In fact, there is another reason, and Xiao Man, the reason why they deal with the unsuccessful deer, is the terrain. Here is strictly speaking, it is the site of the deer, they are very familiar with the terrain of here, and Xiao Man is not familiar with them. They are the first time they come, even if they are Dugu, they are not familiar with here, so in terms of location, they are not cheap at all, but they are the ones who suffer.

The deer used this and directly launched an attack on them. This is actually a headache for Xiao Man. When they think of her, they have more headaches. Now they really take these deer. There is no way, but let these deer keep harassing them so much, they are also very headaches.

For a while, An Shilang opened the mouth and said: “If you don’t, we will look for a group of deer in the next moment, and keep going, let Xie Lier, Hua Gu, Xiao Te and Dugu go after them. To destroy them, we will follow the past, we will not ask for more, only chase a group, destroy a group is a group, I think so many times, those deer should not dare to deal with us. What? The number of their families is quite a lot, but the number of battles is not a lot. We can pack them, how?”

I heard him say that Xiao Man, they are all a glimpse, then thought about it, then all are nodded, An Shilang’s proposal is good, and instead of looking at those deer to escape, it is better to know a group, whether it is one or At both ends, I have been chasing it until I kill him. This is even more easy and rewarding.

Zhao Hai of course also heard their words, he is still very happy, Xiao Man, they are more and more mature now, more and more like a warrior, the soldiers are like this, they will not go to greed, the more the details, the more Nothing can be obtained, so they generally get what benefits they get, how many enemies can be killed, how many enemies are killed, and they will be destroyed without thinking about them unless they have absolute strength.

Xiao Man, they discussed it for a while, and decided that if the deer came to attack them next time, they would do it. If they couldn’t pack all the deer, then pack 1 or 2 and then look for an opportunity. More, after the arrangement, they took a break and went to training again.

At this time, Zhao Hai gave the three little guys let out, let him look at, let the three little guys play around him, so that no matter what occur, he can take care of it, if there really Who comes to attack these three little guys, he can also guarantee their safety.

The three little guys are possible to stay in Space for too long, so after the release, they all look very delighted, Zhao Hai fed some spiritual soil to them, after eating the spiritual soil, the three little guys are actually Once the Level Up, the heads are also long and old. In Zhao Hai’s opinion, they can eat meat in a few times.

It’s been about two hours, just when Xiao Man was training, the deer were appearing once, but they were discovered by Xie Lier in advance, and Xiao Man was ready, the deer After appeares, I immediately concentrated all the Magic and launched an attack on An Shilang. When An Shilang saw this, it was really a surprise. He really didn’t think that the first attack target of the deer. It will be him.

An Shilang’s animal is not as fast as Xiao Man. He can’t completely escape the Magic’s attack, but An Shilang doesn’t hide. He sees him standing at the original place and slamming his mouth, sucking hard. The Magic turned out to be all small, and finally entered his mouth. His stomach was like a breath, and it became bigger.

But then An Shilang slammed hard, and with his movements, those Magic turned all back, and not all of Magic was bounced back by him, but the rest of Magic had no threat to him. And those deer are greatly surprised, they really did not expect that An Shilang will have these two.

They immediately fled, and Xie Lier had already chosen the target. As soon as they saw the deer running, they immediately chased them up, and they identified a group, all of them directed at the two deer. The other deer are willing to run and run, they don’t care, but the two deer don’t want to run.

Xie Lier, their speed is not slower than the two, even the speed of the aunt, but also faster than the two deer, so they tracked the past, the two deer have not been able to escape Their tracking, which also allowed the two deer to run all the time, and Xie Lier they have been chasing afterwards.

Xiao Man, they all chased the past, their speed is not Xie Lier, they are fast, but there are Xie Lier, they are left to mark, they are not afraid of chasing the wrong direction, so they have been chasing the past, but it is camp there Except Zhao Hai and the three little guys, no one is there.

Just in Xiao Man, they all have leave camp not long time, then there are more than a dozen deer returning to camp here, they slowly approached the camp, and finally entered the camp, then they all look at Zhao Hai and three small Guys, they have a radiance of hatred in their eyes.

