Brave World Chapter 1337

An Yizhi felt like he was being tricked. Although he learned from Brother Qiu before he crossed back that he was being tricked, and he was tricked from the very beginning, he still Want to complain.

From the magical mechanism rod to An Yizhi’s hand, or when he obtained the Sand of Time in the trial of the Star Tower, maybe he was already caught when he first saw Nicholas The routine is done, the arrangement is perfectly clear.

So as expected, ginger is still hot, this game is really too big.

There is nothing but a vast expanse of whiteness in front of him. An Yizhi can only think about this to pass the time, and then he finds…

It seems silent?

The falling Power of Stars not only has dazzling light and shadow effects, but also has strong sound effects. Even after An Yizhi complained about it for a while, the sound effects are gone?

He was puzzled, but found that his original state of bloodskins left on the verge of death had completely recovered at some point, as if he had never been injured.

Silly big sister’s treatment spell is so good?

Then he turned his head and looked towards the surroundings. That fellow Will was completely gone. He should have ran away, and he ran super fast.

But compared to Will, he found that the silly big sister angel is as motionless as a statue.

This shocked him, and immediately realized something more unusual.

Everything around is as if frozen. This feeling is not unfamiliar. This is the effect when the time he uses the Eye of Cronus stops. The difference is that not at all becomes black and white.

“Good job, An Yizhi.”

He looked in the direction of the sound source, only to see a guy in a cloak emerging from the air, the surface looked not at All is special, that cloak is not a magic item, just a normal cloak used to protect against sand and rain.

But his face makes An Yizhi feel very familiar…

Wait? Isn’t this fuck my face?

The man glanced up and down An Yizhi, and then said very proudly:

“My face is handsome.”

“… …”

How do you say? An Yizhi’s mood is quite complicated.

“Who are you? Why do you use my appearance? Are you the me who came back from the future?”

“Your imagination is too rich. This is My original appearance, can you blame me for my appearance?”

The man approached An Yizhi, hearing this stopped and said:

“I appeared because you completed the task , Do the rest of the finishing work, don’t worry, time is stopped by me, and I will clean up the mess of the nether shadow cult.”

Time stops…

An Yizhi suddenly remembered that Qiu Ge said that there are nine other sacred relics of the same level as the Book of the Dead. Among them, there is a’deed of time’ that can control time, and the deed of time is in the hands of a Demoness, so…

“Yes, I am a certain Demoness, and my surname is Ann. Emmmmm… It is troublesome to explain all of them, so I will focus on the main point, let’s put it this way, I am your ancestor.”


Not to mention the authenticity of this sentence, how does An Yizhi sound like he is cursing.

He was about to ask, and the person opposite continued:

“I will send you out now, if you have any questions, please go back and ask your wife, although she knows It’s not much.”

He said and compared with a seal, An Yizhi saw a group of white light lit up under him, which was very similar to the white light transmitted by the system.

“By the way, this is for you.”

The man threw another book over, and it fell into An Yizhi’s hands lightly.

It’s a printed book five centimeters thick. It looks like the one bought in a bookstore, but the cover says “Simple and understandable modern magic, even monkeys can cast spells. Series Hardcover’.

“I will send the physical book to you by courier. Don’t worry, I know you are too lazy to get the door. I will put the words “Don’t leave the station, the station refuses to accept” on the express bill.”


Is there such a strong sense of life?

Things are developing too fast just like a derailed train. An Yizhi didn’t realize what was happening, so he slipped away.

Immediately he realized an important problem.

Not to mention Will who has already run away, the nether shadow cult used a large number of legends and epic items for the ceremony, and the book of the dead. These things must be in the vicinity, An Yizhi has not had time to clean the battlefield!

But now it is too late to say that, he was taken away by the teleported white light before An Yizhi could speak.

From the point of view of asking for money and scraping the ground, this man is indeed the ancestor of An Yizhi.

——The upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked.

There seems to be nothing wrong with this description?


If there are books, it is long, and if there are no books, it is short.

Time flies by in a flash. The so-called time flies by like a white horse. In short, many months have passed.

