Brave World Chapter 1336

The strong light is like a sharp sword across the field of vision. Under its strong light, everything around it becomes dim.

This is the self-protection ability of the eyes, which reduces the loss of the retina caused by strong light, but it feels like not at all.

The huge energy that is difficult to count exploded. The mages of the four nether shadow cults responsible for the ceremony were instantly vaporized without even saying a word. The thick rock slab above their heads could not interact with this energy. Contend, it melts through all things blocking the road, and rushes straight to the sky.

This is much stronger than the combination of An Yizhi using magic ray or bursting magic and magic wand, or the two sides simply have no comparability, and the size is roughly equivalent to the real atomic bomb and the burning of the new year festival node. A gap as big as firecrackers.

A touch of purple dark power appeared in the bright white beam, and at the same time, it made the beam seem to be attached with a layer of weird purple paint. Distorted and painful faces appeared on it, making this The light beam looks like a toothpaste of evil taste.

The silly big sister angel fell on the side of An Yizhi with a pale face, clinging to his cloak corner, maybe this would bring her a little sense of security.

Exterior creatures like angels and demons are more sensitive to energy than mortals. She clearly feels the powerful force in the beam, and can burn anyone as scattered ashes and dispersed without any pressure. smoke.

Furthermore, she also perceives the breath of the light beam earlier than An Yizhi, who belongs to a mortal.


That is not a god, nor is it the divinity of a number of gods. It is innumerable, and the number is large enough to destroy the angel’s senses by the crude divinity.

For a while, the light beam entwined with the ominous purple magic seems to be diminishing in brightness. It should be more condensed to describe it more appropriately.

Its main tone of bright white began to change, and its shape changed to bright green.

Finally, at a speed that no one can react, it turned into a small mountain crouching state, with cyan-green skin all over, and only a one-eyed orc.

Because I saw it once a while ago, An Yizhi almost immediately realized that this guy was Divine Spark Ushi, the master of the orcs.

There is no gleam in his eyes that represents reason, and the dimness also means that he is a dead thing.

Of course, this guy must be dead, he is a divine corpse pulled out by the book of the dead.

After that, he made a lifting motion, and the whole mountain trembled under the strength of his soul.

The rock pan uttered a harsh scream, and a crack appeared neatly on the top of the head.

An Yizhi wakes up like a dream, and then he realizes that he has fallen on the ground at some point, and there is a silly big sister who is also in a sluggish state next to him.

Depending on the situation, this hall is too small for Gewush, and he seems to want to stand up.

Know that everyone’s location is under the mountain, in a cave drawn out of the mountain!

Wheel-sized stones dropping from the sky, mixed with sharp-edged gravel, An Yizhi quickly raised his left hand when he saw this:

“Wall of Force!”

A standing wall blocked the heads of him and the silly big sister angel, and then there was a crackling sound, and the scattered rocks quickly buried them.

And Gewush did not intend to stop his movements, his hands and legs continued to exert force, the whole mountain was covered by him, and it looked relaxed, like turning on a rice cooker. The lid of the pot is as simple as that, but what he lifted up was a whole mountain!

The outdoor air mixed with sunlight into the mountain within the body, An Yizhi dragged the a little stupid big sister angel from the pile of rocks. Fortunately, the number of rocks that fell was not too much. The force wall technique is really unlikely to resist.

He squinted his eyes and looked in the direction of Gewush, only to find that Gewush had changed again.

Sometimes the head of a female dark elf grew on his left shoulder. It was a very beautiful elf, but it was placed on the body of the orc, which looked very strange.

This is not the end, but just the beginning.

Gewush’s body began to show more and more weird limbs, including humans, dwarves, dwarfs, and even dragon claw, and many people couldn’t recognize it. so on weird organ.

These are all gods, or gods who were once gods but are now corpses.

It didn’t take long before the original Greenskin Orc Gewush turned into a huge mass of indescribable strange flesh. You can’t tell which is its head because there are too many heads. It is also impossible to distinguish his feet or hands, not only are there many, but they even grow long tentacles.