Zhao Hai looked at the calm look of the deer, then he explored the Divine Power, a deer felt Zhao Hai’s fine Divine Power, he immediately connected his fine Divine Power with Zhao Hai’s fine Divine Power Together, Zhao Hai looked at him, deep voice said: “Is this your plan? Take them all away, and then deal with us?”

“Yes, you kill our children, of course I will kill you, so today you are dead.” While talking about the deer, they slowly came over to Zhao Hai, they did not attack immediately, it seems to be I want to see Zhao Hai’s face with a panic look.

However, they are disappointed. Zhao Hai looks at the look of the calm at the deer, then opens the mouth and said: “I am very curious, obviously you first came to attack us, you just want to kill us, but because Your strength is not enough, so we are being killed. How do we now seem to have become the opposite of you? What? Is it only for you to kill us, not to allow us? Let me, you are Who got the order to kill us?”

When Zhao Hai said this, he had been observing the complexion of the deer. When he said the last sentence, the deer who talked to him, the complexion changed slightly, but he quickly opened the mouth and said “You have entered our territory, we kill you, what should not be? No one orders us.”

Zhao Hai look at his appearance, smiling smiled said: “Your expression has told me, you are lying, someone ordered you to kill us, but you should not tell me who that person is, I also I don’t want to ask, I won’t say if you ask, I just want to say one thing, you haven’t thought about it, why are they so easy to leave, do they really think that leaving us here is not a little bit Is it dangerous? Have you never felt that this thing is a little weird?” Zhao Hai said while he was looking at the deer.

The deer listened to Zhao Hai and said that complexion could not help but change. Then he looked at Zhao Hai, deep voice said: “What do you mean? Is this a trap?” As he said, he looked at all directions. Look, he thought Xiao Man, they came back, but soon he found out that it was not the case, Xiao Man did not come back, which made him unable to relax, followed by some complexion ugly look at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai look at their appearance, smiling smiled said: “There is no, they are not coming back, I just want to tell you that they dare to relieved bold leaves because they never worry about me, you are Possible has already discovered me, you are will also be surprised, why I have not made a move, you are possible that my strength is not strong, if you really think so, then you are wrong, I The reason why I don’t make a move is not because my strength is not enough, but because my strength is too strong, and the strongest of us, in this case, they certainly don’t worry about me, and I don’t make a move, but just to give them more combat opportunity, so that they can train them that’s all better.”

When it comes to here, Zhao Hai stands up. The deer see Zhao Hai standing up, and they all tend to swing back behind them, but they quickly stand up, and neither and every one complexion Too good to see, maybe in their opinion, they were scared by Zhao Hai’s simple action, it should not be, so they are now a little angry.

Zhao Hai look at their appearance, smiling smiled said: “I originally Xiao Man, they are preparing to pack them out in groups, so that the number of people in this small race will gradually decrease, so you will not dare to come. Attack us, but now you have appears yourself, and you have found me, then there is nothing to say, let me clean up you.”

When I finished, I saw Zhao Haiyi waved. On the ground, there were countless stone cages on the ground. I closed the deer in the inside. When the deer did not react, they were already shut down by the stone cage. They were all very surprised. They immediately attacked the stone cages, but they found that the stone cages were small. They didn’t use much strength in the stone cage. They wanted to use Magic to attack the stone cage, but discover Their Magic couldn’t be used, and they still felt the pressure on the stone cage. Their bodies were getting heavier and heavier. Some deer were even pressed by the weight of the stone cage. In the stone cage, and the stone cage actually became smaller, so that the deer still have no way to move.

Zhao Hai look at the look of those stone cages, his face could not help but reveal a smile, he then opened the mouth and said: “I really did not think, stone cage surgery, plus Gravity Spell, plus breaking method, in the plus The last transformation, you can play such a big role, this is really beyond my expectation, it seems that the combination of the array is still very useful.” While talking about him waving a hand, the ground immediately The Earth Thorn emerged and the deer were all stabbed to death. He was not prepared to leave them.

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