Breaking the Day Chapter 1143


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The turmoil in the slums of Shenjing For the people living here, this is a shock of Heaven and Earth turning upside down. Countless people broke their homes and died overnight, but for those big shots , This is just to let them talk about that’s all together before tea and dinner, but for the people living here, it is the major event of Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

The riots in the slums of the southwestern area quickly subsided in the early morning, and the heads of the various gangs were also confused by this sudden change. They did not dare to move in the middle of the night. They were normally keen on smelling. Everyone noticed something wrong.

Early in the morning on 2nd day, they sent their men to sweep the streets trembling with fear and investigate what happened last night.

This night, more than two thousand people were killed. Last night, more than 400 households in eight streets were ransacked. The brothel, wine shops, rice shops, pawnshops, etc. in this slum were looted. The place was burned to a white ground.

You can see the howling people everywhere, and the child crying and touching the corpse everywhere, even the arrogant and domineering, tyrannically abuse power habitually accustomed to this scene are a little unbearable.

Officials arrived slowly. Although they normally dumped this piece of public order to the major gangs, they still have to take charge of what happened.

After some investigations, it was concluded that gang fights caused riots, which led to this great turmoil and riot.

Because of the fire sweeping all around, the real cause of the turmoil is really difficult to investigate. Faced with numerous gangs, faced with sewage streets, faced with countless people with thin faces and numb eyes, whether they were officials or errands They didn’t have the heart to track down. After all, there was a reason for the relationship, and it was not at the worst.

The closure of this case was quickly sent to Crown Prince’s desk. Zhao Khan Azure Dragon was not in good health, so all matters of size and size were naturally handed over to him. The memorials on the desk of the Chongming Palace are piled up like a mountain. Even if there is Zhao Feiyue next to him burying his head to help him with things, Zhao Hanqing is still busy for two days and two nights without sleeping.

At the critical moment of the Southeastern War situation, the food and clothing consumption of hundreds of thousands of people is a terrifying astronomical figure. The grain and ordnance dispatching of the Imperial Court is even more daunting.

Even if there are officials from the Ministry of Households, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of War, Ministry of Civil Affairs, and counties and states to help him take care of this matter, there are too many things that need to be reviewed and too many things need to be handled, so Zhao Hanqing can’t get rid of it. The body cannot be separated from God.

Even if it was the disappearance of Little Zhu’s mother and daughter, he didn’t have any extra energy to ask.

For the Crown Prince who governs ten thousand li and supervises the Nine Provinces, the file sent here is really just a small matter of sesame seeds, but at the end of the file, a word from Xiao Yueping was added to Crown Prince immediately. He stood up after a rub.

“The two witnesses of the Little Zhu mother and daughter in the Taian incident were found to be hidden in the Yanzheng mansion, but before continuing the investigation, they were taken into the blue and white building of Baijiayuan. The riot broke out in Baijiayuan that night. It caused looting and looting, many people were killed and injured. Little Zhu and his mother were missing.”

The news of the missing of Little Zhu’s mother and daughter, Crown Prince naturally knew, and he felt ashamed of Li Chengfeng. After all, Li Chengfeng was fighting on the front battlefield, but the person he entrusted with him was missing in his hands. And before Li Chengfeng left, he solemnly instructed him that he must find Su Yuehan and Little Zhu mother and daughter. He naturally nodded and agreed.

But now…

“A lonely and negative virtuous brother!” Zhao Hanqing glanced at Zhao Feiyue quickly, hesitating in his heart whether to tell Zhao Feiyue the news, he sighed deeply in his heart, pinched the bridge of his nose, only felt his head swelled Want to split.

At this time, the father-in-law Huang behind him came over silently and gently rubbed his temples on Crown Prince. Crown Prince sat down heavily, leaning against the back of the chair with his eyes closed.

“Huang Banban, do you know about Baijiayuan last night?” Zhao Hanqing said in a deep voice with his eyes closed.

Huang Gonggong whispered: “I heard some.”

Zhao Hanqing said: “Do you know the doorway there?”

Duke Huang leaned lower: “There are too many fish and dragons mixed in together in the Hundred Homes, there are too many ghosts and snakes, and the doorways inside… the old slave only knows one or two, and dare not say clearly.” /p>

Zhao Hanqing said in a lower voice, “Can you find two people?”

Huang Gonggong said without the slightest hesitation: “His Royal Highness only gives orders, and the old slave does his best.”

Zhao Hanqing picked up the file in his hand, pointed to the names of the two people above, and whispered: “Can you find it?”