This is a monster that is not just in name only, but also in reality. It is a monster that is pieced together with divine corpse, profanity, terrifying, and can’t describe any of the strongest words.

An Yizhi reached out to touch Hela, who was only showing her head in her pocket, intending to let her explain what the hell was.

It turned out that Hella was motionless, just as if it broke down.

For the perceptive Hela or the angel, they clearly realize how terrifying the monster in front of them, divine might and terrible occupy all consciousness, and compared with the angels of alien creatures, Hela’s artificial soul cannot withstand such a big impact, and her self-protection mechanism is activated, so it will be in a shutdown, similar to a coma.

For the dull mortal, the monster in front of him will not have much influence on him, because the mortal cannot understand and imperceptible to how scary this thing is and how it shouldn’t exist, maybe this It’s similar to newborn calves do not fear tigers.

An Yizhi stuffed her into the dimension pocket, thinking what to do.

If there is such a big noise, the big guys from Mortal World should also be here?

In fact, those big guys are all going out to watch theaters, and now they have started distributing popcorn…

“hahahaha, I made it! We made it!”

A burst of mad laughter came from the other end, An Yizhi saw the uncontrollable ecstasy on Will’s face covering his wound.

This guy is not killed by gravel.

“Resent! Continue resenting! This power will crush the existence of the gods, all the gods will fall into the mortal world, and you will no longer be able to aloof and remote! You will be as easy as mortals. Kill! hahahahaha!”

He looked towards An Yizhi as if he had lost his mind:

“An Yizhi, you stopped too late! Too late! It’s already Can’t stop it! No one can fight it, you can’t! You can’t! hahahahahaha!”

The big men of Mortal World didn’t appear. An Yizhi alone really couldn’t stop it. His battle strength is diverse. Universe World can indeed be regarded as the number one player, but it can only be regarded as a third-rate player. Compared with true powerhouse, the gap is not a little bit.

But ah…

An Yizhi suddenly got a little bit of energy. He felt that Will’s laughter made him very upset.

“The longer I have been in the multi-universe world, the more I feel that the power of mortals is limited. No matter how hard we work, we can’t fight against the gods. Even more how multi-universe world still exists. There are so many ruthless characters that even the gods dare not provoke. Yes, I don’t deny your actions to expel the gods, and even think that it might be better if the gods do not exist. At least half of the disputes in this world need what The god sitting on the nine heavens is in charge.”

Will seems to have recovered a trace of reason, he said solemnly:

“What do you want to say?”

An Yizhi pushed away the silly big sister and signaled her to stay away:

“The power of mortals has limits. If you want to break through the limits, unless you surpass mortals…”

He said that he flew towards the monster composed of divine corpse:

“I am not a man!”

At this time, he is still in the mood to play…

Maybe this is a funny comparison that will not change.

Deep red waves erupted from An Yizhi in midair, and in the blink of an eye the red rays of light completely covered it, and the light was still expanding rapidly.


The fierce gale blows away, and the dragon’s roar is deafening.

A dragon that seems to have the characteristics of a red dragon, but does not know or can say that it has no rules at all, rushes out of that red light.

Deep awakening, this is An Yizhi’s most trump card.

At this moment, the strength of Dragon and the power of the true ancestor of Blood Race are all activated, and the part that belongs to the mortal has been completely hidden.

An Yizhi incarnation’s Dragon Race belongs to the high-level Dragon Race. The dragon’s aura spreads out in an instant, and even the wriggling divine corpse has a momentary pause.

He opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, casually aiming at a head that didn’t know what god it was, and sprayed out almost like a solid flame. It was the fire of a red dragon, but Mixed with the power of the true ancestor of the vampire.

raging flames completely surround the divine corpse. It is said that the raging flames that can burn up time lick any combustibles inch by inch, but An Yizhi is not satisfied, it never means to stop.

This breath alone is enough to burn scattered ashes and smoke dispersed by monsters above Level 50. Even a 60-70 big shot will be seriously injured, but such a powerful attack But not at all how much effect.

