Let Xiao Man have no way to rise to 1st level at night. Now they don’t have time for Level Up during the day, so Level Up time can only stay in the evening, and for Zhao Hai, let them have night. Level Up, they can move freely during the day, just in the daytime, those animals will attack them, Zhao Hai, they can carry out actual combat, then they can improve their strength very quickly in actual combat, master The power of oneself, this is exactly what Zhao Hai wants to see.

And at night, those animals who track them should not act, because they are too dangerous. They want to find Zhao Hai’s traces at night. It’s not an easy task. If they are lost, they don’t think about it. When they found Zhao Hai, and there was light at night, but the light was not very good. If Zhao Hai was attacking them at night, they would be even more dangerous, so they should rest at night.

As Zhao Hai thought, the animals who chased them, in the evening, really went to rest, and did not keep track of Zhao Hai, which also made Zhao Hai feel relieved, Xiao Man they are training After that, I directly returned to camp here. After eating the meat, I ran to Level Up. After Level Up, they took a break.

Xie Lier didn’t eat thing tonight. She had a good rest for one night. After the next day, Zhao Hai, they all came out of the camp. They just came out of the camp. Xie Lier’s complexion is one. Change, he immediately said to Zhao Hai said: “Young Master, we are surrounded, there is a thing around.”

Zhao Haiyi listened to him and said that he couldn’t help but then he looked up at the sky and found sky fair and honest. In a few eagle, hovering over their heads, Zhao Hai’s complexion could not help but change him. Mouth and said: “It looks like the eagleday night, the eagle did not go to rest, but has been looking for us, and we were discovered by us during our evening training, ready, we will leave immediately, can not stay here. “”

Xie Lier They are all complimented, Zhao Hai looked at Xie Lier, then opened the mouth and said: “Xie Lier, we both flew into the sky, looked at the animals that came around, and then directed Xiao Man to guide them. In the direction of the breakout, if those eagle attack you, we will always destroy them.”

Xie Lier complied, and then followed Zhao Hai, and they quickly flew into the sky, looked around, and saw a lot of animals, surrounded by all directions, surrounded them. However, the envelopes of these animals have not yet formed completely, and there are still very weak places.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai has noticed that these animals are close to their camp and have a distance of nearly one hundred meters. So far, Xie Lier has already heard them. It can be seen that her ears are also Level Up, so I can hear them. Such a distant voice, when thinking of her, Zhao Hai immediately to Xiao Man, they said: “Go to here, don’t look back, speed up, encounter attack, rush in the shortest time.” While talking about Zhao Hai Pointing in one direction, Xiao Man immediately complied, and then rushed straight in that direction, while Zhao Hai and Xie Lier, who have been looking at all around in the sky, see what other animals they have, if Those animals really have any movements, so they can adjust the direction of Xiao Man’s breakout at any time.

At the same time, Zhao Hai is also paying attention to the eagle in the sky. When Zhao Hai and Xie Lier flew into the sky, the eagle immediately found them. They hovered in the sky, but they were flying lower and lower. The only thing they found on Xie Lier, Zhao Hai, they didn’t have a discovery. This is exactly what Zhao Hai wants. The reason why he flies with Xie Lier is to use Xie Lier as a bait and give those hawks Attracted, if those eagle fall from the sky, attack Xie Lier, then Zhao Hai, who is hiding, can directly tidy up those eagle.

Now, when I see the situation where the eagle has fallen, Zhao Hai’s heart can’t help but relax. The eagle wants to fall, that’s the best. This is exactly what Zhao Hai wants to see, so he’ll be right away. Xie Lier open the mouth and said : “Xie Lier, those eagles have found you, but they haven’t found me, so they will only attack you for a while, you have to do as possible with them and take them all down, to When I want to make a move, I will pack them all up. Now they are still flying too high. I can’t clean them all.”

Xie Lier was immediately complied, and her two eyes also burst out of cold light. These eagle are really annoying. They have no enmity with these eagle, but these eagle have to deal with them, if not These eagle, they are also impossible to become so passive, so Xie Lier is really a little good for these eagle, can clean up all these eagle, he is also very happy.

