BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 472

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Cao Ying screamed. She couldn't believe that her Teacher was cut by Chen Mo.

He is the Chairman of Pill Tower!

"Senior Brother." Heavenly Lightning and Xuan Yi trembled, and Xuan Yi broke down even more.

"You can't keep you."

Chen Mo's offensive keeps going, and he wants to kill Heavenly Lightning and Xuan Yi again.


The old voice got angry, an invisible force, escaped into the space, and when it appeared again, it hit Chen Mo directly. Like the ripples on the lake, the spiritual power mobilized by Chen Mo collapsed instantly.

"Bang" flew upside down.

"pu chi!" After steadying the stature, a mouthful of red blood spurted out of his mouth.

"Is this the power of fighting saints?"

Chen Mo wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. In the face of this power, he had no power to fight back, but he also It can be seen that the other party does not want his own life, but only gives a small punishment.

"Chen Mo, Yao Chen and Xuan Kong are dead, isn’t that enough?"

The old silhouette resounded again, echoing in this Star Region, in Sanqianyan The moment Yanyan woke up, he felt the movement of Star Region. When he hurried over, he only saw Yao Chen being beheaded, a little slower, and even Xuan Kong's son was not protected.

Be aware that the Big Three can be regarded as the Peak power of Pill Tower, the spiritual leader of Alchemist, and the death of Xuan Kong's son. If it spreads out, it will cause a major earthquake in the entire Central Plain.

Seeing that Chen Mo still wanted to kill Xuan Yi and Heavenly Lightning again, he suddenly became angry.

If the Big Three die, it will be a big loss for Pill Tower.

Supreme Elder's stern shout made Chen Mo suddenly startled. What was going on with the violence in his heart just now, after he clearly cut Xuan Kong's son, he would stop.

A trace of violence suddenly emerged from the bottom of his heart, which made him want to kill Heavenly Lightning and Xuan Yi again...

So Chen Mo became confused...

"en?" See Chen Mo remain silent, Supreme Elder snorted lightly.

"Junior was impulsive. He listened to Supreme Elder's punishment, but Chen Mo had no complaints." Chen Mo bowed his hands in a bowing voice.

"There is a reason for thinking about things. Xuan Kong will do it first. The old man is free from your heavy punishment. After the Star Region is over, Pill Tower will be suspended for three years."

pondered After the meeting, the old voice sounded immediately.

"Supreme Elder..." Xuan Yi's heart sank, and he stopped thinking about it for three years. What kind of punishment is it? After the Star Region ends, it doesn't mean that he will be surrendered. Thousand Raging Fire …

"Junior Sister." Heavenly Lightning persuaded Xuan Yi. This is obviously because Supreme Elder values ​​Chen Mo’s innate talent and is deliberately biased.

"It's so decided, Heavenly Lightning, Xuan Yi, you guys have stopped thinking for three months, right now."

After that, the old voice was thorough disappear.

And Supreme Elder's silhouette, from start to finish did not appear.

Xuan Yi didn't dare not follow him. He gave Chen Mo a fiercely and left the Star Region with resentment and pain.

Along with it, there is Heavenly Lightning.

After they left, all except Chen Mo were sucked in a cold breath.

They looked at Chen Mo's eyes as if they were looking at the evil spirit.

The Pill Competition Chairman of aloof and remote, the son of Xuan Kong, one of the Big Three, was cut by Chen Mo.

Cao Ying looked towards Chen Mo's eyes, with all kinds of emotions, resentment, unwillingness, pain, love and hatred, etc...

But none of these were captured by Chen Mo Look in the eyes.

Behead Xuan Kong son, he has no regrets at all.

As for thinking about banning for three years, it is better to say that it is an alternative welfare. Moreover, for the cultivator, the three-year world is just a blink of an eye, and it's just a time to close the door.


Clearing the thoughts in his mind and the death of Yao Chen and Xuan Kong may cause a series of reactions, Chen Mo slowly moved towards giant dragon go.

"Follow me, I will take you out, and I will lead you to a new height."

Chen Mo said to Three Thousand Raging Fire. After finishing speaking, he added a sentence : "If you don't want to, I will violently let you acknowledge allegiance."

Chen Mo doesn't say much about it.

Let the old man Qing Hua behind and the others corner of the mouth twitched.

There is no doubt. From what Chen Mo showed just now, he does have this strength.


Three Thousand Raging Fire will naturally not be bluffed by Chen Mo's few words. The low and angry roar is constantly in this film. The virtual space reverberates.

"No humans can let me follow."

Three Thousand Raging Fire speak human's words, the purple black flame above the body, suddenly squirmed, and then in the horrified eyes of everyone, Rapidly condensing, in the blink of an eye, a trembling black Heavenly Flame, quietly emerged, and then the flame split, moved towards Chen Mo swept away.

"It seems you want me to be violent."

Looking at the black flame that swept over, Chen Mo didn't blink his eyes, and immediately raised his hands. Started, quickly printed, and with the flash of the rays of light between the fingers, a scarlet's rays of light moved towards Three Thousand Raging Fire and the giant dragon turned away.

"Flame-Burning Heaven Array picture, refine for me!"

Chen Mo screamed. He hasn't used this method for a long time, Burning Heaven Array picture, which can be transformed into Wan Huo is for his own use, and he is born to restrain Heavenly Flame.

With the end of Chen Mo's handprints, the Burning Heaven Array picture suddenly turned into a huge fire sea, completely covering the giant dragon made by Three Thousand Raging Fire.

As if feeling the threat of the Burning Heaven Array picture, the dragon body of Three Thousand Raging Fire was struggling violently, but at this time, the black line rune that made up for the body suddenly appeared. This is Pill. Tower's seal of Three Thousand Raging Fire can restraint its strength to the utmost.

Seeing that the seal is so powerful, Chen Mo couldn't help but relax a lot. With the help of the seal, he reduced the difficulty of surrendering Three Thousand Raging Fire a lot.

After the Burning Heaven Array figure trapped the Three Thousand Raging Fire, Chen Mo separated the Supreme Yang Divine Fire, undying magic flame, and Bone Chilling Flame in the body one after another, and swept into the formation diagram.

With the addition of three kinds of flames, the fire sea of ​​the formation diagram is suddenly strengthened. The fire sea begins to shrink gradually, and the fire pillars spouting out of it at any time engulf the Three Thousand Raging Fire.

In the rear, the nine people looked stunned and unbelievable.

From the temperature of the separated flame, it is obviously Heavenly Flame.

As for Chen Mo alone, he was pregnant with three kinds of Heavenly Flame, which stunned several people at once.

Especially the old man Qing Hua, the whole person seems to have eaten a lemon, all eyes are sour.

Chen Mo only separated three kinds of flames. I think that these three kinds of flames combined with the formidable power of the Burning Heaven Array map are enough for Three Thousand Raging Fire to suffer. NS.

I am not destroying it anyway.

If formidable power is not enough, Chen Mo can also inject spiritual power at any time.

"Chen Mo doesn't acknowledge allegiance?"

Chen Mo changed his fingerprints, attacking the attacks in the fire sea towards the Three Thousand Raging Fire, and the fierce flame energy poured on the Three Thousand The body of Raging Fire, and the purple black flame on its body has faded a lot.

Three Thousand Raging Fire painful a groan, said solemnly: "Stupid humans!"

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