A female arm passed through the wall of fire, and with a wave of it, a storm blew up. The wind pressure caused the flames to quickly dissipate like flying powder, and almost fanned the end of An Yizhi incarnation. Dragon.

The latter quickly stopped breathing and stirred his wings to rise quickly.

After deep awakening, An Yizhi could not move and operate, he could only guide the target a little bit, and the rest was watching the show.

But he also knew that since the red dragon’s breath was useless, the next step was his strongest attack.

In the sky I don’t know when a purple black crack was opened, and a diamond-shaped carapace appeared from the inside. It was as huge as a mountain, and it didn’t seem to be much smaller than the monster composed of divine corpse.

Immediately the diamond-shaped carapace opened, and a pair of magic eyes were placed in the but pink muscle tissue. They turned up and down, staring at the monster composed of divine corpse.

At that moment, the monster’s body appeared stiff, but the effect of the dark Demon King’s gaze was nothing more.

The size of the monster is growing rapidly, even faster than the speed of the dragon flying.

A green fist belonging to an orc quickly zoomed in in An Yizhi’s field of vision. The dragon he had incarnation had no time to dodge, and was hit in a circle, just like a tennis ball. Hit the ground with a sound.

The dragon let out a short mournful cry, and was immediately enveloped by the red light, and finally turned back to An Yizhi.

Deep awakening was forcibly lifted, and An Yizhi also dropped two levels directly because of using deep awakening, plus he was given 4 hours of weakness debuff.

“cough cough…Mom sells batches, how is this all right?”

An Yizhi coughed twice, and An Yizhi felt his whole body fall apart.

A strong batch of divine fruit, the breath just now and the gaze of the dark Demon King did not cause any harm.

It’s not that the output of Breath and Gaze of the Dark Demon King is not strong enough, but that God has a divine force shield.

This is not a knockoff similar to the divine force shield of the hybrid, but the real original version.

Even if they are dead, there are only corpses, but God is God, and he will not change because he is dead.

No matter what the attack is, as long as it hits it, it will be weakened and even immune.

He struggled to find out the blood of Luoshanda given by Qiu Ge. The gentle Sun God force is quickly repairing his body, and it only takes a breath to return to the state of victory.

But it’s useless to return to a state of victory. Mortals can’t fight against gods. This is common sense in Multi-Universe World.

If the gods descend in the form of saints, or possess their bodies, they will be that’s all. At that time, they are not gods. The effect of the divine force shield is also very weak, although it is still strong. Fuck, but not an unbeatable existence.

The divine corpse in front of An Yizhi is a real god, and it is composed of multiple gods. The strength of the divine force shield will be unprecedented.

You can never kill a true god, unless you are also a god.

This seems to be the truth that has been concluded, but…

Multiple Universe World is a world that creates miracles. The most indispensable thing is special cases, even if you exclude the ancient elves. It’s still the same as perverted.

As a mortal, but full of hatred of God, can you only rely on imagination for revenge at this time?

Of course not, so God Killing Arms was born.

An Yizhi took out a dagger from the pocket of the dimension. The dagger seemed to be knocked twice on the flat iron sheet, not to mention selling it, even if it was thrown on the ground, no one would pick it up.

But it was this simple dagger that burst out with a strong magical aura as soon as it left the dimension pocket.

Its strength instantly surpasses the epic rank, it is a legendary weapon, a god-killing weapon.

“Zariman’s dagger! It is in your hand!”

Will was surprised, but An Yizhi did not at all care about him, but gently let go of his grip Hands.

next moment, the dagger flew out of An Yizhi’s palm and stab at the incomparable gigantic divine corpse monster like someone controlled it.

The divine force shield that cannot be broken even by the breath of the red dragon in the deep awakening state and the gaze of the dark Demon King, but kneeling on the edge of this simple dagger to acknowledge allegiance, the dagger is like cutting tofu Similarly, those with no difficulty left a huge wound on the divine corpse, mixed together, and the multi-colored divine blood was sprinkled immediately.

