Book of Gods and Demons Chapter 292

Let everything go back to No. 150 8 Qingsong Street.

The time is also adjusted to the early morning of October 30th.

Before dawn, Joe jumped to Mr. Skins’ door with joy and slammed the door.

‘Crunch’, Skins pet Baku hung his arms on the doorknob, pulled down the doorknob, and kicked the door frame with his feet, and opened the door with his force. .

Joe squeezed in through the crack in the door, Baku screamed happily, jumped onto Joe’s arm, followed his arm and quickly climbed on top of his head, and then grabbed it curiously Joe’s long hair fluttered wildly.

“Damn it, Baku, what are you doing?”

Joe didnt notice the changes in his scalp at all. Baku waved his long hair and fluttered, and Joe himself was frightened. A big jump: “What the hell? What the hell is that stuff… Ah, my hair? How could it…”

Skins wearing pajamas, his face a little pale due to a lot of blood loss The husband yawned and slowly walked out of the bedroom. He looked at Joe feebly, then stared wide-eyed suddenly.

“Oh, Joe, your hair… You should be thankful that you are not in Port Tulum. Otherwise, the lady and the two Young Lady, must be very interested, play some fresh tricks on your head !” Mr. Skins widened his eyes and looked jokingly at Joe’s long dark hair that grew out of the night, almost dragging it to the floor.

Mr. Skins, as a heresy, has seen too many weird things.

He guessed that Joe must have taken two medicines sent by the military, so some strange changes occurred in his body. There is no need to make a fuss about nothing.

It’s just a long hair… He has even seen a “lucky guy” who grows a pair of giant dragon wings directly after taking some secret medicine. Although that guy was quickly put on the stake by the Golden Oak Church, Mr. Skins still remembers the power of the giant dragon wings after many years.

Joe foul-mouthed Baku off his head, foul-mouthed ran back to his room… After a while, Joe put on a messy short hair that seemed to have been gnawed by a dog. Foul-mouthed frantically, he ran to Mr. Skins’ room again.

After tossing for a long time, Joe finally, with the help of Lan Mujin, made his hair clean and fresh.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Qiao whistled in surprise: “Wow, Hibiscus, I really cant see it, you still have such a craft?”

Lan Mujin Inserting a small exquisite dagger back into the boot, at a moderate pace said: “In the army, this is a must-have job for everyone…After all, in the wild, you can’t find a shaver anywhere.” /p>

Joe raised his eyebrows, satisfactorily patted the short hair on the top of his head: “It’s pretty good… Well, Mr. Skins, continue the topic, let’s go find something… Um, for example, get a door Field artillery, fire a cannon at Andrews carriage on the street?”

There was a faint crimson light in his pupils, and Qiao smiled brightly: “Its like Im in the port of Tulum. Thats the same as that… Lets send a sincere greeting to Andrew, right?”

“We must let him know that there are some things we cant do; there are some money we cant take…especially, That’s still my money.”

Joe’s heart was full of resentment, he was forcibly blackmailed…Although he has perfectly avenged Justice Weilun, his hostility to Justice Weilun It dissipated a little, but his grievances against Andrew and Magnum grew stronger.

Mr. Skins’s face was twitched. He looked out the window and decided not to answer Joe’s words.

It’s really… In Imperial Capital, get a field gun and shoot a gun at a member of the ducal family?

Mr. Skins really wants to tell Joe-you are a policeman, you are a policeman studying at the Judicial University… There are some things that you cant do, especially in your capacity. Dont say such things. You shouldnt think about it!

Mr. Skins is a bit haggard. It seems that after leaving Port Tulum, Joes personality has changed a bit. It is no longer like the old Joe who was lazy, awkward, and eating all day waiting to die… Instead, he It’s a bit like the monkey head in Baku.

“Or, let’s get a thousand barrels of gunpowder and blast the Werner family in the Imperial Capital castle to the sky?” In Joe’s mind, one after another whimsical plans kept popping up.

Hey, the development of Divine Sea, the IQ is constantly improving, Joe’s brain is getting better and better, and it’s getting more and more uncontrolled.

“Well, of course we can’t directly use gunpowder barrels to blow up their castle… Let’s rent a house near their castle, and then dig a tunnel directly to their main house? “

Joe tilted his head and looked at himself in the mirror, a little incoherent with excitement.

Excitement, inexplicable excitement…Qiaos blood is flowing at an accelerating rate. He has entered a state of’crimson’ combat instinct. He is impatient and wants to confront Andrew, who is considered an enemy by him. And what does the family behind Andrew do.

Mr. Skins and Lan Mujin looked at each other, they both a little not knowing what to do.

Lan Mujin simply turned around, and then left Joes room: “Ill ask… see how the breakfast is… Joe, is it still for ten people?”

< p>“Twenty people!” Joe’s attention was shifted to the breakfast: “Well, I am inexplicably in a good mood today. I want to eat more… inform the cafeteria and give the brothers extra meals… hoho, we are now Very rich, isn’t it?”

