Book of Gods and Demons Chapter 293

No. 150 8 Qingsong Street, after entering the playground, more than a thousand of Qiaos subordinates confronted hundreds of policemen.

There can be 500 police officers lined up in a long snake formation, on the left and right wings, each with more than 100 mounted police glare like a tiger watching his prey.

Marcos is carrying his big axe on his back, shirtless, both hands crossed near chest, gloomy face standing in front of the police team, behind him are also more than a thousand soldiers lined up, and In the crowd, Vito’s guard, armed with short guns, is ready to shoot cold shots.

Ten soldiers who vomited blood have been moved to the playground. Several soldiers are busy with first aid.

After pouring the medicine, the internal injuries of the ten soldiers have been well controlled, but all of them have fractures. The first aid soldiers are busy fixing bones, and then put on splints and bandages.

More than 30 injured policemen were also moved to the side for treatment.

It’s just that they are not as wealthy as Joe. After they took the first aid, the police vomited blood. They were not as hard-hearted as the soldiers of the Blood Axe Clan. Several broken policemen collapsed on the ground, constantly humming.

A Level 3 police academy walked out of the team, he came to Marcos, and his face became ugly.

Marcus, who is more than eight feet tall, wore a pair of platform riding boots, which made him a staggering eight feet three inches tall. And this Level 3 police academy, he is only a little over six feet.

Standing in front of the amazing Marcos in an imposing manner, this Level 3 police academy is almost like a child. Marcoss arm is much thicker than his waist.

“Assaulting the police is a felony.” The Level 3 police academy gritted his teeth and looked up at Marcos angrily.

“Ghan-Yun-Niang!” Marcos raised his hand and slapped the face of the Level 3 police academy. Hearing a loud noise, the Level 3 police academy flew up in a whirl, vomiting blood, and crashed into the police team behind. One guy knocked down a dozen policemen.

“Assault the police?” Marcos’ka ka ka’ laughed loudly: “This is Imperial Capital, I will give you a bit of face… If you are on the battlefield of Lulai… Soft egg, hehe…”

Marcos laughed loudly, and the soldiers of the Blood Axe battle group behind him also laughed strangely.

They are all elites drawn by Marcos from the Legion field battle in the Lulai Plain, each of them was born to death, and at least seven or eight lives were in his hands…they killed them, but all He is a soldier of the Lucia Empire, but there is no ordinary person!

The so-called arrogant soldier is nothing more than this.

After experiencing a sea of blood, they really look down on these police officers from Imperial Capital.

The police team was in chaos. The mounted policemen on the left and right wings yelled at the same time. They dropped their batons and drew the sabers from their waists.

The mounted police yelled loudly, raising their sabers above their heads and waving them, the blades broke through the air, and they made sharp calls.

Hundreds of police officers also dropped the wooden batons in their hands, pulled out the short guns hung on the armed belt, and aimed at the soldiers of the Blood Axe battle group dozens of feet away.

Marcos eyes shrank, these policemen came prepared.

It stands to reason that the policemen responsible for maintaining law and order, the police equipment they use most often are nothing more than batons and handcuffs. Flintlock and so on are actually not standard equipment for police.

These hundreds of policemen, Qing Yishui’s allotted standard gunpowder, and before they came, they had filled the gunpowder and lead bullets in the gunpowder… These guys, It is already prepared.

Marcos took a deep breath, and then a thick yellow halo spread out under his feet, and instantly enveloped the earth with a radius of 300 feet. The ground buzzed, and a strong gravity suddenly appeared. Hundreds of policemen were completely unprepared, screaming and screaming on the ground impossible to move even a little bit.

“Are you sure you want to do it?” Marcos grabbed the big axe with his backhand behind him, and gently slammed the axe to the ground.

The ground shook, the mounts of the mounted police raised their front hoofs and screamed, and dozens of horses were shocked by the breath released by Marcos, and they were scared to the spot-urine-spitting. , The scene was chaotic for a while.

In the police team, the faces of several police academies leading the team changed.

After all, it is Imperial Capital. Even the knowledge of an ordinary policeman is much better than the hillbillies of other provinces, let alone these police academies?

The earth-yellow aperture at the feet of Marcos is clearly an extraordinary ability that can only be mastered by an extraordinary sixth-order existence!

And the extraordinary sixth order!

Fuck you, the fifth rank is extraordinary, you can get the rank of general in the imperial army. If you have enough credit, the lieutenant general or even the general is not impossible!

And Transcendent Tier 6…

No credit is required. As long as you are willing to join the Imperial Army, you can directly buckle two golden stars on the epaulettes.

As for the extraordinary sixth-order battle strength……

hehe, the police who killed less than a thousand of them are probably just a few breaths, right?

Hundreds of policemen who were crushed on the ground stopped struggling. One by one, they shivered and watched their bodies covered by a layer of earth-yellow halo, burly and majestic like Marcos of Spiritual God, Quite wisely, he closed his mouth.

“Assault the police?” Marcos flicked the handle of the big axe lightly, and said word by word: “No. 150, Qingsong Street, No. 8 is our Boss’s private domain. According to the Imperial Noble Code , We have the right to kill you on the spot!”

