Brave World Chapter 1335

In the short time of fighting just now, An Yizhi is not at all power to fight back. His only progress is to eliminate the defensive walls of the magic ceremony.

As a result, he was beaten up by vomiting blood for three liters, and even the flesh shield was kicked back.

This is An Yizhi, really can’t beat Will?

Not at all.

It has been said many times that the battle can be summarized as a simple intelligence war. The more you know, the more advantageous.

In fact, when Will showed off the soft skin of the Shadow King and the mirror of the water essence, he made up his mind to put on as much as possible the silly equipment on Will.

Otherwise, the current situation may be even worse, especially the mirror of the water spirit will reflect the anti-sky ability of single spell.

“Your life value is approaching the bottom line. I know you have a life-saving sweater and a tablet book to help you through it, but you think about whether it is worth it.”

Well Er said:

“An Yizhi, the cult has never had a head-on conflict with you. It’s not that we are afraid of you, but it’s not necessary. If you want the Book of the Dead, you can send it after the ceremony is over. Here you are, not just the Book of the Dead. All the legendary epic items here can be given to you for nothing. As long as our dreams are achieved, nothing else matters.”

This sentence almost makes An Yizhi has a strong desire to fight back…

Fortunately, reason has defeated greed. The ghost knows whether the cult will keep its promise. Besides, a reality of fantasy creatures running around. The world is too cheating.

An Yizhi struggled to stand up against the wall, and said with an exhausted look:

“Whether you are believing or not, I came back from the future time and space travel. In the future, you The cult’s plan has indeed succeeded.”

If someone else said this, Will of course would not believe it, but the cult knew that An Yizhi had the Eye of Cronus, and time travel came to him. It is not necessarily an impossible thing.

A kind of ecstasy spread in my heart, but Will not at all showed it:

“Since you are returning from the future, then you should also know that the past impossible has been rewritten.”


“Hey, the guy who sent me back didn’t say that.”

He said that he took a pure white crystal from Hela who was in the pocket of the dimension, next moment The eyes of Cronus around An Yizhi light up slightly, and there is a divine might in the casually magical aura, so you can’t look directly at it.

“It’s useless, your Eye of Cronus can really stop time, but it’s not impossible to crack.”

Another dark one in Will’s hand The red ring glows slightly. This is his support. This is a magic ring specially made by the sect according to An Yizhi’s ability. It can resist the effects of one time, just to deal with Cronus. The eye.

“Fool, who said I should stop using time?”

The nether shadow cult does know a lot about An Yizhi, but they certainly can’t know too detailed item descriptions.

The time stop on the Eye of Cronus is an ability that can only be used in dungeon mode. An Yizhi came to Skull Island this time not at all through the dungeon function, so the time stop ability cannot be used .

Therefore, what An Yizhi activates is another ability of the Eye of Kronos, time backtracking.

Except for Will, who was not affected in any way under the protection of the ring, the whole picture was quickly reversed as if it were upside down, the shattered ground returned to its original shape, and the wounds on An Yizhi’s body healed quickly. Disappeared, even the stupid big sister who was kicked back into the sky Sacred Domain reappears with a dazed look.

The divine force crystal that Qiu gave him allows An Yizhi to truly control the Eye of Cronus. Since he chose to look back in the area instead of letting himself go back, the energy of the divine force crystal is limited, only Can go back a few minutes ago.

This is enough.

“What the hell is this…?”

There is no time to explain to this stupid big sister, she is unharmed, and all the skill cooldowns are restored to the state before the battle. Yizhi shook his neck:

“Let’s continue.”

Tone barely fell, and Will, who was obviously ten meters ahead, disappeared again.

An Yizhi of course knows that he must be attacking him at a very fast speed, so fast that even the stupid big sister can’t keep up.

But including Will’s previous words to persuade An Yizhi, this shows that Will also consumes a lot of physical strength. After all, his level is still too low, even if there are a lot of good equipment. The increase can achieve certain advantages, and the inherent defect of low grade will not change.

Now his hole cards are all out, and the information is transparent, but he thought that An Yizhi, who was forced to a dead end, was in full condition. Even the skill CD was directly cooled. Instead, he was forced to a dead end. The situation is not good for him, so he wants to launch an attack before An Yizhi can use the intelligence he has just obtained in the fight to his advantage.

For Will, the distance of 10 meters can be passed by a flash, and An Yizhi has no time to use any spell.

But An Yizhi is not only available for spell.

He jumped to the rear left, and a group of shadows condensed and formed in front of An Yizhi, raising the knife to slash.

It was obvious that An Yizhi’s head could be cut off with force, but Will suddenly had a bad premonition, especially when he saw An Yizhi’s face with a smirk of’you have been fooled’.


Not waiting for Will to do anything, a strong explosion spread between the two of them, and the powerful negative energy blasted them both far away. .

It was a negative blast activated by annihilating the spell stone.

