Zhao Hai guides Xiao Man, while watching Xie Lier, discover Xie Lier has no abnormal performance, he also relieved, Xiao Man their action speed is still very fast, and soon they have arrived at animal The army is behind, but they didn’t rush right away, but in the place of fifty meters behind the animal army, for a while, this time, the flat head went directly to the underground to see the situation of the animal army.

Animal army followed by some animals, all goats, these goats seem to like to walk on the ground, they follow the end of the animal army, while walking forward, sometimes will eat some thing, there is nothing unusual In the case, the flat head was also fee relieved, he immediately returned to Xiao Man, they here, told Xiao Man about this situation, and he also licked their corners, tails and claws in Xiao Man.

After doing this, Xiao Man looked up at Zhao Hai, Zhao Haichong Xiao Man, they were nodded, then opened the mouth and said: “Remember, take a hit, don’t fight, don’t care for me, I have myself The plan, understand?? Xiao Man They all know Zhao Hai’s strength, so they are all complied, then they look at each other, Xiao Man then open the mouth and said: “Be prepared, we attack those animals after attack Just leave, you can’t mess around, if you are entangled by those animals, you will be in trouble.” All of them were complied, then Xiao Man rushed to the crowd nodded, then led the leader straight forward, others quickly followed.

Zhao Hai looked at Xiao Man and they glanced at it. Then he could not help but smiled. Then his figure slammed into the sky. The next moment he seemed to become a Giant Hawk, rushing to the middle of the animal, in the animal. In the middle of the army, there are many kangaroos that are following the army advancing.

Zhao Hai’s target is them. Zhao Hai used Heart’s Demon Magic, so in the eyes of others, now is a Giant Hawk. Then Zhao Hai directly rushes to the kangaroos, and his animal also attracts those Animal greatly surprised, they all look up at the sky.

At this time, Zhao Hai took out two talons, and then he controlled the two talons, and then grabbed the heads of the two kangaroos. Then he swung his wings and two. Only the kangaroos were shot and flew out. Then, when Zhao Hai looked at the attention of the animals, they directly took the two dead kangaroos to their own Space, while Zhao Hai’s The figure is rushing to the sky once.

Those animals have just been attracted by Zhao Hai’s figure, and Root didn’t notice that the two dead kangaroos were vanish from sight, and Zhao Hai hovered in the air and slid down again, which led to the animal army. The chaos, the kangaroos are even more scattered, and the other animals don’t understand what is going on, they don’t know how this Giant Hawk has attacked them.

At this time, Xiao Man killed them from the back of the animal army. They rushed directly into the flock of animals in the end of the animal army. They launched an attack on the goats. Those goats that were already a little confused were messed up. It was noisy, they immediately ran around, and Root didn’t stop the courage to fight with Xiao Man.

The animal army was also attracted to the attention of Xiao Man by their attack, so Zhao Hai fell from the air, killed two kangaroos, and also took away two kangaroos, they naturally did not notice, the two The dead kangaroos were gone. They only noticed the two kangaroos that were captured by Zhao Hai.

After Zhao Haifei went to mid midair, he noticed the situation of Xiao Man. Xiao Man, after they rushed the goats, did not rush into the animal army, but directly retired, in the blink of an eye. In the forest, when I saw this situation, Zhao Hai was also relieved, but Zhao Hai also saw it. Xiao Man did not go far, they were chasing the forest, the goats running around.

Zhao Hai did not follow the attack animal army, but also flew away, but this time he killed six kangaroos, and all took them away. Zhao Hai did not let Xie Lier come back, but let Xie Lier continue Monitor the animal army, he wants to see what the animal army will do next.

Xiao Man, they killed all the goats who were running around, and then they retreated. The animal army was also a big mess after they attacked. Some animals even ran away. The chimpanzee cost a lot. The strength, this time to reorganize the team, and wait for him to organize the team to discover, more than a thousand animals, now a lot less, only less than a thousand, and lost a few hundred .

The chimpanzee is very angry, but he is not too good. He can only let the animal army rest at the original place, paying careful attention to all around, and he also sent a small part of the animal, like wild boar and such Animal, want to see if you can find out where Xiao Man is going.

At this time, Xiao Man, they have already gone out to severe hundred meters, there are Xiao Bei and Dugu cleaning in the back, the animal army wants to find them through the smell, almost is impossible, Zhao Hai is now returned to Xiao Man, they looked at them, they didn’t get hurt, and each and every one was very excited. He was fee relieved.