Are you familiar? Yes, I have used these words before the two Peak competitions, and they have not changed much…

Since the incident on Skull Island, several times have passed even in reality. Months.

Whether it’s a multi-universe world or on the earth, few people know how much trouble the two worlds almost caused, and the only ones who know the whole thing and participated in it are An Yizhi and his slave An ancestor who doesn’t pay attention to the root.

Leave aside reality, although the multi-dimensional Universe World is still rising winds and scudding clouds during this period, the major event that threatens the entire world will not appear.

After the Skull Island incident, the demon army that was originally entrenched under the Heavenly Sword Mountain vein also seemed to have received some news, and each minding their own business retreated, maybe the Lord Udark hiding in the abyss Grazt really knows something.

Without the devil, the alliance agreement between the Sadmir League and Lopwen has not been completely lifted. The two sides have maintained a friendly trade relationship. As for how long will it last…

It depends on how long the mainland and western cities can survive under the iron hoof of Lopwen.

Speaking of Lapuwen, Julian was like a hot knife through butter during this period of time. After a series of killings and brilliant wrists, many powerful nobles in the Lapuwen Council When he was overthrown, even the nobles made crooked tricks under the crisis, planning to flee to Western countries with their money.

I don’t know true or false, but this incident was used by Julian as a weapon to attack opponents. The public’s trust in the parliamentary faction fell to a freezing point for a while. It is very likely that this group of nobles would go out without bodyguards. Rotten eggs thrown by ordinary people.

In name only, Julian has basically completely controlled the entire Lopwen, becoming a veritable City Lord.

At present, Lapuwen is doing its best to deal with the western city-states, whether it is soft or tough, and the territory is expanding step by step. It is estimated that the Lapuwen Empire will soon be established.

Looking at the Sadmir League area, although it is an alliance in name, the reaction speed is far from that of Lopwen. Basically, the cities are still fighting on their own. Once Lopwen is unified In the area west of Heavenly Sword Mountain, the next step is to deal with the Sadmir area.

So many players who saw this started their own calculations early on, whether they were standing in a team or looking for a task to do, it was very lively.

After the demons retreated, the city of Xinnaua resumed its construction work, and has started to work on the iron stone that was prepared for An Yizhi. This is not only the promised reward, but also an investment. , After all, everyone knows how important a big man is on his side, and he can see that Lopuwen is very ambitious. Nothing right now does not mean that nothing will happen in the future. It is advantageous to prepare early.

North of New Naua, across the prairie, the dwarven city of Comoria has just withstood the largest wave of orcs in history, apart from this, they are still below the city An entire super-large ore vein was dug in the tunnel of. For this completely independent city, these two are the latest big news.

Compared with other cities, Yamen City is more calm and tranquil. The bad luck egg City Lord abducted is not very good politically, but the people’s livelihood is really good, but There are rumors that the City Lord is secretly contacting players and adventurer, trying to re-establish his authority, and once sent someone to invite An Yizhi to dinner at the house, but few players are willing to talk to him.

The main reason is that the price code is inappropriate.

The city of Kansuo further south has ushered in a sea wave. The players who go to the sea territory are not counted. The sea people are more alert to the threat of the silent Sea Territory and increase the land The city’s trade volume has obtained a lot of urgently needed military materials.

Although from the perspective of the common people, the marine territories have not changed much, but the number of professional soldiers on patrol seems to have increased.

Anyway, An Yizhi not at all, who occasionally went to the Pearl City to find Lena for equipment, found something special.

By the way, the dark elf girl Viconia set off again. She got on the truck heading to the Murloc City, and planned to come to a sea clan territory to break through. This girl who likes to travel still keeps her own way. hobby.

After the Skull Island incident, Elvia flew back to the island of the Dragon Realm branch with Nidia, and begged the blue dragon Orosent to let Nidia also Come and help take care of the young dragon.

It is said that she is doing very well now. There is no need to worry about being demolished by Nicholas, and there is no need to worry about other wizards with harboring malicious intentions, but every time she prepares a meal for the young dragon, she has a headache. After all, the dragon’s The appetite is huge.

