BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 473

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Seeing that the Three Thousand Raging Fire is so hard-headed after being tortured, Chen Mo sneered and his handprints changed rapidly. In the fire sea, Set off a huge wave, moved towards the giant dragon transformed by Three Thousand Raging Fire, shot over it.

The momentum is overwhelming.

“roar! ”

Giant dragon roared, the purple black flame on its body entangled in the void, a huge flame body, moved towards Huolang swept away, and then lifted up A huge head, a huge mouth, and a roar of heaven shaking, earth shattering, suddenly resounded in this silent Star Region.

It is actually going to swallow the fire wave.

Cao Ying and the others can see turned pale in fright, marveling at the ferocity of the Three Thousand Raging Fire. Even if it is sealed, it can display such a powerful strength.

"Want to swallow, then I will do what you wish..."

Chen Mo's handprints change.


After it opened its huge head, by Chen Mo's default, all the waves of fire were swallowed by it.

But next moment.

The purple black flame entangled in the void suddenly rioted wildly, and the majestic purple black flame went out a little bit.

giant dragon complexion greatly changed, I just wanted to take back the purple black flame that occupies the emptiness, the flame throbbed and suddenly turned into a black blue flame.

It is the undying magic flame.

undying Devil Flame possesses Devouring Power, and Three Thousand Raging Fire swallows it, which is tantamount to a lamb in a tiger's den and destroys itself.

With a lot of purple black flame being swallowed, the giant dragon transformed by Three Thousand Raging Fire has gradually become illusory.


The undying magic flame that swallowed a part of the power of the Three Thousand Raging Fire, and immediately turned into a magic dragon, the black blue on its body also appeared more and more The heavy, even the phantom draconic scales, have become lifelike, just like real things.

undying the magic flame has swallowed Supreme Yang Divine Fire, Green Lotus Core Flame, Rehmannia glutinosa, Sea Heart Flame, Fallen Heart Flame, Bone Chilling Flame and various Beast Flames, and has grown to be no less than Three Thousand At the point of Raging Fire, now with the help of Burning Heaven Array graph.

As long as Chen Mo gave an order, the undying demon Flame Energy instantly swallowed the Three Thousand Raging Fire.

"Give you another chance, the minister will not acknowledge allegiance?"

Chen Mo's mudra is knotted, if it is swallowed by the undying magic flame, then the intelligence of the Three Thousand Raging Fire, also Will be wiped out, so Chen Mo will not use this step until it is a last resort.

"Don't think about it!"

The giant dragon shouting loudly transformed by the Three Thousand Raging Fire actually rushed towards the giant dragon condensed by the undying magic flame.

"Then I will perfect you!"

Chen Mo's handprint changed, and the giant dragon transformed by the undying magic flame immediately rushed away.

After both rushed to a certain distance, both opened their huge mouths and wanted to swallow the other party.


Two flame giant dragons collided together, and even the Star Region shook. The empty space collapsed a little bit.

"Not good, Star Region is about to collapse, go!"

The old man Qing Hua noticed something was wrong, his complexion changed and he hurried away.

He can see that Three Thousand Raging Fire has no relationship with him.

Cao Ying took a deep look at Chen Mo, gritted her teeth, and immediately followed.


Chen Mo here.

At the moment when the two fire dragons collide, the flames of each other will swallow each other and cancel each other...

But in the end, undying the magic flame will be better, and the Three Thousand Raging The huge body that Fire transformed into was completely swallowed.

The giant dragon swallowed the purple black flame, and then it took a gap like a full meal. After deepening, the huge body gradually shrank, and a strand of purple black flame separated from the undying magic flame. , Suspended in the fire sea.

It is the source of the fire of Three Thousand Raging Fire.


The handprint of Chen Mo was removed, and the Burning Heaven Array picture suddenly turned into a stream of light, which was taken back by Chen Mo, and that of the Three Thousand Raging Fire The source of fire, also under the control of Chen Mo, rushed into his top of the head.


This Star Region was formed due to the existence of Three Thousand Raging Fire, so the Three Thousand Raging Fire was conquered by Chen Mo, naturally because of Three Thousand Raging Fire dissipated.

The moment the Star Region disappeared.

The people of the entire Sacred Pill City are all aware of it.

Anyone who knows about the Star Region knows that the Three Thousand Raging Fire is sealed in the Star Region.

So the reason for the disappearance of Star Region is self-evident.

"Three Thousand Raging Fire, he finally surrendered..."

Cao Ying, who came out of Star Region just now, and Chen Mo suspended in the void , Shocked.


A silver bell-like laughter rang in Cao Ying's ear. Cao Ying turned her head to look, only to see a woman in a pink dress The woman passed by her, threw herself into Chen Mo's arms, and said excitedly: "Husband, did you surrender the Three Thousand Raging Fire?"

Chen Mo nodded, looking down The few people floating in the sky naturally didn't want to flirt with Die blatantly, kissed her on the forehead, and said, "Let's go down, I have something to tell you."

"en. "Butterfly nodded.


Cao Ying looked at the two passing by, looking at Chen Mo's back with complicated expressions, and finally bit down. Lips, didn't say anything.


I was fined in Pill Tower for three years and thought about banning his foot. When Chen Mo just wanted to step out of Pill Tower, he was blocked by an invisible force.

Helpless, Chen Mo had no choice but to ask Die to call Xiao Yi Xian and Zi Yan to Pill Tower, and talked about the things that he had been banned by Supreme Elder for three years in Pill Tower.

After finishing talking, Chen Mo found that although it was a ban, he could go anywhere in the Pill Tower, but he couldn't get out of the Pill Tower, but the butterflies and the others could come in.

With Chen Mo's current status in Pill Tower, arranging a few people to live inside Pill Tower is not a simple matter.

But after three years, Chen Mo still let Die and the others go back and inform Queen Medusa and them, and it is better to take them over.

Sacred Pill City is much safer than North Sky City.

The butterflies and the others were nodded, and finally discussed, the butterflies stayed, Xiao Yi Xian and Tang Huo Er went back to North Sky City together, one was to pick them up, and the other was Tang Huo Er to meet Chen Mo and others Women.

As for Tang Zhen, he returned to Burning Flame Valley. After such a long delay in Sacred Pill City, Burning Flame Valley must have accumulated a lot of things for him to deal with.

Zi Yan and Xiong Zhan also live in Pill Tower.

And Chen Mo went to the small Pill Tower and met the Elders in the small Pill Tower.

It was found that there are seven little Pill Tower Elder including Supreme Elder.

Except for Supreme Elder, the other six are Half Sage.

After meeting them, Chen Mo learned about the Pill Tower that he is currently responsible for and explained.

Chen Mo started refining pills.

After refining the Guben Pill to Xiong Zhan, Chen Mo retreats, intending to refining the Three Thousand Raging Fire and Blood Spirit Grape in his body in one fell swoop.

In the meantime, Xiao Yi Xian took Queen Medusa and the others to Sacred Pill City and settled down.

Han Yue and Han Xue came to Sacred Pill City after their one-year filial piety period passed.

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