Blackstone Code Chapter 887


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“Almost done.”

Lynch said as he took out a stack of checks from his pocket, “Here is more than 70 million, deduct my 30 million, and we will divide the rest in half…”

As he said, he took out a dozen of them and handed them over, “Adding my 30 million, you almost have a check of 50 million in your hand.”

“Your business you did good, it’s better than the overwhelming majority here… No, it’s more than everyone here earns in a year!”

The beret couldn’t believe his ears. After staring at Lynch for three or four seconds, he couldn’t help but laugh again.

While laughing, he slapped the armrests, his body swayed slightly back and forth, “I knew you were a fucking interesting person, your brain is very useful, or else, come and do it with me!”

“As you said just now, I earn more from this transaction than everyone here earns in a year.”

“Your brain, the gun in my hand…”, he might be afraid that Lynch had forgotten that he had a gun in his hand, so he could not help pulling out the gun from his waist and shaking it a few times.

“We will definitely become the most successful partner, when the time comes, we will rule Marillo together!”

The silver-gray eyes of the beret revealed something called “arrogant ambition”.

Marillo wars endlessly, and the warlord stands in great numbers, but in fact, it is the Maloris who are truly dominant.

The Maloris ruled Marillo for a long time, and they accumulated a lot of wealth-this refers to the top society classes, not the Maloris who live in the slums.

So now, most of the major warlords in Mariro are warlord organizations centered on the Malorians, and only two of the leaders in the warlord organizations are Malilo.

He wants to be the third!

Even the last one!

He looked at Lynch enthusiastically, but it was a pity that Lynch would not agree.

Gradually, the beret began to disappoint, and he sighed, “I knew that you federal people, no one looked down on it.”

He suddenly picked up a knife and fork and continued to enjoy the beef that he thought was very delicious. While eating and talking, blood and his saliva mixed from his mouth, which was very disgusting.

“Leave all the checks…”

“If I say no, are you threatening me with your gun against my head again?”

The beret puchi laughed. He sprayed the unswallowed beef on the table. He grabbed the napkin and wiped his mouth while laughing loudly.

“You are such a likable guy, really, I like you a little bit.”

“As for your guess, who knows?”

Lynch didn’t care about shrugged, he deliberately took out a waterproof envelope and put all the checks in it.

He finished this and looked at the beret, “Where is my check?”

The beret originally wanted to eat something, but looking at the ghost on the table, he finally gave up, “What do you want to do?”

“This is a waterproof envelope, made by the bank to deal with various situations. Even if it sinks into the sea, as long as it is not so deep, it will be safe for a short time.”

“There are a lot of water molecules in the air on the sea. If you just put it in your pocket, or anywhere that can be in direct contact with the air…”

Lynch took a check out of the envelope and wiped the signature with his finger in front of the beret.

In an instant a clear signature became blurred, the beret was taken aback, and stood up abruptly, “What the hell are you doing!”

He walked to Lynch and grabbed the check. The signature on it was very blurred. Even if he had not gone to the bank for transfer or cashing, he knew that the check was invalid.

“Look at what the hell you did, this is 1 million!”

Beret’s temper came very quickly, this time he did not threaten Lynch with weapons, because he knew that this trick was actually useless.

Lynch quietly watched him get angry, and then said, “I’m just showing you what you want to do. You can reject my proposal, then you have to bear the consequences of rejection.”

Beret hesitated, and finally took out the check from his jacket pocket and handed it to Lynch.

Lynch put the check in a waterproof envelope in front of him, then sealed it, and bake it under the flame of a lighter to seal the edge, and then quickly pinch it tightly.

There is a kind of adhesive strip inside that will soften and have a very high viscosity. After cooling down, it will harden again, and the inside of the envelope becomes an independent space.

“There is almost 100 million in it, you have to keep it safe.” Lynch looked at him seriously, “You know, its color is bright yellow, just to make it easier to find it.”

“You have to put it as a stand-in. So much money is enough for those henchmans to kill you 100 times.”

Lynch seriously asked the beret to listen. He was not very smart, otherwise he would not appear on this boat, and he could listen to the suggestions of smart people.

Thinking that there was that much money in this envelope, and seeing Lynch’s serious expression, he faintly felt that Lynch did not lie to him.