John’s situation is similar to that of Nitya. Because An Yizhi strongly opposed her going out for a trip, she chose to become an official lecturer at the Magic Academy. Although it is unlikely that she will pay too many students in combat, she The theoretical knowledge is rich, especially the change and the spell with Demon Sect, and the thief playing.

The two apprentices, Lena and George, happened to be graduating soon, and because they knew John well, they kept her hoping to learn more.

But John is not at all dissatisfied. In her own words, this is called’the feeling of being dependent is so good’.

At the same time, among the newly enrolled freshmen, there is a discipline who claims to be a great alchemist created by heaven and earth, and her name is Ophelia. Regardless of the somewhat weird behavior and catchphrase, because An Yizhi greeted her in particular, no one in the entire Academy dared to mess with her. Although this also resulted in her few friends, Ophelia didn’t care about it, and she didn’t have time to maintain it. The relationship of friends, if it is hard work, she can definitely be in the forefront.

Jeskod is definitely agreeing with John’s coming to be Teacher. There are too few wizards willing to be Teacher, and they can only rely on him to fool around. There is such an initiative Coolie… I mean Teacher, he must be very happy.

Although it is still a headache for An Yizhi’s troubles from time to time.

——Isn’t the teacher supposed to wipe students’ butts?

But Nicolai has never been able to watch An Yizhi. He is still running around in the Multi-Universe World, hoping to find a way to resurrect An Yizhi’s senior brothers. This is difficult and almost impossible. .

But the multi-universe world has always been a place to create miracles, so Nicolai was not discouraged at all. He was crazy and he was left with such an obsession.

Because of An Yizhi’s intrusion, the lives of these aborigines have changed somewhat. As for whether it is good or bad, only oneself knows.

Just for the nether shadow cult, this is certainly not a good thing.

Since then, An Yizhi has never heard of the traces of the nether shadow cult. These guys just evaporate in place. Maybe they are lurking and lurking deeper. Prepare Wait for the next’ten thousand years’ and think of other ways to continue doing things.

After talking for a long time, what about our protagonist An Yizhi?

Well, he is getting married.

Although he has done such a magnificent thing to save the world and save two worlds, his wedding is still nothing special. Normally life is still playing games and collecting rent.

In order to prevent the’boyfriend’s seat’ from being empty, An Yizhi posted an invitation half a month in advance, and everyone in his friend list received each one.

As a result, there are quite a few people who came here. Seven Star Apple Tea, they all came, pen, ink, paper and inkstone also sent gifts, and even the trio of traffic lights on the other side of the earth was sitting. The plane came over. It is said that they are planning to take a graduation trip, and coming to attend An Yizhi’s wedding is a good way to go.

An Yizhi also saw a guy who looked a lot like him appeared near the venue, with a blond beauty beside him, but disappeared in a flash, making him feel that he might have been too tired. illusion.

The only thing that makes An Yizhi wonder is that the girl next to Apple Tea is too short. It is said that it is his girlfriend, who looks like a schoolboy. With the courage of apple tea, I feel that it is very likely to be a legitimate loli. I can’t see that apple tea is actually good.

Of course, Brave Invincible and Liliyuan Shangcao are among the visitors.

The Brave Invincible grabbed the seat of Tu Hongyu’s best man. Liliyuan also wanted to be a best man, but An Yizhi felt that this man was too handsome, and being a best man would easily steal his spotlight.

As a bridesmaid, Liu Lina said that if Liliyuan Shangcao is willing to be a bridesmaid, she can let it out…

Getting married feels more tiring than fighting. This It’s as it should be by rights, so it’s as simple as getting a certificate.

But after a long time, I finally got the ceremony done. All that’s left is to carry the Sprite bottle “toast” among the guests, and finally it can come to an end.

At this time, An Yizhi and Brave Invincible returned to the lounge, ready to change their clothes before going out, but suddenly there was a knock on the door.

When I opened the door, Lin Linglin and Liu Lina were standing outside, with the clothes they were about to change in their hands.

This makes An Yizhi a little puzzled, but he has a bad feeling.

Sure enough, Lin Linglin held up the dress she was supposed to wear next and said:

“Will you try this instead?”

“… “

(End of book)

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