Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 231

Zhao Hai look at Dugu They, smiling smiled said: “Of course it is true, but not now, I am going to put three wings on you tonight, our body is impossible, like Xie Lier, so it is small, so It’s absolutely impossible for you to put on a pair of wings, so I am prepared to put two pairs of wings on each of you. Only in this way can you guarantee that you can fly, but it’s still the same, now you can’t wait until the evening. “”

Although said to wait until the evening, but Dugu they don’t care at all, they only know that they can fly with their wings, so each and every one are all excited, and Xiao Man, they can only look envious. Look at them, who makes them not Wind elements, can’t use this wing.

Zhao Hai looked at Xiao Man and they looked at it. Deep voice said: “This is a few days. Those guys have been attacking us. If we can’t clean them up, they will always be pestering us, so I am going to in turn and attack them. Look, Xie Lier, look at you now, fly to the sky, find those guys, and tell us where they are, let’s go and pick them up.”

Xiao Man, they heard Zhao Hai saying that they were all excited. They had a lot of anger, they were surrounded by the trick, and the situation was very dangerous. They could only escape, which made the proud all the time. And arrogant’s Xiao Man, how can be able to withstand, so they now listen to Zhao Hai said that to revenge, they immediately excited up, simultaneously complied.

Zhao Hai looked at their appearance, and also smiled slightly, then turned to Xie Lier nodded, Xie Lier also directed at Zhao Hai nodded, then he flew up and flew straight, hovering in the air, The higher the flying, the more the black spots became in the blink of an eye, and then flew away.

Dugu, they all look envious of the look at the black spots, but when they think that they can fly, they are also very delighted, and Xiao Man, they are now calm, they also know that they are not Wind element, Flying is afraid that they are not with them, so they are not envious.

Zhao Hai look at Xiao Man, they are just smiling smiled, and did not say anything, he is very clear, Xiao Man, they can also fly, but now they have not found a way for them to fly that’s all, they rely on My own energy flight, the strength is still a little worse.

Then Zhao Hai turned his attention to the two days of occur. From the two days of occur, it can be seen that the person who wants to deal with them is really prepared to destroy them all at once. So he will send so many people this time, only now they can hide, but there is one type of situation, they have no way to hide, those animals can put them together in the When they want to kill the cluster, it is not easy to be afraid.

This situation is Zhao Hai, they have no way to avoid it, that is, they must enter the spiritual world, when they enter the spiritual world, those animals have enough time to find their camp and then put them The camp is surrounded, and when they come back from the spiritual world, they will be surrounded by those animals, which is almost certainly an opportunity for them.

The guy who wants to deal with them is now completely unscrupulous. To say that he is a possible bottom line, there is no bottom line now. Zhao Hai, they are all rooted to pack the eagle, but it is difficult to guarantee that the guy will not directly Just tell those animals, where they are, if he really does, those animals will know their whereabouts, in which case they will be surrounded.

Zhao Hai never minds thinking about a person going to the bad, and the guy who wants to deal with him can let the spiritual community of the earth surround them when they enter the spiritual world, on the island of Giant Demon. Here, let so many animals come to attack them, from this point you can see that the guy is not a good person, he will not tell you the principle, just give attack to you, kill you, He must not be polite, so Zhao Hai must take what he thinks is a little bad.

Because of this, Zhao Hai must strengthen their fighting strength, because they will enter the spiritual soil tonight, and they will enter the spiritual world when they are at night, and the animals in Yesterday will not act. However, Zhao Hai can be sure that the animals in Yesterday have no action at night. It does not mean that they will not have any action tonight. They may be taking action tonight when they enter the spiritual world. The camp is surrounded, and when they come out from the spiritual world, they will definitely appear in the camp here. At that time, they have already fallen into the encirclement of those animals. When they think of her, Zhao Hai can’t help but open his eyes. Among them, the cold light is shining. Since the other party wants to play with them, then come and see who is afraid of who.

