When Xiao Man killed the two deer they pursued and returned to the camp here, they saw the deer that fell to the ground. When they saw the deer that had fallen to the ground, Xiao Man, they all had a glimpse, then they The complexion is all changed. They immediately watched Zhao Hai’s eyes. Discover Zhao Haizheng was very delighted to play with the three little guys. The dead deer on the ground didn’t seem to care very much.

Xiao Man immediately went to Zhao Hai’s front, and opened the mouth and said to Zhao Hai: “Young Master, this? Are you okay?” He almost already knows what happened, he is still very self-blaming. He really didn’t think that when they went after the enemy, the enemy would turn to attack Zhao Hai, maybe they never thought about it, those deer who would only run away would come this way, or because They have confidence in Zhao Hai, and they never thought that Zhao Hai’s safety would be problematic, so they subconsciously ignored this problem. Now, when they see the bodies of the deer, they are suddenly scared, but fortunately. Zhao Hai is fine, if Zhao Hai has anything, then they are really finished.

Zhao Hai puts his hand on the saying: “Nothing, the deer will come. To tell the truth, I have never thought of it. This time, do not blame you, the reason why you did not pack these deer, in fact, is to train three little guys. The battle, they will encounter a lot, they have to adapt to such occasions, I can not always send them in the Space bag, they are still active outside most of the time, which is good for them.”

Xiao Man, they are all complimented, Zhao Hailightly smiled, and the deer’s skin was smashed down, and the horned horns were taken down. As for the deer’s flesh, he was not prepared to stay, the deer’s meat level Too low, they are useless to Xiao Man, so he did not leave the deer and buried it directly.

At this time, it was very close from the dark, Xiao Man, they were not training, they all squatted in the camp here, the three little guys were very good, they were still playing, they look at them, Xiao Man They are also very delighted, but Xie Lier has been paying attention to all around, and I am afraid that the deer are coming to attack them.

In a few days, it will be dark. In fact, it is dark. For Xiao Man, the impact is not great, because the day is almost black, but all around all the plants will shine, and the light is not just white. Light, so after dark, here is even more beautiful than during the day.

Zhao Hai glanced at the plants and then opened the mouth and said: “When the deer came to attack me today, I asked them a question. I asked them who let them come to attack us. They denied it, but they Obviously it is a lie, but also in other words. All we guessed before are true. They really got the orders of others to deal with us. What do you think of this? Let’s talk about it.” Zhao Hai It is very necessary to tell these words to Xiao Man that they must be psychologically prepared in this regard.

Xiao Man heard Zhao Hai saying that it was all a glimpse, then Xiao Man opened the mouth and said: “In this case, it is also very normal, no big deal, we have already thought of this, but now it is just confirmed That’s all, but now it is indeed certain, we will meet more enemies in the future, which is also a good thing for us, we will have psychological preparations in this regard.”

Other people are all nodded, Zhao Haiyi listened to them saying that it is also slightly smiled, deep voice said: “Well, there is psychological preparation in this regard, I will not say anything more, OK, everyone should rest soon. , tomorrow, we have to hurry. “All the people are all complied, they will not stay in the night now, there is no need, there is Xie Lier, can sneak attack their enemies, almost non-existent, so they are really There is nothing to worry about.

The loss of those deer is too large, so I didn’t come to attack Zhao Hai overnight. Zhao Hai, they’re going to be relaxed, and they slept well for a night. After the next day, Zhao Hai, they all woke up. Come over, then clean up and go straight.

On this day, they didn’t even encounter any attack. The road of four hours, they walked with ease, there was no such thing as obcur, which made Zhao Hai somewhat accidental. He thought that all the deer would come. Reporting hatred, but did not expect that they did not even mean this at all.

After four hours, they built a camp, then Xiao Man, they started training, and Xiao Man was playing with three little guys. He said that he was feeding three little guys to eat spiritual soil. These three little guys followed Xiao Man today. They walked for four hours. They could hold on. It was already very difficult. Zhao Hai gave them some spiritual soil to make them more relaxed.

At this time, Xie Lier’s ear was a move, and then he immediately opened the mouth and said: “There are enemies coming, a lot, not the previous group of deer, everyone is careful.” I heard him say this, Xiao Man They immediately moved, they all gathered together and were ready to fight.