At this moment, Zhao Hai saw Xie Lier fall from the sky. She went to Zhao Hai’s side and said to Zhao Haisaid: “Young Master, the bonobo sent some wild boars and came to follow us, their The number is not a lot, we have to go over and clean up all of them.” Xiao Man They all look at Zhao Hai, waiting for Zhao Hai’s order.

Zhao Hai looked at them, deep voice said: “No, today we only attack this time, those wild boars are good, too, they are not so good to deal with, we must want to kill them, it will take some time If you can’t kill them and let them discover the sound, then the people of the animal army will definitely hear them, they will chase in that direction, we can run away, but it will be very troublesome, so we don’t Animal, wait until later when our strength is stronger, it is not too late in animal, we are ready to rest today, Xie Lier, you are still returned to the sky, then monitor those animals, and, be careful of the eagle, I doubt those The eagle is possible will not let us go so easily, they are possible will come back to revenge, if you find them, and the number is large, immediately come down from the sky, do not fight hard with them.”

Xie Lier complied, then fluttered, flew directly into the sky, swayed in the sky, and soon became a black spots, Zhao Hai turned to Xiao Man. They said: “Today we are not at the attack.” Animal, but to stay away from them, because I am worried that among the animals, there will be a thing that can be associated with the guy who wants to deal with us. If there is an animal, you can contact the guy who wants to deal with us. They will soon know our position. If we are too close to them, they will chase them. If we are far away from them, they will have to deal with us and want to chase us. Time, and this period of time is enough for us to shift direction.”

Xiao Man, they heard Zhao Hai say so, they are all nodded, they think that Zhao Hai said that it makes a lot of sense, Zhao Hai look at them, it is also smiling smiled, then open the mouth and said: “Go, Going in this direction, we are going around a circle, or we have to go to the lake island.” Xiao Man They are all complied, walking in the direction of Zhao Haizhi.

Zhao Hai notes the situation of Xie Lier in the sky. Xie Lier was very comfortable at first. She flew high and kept hovering in the air, but after a long time, Xie Lier suddenly came down from the sky. And speed very fast, Zhao Haiyi saw Xie Lier’s appearance and knew that it must be occur something, but he did not let Xiao Man stop them, still let Xiao Man move forward.

In a short while, Xie Lier has already fallen from the sky. When she falls down, she is on Zhao Haisaid: “Young Master, the animal army is coming to here. It seems that they already know that we are in this direction, and I have The eagle also came to here, and the number is also quite large. There are two or thirty minimums.”

Zhao Haiyi heard Xie Lier say that complexion can’t help but dignified. He said: “It seems that the guy who is going to deal with us is making a move at once. It is interesting, well, then we Just pack them up, and now they don’t know our location, we will take the time to shift one direction, Xiao Man, you go in this direction and speed up.” Xiao Man They are complied, they will follow Zhao Hai’s direction has gone, and they have also accelerated the speed. Only Zhao Hai and Xie Lier are still there.

Look at Xiao Man They left, Zhao Hai turned to Xie Lier said: “Let’s go, go to the eagle, to say, the eagle’s threat to us is the biggest, there are those eagle, the underground of the animal Equal to is an extra pair of eyes in the sky, so that any of our movements will be under their surveillance, it will be very troublesome, so those eagle, we must destroy.”

Xie Lier complied, Zhao Hai deep voice said: “Go, go to the guys.” After he just flew up, Xie Lier quickly kept up, she certainly knew the eagle threatened them, nothing else. Just say this time, if there is no guidance for her scout in the air, this time Xiao Man their sneak attack, it will not be completed so smoothly, so how important those eagle is to the animal army, then naturally do not have to say Therefore, for Zhao Hai, we must pack those eagle, she has no opinion at all.

Zhao Hai and Xie Lier flew into the sky, and sure enough, a group of eaglees were flying to here in the distance. The leading eagle was very huge, and the wings were wide enough to have a width of nearly 100 meters. The speed of the flight was also very fast. What’s important is that the average eagle, the feathers on the body are all grey-black, and the eagle, the feathers on his body, are all golden, and the metal-like luster is flashing, which makes Zhao Hai see this only. When the eagle, he had the heart to take this eagle, because he is too beautiful.

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