Just as Zhao Hai thought about these things, a black spot in the sky was slowly getting bigger, and finally fell directly. It was Xie Lier and Xie Lier who fell down immediately after Zhao Haisaid: “Young Master, they are not very far from us, they are only about a time away, and they are coming to us here. The weird thing is that they seem to know where we are, and they are coming straight to us. It is reasonable to say that there are no eagle to send them a letter, they should not find us so soon?”

Zhao Hai slightly smiled, shook his head said: “Because of their own ability, they are of course is impossible to find us so quickly, but don’t forget, they will allal up and attack us, but also by others. The eagle in the sky will not tell them where we are, but someone will tell them.”

Xiao Man, they heard Zhao Hai say this, they are all a glimpse, and then their complexion is all changed. They immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, the guy who wants to deal with them, tells those animals, they The location, if this is the case, then they will only be more troublesome.

Zhao Hai looked at Xiao Man and they gave a glance, then deep voice said: “We must deal with those guys right away, but before dark, we have to build a camp, take a good rest, everyone wants to forget, we are tonight It is going to enter the spiritual world. When it comes to the spiritual world, I am afraid that we will start fighting again soon. I forgot this before, so it seems that Dugu, you want to fly. I am afraid that it will be pushed back one day.”

Dugu they feel sorry, but they didn’t say anything, just nodded, Zhao Hai turned to Xiao Man. They said: “Well, let’s go, let’s go clean up the guys and let them know that we are amazing, if we can It’s best to kill some of them, and go.” Xiao Man They are all complied, then Xie Lier pointed in the direction and greeted those enemies there, and Xie Lier was flying at once. In the sky, the situation of all around is monitored.

Zhao Hai also flew up. He knew that at this time, he had to make a move. If he only let Xiao Man fight, then Xiao Man would be too dangerous, so Zhao Hai also flew with Xie Lier. Get up and watch the situation around, and also guide the direction that is not quite theirs.

They walked for only about half an hour, Zhao Hai has already seen those animals, more than a thousand animals, and they have come to them in a great direction. Their route is even very straight. Said that no one has given them directions, Zhao Hai does not believe, but Zhao Hai really wants to see, the guy who wants to deal with them, will not always give those animals the way, if he has been given to those animals If you are guiding the way, it will be very troublesome.

Xie Lier is still guiding Xiao Man in the direction of their advancing. Zhao Hai is paying attention to those animals. He discovers everything in the animals, and even some kangaroos. This is really beyond his expectation. What surprised Zhao Hai most was that he also found some animals to walk in front of all animals, and these animals in front of them turned out to be wild boars. They walked forward while still moving their noses, look At their action, Zhao Hai’s heart couldn’t help but look at the animals, not just the lying on the guy who wanted to deal with them, telling them the location, they rely on the wild boar and the nose to determine their position, If this is the case, then they must be unwilling.

Before they called the traces of cleaning, they only recovered the grass they had walked through, so that others could not see the traces they had walked through, but for the smell, they did not deal with them, so those animals followed them. The smell is also very close.

As soon as she thought of her, Zhao Hai decided to do some experiments. He wanted to see if the guy who wanted to deal with them told them the location of the animal, or the animals were relying on their smell, and they traced it. So he immediately led Xie Lier to Xiao Man’s front, then Zhao Hai let Xiao Man stop at there, then he let Xiao Man go to the side, then circle around, return to them The route that came before, while Zhao Hai came out, took the middle section and they walked through the place, all cleaned up, even the smell did not stay, if the enemy did not know their position, but rely on the smell to track them If they go to here, they will go around a bend and then return to the correct route. If they already know Zhao Hai’s position, the smell tracking is only an aid, then they will hesitate, or It is not going to go around that bend, but go straight, so Zhao Hai can have a clear judgment.

Xiao Man, they are don’t know what Zhao Hai is doing, because Zhao Hai not only let them circle a circle, but returned a long section of road. After returning, they went to the side and went out old. Far away, he also let Dugu, they cleaned the place where they passed, thoroughly wiped it with a breeze, even washed it with a light rain, and don’t know why.

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