you said, How are you doing?”

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