Just after the eagle did not move, Zhao Hai waved, they were directly received by Zhao Hai in the Space, then Zhao Hai looked down, discover Xiao Man they have their animal exchange hands with the outside, and they are attacking It is the weakest place in the encirclement, but there are still animals, and those animals see Xiao Man, they immediately rushed over without fear, and they battled with Xiao Man.

But Xiao Man, they can all be Magical Artifact’s animals now, those animals is impossible is their opponent, Xiao Man, they barely stayed, they rushed out of the encirclement, and killed more than a dozen animals and other animals. In response to the moment, Xiao Man, they have long gone, and Xiao Bei has cleaned up all their traces.

Then Xiao Man, they ran for about three hours, and then stopped. Zhao Hai built a camp directly, so that they can take a good rest. After all, the long time of this fast journey is very hard. Fortunately, before Zhao Hai, they made a belt for each of them, so that they can quickly restore their Spiritual Qi, otherwise they are afraid that they really can’t hold on.

When Xiao Man rested, Zhao Hai took out the corpses of the eagle. He took out the eagle mouth, the talons, and the eagle wings. He also collected the heart and stomach of the eagle. After the eagle’s feathers were taken down, the meat was all collected, and Bone was buried directly.

After doing this, Zhao Hai looked at the eagle wings, but they fell into meditation. These eagle wings are actually very useful. They can be Refined into flying Magical Artifact, but let Xiao Man use Magical Artifact. It’s a little hard for them. The best way they want to use these wings is to let the wings grow on them like Xie Lier, so that they can use the wings freely.

But these wings are used in Dugu, Huagu and Xiaoya, and they can be used in Xiao Man, An Shilang, Xiao Wei, Xiao Bei and Pingtou. They can’t do it. Xiao Man is not a Wind element. And these wings are all Wind element, they Root is not good, and the attributes are flushed, and the wings are put on them, and they will fall directly from them because of the rejection. Root is is Impossible useful.

But Dugu, if they put on this wing, it’s okay, but if they put on a pair of wings, they’re not sure. After all, their body shape is in there, and they have a pair of wings. They are afraid that they can’t fly, even if it’s Flying up, I am afraid that it is not flying high. If you install two pairs of wings, is it ok? Dugu, Huagu and Xiaoya, each of them put on two pairs of wings, maybe they can fly, and the remaining pair of wings, Zhao Hai is preparing to refining into a flying Magical Artifact, use it by himself.

Zhao Hai can fly now, but he can’t fly too high. This is definitely a big problem for him, but he can use Magical Artifact. If he turns his wings into Magical Artifact, naturally bring him, then he It can fly higher and be more flexible in the air.

As soon as she thought of her, Zhao Hai decided to immediately take the animal. He took out a pair of wings directly and started to refining. In order to ensure that his refining wings must succeed, he also deliberately gave the skeletons of the eagle buried before. It came out, and then brought the eagle’s skeleton to Refining, became a shelf that could be worn on the human body, and then refining the wings onto the shelf. Finally, he took out some of the eagle’s feathers and directly refining it. On the skeleton, Zhao Hai took off the bear’s big cockroach and put on this weird dress.

This dress looks very beautiful too. The eagle’s wings are normally closed. It looks like a very beautiful cloak behind Zhao Hai, and the skeleton of the eagle is a shelf that is worn in Zhao Hai. The body, with the feathers of the eagle outside, does not seem to have any weird feelings. Instead, it seems that Zhao Hai is wearing a quirky full body armor, and it seems that there is a feeling of one type of very formidable might.

After wearing this full body armor, Zhao Hai figured up and flew straight into the sky. He went to the sky with his wings, and the whole person seemed to change a goshawk, adding his air. Control is much more brilliant than Xie Lier, so he can make a variety of animals in the air and be flexible.

Zhao Hai also tried it to see how high he can fly. He can definitely fly a few kilometers high now, even higher than those of the eagle, which makes Zhao Hai feel relieved, but Zhao Hai is discover. One problem, that is, after he flew to the sky, he was watching Xiao Man on the ground, but they could not see it. After all, he flew too high, which made Zhao Hai feel a little headache, he was prepared. I am flying very high, but I can also see what Xiao Man is doing.

Suddenly, Zhao Hai thought that the eyes of the eagle seemed to be very useful. The eyes of the eagle were very powerful. They could see the animal on the ground in a very high sky. This is very powerful if he does not want to Also use Magic to see what Xiao Man is doing in the sky, then you need a Magical Artifact.