In the crowd, cold sweat on the foreheads of several police academies constantly oozes, and their legs are a bit weak.

“Should I kill you?” Marcos grinned, showing two rows of white teeth. The soldiers behind him burst into laughter. Everyone could see that these policemen were all persuaded. Up.

When Marcos led the people to confront the police, Joe had taken a hot bath as quickly as possible, put on a brand new uniform, and put on a full set of badges and medals. The moved towards of a moderate pace came over here.

Across a long distance, Qiao coughed heavily.

The soldiers parted left and right, leaving a road, Joe walked through the crowd with his hands behind his back, said with a sneer: “I just saw a group of’thugs’ in police uniforms broke in The’private house’ of an Imperial Family Hydra badge holder blatantly attacked the guards here.”

“I still don’t understand the privilege of the Imperial Family Hydra badge.” Joe walked to the horse. Next to Coase, looking at the policemen not far in front of him, extend the hand, and vigorously wiped the First Class Wolf Meritorious Medal hanging on his left chest.

Hundreds of police officers stared wide-eyed at the same time, looking at the Level 3 police academy epaulettes on Joe’s shoulders and the first-class wolf merit medal he hung on his chest like hell!

Level 3 Police Academy…This is my own.

First Class Wolf Meritorious Medal… Live to hell, not to mention the silver Wolf Meritorious Medal, even the lower class bronze Sabertooth Wolf Meritorious Medal… the police academy and police present None of the lieutenant, sergeant, and ordinary police have ever obtained it!

Joe is a policeman, his own, and a meritorious policeman!

Those ordinary lieutenants, police officers, and policemen began to whisper, and soon they started to make a loud noise–what the hell was the mission they performed early this morning!

“I still dont know enough about the privileges of the Imperial Family Hydra badge… The booklet that records the privileges of this badge, I havent had time to look at it… Im a humble person, I actually , Does not need the privileges brought by this badge.”

“However, even if this noble badge aside, my name also has the middle name of’Rong’… I am Nobleman, No. 150 8 Qingsong Street. This hundreds of acres of land is my private domain.” Qiao held his hands behind his back and looked calmly at the chaotic policemen in front of him: “You trespass into my domain, I Can you appeal to the Noble House?”

In the crowd, the cold sweat on the foreheads of several police academies has slipped down their cheeks, reached the chin, and got into the shirt… Early in the morning, the sky was still floating Snow, the cold wind blows, and the wet collar brings a bitter chill.

“Even if you are the police, you are trespassing on the private property of a nobleman…Who understands the “Noble Code”? If I file a complaint with the Noble House, what crime is this?”

< p> Immediately behind Qiao, Lan Mujin, who had almost zero sense of presence, coughed: “The police officers present have to perform at least ten years of hard labor… As for the police officers who lead the team, those desert islands on the northern ice sea Welcome to the mine. 20 years of hard labor in mining, this is the least punishment.”

“Of course, our Young Master has the Imperial Family Hydra badge. If he appeals to the House of Nobles, then when sentencing , The judge will definitely consider this factor, and you will probably be punished twice.” Lan Mujin whispered: “Unless you can take it out…”

Qiao looked back Lan Mujin: “Is it possible for them to escape from crime?”

Lan Mujin nodded: “If they have a search warrant issued by the Noble House and the Police Department against an illegal nobleman, then their All the intrusive and subsequent behaviors are…”


A loud noise came from behind the playground, from a building behind a row of landscape forests.

The huge explosive air wave shook the branches and leaves of the landscape forest, and several large and thin landscape forests were cut off by the waist. The 6-Layer tall, long strip building originally used as a teaching building collapsed for a short while in the explosion.

When the explosion sounded, Marcos stepped in front of Joe. Lan Mujin and Lan Platycodon were shielding Joes two wings. There was cold light flashing between Lan Mujins fingers, Lan Kikyo pulled out the short blade directly.

“Enemy attack!” Marcos roared loudly.

In the police team, a Level 3 sergeant raised a short gun and pulled the trigger at Joe who was more than twenty feet away.

‘Boom boom’ with two muffled noises, two large-caliber lead bullets went straight to Joe’s chest.

Marcos right hand suddenly lifted, two lead bullets hit his palm, splashing a little fire star, Marcoss palm was not damaged, and the twisted lead bullet fell heavily to the ground. .

Following the sound of Level 3 sergeant gunshots, a dozen or so prepared policemen pulled the trigger at the same time.

The lead bullets flew randomly, the distance between the two sides was too close. Seven or eight of the soldiers behind Joe were hit by the lead bullets. They just jumped up from the bed, and they were only wrapped in thin shirts. A large group of blood spurted out immediately on his body.

‘boom~ boom~’, Vito’s bodyguards behind Joe fought back.

Compared to the more disciplined soldiers of the Blood Axe, the Vito family’s bodyguards…Where does it matter who is standing opposite?

There are more than one hundred Vito’s guards, each of whom is armed with guns in both hands, and has two barrels of flintlock hair. Amid the intensive gunfire, more than 400 large-caliber lead bullets roared out, and hundreds of policemen fell together.

“Fuck!” Joe yelled.

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