BTTH-Start With Capturing The Goddess Chapter 475

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Chen Mo hasn't eaten meat for a long time, and the courage of the butterfly rubbed against his arms, suddenly hooking the flame in Chen Mo's heart.

But in full view, Chen Mo will not show his anxious side, touched Die’s head, and said warmly: "Okay, you go to Qingmo first and wait for me, I'll finish. Things will come."

Hearing this, Die's face turned a little red. Didn't she know the meaning of these words, she immediately nodded, and reluctantly left.


Chen Mo first went to the interior of Pill Tower and dealt with the affairs that he had accumulated during this period of time that belonged to him.

There are a lot of people in Pill Tower. The main thing he is responsible for is decision-making, but it is not very complicated.

For example, which Elder wants to refine Tier Seven high level Medicinal Pill? It needs to apply for the medicinal ingredient of this Medicinal Pill.

How much is the harvest of a certain medicine field? Which medical ingredient does not grow well? Do you want to plant less this year...

All Chen Mo that can be approved are approved. As for For some relatively trivial matters, Chen Mo found a deacon from Pill Tower, promoted him to his assistant, and said, "Wu deacon, you will handle such matters in the future. You can report to me regularly."

"Yes, Elder Chen." Wu deacon was nodded respectfully, and was extremely excited. Elder Chen asked himself to help him. Wouldn't it be that he regarded himself as his person?

In this case, wouldn't I be able to like a fish back in water in Pill Tower?

After all, this person who killed Xuan Kong’s chairman has not been dealt with seriously by Supreme Elder. In other words, Chen Mo’s status is only among the few Elders in the small Pill Tower. Down.

"Well, work hard, I am optimistic about you."

Chen Mo patted Wu Deacon's shoulder, and then left.

After dealing with Pill Tower, the sky was already dark, and Chen Mo went to find out what happened in the ink studio during this period.

After Yun Yun left, Queen Medusa was pregnant again. During this time, Ya Fei was in charge of the Ink Studio, assisted by Xiao Yi Xian.

As for the butterfly, she has a prosperous nature and is not a character in charge of affairs.


In the room, the black cheongsam on Ya Fei's body has been taken off, she is only wearing white thin trousers, and her upper body, with uniform texture, is perfectly presented in the candlelight. Down.

The beauty of the clothes is half uncomprehending, it should be a very touching picture, but looking at it at this time, it makes people have several points of distressed.

I saw Ya Fei's white collarbone, and on that perfect conscience, there are two obvious palm seals.

Ya Fei gritted his teeth, glanced at Xiao Yi Xian who replaced him on the bed, then turned his gaze to Chen Mo behind Xiao Yi Xian, gave him a quick glance, and said: "You I have no conscience, and don’t pity others at all..."

"Where did I pity you? It was not you who made me..."

The rest of the sentence Still on his lips, looking at Ya Fei who was about to explode, Chen Mo suffocated his words, pressing Xiao Yi Xian's fragrant shoulder, and said: "What did you want to say just now, let's say it now."

Seeing Chen Mo who was tossing and talking about everything, Ya Fei blushed and said: "Recently, the Ink Studio has added several Elders, even the third old Qing Hua in the Pill Competition and the third in the Pill Competition. The fourth Dan Chen also joined in."

"Dan Chen?" Chen Mo was startled, and immediately said: "She is not from Dan Clan. She joined the Ink Studio. Dan Clan's people agreed. "

Hearing this, Ya Fei showed a few unidentified smiles and said:

"Dan Clan is more than agree, they still want Dan Chen to climb on your bed Well, the twenty-eight-year-old Pill Thunder Tier Eight Alchemist, the champion of Pill Competition, one of the giants, the little Pill Tower Elder, the more powerful Peak, etc., do you know how many young girls can be charmed?"

"Uh..." Chen Mo thought for a while, and said: "I am not interested in Dan Chen."

Recalling Dan Chen's appearance in his mind, his appearance is good, but The figure is not at all, and the front is flat and the back is flat.

For Chen Mo, who is now very visionary, he really looks down on him.

It’s Xuan Yi...

"What about Cao Ying?" Chen Mo said, Ya Fei believes that Ya Fei's Husband's taste is quite clear. At present Dan Chen's appearance does not attract him.

"Ahem, why are you talking about this? What else is there?"

It is very dangerous to talk about other women in front of your own woman, Chen Mo End this topic decisively and turn to another topic.

Ya Fei gave Chen Mo a white look, put on a cheongsam in front of Chen Mo and Xiao Yi Xian, and said: "Sisters Han Yue Han Xue are also coming to Pill Tower, you plan to How to arrange them?"

"Let them join Fengwei." After thinking about it, Chen Mo said.

Ya Fei has such a face.

These two sisters need to have a figure, a good looks, and a good cultivation base. Both are Dou Huang.

"It's not what you think." The superficial image of Chen Mo still needs to be maintained, and immediately said: "has any major event happened recently?"

"It's not. It's all small things." Ya Fei looked back on what happened in the past year and thought about it. There really was no major event.

"How is Soul Palace there?"

"Soul Palace is very secretive, plus their Side-Branch Palace location is mysterious. It is difficult to know what happened to them. , But it didn’t conflict with my Ink Studio."

"That’s good."

Chen Mo shook his head and put a thin blanket on Xiao Yi Xian and put it on The new clothes came down from the soft couch, put on the robe, sat on the edge of the bed, kissed Xiao Yi Xian's forehead, and immediately said: "Where is Zi Yan?"

"At Pill Tower." Ya Fei said and glanced at Chen Mo, and said, "Not to sleep here tonight?"

"Promise the butterfly." Chen Mo has a good way.

Ya Fei and Xiao Yi Xian glanced at Chen Mo bitterly at the same time, and said bitterly, "hmph, I know that your favorite is their sisters."

Chen Mo somewhat guilty, said: "I will spare a period of time to spend time with you."

"Who wants you to accompany you." Ya Fei said with some anger: "Eat and wipe clean." Now, don’t leave soon!"

This is going to drive people.

Chen Mo: "..."

Do you want to change your face so quickly...


Queen Medusa's room.

brightly lit.

Queen Medusa sits on the soft couch and reads a book, not to mention, during this period of pregnancy, forcibly cultivated a kind of intellectual beauty.

Die was lying next to her, but lying on her stomach, her two slender and white legs swayed gently, and she said boringly, "Sister, why don’t you say Husband is here yet? Yeah."

"I guess which vixen is staying at." Although Queen Medusa reads the book, as the sky darkens, she knows from the younger sister's mouth that Chen Mo will come again during the day, thinking Not in the book long ago, I couldn't help but get a little angry when I heard this.

"Ah, No way, Husband obviously agreed to me." Die's delicate little face was a bit wronged.


Suddenly, the door of the room suddenly opened, and a silhouette came out.

Close the door, and a familiar voice immediately sounded: "Baby, it's not enough to let me hug Husband."

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