Of course An Yizhi didn’t stay idle either. He regained control of the Dragon Wings to fly. His left hand kept gesticulating spellcasting gestures. A circle of brilliant magic arrays formed under his feet, but the area rapidly expanded to The limit of vision.

“summon: Yanfeng Titan!”

This is the second time An Yizhi uses the seven rings that come with his robe to form a formation. The first time I use it, I need it Draw it yourself on the ground, and now with the help of the magic wand, you can avoid the trouble of portraying the array. The Yanfeng Titan can be instantaneous like Graeme, but this thing consumes too much magic power. An Yizhi generally does not Will use it.

But in the first Peak Battle of Supremacy, Yanfeng Titan can appear as a killing move, and now…

It is not very qualified as a meat shield, only Said to be a target that attracts targets.

Zariman’s dagger launched frantically around the divine corpse, cutting one knife after another, really like a huge rock giant climbing out of the array like a mountain.



It sounds like a bolt from the blue sky, and the shocking ear hurts.

The Rock Peak Titan faced the divine corpse monster without fear. However, such a huge stone giant was staggered by a tentacle that was not as thick as its fingers, and his left arm was forcibly. interrupt.

Alchemy creatures do not feel fear. Their goal is to completely obey orders. An Yizhi’s order against it is to attack, so unless it dies, it will never stop.

The Rock Peak Titan rushed into the side of the divine corpse monster and hit it with the only remaining arm, but it was almost overturned by the rebounding force.

The difference in level or blunt is that the difference in strength is too big. Yanfeng Titan has only Level 50. No matter how hard it works, it will not break the defense at all.

And this one was also captured by the many limbs of the divine corpse monster. Accompanied by the sound of rock cracking, the huge rock peak Titan was completely torn apart by it.

Because it is a creature from Summon, when Rock Peak Titan dies, it will not leave any stones, but will only turn into a huge white light.

It seems that An Yizhi’s huge magic summon has no effect, but its mission has been well accomplished.

That is to help An Yizhi buy time.

—— Snap

The crisp clapping sound resounded abruptly throughout the audience, and golden’s square formation quickly emerged around the divine corpse monster in an instant, completely enclosing it .

God is indeed invincible, especially God who appears in a complete posture. This is the common sense and truth of the multi-universe world.

But it is not only God-killing arms that create miracles, but mortals also have their own power to complete the Legendary of God-killing.

This person is Nicolai, and the spell he used to kill the gods is now passed on to An Yizhi.

“12-chain alchemy explosion!”

There are more and more magic cubes, and they start to rotate. They decompose everything in the space from the atomic level, not so much an explosion , More like dissociation.

It can ignore the divine force shield of the deity and all the characteristics of the deity. As long as it hits, it can only resist.

Golden’s magic square shrinks quickly, trying to decompose the substances in the range, but this step is very difficult, An Yizhi’s forehead also has layers of sweat, as if he is following something through the air Things are the same.

Finally, the Rubik’s Cube burst with a snap, turning into golden pieces and disappearing into the air.

The 12-chain alchemy explosion is indeed a spell that can kill the gods, but the problem is that An Yizhi is still too weak.

Compared to an ordinary person, he is really strong, but compared to a true powerhouse, he is still too weak. Even a 12-chain alchemy explosion cannot make up for this gap.

Continuously use the huge might spell, but An Yizhi’s magic is not bottomed out. At this time, I feel the emptiness in bursts.

It’s gone, it’s gone, I really have it.

With retreat in his heart, An Yizhi even began to consider that it would not be a bad thing to run fantasy creatures all over the earth in the future…

At this time, the monster composed of divine corpse I finally became interested in An Yizhi, or it was passively beaten several times, and now I see that An Yizhi is also an explosion of luck.

A tentacle dropping from the sky, An Yizhi has no time to dodge.

The starlight cloak used to dodge attacks cannot be used because his magic power has fallen to a very dangerous level. In an emergency, An Yizhi can only activate the ability on the earrings:

” Shield of justice!”

