Bringing the Farm to Live in another World Chapter 1153

Zhao Hai's quiet look at Ten Great Experts, who have no hands, their power formidable, is a genius of one day.

Zhao Hai's heart is not as cool as his face, his heart is jumping, jumping for these opponents, and Zhao Hai knows that these people will kick him into the first batch of Cultivation Big World and kick him off so that he can really get on the right path.

Zhao Hai believes that he can overcome these people, and he knows that their strength is certainly not as simple as they appear to be, but Zhao Hai is not afraid, because his bottom plates are much larger than these people.

But with the exception of Zhao Hai, the myth has changed, and the other players, their strength is far from what they are.

Kadeyo looked at people and looked at people's minds, but he was an old man. Naturally, he saw the fighting intent of that bear in Zhao Hai's eyes.

And when you think about here, "I know your ideas, Clan Xi wants you to make good results, but for the Clan, you're also very valuable, and Clan doesn't want you to make irrelevant sacrifices, so if you meet these people and you don't recognize them, Clan will allow you to lose."

Kadeyo said that, and those people had to relax, the most frightening thing that Clan had to do was let them die, and honestly, once they saw the strength of those people, they had lost their courage to fight with them.

And when you think about this, those people don't have to turn their eyes on Zhao Hai, and they're dark in their heart saying, “Is that the only pervert that can be shorter than those morons? They're all perverts, we're just ordinary people, and there's nothing to lose. ”

Zhao Hai didn't care what those people thought, but he just deep voice said, “General Manager, no one but them is particularly noteworthy?”

Kadeyo has a little bit of say:"This rest assured, Clan's ready, and you can find out that you're calling in the room today, and I have one thing to tell you, in addition to telling you about this, that I just sent a letter to Patriarch here, that Zhang Family is ready to intercept us on the halfway, so I'm going to tell you that if Zhang Family really fought with us, I will order four other ships to resist, we seize the opportunity, and if they can't stop, then I will take you with Derbar, and I will stay with Zhang family fleet."

Zhao Hai heard Caldeyo say so, “Zhang family still has to do it? General Manager knows they're going to do it there? How many? ”

When Zhao Hai said so, it's not up to him, then deep voice said, "You know, they're going to do quicksand starfield, a total of 20 warships!"

“quicksand starfield?"When you hear that name, Derbar is a shock, and there's no way, this quicksand starfield is really so famous at the airline here.

quicksand starfield is one of the famous places of death in the airline, and if Rainbow meteorite belt is a dangerous area, quicksand starfield is a total dead place, and you will die nine years in the rainbow meteorite belt, but if you get into quicksand starfield, then you will be ten dead in Unborn, even almighty, who dares to enter quicksand starfield.

quicksand starfield is a very massive starfield, and this starfield is a meteorite belt, not smaller than the rainbow meteorite belt, even larger than the rainbow meteorite belt.

And this meteorite belt is much more dangerous than rainbow meteorite, but the meteorite belt is a safe place than the quicksand starfield as a whole, but within quicksand starfield, it is an uninterrupted sea of sand.

don't know why, within quicksand starfield, it's a sand sea or a sand sea that keeps moving so much, and these sands are fast, together with how many years have elapsed in these sands, each sand is solid steel, and if the rock, whoever comes into that sand, will be crushed and shattered by the shatters and shredded by the miracles.

But quicksand in quicksand starfield there is only a localized movement that will not be extended outside, otherwise sooner or later will turn the entire fleet into a sand Sea.

quicksand starfield is still in danger, but it's not very dangerous out there, so there are still several routes outside quicksand starfield, and from Dark Magic Star to a pilot, it's going out of quicksand starfield, and it's coincidence that quicksand starfield is located between Dark Magic Star and the Planet.

Of course, this quicksand starfield is also one of the largest pirates, who run into the meteorite belt of quicksand starfield here, and then hijack the merchant ship and rob the ship, and if they want to destroy the body, throw it directly into quicksand starfield, and nobody will find it.

So that's why Great Clan, like Ashley Clan, has to take a voyage and a fleet of escorts, and Zhang Family chose to do it here, even as it was.

