When the green light disappeared completely, Zhao Hai also breathed a sigh of relief. Then he glanced at Xie Lier, and the cover Xie Lier although was still unable to move, but the look was calm, and the equilibrium was a little tired and looked a little languid. But it did not show any painful appearance, which also made Zhao Hai feel relieved.

Zhao Hai directly lifted the restriction on Xie Lier. Xie Lier’s body still didn’t move. Zhao Hai knew that she was because the posture was too long and the muscles were already stiff, so he immediately added a Healing Technique. On Xie Lier’s body, this time he used the Water element’s wound treatment, which was softer and softer. Xie Lier really looked a lot better, and then the body was soft and fell directly to the ground.

Zhao Hai look at Xie Lier’s appearance, then open the mouth and said: “Xie Lier, you take a break, wait for you rest well, and then level Up, this time Level Up, mainly to let you comprehend more The more the air Magic, the more you understand the air Magic. After you fly, the control for your body is better. The more flexible you are, the more helpful I can make you Level Up. Just worry about this time, Refining will have any effect on you. After all, this is a pair of wings that are refining to you. After you level Up, either the wings will really become a part of your body, and your body is really Combine together, or they will fall from your body, all the bitterness of your previous life is all white, so Level Up is very important, now you have no way to take advantage of your wings, wait until Level Up After that, either you can completely grasp the wings, or the wings will fall directly, no use.”

Xie Lier closed her eyes slightly and then took a breath. Then he opened his eyes and said to Zhao Haisaid: “Young Master, let’s get started, now we don’t have the others, we don’t have much time waiting. Let me slowly level Up, start now.” She said she was standing up.

Zhao Hai look at Xie Lier’s appearance, also nodded, this time is a test of his, is a test after his repeated deduce, if it is successful, it means that he found another one to let Xiao Man They are getting stronger. If they fail, they can suffer Xie Lier.

And now their situation is really very troublesome. If this test is really successful, then the strength of Xie Lier will definitely have a qualitative change, she can not only fly, but also fly very high, by that time They are more troublesome in dealing with those animals, because Xie Lier can then scout those animals in the end, when they want to deal with those animals, it is not that they are right, intelligence is very good for the battle. important.

Now that Xie Lier is willing to start Level Up right away, Zhao Hai will certainly not object. He immediately took out the eagle’s body, and all the feathers of the eagle were gathered together, and then the meat was taken down. Let Xie Lier eat it, and finally he glanced at the eagle’s skeleton and took it straight away.

There are a lot of tactics on the skeleton of the eagle, and there are some Agile Formations. In addition to these, there are Wind element arrays and air arrays, but these are of little use for Zhao Hai, so he directly He took the skeleton and he put his attention on Xie Lier.

Xie Lier is trying to eat the eagle’s flesh. The eagle’s overall looks not small, but the meat is not a lot, but his head is in there, Xie Lier can’t eat it alone, only half eaten Full of food, the remaining half, Zhao Hai directly let Dugu eat them, anyway, they are all Wind element, let them eat just right.

After Xie Lier ate the meat, the white light immediately appeared on the body. Zhao Hai immediately opened the mouth and said: “Remember, when Level Up, you must think of your own wings and imagine yourself. Part of the body, at the same time you have to use all the power, all on Magic’s Level Up, preferably on the air control, and, you better let your air bombs, there are some changes, if there is is possible It is best to let your air bombs explode like this, or you can have a strong penetrating power like Dugu. Of course, the most important thing is your wings. You must imagine your wings as your body. a part of.”

Xie Lier although is very painful, but she is still nodded, then she closes her eyes and controls her body with is possible. She not only thinks that the pair of wings on her body is her own, but also thinks about it. Zhao Hai’s previous orders, but also to endure the pain of his own body, is really too difficult for Xie Lier, but fortunately, the experience of the pain has become more difficult. The formidable is gone.

Xiao Man They all look at Xie Lier. They all know that this level of Level Up is very important to them and to Xie Lier. They want to see if Xie Lier will succeed. They didn’t think about it. They can also use Level Up in this way. They haven’t thought of that many yet. They mainly think that if Xie Lier Level Up is successful, they will be more relaxed when dealing with those animals.

