Ants bite to death, this is all useful in the are, even in the Culture World is very useful, unless the strength reached the level before Zhao Hai, it is really not the average number of people can deal with I got it, but Xiao Man obviously has no such level, so Xiao Man, when they face the many animal attack, they also want to rebel, but they really don’t have that strength.

It can even be said that if Zhao Hai is not, they will block most of the attack, and even a make a move will cause those animals to lose a lot. I am afraid that now Xiao Man has been shredded by those animals. Those animals are not the former squadrons who act alone. They are all small races of come from each and every one, while the small races are completely different from the animals that act alone, but the animals that act alone are even one. Thousands of people come, but it is just a scatter of sand that’s all, and a small race, even if the race is small, he also has a certain cohesiveness, which is two completely different states.

Because of this, Zhao Hai had to make a move this time, he is very clear, if he is letting Xiao Man do their hands, then they are really finished, so he can only make a move, To be honest, Zhao Hai really didn’t think that there would be so many animals. From this point, I can see that the animal that wants to deal with them is afraid that it can’t stand the weather. He also found it, only Sending a little person to deal with Zhao Hai, there is no way to clean up Zhao Hai. If he still sent people to deal with Zhao Hai little by little, that is the oil-adding tactics, the taboo of the military, so he is not only this time. Sending a little person, but directly collecting so many animals, together to deal with Zhao Hai, they are ready to destroy Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai did not care about make a move this time. Before make a move is Metal element Magic with strong attack power, then used Magic Magic to help Xiao Man. They blocked most of the attack, then Zhao Hai glanced at those Animal, hand movement, then shouted, with his voice, he saw a large river in front of him. This river rushed straight toward those animals, and saw a river and descended. This river has enough width. A hundred meters or so, straight forward.

The strength of those animals is very formidable, but this Tianhe is too big, too strong, and their encirclement is directly rushed out of an opening, Zhao Hai immediately shouted: “rush out, fast.” Xiao Man, they immediately responded, and rushed forward directly, and rushed out directly from the opening of the Tianhe River.

After Zhao Hai personally stayed behind and gave them a break, several Wind element Magic added Wood element Magic, which blocked the pursuit of the animals, and then they rushed directly into the forest, and wherever they passed, Zhao Hai directly With Wood element Magic, erase all their traces.

Although the eagle in the sky can still know their position, but the terrain in the forest after all is very complicated, as long as those animals do not find them in the first time, they can have a buffer time, then they will You can slowly pick up those animals.

When she thought of her, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but look up at the flying eagle in the sky. He was very clear. Zhao Hai kept the eagle because the animals would not be sent to such a large scale to deal with them. He could regard this as For Xiao Man, their one type of trial, but now those animals, began to desperately attack them, it is not a trial, if you do not pick up the eagle, then their whereabouts will always Known by those animals, it is not an easy task when they want to deal with those animals.

When he thought of her, Zhao Hai immediately decided that he had to clean up the eagle in the sky, so he looked at all around and found that they had opened a certain distance from those animals. He immediately went to Xiao. Man they said: “everyone is a little slower, we have to pack the eagle in the sky, and then slowly deal with those guys, otherwise, those guys can track us through the eagle in the sky, we are really The trouble, we can never get rid of the tracking of those guys, and finally only more trouble.”

Xiao Man, they all took a look, Zhao Hai looked at them, then deep voice said: “You are standing here, don’t move.” Xiao Man They are all complied, but all are unknown, so look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai There is no movement, just flying to the sky, but he is not flying very high, flying to a hundred meters or so stopped, and then stood in the sky, has been the look of the monkey in the calm at sky.

The eagle in the sky, they are still far away from Xiao Man, because the eagle can only see a little black spots, it seems that they are about a kilometer away from their minimum, and Zhao Hai only flies up a hundred meters now. The gap between the two sides is still very big. They really have some don’t understand what Zhao Hai means.

But they quickly understand, because the eagle in their discovery sky is slowly lowering the height, which makes them a little surprised, they are really don’t understand, why the eagle will lower the height, know the eagle The eyes are very good, how can he lower the height? They can see them at that height, so they don’t understand the eagle’s approach very much.

