Animal army is moving forward, they are not discover, Zhao Hai and Xie Lier are looking at them in the sky, Zhao Hai is using Heart’s Demon, so those animals are is impossible discover them, now Zhao Haizheng is staring With the animal army, I want to see what they will do next.

Soon the animal army is here, Zhao Hai has broken their smell, he wants to see, those animals will turn along the scent that he made before, or will go straight if they turn , that means these animals, it is really just to track them through the smell, if those animals do not turn, it means they must have known their position, the smell tracking is better to determine that’s All.

Soon, the animal army went to the corner, and the leading wild boars were ready to turn. At this time, an animal behind the suddenly stopped them. It was a bonobo, his man. It’s not very big, but now it’s a big swing on the back of a deer.

Upon hearing the chimpanzee’s cry, all the animals stopped, and then the chimpanzee yelled at the lead boar and then the wild boar and the car were not turning, but went straight ahead. Then the animal army followed, and all of this fell into the eyes of Zhao Hai in the sky.

Zhao Haiyi saw this situation, could not help but two eyes flash of cold light, but he did not make a move, he still wants to see, what kind of performance will those animals follow, because he wiped the smell Partly, it’s not very far. If the animals go forward, if they don’t take long, they will smell their smell once and see what kind of reaction they will be.

You know Xiao Man, they are not far from them, but they just walked a little bit to the side. If the person who wants to deal with them can always hold a conversation with these animals, then he will definitely Their current position tells these animals that by the time these animals will not be past their original camp there, but will come directly to attack them.

Now Zhao Hai can be sure, those animals really know the location of their camp, otherwise they have already turned along the smell, is impossible to go forward, at least the leading bonobo knows, otherwise He is also impossible to order the wild boar to go straight ahead.

Now look at the person who wants to deal with them. Is it possible to contact these animals at any time? If that is the case, then it is even more difficult for them to deal with these animals. If that is the case, then Zhao Hai is ready. Make a move directly, put all these animals in the air, and definitely can’t keep them.

In a short while those animals smelled Xiao Man’s smell, a wild boar screamed at the back, the bonobo walked over and talked to the wild boar, then they went forward, and that The bonobo’s face also showed a hint of proud, as if it were really proud.

Zhao Hai look at the look of the chimpanzee, his face can not help but reveal a sneer, he and Xie Lier have been look at those animals, and soon those animals are in the place where Xiao Man ambush, but Xiao Man ambush The place is on the periphery of the animal army advancing, those animals can’t see them, and they even remove the smell.

Those animals didn’t go to attack Xiao Man, but they kept moving forward. When they saw this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but grow a tone. Then he turned to Xie Lier. “Xie Lier, you are watching at here.” They are flying a little higher. If they want to turn around and deal with us, you will immediately inform me that if they keep moving forward, they will not care about them. When will they all pass, you are coming to inform me. “Xie Lier complied, then he moved and flew straight into the sky. In the blink of an eye, it became a black spot, and Zhao Hai went straight to Xiao Man where they were hiding.” .

After a while, Zhao Hai, they went to Xiao Man where they were hiding. Xiao Man, they have been resting in there, but Xiao Bei, they are all standing guards on the periphery, and the flat head is even unable to see Root. There went, but I believe he is also on the perimeter stand guard, flat and aggressive, but he can now control his emotions.

As soon as Zhao Hai came back, Xiao Man immediately surrounded them. Zhao Hai looked at Xiao Man. They said, “The animal army knows where our camp is. This shows that the guy who is dealing with us, puts our The position tells the animal army, and the leader of the animal army is a chimpanzee, but the guy who has to deal with us doesn’t seem to keep in touch with the animal army. Now they go to our camp there, they seem to Don’t know we are back, ready to deal with them.”

Xiao Man, as soon as they heard Zhao Hai say it, they all focused on Xiaoyan. When Xiao Xiao saw the eyes of everyone, he was also a blank face. Zhao Hai gently smiled, “There is time for Xiao Xiao to see. I don’t know the bonobo, but the chimpanzee has that many people, and it’s impossible to know everyone.” Everyone knows.”

Everyone is nodded, then each and every one are all looking at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai look at them, deep voice. “I let Xie Lier monitor them in there, as long as the animal army has not turned to deal with us, it means they It’s really don’t know that we’re here, Xie Lier will come back and send me a letter, we will depart, attack them from behind them, remember, after a hit, immediately retreat, Xiao Bei, Dugu, the two of you are responsible for cleaning in the back, don’t leave any smell, and the traces are all covered.”