Just under Xiao Man’s gaze, they found that Xie Lier’s figure was slowly shrinking, which made them both don’t know what to say. Xie Lier could definitely be the different type in the squat because The roots of the Yi family did not win by body shape, but before Xie Lier’s body shape was crazy, and finally it was more than ten meters high, and nearly twenty meters long, which made her even the tree can not go, this is not What is the different type in the ??

But who can think of it, this time Level Up, Xie Lier’s body shape began to slowly shrink, which makes Xiao Man how they can not be surprised, just under their gaze, Xie Lier’s figure finally turned It’s only about three meters high, and the body length is only about six meters. This change is too big. He has shrunk by nearly three-quarters, which makes people not surprised.

What makes Xiao Man even more surprised is that Xie Lier’s figure is in the shrink, his wings are also following the shrink, and finally his wings have become very compatible with their body shape, just like originally is his body. Like the wings, if they saw Zhao Hai refining their wings to Xie Lier, they would not believe that the wings were originally not Xie Lier, because now that the wings are closed, they shrink into Xie Lier. The two ribs are obviously so suitable.

Finally, nearly two hours passed, Xie Lier’s Level Up was completed, his body shape was fixed, his height was nearly three meters, his body shape was about six meters, his ribs were wings, his wings did not expand, and he could not see it. How big is the wingspan, but now Xie Lier seems to be completely different from the previous one.

The former Xie Lier looks like an old tiger, awe-inspiring, but now Xie Lier looks a little bit lighter and less aggressive, but no one dares to underestimated her. Her signature ears are even more impressive.

And just as the white light disappeared, Xie Lier fainted directly on the ground. Zhao Hai looked at him, and immediately it was a white light. The white light put Xie Lier inside. Xie Lier although is in a sleep, but the expression on her face slowly slows down.

At this time, Dugu, Xiaoya, Huagu, they also completed Level Up, they also became stronger for Magic’s control, they are sleeping, but Zhao Hai did not use Healing Technique for the team, because No, for Dugu, this is a normal Level Up, which is completely different from Xie Lier.

After using Healing Technique for Xie Lier, Zhao Hai took out the pair of eagle claws and looked at it. In the end, he still didn’t have Refining, but he just took it up because he didn’t need it now. He was ready to have opportunity. This pair of hawks is refining into a Magical Artifact. As for what Magical Artifact is refining, he hasn’t thought about it yet. In fact, this pair of eagle claws is also impossible. Refining into another Magical Artifact, it can only be Refining. The Magical Artifact, which is an eagle claw, is still very limited.

After collecting the talons, Zhao Hai looked up at the sky. Through the roof of the tree roots, he saw a black spot in the sky hovering, but the range of the hovering was very large, obviously it was a new one. The eagle, he should be looking for Zhao Hai, but also looking for another eagle, but unfortunately, he found nothing.

Xiao Man When they saw Zhao Hai look at sky, they all looked up at the sky. When they saw the eagle in the sky, their complexion was all changed, but in a short while, the eagle went straight away, good. For a while there is no appears in the sky, Xiao Man they are only relaxed.

They have been waiting until dark, the eagle has no appeares, Dugu their Level Up has long been completed, and Xie Lier woke up in the dark, his mental state looks good, and he also launched The width of the wings and the spread of the two wings is definitely more than the twenty meters, which is really amazing.

Zhao Hai thought for a moment, for Xiao Man, they opened the mouth and said: “Looking at the outside of the animal now, most of them should be resting. You have to train outside. After training, come back to eat reminders. You are going tonight. At Level Up once, Xie Lier, you will fly to the sky to train immediately. After dark, the eagle should be going to rest. It is the best time for your training. The now wings of this pair have changed. It has become your wings, but you and the eagle who have been learning to fly since childhood and have been flying in the sky, there is still a difference, so you have to practice more, otherwise you will definitely suffer from the eagle. ”

Xiao Man, they all all complied, Zhao Hai directly opened their base, then Xiao Man, they all went out from the base here, began training, and Xie Lier also went out from the base and began to learn to fly, she now has control over the air. Very powerful, with the help of the air, she swayed into the sky, flying slowly in the sky, very awkward at the very beginning, and almost a few times to fall, but Slowly her flying better better and better, animal is also more and more standard, and can even make a variety of animals, which makes Zhao Hai very delighted.

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