BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 474

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"no! ”

In the space passage of silver, a person wearing a black robe is sitting in the spaceship, and he takes out a broken jade piece in his hand The youth wailed loudly.

After a while, his heavy and some sobbing sounds, hoarsely said: "Chen Mo, one day, I want you a debt of blood must be paid in blood!"


With the ebbing of time.

The winner of this year’s Pill Tower Pill Competition has become more and more famous. In less than half a month, he directly reverberates throughout the Central Plain.

At the same time, the news that Pill Competition Chairman Xuan Kong was killed by Pill Competition champion Chen Mo suddenly spread in Central Plain, and the Central Plain caused an uproar.

Even this sensation level even exceeds the popularity of the Pill Competition champion.

And that's how, Chen Mo, who is only twenty-eight years old, has been pushed to a height that no one can look up to.

For a time, Chen Mo's reputation in Central Plain was the same.

At this moment, a force created by Chen Mo-Ink Studio, enrolled a large number of students in Central Plain.

With Chen Mo's influence, in a short period of time, absorb a large number of powerhouses.

Even the old man Qing Hua who was fourth in the Pill Competition, and Dan Chen who was fifth in the Pill Competition, all joined the ink studio.

Only because there was a piece of news from the Ink Studio at the beginning, anyone who has made a significant contribution to the Ink Studio, or the core Elder of the Ink Studio, can be rewarded by the cultivation Pill Tower to the ancient soul cultivation method of the original poster.

Time flies, and in a blink of an eye, a year passes by in the blink of an eye.

Sacred Pill City.

Pill Tower.

"Husband has been closed for a year. I really don't know when Husband will leave."

In the room, Die looked at Queen Medusa, who was reading on the soft couch, faintly said.

"Why, it's itchy there?"

This is not the first time Die has complained in front of her, and Queen Medusa said something straightforwardly.

"Sister, what are you talking about?"

Hearing this, Die's face turned red after brushing her face, Wan never expected her sister to be able to say such bold words.

"Isn’t it? Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking..."

Queen Medusa flipped through the books, but looked up at the slender eyes clamped by the butterfly. , The voice can't afford the slightest wave of waves.

The butterfly’s face instantly changes blood red, and it feels a little hot to the touch. Looking at the dignified sister on the bed, she suddenly said: "hmph, snake nature is lewd, besides, sister you have endured it for so long. , I don’t believe how you can be better than me..."


Queen Medusa's face suddenly turned cold, and there was unconcealed shame in her eyes , Just when she was about to get up and teach Die some lessons.


Pill Tower shook suddenly, causing the butterfly to lose its feet and almost fell to the ground.

"What happened?"

The sudden shock immediately caused a lot of commotion. On the corridor outside the room, the staff of Pill Tower passing by are responsible for themselves The dísciple of the two women's safe ink studio suddenly stopped, and a moment of riots whispered and continued to spread out.

Die was also shocked because of these changes, and immediately walked out of the room, and she shouted: "Pipe down for me. This is Pill Tower. What can I do?"

With Butterfly's shout, the riots gradually subsided a lot, and everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, but they felt reasonable.

In return to house, as soon as the butterfly closed the door, Queen Medusa said: "It is the breath of Husband, it is the wave from him..."

In the room, looking at the direction of Chen Mo's retreat, his heart couldn't help but beat. Husband is about to leave...

xiū xiū xiū!

The shock also attracted the attention of many Elders of Pill Tower. At the moment, one after another silhouette swept in a flash from various places, and finally hovered in midair. In the secret room, faintly, they seemed to perceive an extremely terrifying breath, just like a sleeping giant dragon, slowly waking up...


An old linen robe silhouette quickly emerged in the air, looking at the most heavily guarded secret room of Pill Tower, and after feeling the horrible breath, the pair of within both eyes that were not surprised, a rare touch of surprise passed by color.

"This breath... is Chen Mo, is he going to be promoted to Dou Zun..."

The entire Pill Tower is commotion for this sudden movement When he got up, Dou Qi from Heaven and Earth rushed into the secret room where Chen Mo was closed.

After a while, a huge coercion swept from the secret room, like a tide, moving towards all around spreading...

Few people raised their eyebrows in surprise.

"This Dou Zun!"

At the feet of Pill Tower, wearing a red cheongsam, like a peach that can't be ripened anymore-Xuan Yi, I became dumbfounded. After a while, I took a deep breath, and his voice was muttered with a trembling atmosphere:

"This bastard... also terrifying a bit too much, it is actually that the breakthrough has reached the level of Dou Zun. "


Everyone was amazed. In the secret room, Chen Mo opened his eyes, the crimson in his eyes flashed by, and he was muttered:" I didn't expect that the aftereffect left by the magic was left in the depths of my soul. No wonder when I was in the Star Region before, I suddenly had a violent mood..."

"But it's good At the moment of my breakthrough, I got rid of it."

Chen Mo immediately stood up, stretched a lazy waist, his body skin suddenly wriggled at this moment, and the skeleton in his body was also As if a complicated mechanism had started, there was the sound of one after another, a crisp skeleton rubbing and colliding.


Feeling the comfort that diffuses in the body, with a bit of hot breath, running down the throat, from Chen Mo's mouth Spit out.

"Finally reached the respect..."

Chen Mo grasped his hand, he wanted to continue his efforts, and then breakthrough the soul realm to the Heaven Stage, but Thinking of retreating for a while, I should first go out to meet Die and the others, and then retreat.


Walking out of the secret room, Chen Mo suddenly found a line of sight swept from all directions, and finally all stayed on his body.

This is...


Supreme Elder swept in a flash came, took a few glances at Chen Mo, and was immediately surprised Said: "Didn't expect, that Three Thousand Raging Fire can make you advance to the powerhouse in one fell swoop."

"Good luck." Chen Mo laughed and cupped the hands respectfully to Supreme Elder .

Three Thousand Raging Fire naturally can't let him break through to Dou Zun in one fell swoop, which is still the role of blood spirit grapes.

"Well, there are still two years left, don't run around."

Supreme Elder's voice is gentle and patted Chen Mo's shoulder, and after an confession, his sleeve robe flicks and his body is weird. 'S disappeared in front of Chen Mo.

"Got it..."

When Chen Mo said that he was about to find Die and the others, Die found it by herself and threw in Chen Mo's In his arms: "Husband, you finally figured it out, I want to kill you."

After that, a considerable conscience twisted and twisted in Chen Mo's arms.

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