Xiao Bei and Dugu are both complied, Zhao Hai look at Xiao Man. They then open the mouth and said. “This time, the attack is a speed, the speed is fast, the attack is fierce, the flat head, the flat head is coming back to me. “Zhao Hai’s belly barely fell didn’t have long time, I saw the flat head has been drilled out of the ground, and went to Zhao Hai to look at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai said to Pingtou Road, “You are on the corner of Xiao Man’s head, paws, tail, and Dugu. Their claws are all given to me, and they are poisoned on their claws, so they are at attack. At those animals, the attack power will be stronger. Xiao Man, you have to remember, you can’t touch the place where you have a flat head. Otherwise, you will be poisoned by is will, it is very troublesome. of.”

Xiao Man, they are all complimented, there is no response to the flat head, and they follow complied. Then Zhao Hai looked at the sky and found that Xie Lier was still monitoring the animal army in the sky. He also relieved, and then he turned to Dugu. They said, “This time you will enter the spiritual world, there will be a battle, but you still can’t level Up, because there is no way to level Up in the spiritual world. If you eat thing in the spiritual world, then you will Return to Giant Demon Island here to level Up, it will affect your fighting strength, one can not be very dangerous, and you have to put wings on it, the time required for Level Up is more than others Long, so we need to be more careful, so this time you can’t level Up in the spiritual world, you have to wait until we return to Giant Demon Island here, and then give you a Level Up, understand in look for an opportunity?”

Dugu, they are all complied, they already know that it will be like this, they are not blame Zhao Hai, indeed this is no way, their Level Up must be equipped with wings, then they have no way in the spiritual level there level Up, because there is no way for Level Up in the spiritual world, they are equipped with wings in the spiritual world, they are also impossible to fly, must be returned to Giant Demon Island here, after a Level Up, the wings can It’s theirs, but now they have strong enemies on the side. At this time, how are they’s possible Level Up, so they can’t have Level Up and can only wait.

Zhao Hai looked at Dugu and they looked at it. In fact, he still had another type of method to give Dugu their Level Up, but now it is not. Zhao Hai’s other one type of method is to make several Spaces that can be loaded with animals. Bag, but that would require him to kill a few kangaroos, so what Zhao Hai is doing now is to kill a few kangaroos and then refining their bags into Space bags, so that they can make Dugu in the Space bag. Level Up.

Among the animal army to deal with them, there are many kangaroos, and those kangaroos are also the target of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai is going to pack all the kangaroos and then refining a larger space bag that can hold the animal. In order to carry out his plan, but he will not let Xiao Man help him to deal with those kangaroos, because those kangaroos are not the first to deal with them, if Zhao Hai let Xiao Man help them, then Xiao Man they must Going to the group of animal army, it is very dangerous.

While Zhao Hai was thinking about these things, Xie Lier fell directly from the sky. Before she reached Zhao sea surface, she rushed to Zhao Haidao, “Young Master, they passed.” When he said this, Xie Lier It is also two eyes, she also wants to deal with those animals, and now finally has opportunity, how can she not be excited. Xiao Man They are all the same, each and every one two eyes look at Zhao Hai, waiting for Zhao Hai’s order.

Zhao Hai glanced at them, then nodded. “Good, action, Xie Lier, you still monitor the animal army in the sky, and give us directions. If necessary, you can attack the animal army from the air.” Xie Lier complied Then, after the two wings fluttered, they flew directly into the sky, and between the blink of an eye became a black spot.

Zhao Hai also flew up, but he did not fly very high, just on the top of the tree, then directed Xiao Man to go in the direction of the animal army, the animal army but there are more than a thousand animals, they acted, The movement is very big, Zhao Hai does not have to fly too high, just look at the trees in the forest, the shaking of the big trees is more powerful, you know that the animal army is there.

Xiao Man They walked in the direction of Zhao Hai’s guidance. They walked very carefully and did not make sounds, but even if they made a sound, there was no relationship, and the animal army walked forward. The sound is very big. The animal in the army, even if it hears the sound, it will only be their voice. I don’t think it is the voice that Xiao Man made.

With Farm mixed different realm

With Farm mixed different realm

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