Huang Duke frowned, whispered: “Lord slave try…”

Zhao Hanqing was slightly nodded, just about to speak, suddenly a faint voice came from outside: “Great victory, great victory!! Guangyuan great victory!!”

The voice came from afar, at first was still a bit vague, but then there was a wave of cheers, and the eunuchs and maids in the palace cheered loudly: “Great victory, great victory!”

Zhao Hanqing was slightly frowned, he stood up and stared at the door without anger, watching a little eunuch rushing in, with strange flushes on his pale face, he was panting, unable to tell for a while words.

Huang Gonggong squinted his eyes and stared at him, coldly said: “What is it, to make a fuss about nothing!”

The little eunuch was so frightened that he knelt down and said: “His Royal Highness, great victory! Guangyuan great victory!!”

Duke Huang took the first two steps and rushed to shouted: “Really? Where is the good news! If you dare to believe that you are not good enough, you are not enough for our family!”

The little eunuch smiled and said: “The Knight who reported at the gate of the palace has arrived. Seeing the good news, the servant and maid wanted to take a quick step to tell His Highness the good news!”

While speaking, a red silhouette is coming like a gust of wind. This person has three flags behind his back, holding a vermilion wooden box, and is covered in light armor like a blaze. As soon as he entered the hall, he turned over one-knee kneels, high Hold up the wooden box in your hand: “His Royal Highness, Guangyuan is a great victory! This is the memory report of Great General!!!”

Huang Gonggong hurried forward to receive the memorial report, took out the key to open the wooden box, then took out the sealed memorial inside, and held it to Zhao Hanqing in both hands.

Zhao Hanqing took a look, but saw a brief description of the process of the Guangyuan battle above, skipping the fact that the flying warships of the Puppet Kingdom attacked Guangyuan City at night and almost the entire southeast army leader barracks Instead, it rewrites how the Great General and Gao Shenghan will not be chaotic. If the command is determined, they first dispatched the big daoists to besiege the flying warship, and then Li Chengfeng stepped forward and entered the flying warship with the assistance of everyone. Puppet Kingdom’s Zhenguo heavy weapon was destroyed on Guangyuan City!

This memorial is also accompanied by a list of people who claim credit and war losses, as well as a list of people and materials that need to be supplemented urgently.

Zhao Hanqing knows the importance of flying warships, but after all he is too far away from the battlefield to truly feel the terrifying oppression that the ultimate weapon of flying warships brings to Long Tenghai and cultivation people. Long Tenghai wrote at the end of the memorial Dao: Now that the flying warship has been removed, and the ministers are in a block, our army can now attack and defend. The offensive and defensive momentum is different! The decisive battle has come, and the minister is determined to find an opportunity to fight the enemy in a month!

Zhao Hanqing felt nervous and excited. The south-east direction hoarded hundreds of thousands of troops, and the civil servants had accumulated as many as one million. With such a terrifying resource consumption, how can Great Qi survive? If this does not produce a result, the Great Empire will really be sucked out.

Zhao Hanqing turned to the last to look at the list of service personnel and the list of war losses. From this look, I saw that the first on the list was Li Chengfeng’s name, and the following list of losses was simply horrible to see, Zhao Hanqing’s joy The feelings dissipated immediately.

Such a big loss, is this really a big victory? !

If it weren’t for Li Chengfeng to destroy the flying warship, I’m afraid…this is a big defeat!

By the way…

Li Chengfeng, how about Li virtuous brother?

Zhao Hanqing quickly scanned the list, but saw a small letter under the wooden box. He opened it, but Long Tenghai wrote him privately on the letterhead, which sincerely apologized to Zhao Hanqing and Zhao Feiyue. Said that when the flying warship exploded when it was destroyed, Li Chengfeng did not escape in time. He was entrusted by his Highness.

Zhao Hanqing saw the complexion ashen. Before he could speak, there was a panic and angry shouted next to him: “I don’t believe it!!”

Zhao Hanqing turned his head, but saw that Zhao Feiyue did not know when he had stood behind him, very quietly accompanied him to read these memorials and letterheads.

Zhao Hanqing wants to say something, but feels his throat is dry and speechless.

Zhao Feiyue’s eye circles were red, and she said sharply and firmly: “I’m going to find him!”

Zhao Hanqing wanted to dissuade, but when he saw his younger sister’s expression, he naturally knew that he couldn’t dissuade him. He sighed and said: “Go…”

Without waiting for him to confess twice, Zhao Feiyue body flashed and disappeared in the great hall.

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