In fact, they don’t know that Zhao Hai now uses the Heart’s Demon Array and also uses Illusion Technique, so now they can’t see Xiao Man in the sky. The eagle is of course tracking them in the sky. However, when the eagle discovers Xiao Man, they are suddenly in the vanish from sight, he certainly has to lower some heights to see, is possible he himself don’t know that he has been exposed, so he is not alert at all.

Just under the gaze of Xiao Man, the eagle gets closer and closer to the ground, getting closer and closer, just when the eagle is about three hundred meters from the ground, in other words, he is away from Zhao Hai. There are two hundred meters or so, and the distance is very close. At this time, I saw Zhao Hai’s succeeded make a move. His fingers were suddenly looked towards the point. As he moves, he sees a. Sword Qi, go directly to sky, this Sword Qi very fast, from Zhao Hai’s in hand a make a move, it has already reached the eagle’s face, the eagle then felt the danger, but it is too late He wanted to hide, but he didn’t have an avoid. He was worn by the Sword Qi. The eagle screamed and sprinkled a lot of white blood in the sky, and then fell directly from the air. Zhao Hai Look at the direction in which the eagle fell, directed at Xiao Man. They pointed at said: “Go to them.” Xiao Man They immediately complied and ran straight in that direction.

Zhao Hai did not fall from the air, but flew directly in that direction, and he said to Xiao Bei: “Xiao Bei, clean up the places we walked, don’t leave a trace, just like I used to I did it.” Zhao Hai used the plants to block all the traces they had walked. Xiao Bei was in the eye. He also knew what should be done now, so he immediately complied, and then he started. This trace of cleaning.

This work can only be done by Xiao Bei and Zhao Hai, because Xiao Bei will not only be the Magic of Wood element, but also the strength of life in Wood element. This understanding of power is something that others do not have. Because of this, he can use Wood element’s Healing Technique, and you can use Wood element strength of life for attack. Now, of course, you can use this power to let the grass that they stepped on and stand up again, so there is nothing. The traces are left behind.

They walked forward for about half an hour, and then they found the eagle that had fallen to a tree and died. The eagle is very big. If he stands there, the height is about ten meters, double When the wings are opened, there are more than 30 meters in total. Such a huge eagle, Zhao Hai is really rare.

He glanced at the dead eagle and thought about it. Then he took the eagle’s wings directly to the whole, and the eagle’s mouth, the eagle’s eye, and the talons, all of them were taken down, and the eagle’s flesh, he I also received the Space, and then Zhao Hai cleaned them up, the trees also recovered, and then led the people to leave them.

After walking for a while, they hit a big tree. Zhao Hai made an underground Space, and everyone went into the underground Space. Just after they fought outside for such a long time, it was necessary to have a good rest. Zhao Hai still has some things to do, so he has to make a relatively safe place to do it.

Their underground space has a tree root as a ceiling, so even if the eagle is not seen in the sky, they can see them. After doing this, Zhao Hai has a sigh of relief, then he turns his head. I saw Xiao Man, they looked very serious, said: “The situation has changed now. The guy who has to deal with us seems to learn the lesson. He knows that people who come and go less have nothing to do with us. So he directly let so many animals come to attack us. We will face more animal attacks in the future. In the face of so many animal attacks, if we really fight with them, there is no chance of winning. And the more it goes to the inside, the more dangerous it is, because the enemy we are facing will be more when it comes, and there is the eagle’s surveillance in the sky, and the average is cleaned up by me today, but they will Is possible There will be more eagle to monitor us, so our situation can be said to be very bad.”

Xiao Man, they all listened to Zhao Hai’s words quietly. They also know their current situation. To be honest, they have no good way for their current situation. Now they are equal to the enemy’s home, and their There are still no enemies in the number, even if their strength is stronger than the enemy, facing them dozens of times or even hundreds of times the number of enemies, they still have no confidence, can defeat the enemy, this is really no way, so They are also very helpless, really don’t know what to do, now they can only listen to Zhao Hai, how Zhao Hai said, they do it, but they really have no way It is.

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