Fortunately, the eyes of the eagle, Zhao Hai also all collected, and did not lose, because in Magic’s view, the eagle’s eyes are also the meat of the eagle, so all were collected by Zhao Hai, now he only needs to put the eagle The eyes were able to find out, and soon the eyes of the seven eagle were found by Zhao Hai.

After finding out the eyes of the fourteen eagle, Zhao Hai looked carefully and found the eyes of the eagle. It was really usable. It could be Refined into a Magical Artifact. Zhao Hai immediately began to refining the eagle. Eyes, he already has an idea. He wants to refining the eagle’s eyes into a pair of glasses that can be brought directly on his face.

Refining Magical Artifact is not difficult for Zhao Hai, and he does not need to join too many arrays in this Magical Artifact, just use the original ability of the eagle eyes, so didn’t take long, he put those eagle The eyes are all refining. He refining a few eyes, a pair of him, and the rest is ready to give them to Xie Lier. Of course, Xiao Man also has them. For Xiao Man, their eyes are very simple, so they can be used as a The telescope is used, and Xie Lier’s glasses are the ones that can see the ground in the sky.

Zhao Hai’s eyes are very beautiful. He uses an eyeglass frame made of ivory. The lens is the eagle’s eye refining. The transparent lens is on his eyes. It seems that he is more book-like. This glasses are normally brought in his eyes. On, it won’t have any effect, but once he flies into the sky, looked towards the ground, everything on the ground will be in full view, just like the eyes of the eagle.

After the test was successful, Zhao Hai also developed a tone. This problem was also solved. Then Zhao Hai took out another pair of glasses. These pairs of eyes did not have his glasses beautiful. These glasses are all like care. Eyes with the same eyepieces, there are lenses, but the glasses are not. They are a belt that can be worn on Xiao Man’s head.

At this time, Xiao Man, they all recovered, they all curious look at Zhao’s eyes, Zhao Haichong Xiao Man, they waved their hands and called Xiao Man back, Xiao Man, they are all curious. Came to Zhao Hai’s side, Zhao Hai took out those goggles, and then to Xiao Man they said: “This is the Magical Artifact I gave you new Refining, glasses, you can bring him to your head. Xie Lier, this is yours, Dugu, this is yours, Hua Gu, this is yours, small teeth, this is yours, Xiao Man, this is yours, Xiao Bei, this is yours, Xiao An, Xiao Wei and Pingtou, you three are not there for a while, and we will be preparing for you after we kill the eagle.”

A few people were all complied, took over the old mirrors, and then put them on their heads. Xiao Man’s glasses were too troublesome to put on, because he had a horn on his head, so in the end, Xiao Bei helped him put it on, etc. After they all brought their eyes, Zhao Hai said to Xiao Man: “Xiao Man, Xiao Bei, the eyes of both of you, only one type of, that is, you can see the distance in the distance, Xiao Man, your You are the tallest, and Xiao Bei, you can go up to the top of the tree. You need to observe all around. So give you one person. You used to see the thing in the distance. It will be very difficult. Now you want to see Qingyuan. The thing, just put the glasses in front of the eyes, you can see clearly, normally do not need to look at the distance, you can put your eyes on your neck, or carry it on the top of the head, do not have to bring On the eyes.” As he said, Zhao Hai pushed the goggles up and down on Xiao Man’s head, letting Xiao Man know how the goggles were used.

Then Zhao Hai gave Xie Lier a few of their said: “Xie Lier, the situation of you is quite special. Now that Xie Lier has wings, I am going to give Dugu some of you wings, with wings, You can fly to the sky, but after waiting for you to fly into the sky, if you fly too high, when you look at the ground, you will not see the situation on the ground, or even see Xiao Man, they are What can you do? This is not good. For you, the impact will be very big. After you bring this glasses, you can see it if you want to see the situation on the ground. Of course, you are also like Xiao Man. If you normally do not fly into the sky, or fly low, you can see the situation on the ground, you do not need to bring this glasses, only when flying high, you can take this glasses with you. ”

Xie Lier When they heard Zhao Hai say so, they all seemed very excited. Dugu is more excited look at Zhao Haisaid: “Young Master, are you ready to give us a few wings? Then we can fly “He is quite fancy about this thing. To be honest, although he said that Xie Lier had a lot of pain when he saw his wings, but I saw Xie Lier flying in the sky, they are still very envious. They also want to fly in the sky. Now, Zhao Hai said that it is necessary to put wings on the wings and let them fly in the sky. Of course they are very delighted. This is what they dream of.

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