Even with the shadow king’s soft skin, the negative energy is essentially different from the shadow energy, and the shadow king’s soft skin is not particularly effective in magic defense.

Wil rolled a few times on the ground, and then he stopped his slumping forcefully with his legs, and felt tingling pains under his chest.

He was blown off a rib, thanks to the soft skin protection of the Shadow King, otherwise it would not be a problem that can be solved by a rib.

And An Yizhi was supported by the silly big sister, and casually threw the vitality technique on the body, which looked like a okay person.

“The physical attack is indeed higher for you, but the magical defense is better for me. There is a kind of you come back and see who will die first.”

This is an objective fact.

After all, An Yizhi’s equipment provides a lot of magic defense, and the magic resistance provided by the colorful cloak. Anyway, it can’t stop Will from getting close. It’s better to use perish together and avoid it. The reflection effect of the mirror of water spirit.

On the other hand, Will, his health bar is not necessarily as much as An Yizhi, and the magic defense is even more incomparable. If the damage like negative blasting is repeated once or twice, Will can only kneel. Up.

If you want to cause damage to An Yizhi, you must get close, and once you get close, you may suffer more damage.

This is simply an unsolvable problem. In other words, even if most people are confident in their magic defensive power, they probably won’t lose spells and blow themselves up. This is a blind zone of thinking. I have to say that An Yizhi sometimes starts with Really ruthless.

Will is a little hesitant, but his task is to procrastinate anyway. At worst, he hangs far away.

I just made a decision in my heart, I just listened to An Yizhi who said again:

“If you don’t come, then I will pass.”

Talking about him Tugged the silly big sister angel, motioned her to stay where she was, and then rushed all the way with the staff.

This picture is indeed weird. The generally speaking mages were anxious to get away from the melee, but they rushed up for the first time.

Knowing that this guy relies on his own magical defenses to be high, at worst playing perish together, but Will still has to brace oneself to block An Yizhi, because letting him go forward will let the ceremony enter the range Up.

Wil in front of him disappeared again, An Yizhi saw a cloud of shadows flying out of the air on the left quickly, without hesitation at all:

“Self-propelled blasting spider!”

10 spiders that were all fire damage crawled out and detonated at the same time.

The damage of the D-class spell is not high, and the self-propelled blasting spider cannot be upgraded. This one only makes Will feel a little burning, but it does not get in the way.

He immediately raised his dagger and stabbed it towards the center of the flame. When the Thousand Bladed Knife broke through the flame, he saw that An Yizhi had an ancient book with a four-color metal cover. .

It is the Scripture of the Elves.

“Blue Flame Break!”

Will hides and even reflects back in the mirror of water spirit when cast from a long distance, but now with his face close to his face, Lan Yan breaks The blue Fireball that was manufactured hits the ground under the feet of the two vertically.

This is the B-level attack spell in the Fire Element chapter in the elven scripture. Like the Fireball Technique, this thing will explode, and it will explode quite cool.

A huge blue Fireball with a diameter of 15 meters suddenly rises from the floor, and the explosion in a closed environment makes the explosion deafening like a thunderbolt on a sunny day.

The terrifying sound waves and shock waves are even a little hard for the silly big sister angel to resist. She covered her ears with her hands and fanned her wings so hard that she was not blown away.

The biggest difference between Lanyanpao and Fireball Technique is that in addition to exploding, it also shrinks.

When the flame expands to its limit, the blue flame begins to compress and explode again.

This wing doesn’t work anymore. The silly big sister angel was blown directly to the other side of the hall.

And the two An Yizhi and Will who were in the center of the explosion…

An Yizhi was fine. He immediately activated the effect of the Annealing Chapter to protect himself from Lan Yan broke the damage, but Will couldn’t tell.

The first explosion was definitely a hit, but the second time it was estimated not at all.

When the blue fire powder dissipated, An Yizhi saw Will, who was covered in flesh and blood and smelled of barbecue, still attacked himself reluctantly.

At this time, it must be too late to cast the spell. He can only activate the effect of the solidification ring.

Frozen by the invisible power, Will also activated Titan’s bracers. The sudden surge of power made the solidification ring unable to control him, but because of the momentary stiffness, An Yizhi won a little Casting time.

“Spell penetration: Bigby’s assault punch!”

As soon as he lifted his hold and before he had time to dig out the mirror of the water spirit, Will met a man who was so tall Standing fist, before he could use the power of Titan’s bracers, he was struck by Bigby, including the stand fist and himself into the opposite wall.

To be honest, Will can hold An Yizhi for such a long time is good, even if his equipment is very luxurious, but An Yizhi’s equipment is obviously not bad.

Beating Feiwei Will, An Yizhi turned to face the Ceremony direction, planning to send Bigby to smash the palm to end it all.

However, next moment, the rays of light pool below the altar burst out with powerful power fluctuations, and a beam of light suddenly rose up……

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