Zhao Hai look at their appearance, then open the mouth and said: “Now we want to break this deadlock, there is only one way, that is to increase our scout ability, but also to deal with the eagle in the sky, I have seen the eagle, they are all Wind element, their speed is very fast, and they can fly very high, so we want to deal with them, it is not an easy thing, so I have an idea, that is Turn one of you into a flyable.”

I heard Zhao Hai say that Xiao Man, they are all a glimpse, they really did not think that there will be people who can fly, to know that they can all be animals on land, suddenly can fly, this for them In fact, it is definitely a good thing, even what they dream of, so they each and every one are eager to look at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai glanced at them and then opened the mouth and said: “It is not an easy thing to let you fly. I have collected the eagle’s body before, just to do this, you No matter who wants to fly, you have to go through a transformation. I will use the secret method to reflexing the eagle’s wings to your body. This process will be very painful, and then let you eat the eagle’s flesh. Then you are adjusting your Level Up direction. This will be a very painful process. The most important thing is that this method is also the first time I use it. Don’t know will succeed. If it is not successful, then you Not only do all the pains suffer, but the is will will leave an internal injury on the body, and the strength will be affected. The impact on you is very enormous, so I hope that you are willing to do it. And must be a Wind element.”

As soon as Zhao Hai said, Xiao Man, An Shilang, Pingtou, Xiao Bei, Xiao Yan, they all seemed very disappointed, and Xie Lier, Dugu, Xiaoya, Huagu, all seemed happy, they looked at each other. At a glance, Huan first opened the mouth and said: “Young Master, I think I is possible is not suitable, my body is a little too big, and my attack power is very weak, so I am not suitable.” Hua Gu closed his mouth and retreated to the side.

Then the little teeth thought about it and shook his head. “Young Master, I am not very suitable. I am also like Huagu. My body shape is too big, and the attack power is not strong. I am Alright.” He also retreated to the side. He and Windgut will use Wind element Magic, but the two of them have not yet realized the Air Magic. They just have some very traditional Wind element Magic, and they are not very strong, so their Attack force, it is really a problem, they are really not suitable.

Only Xie Lier and Dugu were left, and the two of them looked at each other. Then Dugu thought about it, to Zhao Hai said: “Young Master, I want to fly to heaven, but I also think that I am not too suitable. I will always have Air Magic, but there will not be a lot of things. The best one is an air bomb, and my body shape is not small. I see Alright, this time Level Up, let Xie Lier come on.”

Xie Lier turned to look at Zhao Hai, open the mouth and said : “Young Master, if you think you can, I think I can try it. My body size will grow bigger because I am at Level Up. At that time, we chose strength. The shape of our family is not very big. If I am at Level Up next time, I choose to use all the powers on Magic, then my Magic will become stronger, but The shape is possible will be smaller, and my air Magic is possible will improve, so I think I is possible is the most suitable candidate.”

Zhao Hai look at Xie Lier, nodded, then deep voice said: “Do you really want it? To know that in this process, I have to first sculpt the wings of the two eagle into your body. It will be very painful, and then let you eat the eagle’s meat, and even have to eat more, then carry out a Level Up, at that time, you will have the is will fly, of course, there is no way to fly up By that time, your body has become smaller, and there is a pair of wings that are useless. This will not only help you, but the is possible will become your drag, so you have to Think well.” Zhao Hai is really not very sure in this regard, he is indeed the first time to do this, so he must remind Xie Lier.

Xie Lier heard Zhao Hai say so, she immediately opened the mouth and said: “Yes, Young Master, I think, I am willing to do this, this is one of our opportunity, if I can really fly, then My scout range is even bigger, and I can even fight the eagle of the hollow eagle. When the eagle wants to monitor us in the sky, it is also impossible, so I am willing.”

Zhao Hai look at Xie Lier’s appearance, he is nodded, then deep voice said: “Well, you think so, then I will not say anything, come on, let’s start now, now our time is very tight. “Xie Lier complied, he went to Zhao Hai’s side and sat at the look at Zhao Hai.”