A shield with a scale pattern appeared in front of An Yizhi. It took the lead to meet the thrown tentacles, and an irresistible force passed over, and he was like flying. Was knocked out like a baseball.

But before he could fly far away, another arm belonging to a human male swung down again. It seems that he intends to cut weeds and eliminate the roots.

“Blood Shield!”

This is Absolute Defense, sacrificing half of the life value, which belongs to the life-saving blood magic of the ancestor.

The blood spit out from his mouth quickly formed a shield in front of An Yizhi, and with a bang, he fell straight to the ground, even smashing a large pit more than two meters deep, and the whole person was embedded in it.

To be honest, it’s not surprising that he killed him this time.

In a daze, An Yizhi felt a warm force trying to repair his damaged body. He opened his eyes and saw the stupid big sister angel desperately applying healing spells to him.

divine corpse monstrous has almost lost interest in An Yizhi, it is still attacked by Zariman’s dagger, but it has almost no practical effect.

The magic wand fell not far away, falling like a pool of divine blood sprinkled from the wound cut by Zariman’s dagger, and it seemed not at all to break.

An Yizhi looked down. The life-saving sweater he wore under the robe had broken into a ball of yarn. If it hadn’t been blocked by the life-saving sweater just now, the damage from the landing would be enough to make An Yizhi return to the city. Resurrected.

The silly big sister angel saw An Yizhi eyes opened, and quickly helped him up:

“This is not your opponent I can deal with, I will take you away.”

It’s rare for her to be serious once.

But she’s right. This is really not an enemy An Yizhi can deal with. Even the batch of powerhouses from the diversified Universe World cream of the crop can only gather the power of everyone to deal with it. A singlehanded job, even if it is stronger than Nicholas, can only hate it on the spot.

An Yizhi did not say anything against it. It can be said that after trying to stop the failure, he has no hope. Anyway, he can’t beat it, so he will go offline and prepare to deal with the multi-universe. The chaos caused by the appearance of the monster of World after the earth.

Just when the stupid big sister just helped An Yizhi up, the magic wand that fell in the divine blood suddenly floated.

An Yizhi knows very clearly that he has not given any instructions to the magic wand. When he was strange, the magic wand changed.

The deformation mechanism of its whole body is moving frantically, as if it is trying to turn out all the internal mechanical structures. Gears, machine brackets, clockwork, etc., are all displayed invisible internal mechanisms. Came out.

In the end, the magic wand became a rice-shaped thing floating in the air. In the center of it, you can see a metal like a small jar with the size of a thumb. I don’t know what it is. meaning.

An Yizhi was puzzled, and immediately received a prompt from system.

【Divine blood is detected, the enemy is identified as a deity. ]

[Trial type of anti-god armed, five-type magic wand-meteorite is fully unblocked, fifth ability, anti-god mode activated]


Although this staff has the title of’arming the gods’ and the fifth ability has never been revealed, An Yizhi feels that this name is more likely to be just to pretend to be forced. The ghost knows Nicolai actually installed it with the ability to be amazing.

As soon as the system hint fell, An Yizhi saw that the sky seemed to darken, and it was definitely not an illusion caused by excessive blood loss.

At that moment, the originally clear sky turned into a dark night, and you could even see countless stars dotted on the firmament.

next moment, the stars blinked, and inadvertently, a ball of starlight dropping from the sky hit the monster composed of divine corpse.

Obviously, no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t break the defense, but the place where the starlight hit revealed a big and bloody hole, as if it had melted.

Inexplicably, An Yizhi suddenly popped a word in his mind.

Pole Star Jue Chen.

This legendary item, which has been a mystery since its opening, is specially designed to deal with the gods’ weapons of death. In combination with Qiu Ge’s words, Nicolai may be very familiar with a certain Demoness, and An Yizhi himself from the very beginning is probably the insurance prepared by a certain Demoness…

I don’t have to wait for him to consider anything, Starlight after starlight fell from the sky, mixed with roar that penetrates the soul, and the world in An Yizhi’s eyes is a bright white……

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