Breaking the Day Chapter 1144


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Zhao Feiyue did not use Transmission Formation. She wanted to arrive in Guangyuan City immediately, but the officials in charge of Transmission Formation told Zhao Feiyue with an embarrassed expression that Guangyuan City is currently undergoing a large-scale anti-revolutionary campaign and Transmission Formation has stopped. use.

I want to come too. At this juncture, no one knows how many puppeteers and scouts are still ambushing in Guangyuan City. In case they jump over the wall and blow up the Transmission Formation, they don’t know. Fortunately, once the Transmission Formation is turned on, Zhao Feiyue will be sent…

The consequences are unimaginable!

Although this probability is extremely low, no one dares to take this risk!

Once it really happens, and what setback happens, all relevant personnel will be punishable by the Nine Clan!

Because everyone in Great Qi knows that Zhao Feiyue is the reverse scale of Zhao Bairen. Those who touch it will die!

Although Zhao Bairen is said to be a stunner, apart from the two mortal enemies of the Puppet State and the Dijon State, he has basically never launched a foreign war, only one was launched against the East Sea State and the Sunrise State. The battle to destroy the country.

The reason is that the Prince of Great Qi was rude to Zhao Feiyue and begged in person. This incident caused a huge political turmoil. Honglu Temple and the ministers of the Ministry of Rites were very angry, and they scolded the Prince of the Kingdom. The Prince of the arrogant relied on the emperor to be far away from the sky, so he didn’t take it seriously, and took the mission to drop the cruel words and walked away.

Zhao Bairen was furious when he learned about it, and sent two hundred elite cultivators and the Eastern Sea fleet to expedition to the country and defeated him in a battle. Afterwards, even if his lord kneeled naked to serve the Golden Seal, he still could not be forgiven. Owl head, sent to Shenjing to show the public!

Zhao Feiyue has therefore become a taboo, except for those top great cultivator pedestrians, basically no one dares to show her love blatantly.

Because of this, no matter how intimidating and enticing Zhao Feiyue is, the officials in charge of Transmission Formation only regard themselves as rattles and shake their heads.

Zhao Feiyue had no choice but to use Magical Artifact all the way, moved towards Guangyuan City with the blessing of talisman.

When Zhao Feiyue arrived at Guangyuan City, it was already seven days later.

Compared with when Li Chengfeng arrived in Guangyuan City, this place has changed. The original Guangyuan City is half a military camp and half a normalized city, with shops, restaurants, and even pawn shops. brothel, theater.

But at this moment all of these have disappeared. Some of them were completely wiped out in the airstrikes of the flying warships, some were forcibly removed, and some were requisitioned for military use. They changed their appearance in two days. .

The Zhao Feiyue people looked down in the air. Half of Guangyuan City is still in ruins, except that the masonry and rubble in the ruins have been cleaned up, but the broken walls are still conspicuous, and the other half is intact. At this time, a large army is being continuously pulled out in the city of, and countless soldiers gather into a torrent of torrents moved towards the south. These soldiers wear red armor, like a flaming giant dragon rolling forward on the ground, separated by You can hear the ka ka sound of leather boots stepping on the ground from far away.

“Bold thief, not obediently surrender!!!”

Shouting loudly came from a distance, and two cultivators flew over quickly, one after the other sandwiching Zhao Feiyue.

After the air raid by flying warships, Gao Shenghan once again strengthened the protection of the base camp. The air has been completely reduced to a no-fly zone. There is no special permission to fly over the city of Guangyuan. Once it is found, it will be taken by the insider immediately!

Where did Zhao Feiyue know this rule, she flew over Guangyuan City, was found before entering the city, and was immediately intercepted.

Before Zhao Feiyue had time to speak, he saw two golden light assaults the senses before and after, and a big golden net was under the hood above his head.

She looked intently, but saw that there were countless flying swords before and after. These flying swords were densely packed around her. They reflected the dazzling rays of light in the sun, like a golden ocean, they were ready to go. A terrifying metal storm will erupt at any time!

Zhao Feiyue expression flew out, and the Tianhe Divine Sword in his hand flew out immediately. The moment it appeared, the golden rays of light all around seemed to freeze. It cut through the air and brought out a long silver thin. Line, before the blink of an eye, these two cultivators appeared in front of them, flashing past them.

The two cultivators only felt that their eyes lit up. A silver belt passed through them, and when they came back to his senses, the silver light had already returned to Zhao Feiyue’s side. The two turned pale with fright. To be surprised and angry, one of them had sharp eyes and saw that this silver light turned out to be a silver light sword, floating up and down around Zhao Feiyue.

The woman in front of her is dressed in white cloth, and next to her is a Divine Sword that will know when you see it is not a normal product, and she is so beautiful that she can hardly look at it!

The man suddenly thought of someone coming, and his heart jumped wildly. He immediately blew a whistle to signal his companions not to attack first, and then he loudly shouted at Zhao Feiyue: “Princess Feiyue is ahead!”


Zhao Feiyue responded faintly: “Exactly!”

This person hurriedly said again: “Please also ask the princess to show her identity certificate!”

Zhao Feiyue took out the jade token he carried and threw it over. This person took a look, and it turned out to be a jade token engraved with the words “cloud and princess”, with exquisite patterns on it to prevent counterfeiting.

This person immediately received the sword array, respectfully saluting, loudly said: “In the next real one, Hong Quantao, I have seen Yun and Her Highness the Princess.”

The opposite person also came back to his senses, immediately received the sword array, and followed by salute.

The talking Hong Quantao was tall, like a black bear standing upright. He took Zhao Feiyue down to Guangyuan City. After he fell, Zhao Feiyue discovered that there were already countless artillery carts, bed crossbows and broken magic bows all around. Aiming at myself, at this time, some artillery carts and bed crossbows are adjusting the angle of ka ka ka, from the upward firing angle to the normal angle.

The arrival of Zhao Feiyue immediately attracted countless eyes all around. Her devastatingly beautiful face and independent temperament are really a crane in a flock of chickens, just like a walking luminous body, unable to arouse people Attention.

The officers have military orders, so they dare not rush forward to pay respect, but when the nearby officials learned about it, they hurriedly came to pay respect.

After Zhao Feiyue dealt with them impatiently, he grabbed the prefect of Guangyuan City and asked impatiently: “Where is Li Chengfeng? Where is he?”

The general goes out to fight in the city. Too rule is the responsibility of guarding the soil. Impossible will leave with him.

The prefect was stunned for a moment: “Li Chengfeng?”

He secretly said in one’s heart: It is said that Li Daoist is the sweetheart of Her Highness the Princess, now it seems that it is not groundless!

He was stunned, Zhao Feiyue’s hands started to tremble while holding him: “Where is he! Is he still alive?”

Zhao Feiyue’s hand unconsciously used force, and suddenly lifted the prefect, which made the prefect yelled and shouted, “He is still alive, he is alive!”

This sentence is no different than Tianjiang Lunyin, Zhao Feiyue was overjoyed, but both hands grabbed the collar of the prefect, and shook it hard: “Really? What you said is true?!” >

Change to another person to treat the local parents and officials like this. He was already tied up by many people, but Zhao Feiyue came here. The cultivator and guards next to him were very embarrassed. Some looked up at the sky, some looked down at the ground, no one Dare to say one more thing.

The prefect struggled and shouted: “Really, it is true!”

Zhao Feiyue suddenly became cold again, shouted angrily: “Then why I heard the news of his death!”

The prefect said with a bitter smile: “His anger, calm down! Please also put down the old minister and listen to the old minister.”

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