Zhao Hai took a move and took the two huge eagle wings directly. Then he looked at Xie Lier, open the mouth and said: “This process will be very painful. Of course, I can also put these two. The wings are refining into Magical Artifact and then brought to you, but if you do that, then the ability of these two wings will be greatly affected. When you are impossible, there are those eagle flying high, you will Is impossible to deal with the eagle, so I can only put these two wings directly on your body, and still in your shoulders.” While talking about Zhao Hai, pointing to the top of Xie Lier’s front legs, The position of the shoulder.

Pointing at the two positions, Zhao Hai then opened the mouth and said: “I will cut off your here’s flesh, then put these two wings directly on your Bone and let him and you The Bone grows together and becomes part of your body so that you can control them freely. In this process, you can imagine how painful it is. If you agree, then I will start now.”

Xie Lier took a deep breath, then she looked at Zhao Hai, hard nodded, Zhao Hai look at Xie Lier, nodded, then he deep voice said: “Okay, then I will start.” Finished him first Waving, a transparent shield, directly covered the underground space. The reason why he did this was that Xie Lier’s voice was sent outside, and he was worried that when Xie Lier Level Up, the breath would pass. Go outside, then equal to completely expose their position.

After the shield was fixed, Zhao Hai took a hand and used a Magic directly to imprison Xie Lier. However, in order to prevent her from tampering, if she is really moving, is possible will affect To Zhao Hai’s Refining, that would only be more troublesome.

Xie Lier discover couldn’t move herself. Her heart was still a little confused, but she still resisted. At this time, Zhao Hai moved, and Xie Lier felt that her shoulders were cold and I felt the next moment. It hurts, but she can still bear it, because she can’t move, she can’t see what she has on her body.

But she couldn’t see it, but Xiao Man could see it. They saw Zhao Hai’s hand, Xie Lier’s skin on the shoulders, and they were cut open. The two openings are very long and deep. You can see the Bone inside, and the blood will flow directly.

Zhao Hai did not stop, his hands on the green light flashes, directly in the two wounds there erased the past, the blood of the wound, immediately stopped, then Zhao Hai took out two wings, slowly After comparing Xie Lier’s wound there, he fixed the Bone on the two wings and then directly pressed the two wings onto the wound of Xie Lier. The Bone on the wing had already encountered it. Xie Lier’s Bone.

Xie Lier’s body is already shaking, she is hurt, she is so painful, especially when Zhao Hai touches her Bone on the Bone on her wings, she is too painful, but she still has no teeth. Then, Zhao Hai emerged a green light on his hand. The green light was placed directly on the shoulders of Xie Lier. The shoulders of Xie Lier were surrounded by two groups of green light.

The green light didn’t alleviate the pain of Xie Lier. On the contrary, it made her more painful. She felt that there was something thing, she was drilling into her body, and that kind of pain was so painful that she almost wanted Going crazy, and more terrifying is that in addition to her muscles can tremble, she can’t do anything, she can’t even make a sound, which makes Xie Lier feel more painful. It seems to be doubled.

Soon the sweat on Xie Lier has flowed down, and the sweat is flowing more and more. Finally, the sweat slowly gathers into a path of small stream, which flows down from her body and is quickly on the ground. It turned into a pool of water, but Zhao Hai still didn’t stop. He was still nervous at the two green lights on the shoulders of Xie Lier. The two green lights were also flashing, seeming to disappear at any time. Like the same, Zhao Hai quickly injected energy into the two groups of green light, the two green lights flashed faster, and Xie Lier seemed even more painful.

Zhao Hai very clear, the reason why it is appears is because Xie Lier’s body has some sort of reaction to the two wings appears, as long as it can survive this period of time, as long as this rejection disappears, then even It is a success, so he can’t stop now, and the energy in the green light must be guaranteed.

After about half an hour, Xie Lier was in the same position, the ground was soaked, and she almost fainted. At this moment, the green light finally stabilized, and Xie Lier felt it. That kind of pain was vanish from sight, and she couldn’t help but be greatly surprised. She didn’t think that the pain actually disappeared, which made her feel a little worried, and even had a one type of very unreal feeling.

At this time, Zhao Hai was a sigh of relief. Then he took another look at Xie Lier’s shoulder, and then put the flesh and blood on the shoulders of Xie Lier and the re-pressed, and then Under the action of green light, those flesh and blood are recovering with the speed visible to the naked eye, and finally they are completely together with the wings, as if the wings are not refining, but they grow naturally in there. of.

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