He nodded vigorously, and in front of Lynch’s face and back to his henchman, he stuffed the envelope into his underwear.

Lynch’s face turned a little ugly, the beret caught a glimpse of it, and hehe smiled.

“Don’t show that expression, friend, it’s mine already, haven’t you forgotten it?”

After he stuffed the envelope into his underwear, he wanted to reach out and pat Lynch on the shoulder, and Lynch stepped aside.

Seeing Lynch’s exaggerated action, the beret laughed again, “You are such an interesting guy, don’t you really think about doing it with me?”

Lynch shook the head, “You can’t hire me. If you have a chance to live and accumulate enough wealth, maybe we have a day of cooperation.”

He was very rude, and even said in his words that he was not optimistic about the survival of the beret, but the beret was not very angry.

This is the most common situation of temperamental people with variable personality. They are not easily irritated by certain ordinary words, and of course, sometimes they will also burst out of unfathomable mystery.

“There will be that day.” The beret retracted his hand and looked at Lynch. At this time, he seemed to be different from before.

So much money is enough for him to build a force that cannot be ignored.

“Take him away!”

The beret made people take Lynch away. Looking at the background of Lynch’s departure, he smelled his fingers, and there was an unspeakable odor.

Subconsciously, he shivered, what a fuck!

Everyone was locked up in their own rooms, and there were continuous gunfire from the lower cabin. The rich people in the upper cabin knew what it was.

They were slaughtering the Mallory people. At this time, no one stood up and said or did. This made Lynch and some people more sure about this, and the robbers were leaving.

The robbers destroyed the boiler and Generator before leaving, and the entire ship was plunged into darkness.

As soon as it was dark, the beret left with the looted wealth and the small envelope. There was always a sense of danger lingering by his side, making him want to leave here impatiently.

At half past six, Lynch left the room and the cruise ship was empty.

He silently came to a deck, piled up all the things he could find, and lit a fire.

The fire burns very quickly, and you can see the light from a distance when you look down from the air.

“The fire is found in the distance… in the direction, it should be the cruise ship, and your speed will increase.”

When the pilot in the sky pulled the control lever, the plane quickly tilted and pulled a 1/4/2021 circle, quickly moved towards the place with fire.

Lynch brought a chair and sat beside the fire, smoking a cigarette, thinking about something.

In fact, the cheques taken by the berets can’t be exchanged.

Some things are in Lynch’s hands, that is a valid certificate.

But if these certificates fall into the hands of those who do not have the right to use it, it is invalid.

So in fact, Lynch did not lose any, but he was very upset. He gave the beret the opportunity to choose, and he chose the wrong one.

The rumbling sound from the distant air let Lynch know that the rescue ship should be in the vicinity. After about an hour later, the cruiser of the Federal Navy approached here, and there were people safe from Blackstone.

“Mr. Lynch…”

As soon as the navy colonel boarded the ship, he noticed Lynch who was sitting on the deck smoking. The sergeant and the others also noticed and immediately walked over.

Lynch said what they were interested in, “No one had an accident. They were all in the upper cabin. Probably all the original crew on this ship were killed.”

“It’s too late, I don’t know where they are going, inform the plane, they should be able to find them.”

He stood up with his chair, hooked his finger at the sergeant, and the two went aside.

“A fool took my money, you have to help me get it back.”

The sergeant froze for a moment, and immediately nodded and said hello, “When shall I act.”

Lynch looked up and down the sergeant, “You are responsible for commanding behind, you don’t need to go to the front line.”

The sergeant still wants to refute or say something to show that he can actually go out, even if he won’t go out in the end, at least he must show this attitude.

Unfortunately, Lynch did not give him a chance, “You have to think about your wife, if something happens to you, there will be a man who spends your pension on your wife and beats your child.”

“It’s good enough that you finish this matter later, I can trust you.”

“Arrange more people, we have to get ahead of others.”

Lynch finished the last puff of cigarettes and threw the cigarette butt into the sea. “The nature of this battle is very special. At the same time, I ask you to use aircraft to cooperate in the process of action.”

“But how to do it, must reflect the role of the plane!” Sergeant Lynch patted’s arm, “understand?”

The sergeant nodded, “Understood, Boss!”

Lynch turned and walked towards the warship, “Now, tell the navies to send a speedboat alone to pick me up. I have a meeting with the high-level navy…”

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