Mr. Skins pursed his lips.

Of course Joe is in a good mood.

It is reasonable to add meals to the brothers… Now Joe, there is really no shortage of money. Not to mention those good things that have been properly hidden and cannot be realized for the time being, just say that the Gold Coin and cash obtained from the Whispering Forest Club are a lot of money!

“Joe…” Mr. Skins was about to say something when suddenly there was a loud noise coming from far away, and soon there was a dull knock and blow.

Qiao, Lan Mujin, and Mr. Skins ran to the balcony at the same time, looking in the direction where the sound came from.

The gate of No. 8 at 150 Qingsong Street opened, and the old cripple face covered in blood, who was left behind by Joe to continue to be a janitor, fell to the ground, and a small group of about 20 mounted police rushed. Coming in, they collided with a team of the Blood Axe that hadn’t changed their guards.

Ten soldiers of the blood axe battle group lined up, blocking the front of the mounted police team, a soldier holding a long stick yelled: “This is private territory… Exit !”

The long stick flicked, and with a muffled sound, the long stick hit the front hoof of a war horse hard.

The horse fell to the ground, and the mounted police on the horse screamed. Before the horse fell to the ground, he jumped up from the saddle and rolled on the ground several times. ring.


A mounted police rider rushed up, and fiercely struck down with the extended baton in his hand.

The soldier holding the long stick did not evade, the long stick stabbed forward…there was a muffled sound, the truncheon hit the soldiers shoulder, and the mounted police was also tapped by the long stick On the chest, he yelled and was stabbed from the horse by a stick.

Twenty-odd mounted police immediately fought with ten soldiers.

Several mounts blew their whistle at the same time, and the sharp whistle tore the peace of the early morning.

The soldiers of the Blood Axe battle group also made high-pitched wolf howls. In a dormitory not far away, one after another vigorous silhouette popped out of the window directly, in groups of three The soldiers of or four quickly formed an assault formation, and rushed to the past.

“What’s the matter with these policemen?” Joe lowered his voice, and a dim light flashed in his eyes: “What we did, missed?”

Lan Mujin fiercely He shook his head: “No!”

Mr. Skins said solemnly: “Impossible… They are absolutely impossible to find us so quickly… Those things are not here, and they shouldn’t find them here anyway. !”

Joe frowned: “It doesn’t feel very good, let’s go and see… Well, wait for me to put on that outfit… Mr. Skins, go and stabilize the situation first, here is Imperial Capital, if you kill a few policemen, it will be in trouble.”

While Joe was talking, more mounted police rushed in from the open gate, amidst the sound of hooves, at least Two hundred mounted police roared in.

The horse is galloping, and the baton swings wildly.

The ten soldiers of the blood axe battle group were outnumbered. They shouted and shot down more than a dozen mounted policemen from their horses. The dense truncheons roared down and fell on them like raindrops.

Just two or three times, ten soldiers vomited blood and were knocked to the ground.


Seeing that his companion was seriously injured, some of the soldiers of the Blood Axe battle group rushing out of the dormitory screamed.

Nearly a hundred soldiers of the Blood Axe troupe ran wildly, and at the same time the right hand fiercely waved forward. Accompanied by the harsh sound of wind breaking, there were more than 20 javelins, more than 30 throwing axes, and dozens of them. The flying knives carried cold light and threw them towards the charged towards the moved towards the charge.

The warriors of the Blood Axe battle group are at least extraordinary first-order strength, and the weakest are thousands of pounds of strength.

The javelins, throwing axes, and throwing knives were thrown out by them with all their strength, and they flew hundreds of feet in an instant, enveloping the charging mounted police.

In the mounted police team, a Level 3 police academy hissed: “Asshole…jump…”

More than two hundred mounted police jumped from horseback at the same time Falling, rolling on the ground in embarrassment.

‘pu chi’ sounded loudly, the huge body of the war horse became the best meat shield, a dozen war horses were pierced by a javelin, and more than 20 war horses were beaten like a sieve by a throwing axe and a throwing knife. .

Dozens of war horses wailed and fell to the ground, spurting blood and slid forward a dozen feet away.

“You are committing a crime…you assaulted the police…how dare you…this is a felony…you bastards!” The Level 3 police academy who had just issued the order was bad luck. He was on the ground. When he was rolling, a throwing knives fell from the sky undeadly, hitting the fullest part of his hip muscles.

Level 3 Police Academy made a horrible cry of pain. He drew his knife backhand, and blood spurted out of the wound.

Heavy steps sounded, and hundreds of police officers armed with various weapons lined up in a neat line, rushing in from the gate of No. 150, Qingsong Street.

More soldiers of the Blood Axe battle group, as well as the guards of Vito’s house, rushed out from the dormitory, moved towards these invading policemen greeted them.

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