Zhao Hai heard about quicksand starfield, but he wasn't anxious, just looking at Kadeyo said, "General Manager knows what type of warship they use?"

Kadeyo looked at Zhao Hai, and he didn't 't understand Zhao Hai, but he said,' It's 20 medium-sized warships. It's estimated to be a level lower than the Demon [devil] Character battleship that we have left, but 20, too. '

Zhao Hai deep voice said, “What would happen if we destroyed their fleet in quicksand starfield?"

And when Zhao Hai heard that, he laughed at it, and said, "Well, how is it possible that we have five battleships, and that's possible to be more Advanced level than their battleship, but if we really confront them, maybe it's IS possible, to destroy them."

Zhao Hai shaked his head and said, “Only depends on Clan's five warships are certainly impossible, but if you add to me, it's possible.”

All the people in the house, Magic, are enemies, but the battleship is normal, and Zhao Hai means that he wants to compare directly with each other's warships? It's just too surprising for them.

After Derbar was surprised, calm came down, and he turned around at Zhao Hai said, “Are you sure?”

Zhao Hai has a little bit of a say:"Yes, if they come, they'll have to come back. Maybe we can still catch a few warships.”

Derbar looked at Kadeyo, and apparently Kadeyo thought about Liquid Silver, and he wasn't objecting, but he cried to say, “How do we need the fleet to cooperate?"

Zhao Hai slightly smiled said:“In fact, our fleet does not need to confront the enemy fleet, and I want to go to scout to see where the enemy fleet is, and then our fleet can form a siege outside the enemy fleet, and after this circle is formed, our fleet will have to interfere electronically with their fleets without too powerful electronic interference to allow them to communicate with each other between their warships, but not with their Clan, don't know that General Manager possible?"

The look at Blankly at Zhao Hai said:“This is not hard to do, but you mean that one of the other's fleets is up to you alone? Little Hai, this is not a joke, but there are 20 Intermediate Level warships. ”

Zhao Hai slightly smiled said, “What would they do even if they had many battleships, I only had one, and if they couldn't hit me, wouldn't they be in vain?”

Kadeyo had a slight point, and honestly, a man had not had any time in Cultivation Big World here, but many times in Cultivation Big World, but those who could destroy the fleet alone were Cultivation World Expert, who had not yet heard of the pilot base.

Zhao Hai looked at Kadeyo and looked back at Derbar's look at said:"General Manager, Camp Lord, I want to talk to you alone, and this is a big deal."

Kadeyo and Debal heard that from Zhao Hai, but at the same time a little bit of a point has been made to get everybody back, and only three of them plus Margrey in this small room.

When everyone leaves, Derbar, this is Zhao Hai said, “Little Hai, what do you want to say?”

Zhao Hai slightly smiled said, “This time is a good thing, Camp Lord, General Manager, and you should have seen my relationship with Margarety, though the conversation between Margarety and Patriarch is not good, but after all, they're fathers, and Margarety is destined to be Ashley Clan for a lifetime, and I can't be afraid of all Ashley Clan, and I'm not going to say it, but now Margarety is my man, and I have to say it."

And look at Zhao Hai, as determined by Derbar and Kadeyo, waiting for Zhao Hai to look at two of them:"During this time, I have asked Margarety to help analyse the refinement method and materials used by Liquid Silver, and, if it can be analysed, we can also Refining Liquid Silver, which can not be Refining Liquid Silver as strong as my Liquid Silver, but some of the strengths can still be done, but if they really can, it's absolutely good for the story of the Clan."

Kadeyo and Debal stayed here, and they never expected to be this thing, to defend Liquid Silver, which was the dream of many generations, but Liquid Silver did not know how Refining was, and no one knew what was used, and that although it said that science and technology were much higher now than before, no one had been able to analyse Liquid Silver's material and Liquid Silver's refinement programme, too many failures, and had lost interest in research. And that's why Liquid Silver would be a chicken rib like existence in the eyes of the crew, and at best one would think of him as a special antique to collect, not as a weapon.


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