Xiao Man They are in the forest along the direction of Zhao Hai, all the way forward, Zhao Hai and Xie Lier fly over them, lest they go in the wrong direction, and they also pay attention to the eagle in the sky, those The eagle has already flew very low. Xie Lier is under the command of Zhao Hai. It seems that it was just the discovery of the eagle falling. Zhao Hai also let Xie Lier launch a few Wind Blades to attack the eagle, of course not. What effect, but it is to irritate the eagle completely, they fly lower and lower, ready to start attacking Xie Lier.

However, Zhao Hai has been paying attention to the above several eagle. There are a total of seven eagle hovering over them. Five of the seven eagle have already flown down, ready to deal with Xie Lier, and two have been in the air. Hovering, refused to fall, and what Zhao Hai wanted was that they all fell, and then they all packed up.

Soon the five eagle have fallen to a height of about 100 meters from Xie Lier, and the height of Xie Lier’s flight is actually very low, only about 100 meters, on the ground, Xiao Man, they are I can clearly see Xie Lier. Now that I saw the many eagle and prepared the attack Xie Lier, they certainly couldn’t bear it. I immediately reminded Xie Lier and Zhao Hai that Zhao Hai told them that they already knew It was they who took the eagle down and let Xiao Man break the break of the fee, Xiao Man, they felt relieved.

At this time, the five eagle were like five sharp arrows, and they shot directly to Xie Lier. Xie Lier also found them, she immediately went to hide, and she also released the air Magic for those The eagle carried the attack, and the eagle was still very jealous of the air Magic, so they immediately let the air Magic, but still rushed towards Xie Lier.

Xie Lier’s strength is very formidable, her level Up this time is really not normal, her body is getting smaller, but for the control of the air Magic, it is one type of very high degree, she is for the air The control, which also reached one type of is very surprising, he can use the air to make it easy to change direction, which makes her more flexible in the air.

And those eagle alliances are the kings in the sky, but their flexibility in the air is actually can’t compare with Xie Lier, so the five eagle are really taking Xie Lier for a while, Xie Lier is The air kept changing direction, and also used the air to attack the eagle. The eagle joint also used the air Magic attack to attack him, but he couldn’t catch him. It was really impossible to take him for a while.

Zhao Hai has been paying attention to the two eagle in the sky. He really wants to see if the two eagle will fall. If the two eagle will fall, it will be fantastic, of course. He is also paying attention to Xie Lier’s situation. If Xie Lier is really dangerous, he will definitely act to help Xie Lier.

In fact, Xie Lier was not very strong at the beginning of the air control. Under the attack of the five eagles, she was also a left-handed, very embarrassed, and this time, Zhao Hai helped her with Magic, but only He also used the air Magic, and it was also Magic that could change direction, so the five eagle did not discover, wait for them to fight for a while, Xie Lier learned how to use the air, then did not need Zhao Hai to help .

The last two eagle in the sky also found the following situation, they found that the five eagle can’t deal with Xie Lier, and if they go on like this, Xie Lier will clean them up and they will start slowly. Reduced the height of the flight, ready to make a move together, and clean up Xie Lier.

Zhao Hai and so on is such an opportunity. When he sees the two eaglees descending the height, he is very delighted. At the same time, he also pays attention to the following situation. See how Xiao Man is doing. Xiao Man, they are still Did not reach the position to break through, and their direction is not wrong, Zhao Hai also feel relieved.

At this moment, the two eagle in the sky also fell to the same height as Xie Lier, and began to attack the Xie Lier. With the addition of the two, Xie Lier could not support it, and it was immediately dangerous. At this time, there were countless words of ray in the suddenlyly sky. These sword rays seemed to be raining. They fell straight down from the sky and stabbed straight toward the seven eagle.

When the seven eagle saw the sword ray, they were all greatly surprised. They immediately prepared to run away. They also used Magic like the air shield to block themselves, but those sword ray were too fast, they have not waited. Escape, those sword ray has fallen on them, the first word ray on their Protective Shield directly blasted, and their Protective Shield was directly broken, then the sword ray directly stabbed When they got to them, the seven eagle immediately squirted all the white blood and fell straight to the ground.

But before they fell to the ground, they saw a number of transparent ropes in the air, and they were entangled in them. Then several sword ray flashed, and the eagle were all pierced by sword ray. The body, after a few struggles, will not move.

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