Zhao Hai was also somewhat dignified at this time. He directly received the three little guys in the Space bag. After doing this, he stood there, look at all around, and soon after a while. It came as if there was a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses. This kind of sound really made Zhao Hai feel very surprised.

But soon they will discover, they have been surrounded, and surrounded by them, there are deer, horses, cows, sheep, and a large number, there are thousands of heads, among them will also Wood Element Magic All the trees around the whole have been knocked down, and the forest has been vacated a lot of places, and Zhao Hai is surrounded by the three layers outside the three layers.

Upon seeing this situation, Zhao Hai’s face showed a smile. Then he jumped to the top of Xiao Man’s head. He stood at the top of Xiao Man’s head and looked at all around the animal. Then he spread the Divine Power directly, and those animals immediately used their own Divine Power to connect with Zhao Hai’s Jing Divine Power.

Zhao Hai look at those animals, slightly smiled said: “Yes, it’s really good, I didn’t think that it came so much, you should be made up of many small tribes? But I am very curious, people Why come attack us? What good is this for you? If you are all dead here today, what about your tribe?”

The animals looked at each other, and then a horse broke open the mouth and said: “We are impossible to die at here, you only have a few people, we have to clean up you, it is really too easy.” Very tall and big, but the body is cyan, it looks very strong, very beautiful.

Zhao Hai slightly smiled said: “Is it? It is not necessarily that you want to deal with me. It is not an easy task. You should not think that there are many people to deal with us. It is useless. I have seen too many such scenes.” So, if you are willing to tell me who sent you, then I will let you go once, how?”

Zhao Hai’s words were exported. All the animals around were laughed heartily. They didn’t take Zhao’s threat seriously. In their view, Zhao Hai had only a few people and even dared to threaten them. I really don’t know what it is, so when they think of her, they all laughed.

Zhao Hai looked at them, and his face showed a smile, then opened the mouth and said: “Well, it seems that you don’t want to say it, or there is nothing to say, Xiao Man, do it. After saying that Zhao Hai’s figure flew up, he waved his hand in the sky and saw countless sword ray suddenly appears, straight to the front.

Those animals didn’t think that Zhao Hai said that they started to do it, and they were not polite at all. When they reacted, countless sword rays had already reached their front. Some quick-responding animals immediately protected themselves with Magic. Or use Magic directly to let the attack, and those slow-moving animals, but Root has not escaped, directly covered by those sword ray, until the sword ray disappears, those animals are only left A skeleton, the flesh of their bodies are all vanish from sight, all of them are cut into pieces by those sword ray, don’t know to fly to there.

This time the sword ray attack actually killed more than a dozen animals, and Xiao Man, after they issued the order of Zhao Hai, immediately started an attack on those animals, they have now begun to learn to cooperate, but they This time, there are too many opponents. The Magic attack of the four hundred squares has already made them exhausted. It is almost impossible to counterattack.

However, there is one person who is the exception, that is, the flat head, the flat ground Escape Technique is really a ghost, he don’t know when he will appears somewhere, initiate attacks on those animals, and add his poison is too Strong, those animals are also very headache when facing the flat head. In a short while, there are five or six animals, and they die on the flat head. This also makes the animals notice the flat head, very fast. Some of the Animals of Earth Element Magic started to focus on the flat head. It was not so easy to find a flat head. Even a few times, the enemy’s road was almost a little bit worse, and he finally escaped. However, he was also injured. When he was returned to Xiao Man, they were restored by Magic Bei with Magic. This is the control of the injury.

Xiao Man, they have no counterattack power now, but they haven’t suffered any injuries. They can all defend. Especially, the stone armor of Xiao Man and the stone wall technique, Xie Lier’s air wall, all of them are all Good defense Magic, and other animals are not a little defense, so they don’t have anything, everything looks very normal, and the root is slightly hurt, but it doesn’t What a big injury, even they are still thinking about counterattack, Xiao Man, they are not the kind, people who will always beat and not fight back, only now they are at a disadvantage, the number is less pitiful than the opponent, but they are They won’t be beaten all the time, they still want to fight back.

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